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Författare Ämne: What does the newspaper title "Svithiod" mean in English?  (läst 150 gånger)

2020-07-31, 21:18
läst 150 gånger

Utloggad Linda Johnson

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The Swedish-language newspaper "Svithiod" was published in Des Moines, Iowa, in the late1800s. I have not been able to find a translation of the title "Svithiod" in any of my dictionaries. Could someone please tell me what it means?
Thanks very much.Linda Johnson

2020-07-31, 21:50
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Utloggad Leif Lundkvist

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Svitjod, Google that, but I don't know if there is any material in English. It is the name of o very old realm, a part of the present Sweden, mostly a part of Svealand.

2020-07-31, 21:59
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Utloggad Per Pettersson

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You can read from the Wikipedia about Svithiod
Use the google translation or see down!


The approximate areas of interest of the Swedes and Goths in today's Sweden
(and on Åland) during the 12th century. The Swedes and Goths were then still more or less self-determined groups that could choose a king. The People's Kings , an alliance of great men , fought in the 13th century during several revolts against the formation of a united, centrally ruled kingdom under one king. The uprising was crushed under the leadership of Earl Birger and his son King Magnus Ladulås .
]Svitjod (also Svithiod ; Latin : Sueonia) was an Old Norse name for the Swedish kingdom , referring to a part of contemporary Swedish geography . The extent of the area seems to vary between different sources but used to refer to the corresponding contemporary Mälardalen , Svealand or the whole of Sweden . In addition to Sweden ( Svíþjúð ), in Old Norse times the terms Svíariki and Svíaveldi occur , ie roughly " Sweden ""and" Sveavälde ". The name consisted of two parts: Svi- (ie the tribe the Swedes ) and -þjóð (people), that is," Sveafolket ".
In Icelandic , Sweden is still called Sweden . In Old English , the country was called Swēoðēod according to Beowulf , while the corresponding Sweden today was called Swēoland . The later Old Swedish name form was Swidhido according to the Erikskrönikan (14th century) [ better source needed ] .
The name Svitjod and its different forms gave rise to the Latin name for Sweden: Suethia , Suetia and Suecia , as well as the names of Sweden in the West Germanic language as the English Sweden and the German Schweden .
In the Slavic language family can be mentioned the Polish Szwecja and the Croatian / Serbian / Bosnian Švedska , which was originally an adjective - švedska zemlja , which means Swedish country .
The sources also include Stora Svitjod , or Svitjod the Great , which is assumed to cover part of the western lands in the corresponding present-day Russia .

  • 1Svitjod documented
    • 1.1Snorre Sturlasson
    • 1.2Beowulf, rune stones and other sources
  • 2See also[
  • 4Further reading
Snorre Sturlasson Folklanden i Svitjod ( Uppland / Gästrikland ).

FjärdhundralandIt is through Snorre's Edda that the names Svitjod and Stora Svitjod became known. Here are two geographical areas that many researchers want to place in present-day Sweden and Russia.In Svithiod itself is a lot of land called Södermanland, it is also a diocese.
Then there is Vestmanland or
Fjerdhundraland , which is also a diocese.
The next is called
Tiundaland , which is the third lottery in Svithiod itself. The fourth lot is called Attundaland . So Sjöland , the fifth lot with all that belongs to it, which is all east of the sea.
Tiundaland is the foremost and best built-up area in Svithiod, including the whole kingdom. Der is Upsala, where is konungastolen and there is erkebiskopsstolen, and of it hath
Upsala ed its name. For so the Swedes call the property of the King of Sweden ; they call it Uppsala destiny.]The three peoples Attundaland , Fjädrundaland , Tiundaland , which together with the coastline Roden formed the current Uppland , each had a law saga and a lawman . They were divided into dogs, later dogs , then districts .
Between the three peoples' lands, on
Mora meadow , kings were elected and perhaps everything was kept larger , but things were usually kept in their own law saga, with their own laws.Beowulf, rune stones and other sources [ In the English national poem Beowulf it appears that the Swedes are called Swēoðēod .
The name appears on a number of rune stones in the loci in Sviþjúðu
Aspa Löt, carved in: suiþiuþu and Sö 140 , Korpbron, both Ludgo sn, Sörmland, carved in siþiuþu and in Sviþjúðu ( DR 344 in Simris , New, carved a suiþiuþu and DR 216 , Tirsted, Lolland, carved o suoþiauþu ). The name also appears in the Old Norse poets Torvald Hjaltason , Halldor Okristne , Sighvat Tordarson , Ottar Svarte , Tjodolf Arnorssonand Valgard from Völl .
Danish itinerary from the 13th century mentions a place called litlæ swethiuthæ , which probably refers to Sweden's islet at the northern mouth of Skurusundet near Stockholm.
The Swedish rhyming chronicle
Erikskrönikan, which was written down in the 1320s, depicts, among other things, a division of the Swedish kingdom between Birger Jarl's sons Valdemar and Magnus . The latter was given a land area called "Swidhido" and which obviously corresponded to the area that later came to be called Svealand .

2020-08-01, 00:04
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Utloggad Linda Johnson

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Thanks, Leif and Per. It hadn't occurred to me that there might be another spelling.
Linda Johnson




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