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Författare Ämne: Questions on 1745 tax record  (läst 48 gånger)

2020-07-27, 20:45
läst 48 gånger

Utloggad Victoria Cihla

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Attached is a copy of a 1745 tax record from Vrå for which I have a couple different questions:


The items circled in yellow relate to my ancestor, Anders Nilsson, at Stråhult.  The items circled in purple relate to another Anders Nilsson, at Singsjö.

1. Would properties located next to each other usually appear next to each other on the tax records? (they would be close neighbors)? 
2. It looks like one Anders Nilsson is married and one is not- so I am assuming they are two different people.  Is that correct?  (The reason I ask is because an Anders Nilsson from Singsjö is the first witness listed for the baptism of the first grandchild - so I first thought it must be Anders Nilsson the grandfather but maybe it is Anders Nilsson the neighbor!) These two Anders Nilsson both continue to be listed at the same properties continuously at least through the time this first grandchild was born-  it is very possible they are neighbors.  Very confusing.  I hope you can understand my question.  The grandchild's birth record is found at:

3. What does the circled note say? 

I'd like to be to clarify that these two Anders Nilssons are separate individuals, that they are not the same individual who was taxed on two different properties (I don't even know if that was possible).

If anyone can help with these questions, I'd be most appreciative.

Thanks so much,

Vicki Cihla

2020-07-27, 20:57
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Utloggad Kalle Birgersson

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1. No, properties next to each other does not come next to each other in the tax list. It's often some kind of status related to how the properties are listed, with larger and richer properties first and smaller last. In later years they might be in alfabetical order.

2. Yes, they are two different persons. And both Anders and Nilsson are among the most common names, so the combination will be found everywhere. Anders Nilsson at Singsjö is a "dräng" som he should be a younger man.

3: I guess you mean the circled note saying "syskon"? That means siblings, they was brother and sister serving at the same farm.

2020-07-27, 21:42
Svar #2

Utloggad Victoria Cihla

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  • Senast inloggad: 2020-08-05, 20:08
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Thank you very much for that!  That makes it much easier!   I'm trying not to miss anything.   :) 

I have been finding the tax records helpful and interesting and they have helped me to go back 1 (or 2) generation(s) further in some cases.  I wish there were more estate inventories for them!  Those are also very helpful and interesting.

Thanks again for your help,

Vicki Cihla




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