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Författare Ämne: Names of students who attended Uppsala university (mid-to-late 1700s)?  (läst 939 gånger)

2020-05-10, 21:10
läst 939 gånger

Utloggad Jeff Benson

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  • Senast inloggad: 2022-12-05, 03:37
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Are there resources for discovering whether a particular person attended and/or graduated from Uppsala university in the mid-1700s? If so, is a detailed biography on those students in the records?

I recently found the burial record of an Olof Apelqvist who died in Värmland (possibly Silbodal parish) in February 1769. Olof was buried in Stora Kil (S) parish in March 1769, his body apparently having been transported all the way from western Värmland. The record states that he was an "Adjunkt" (curate) in Köla "pastorat" and Järnskog parish (both in western Värmland, near the Norway border). "Upsala" is also mentioned in the burial record, presumably the school where he was trained.

Olof was reported to be 25 years old at death, which places his birth around 1744. I would like to discover whether Olof matriculated or graduated from Uppsala Univ., probably sometime after 1760.

The primary reason I am interested in Olof is because of the Stora Kil location mentioned in the burial record: Lökene (or Lökenö). As it happens, my direct ancestor, Inspector Gustaf Apelqvist, lived at Lökene in 1769. Gustaf is something of a mystery since his birth origins and parents are (as far as I know) still unknown. Gustaf married Maria Todin (or Thodin) in 1748 so Olof is not among Gustaf's known offspring. Olof could conceivably be the product of an earlier, as yet undiscovered, relationship. Alternatively, Olof could be Gustaf's much younger brother or a nephew. No relationship is mentioned in the burial record nor, in fact, any mention of Gustaf. However, it begs credibility to think there is no relationship between the two. I am ultimately hoping that information about Olof leads to new insights about Gustaf.

FYI, I am also pursuing a separate research avenue on Olof by seeing if he appears in the Karlstad diocese "Herdamine" records.

Source record: Stora Kil (S) C:11 (1758-1786), p. 138, Arkiv Digital v8313.b74.s139

Thanks in advance for any help.

2020-05-11, 09:57
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Utloggad KG Hammarlund

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Yes, there are records, but as far as I know they are not digitised.
Students in Uppsala belonged (and belong) to different student unions or 'nations', depending on their home province. Each nation had their own records/matriculas.

This might be what you want:
As you can see, it's possible to order a digitised copy (for a fee).

2020-05-11, 10:31
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Utloggad Anita Aronsson

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  • Senast inloggad: 2022-09-26, 09:16
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Hi Jeff,

Karlstad diocese "Herdaminne" records can be downloaded for free as pdf-files:

Karlstad stifts Herdaminne del 2:  (Carl Magnus Apelqvist on page 271)

Karlstad stifts Herdaminne del 3:  (Olof Apelqvist on page 197)

Regards, Anita Aronsson

2020-05-12, 03:22
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Utloggad Jeff Benson

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  • Senast inloggad: 2022-12-05, 03:37
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Anita: Thank you for the book links. The one for Olof Apelqvist looks promising. The death date seems to be slightly off, which is a little troubling, but the rest matches well with what I know. I will pursue this lead further. Carl Magnus is Gustaf Apelqvist's son and he is well documented.

KG: Thank you for the Uppsala information. I will investigate further. I wasn't really expecting student information to be digitized so that is OK.


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