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Författare Ämne: Per Olof Olsson and Catharina Andersdotter  (läst 485 gånger)

2007-01-31, 22:11
läst 485 gånger

Tina Olsson

I am looking for information and family members of Per Olof Olsson and Catharina Andersdotter.  
With the help of a wonderful person Britt-Marie I have this information...
Gardener Per Olof Olsson born 1823-05-17 Asker (T), from Asker 1853  
Wife Christina Catharina Andersdotter born 1818-03-30 Sköllersta (T)  
S. Per Gustaf b 1844-11-13 Sköllersta  
D. Amanda b 1848-07-10 Längbro?  
D. Christina Charlotta b 1850-12-19 Asker  
S. Carl Johan b 1853-05-26 Asker  
D. Johanna Sofia b 1855-05-15 S:t Johannes  
S. August....b 1857-07-25 S:t Joh.  
S. Erik Adolf b 1860-06-15 S:t Joh.  
S. Albert Theodor b 1863-01-29 S:t Joh.  
S. Axel Arvid b 1865-07-22 S:t Joh.  
 found the gardener Per Olof Olsson and his family as they move to the parish of S:t Olai in Norrköping: GID 346.79.14500 S:t Olai BI:8 page 494.  
no. 376 1865-11-01 Gardener Per Olof Olsson fr S:t Johannes to B60, Berget, Kvadraten Gryt. I?ve had help from Kristina Edström in Norrköping, another researcher, to read the place they moved to...She also provided the number of parishrecord AI:61 page 60 S:t Olai GID 346.168.20400.  
The family then moves to page 160 AI:61 S:t Olai, GID 346.168.29100 Hornet = The horn, Nya huset = New house. Owned by Holmen Company. I follow the family through many parishrecords....Per Olof Olsson is now said to be a paperworker (Holmen company is still making paper in Norrköping).  
AI:100 S:t Olai p 138 Hornet, Nya huset, Holmen.  
Per Olof Olsson b 1823 Asker - moves to N.85 in 1894. (N=new book)  
Wife Christina Catharina Andersdotter f 1818 Sköllersta, dies 1890-12-08 recording to the parishrecord. The deathrecord can?t be found on the internetservice genline, but at the archives in the city of Vadstena I probably can find this.  
Per Olof Olsson is found in the parishrecord AI:101 S:t Olai p 85 together with his children Amanda - moves to N.234 in 1899  
Johanna Sofia - moves to N.261 1899  
Axel Arvid - moves to N.234 1899  
Erik Adolf - moves to Norra 1894-02-07. (Norra=Matteus parish, Norrköping)  
In the parishrecord AI:93 p 123 Hornet, your ancestor Albert Theodor b 1863 S:t Johannes is said to move to North America 1888-09-08.  
It may be possible to trace some of the siblings some more at the archives in Vadstena where the originalbooks are kept for this area.  
At last some information about Per Olof Olsson and his wifes births:  
C:4 Asker (Province of Närke) p 51 GID 284.60.49400 * 1823-05-17 (bapt 19/5) Per Olof  
Parents: Dagkarl (=workingman by day) Olof Olsson and wife Catharina Olsdotter (33 yrs) in Bysta.  
C:6 Sköllersta (Närke) p - GID 359.40.49800  
*1818-03-30 Stina Cajsa (=short for Christina Catharina) Farmer Anders Ersson and wife Catharina Persdotter (born 1792-01-20?) living in Bannebo.  
Any information is greatly appreciated,
Tina Olsson

2007-02-03, 17:07
Svar #1

Utloggad Britt-Marie Waller

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Dear Tina!
Thank you for your kind words...As noone has answered your question here I did some more research. As your ancestors are mostly born in Närke, this is the right place for our discussion. Perhaps you should place the questions separately at the parish where it belongs, but this will do for now.
I have some intresting information about the life of the gardener Per Olof Olsson and his family. In 1844-11-12 his first child Per Gustaf was born in the village of Vinala, Sköllersta (C:7 Sköllersta) The child was born outside marriage to gardeners assistant Per Olof Olsson and Stina Cajsa Andersdotter (26 yrs) in Vinala. Per Olof is  working at a place called Carlslund, Ånsta parish, Närke. They don?t get married until 1846-03-29 in Sköllersta (E:3 Sköllersta) Garderners assistant at Skoftersta, Kräcklinge parish (T) Per Olof Olsson born 1823 and daugther Stina Cajsa Andersdotter in Vinala, born 1818.
The next child Amanda was born in Längbro parish (T) 1848-07-10 (C:4 Längbro). She was born as a twin, but her twinbrother was dead at birth. Per Olof Olsson is now a garderner (trädgårdsmästare) at Örebro Castle. About this castle and history of the city of Örebro you can read and look at pictures at this homepage:
Per Olof Olsson worked about two years as a gardener at the castle. Then the family moves to Asker parish in 1849. There the daughter Christina Charlotta was born in 1850-12-19 (C:5 Asker) Per Olof Olsson is now gardener at Bysta (=Bystad) estate in Asker. As you probably remember, this is the place also of his birth...He was employed by the nobleman Johan August Anckarsvärd.  
If you look at this homepage, you?ll be able to se a picture of Bystad.
In 1853 the family leaves Bystad to live in Norrköping, S:t Johannes as you already know...
This is the parishrecord for Asker AI:14B p 246 Bystad:  
Dagkarl=workingman paid by day
Olof Olsson b 1795-02-23 Svennevad (T)
Wife Catharina Olsdotter b 1790-12-21 Sköllersta
S. Per Olof b 1823-05-17 Asker
D. Stina Lotta b 1825-10-11  
S. Carl Johan b 1828-07-20  
D. Johanna Carolina b 1832-09-26  
S. Adolf Fredrik b 1834-10-26  dead 1835
Svennevad C:6 p 122 *1795-02-23 (bpt 26/2) Olof  
Crofter Olof Andersson and wife Ingrid Andersdotter (34 yrs) at Carlsnäs.
Svennevad parish is situated close to the border between Östergötland and Närke.
This is the family of the wife of gardener Olsson...
AI:20A Sköllersta, Vinala p 64
Farmer Anders Ersson (=Eriksson) b 1789-07-02 Svennevad.
Wife Catharina Persdotter b 1792-01-21 Asker
D. Stina Cajsa b 1818-03-30 Sköllersta
her son - Per Gustaf b 1844-11-13  
Married son: Per Erik b 1824-01-06  
D. Anna Lotta b 1827-11-05  
Stina Cajsa married Per Olof Olsson in 1846, but she did?nt move to Örebro Castle until 1847. Per Olof Olsson worked one year in the parish of Västra Vingåker in the province of Södermanland.
Svennevad C:6 p 90 *1789-07-02 Anders
Married dräng (farmhand or young man) Erik Andersson and wife Kerstin Larsdotter at Hunneberg.
Best regards

2007-02-05, 02:27
Svar #2

Tina Olsson

This is wonderful, It's all so very exciting. I can not begin to tell you how much this all means to me.  
Thank you for the website add. There is so much history, It's like taking a journey back in time.  
And thank you so much for all your help in this journey.
So now I will head over to the parish and post questions.
Thank you again for all your help.
Tina Olsson

2007-02-09, 17:04
Svar #3

Tina Olsson

On the information listed above Parish record for Asker AI:14B p 246 Bystad.
The baptism of Olof 2-26-1795 The names listed below Crofter Olof Andersson and wife Ingrid Andersdotter (34 yrs) at Carlsnäs  
Are they witness's or are they family?
Thank you,
Tina Olsson

2007-02-09, 18:22
Svar #4

Utloggad Britt-Marie Waller

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Hi Tina!
They are of course parents of Olof Olofsson...



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