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Författare Ämne: Blomqvist in Attmar parish, Västernorrland  (läst 518 gånger)

2019-07-31, 02:31
läst 518 gånger

Utloggad Steve Bloomquist

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 I apologize if this is not the correct forum for this query, please advise if that is the case and I'll re-post in the most appropriate place.

I had an old thread from 2003 called "Charles Alfred Bloomquist", who was my farfars far.  I have never been able to trace him back to a parish in Sweden, despite 18 years of researching.  Now, with DNA results, I believe my farfars far was born Erik Alfred Blomqvist on 2 Jan 1870 in Attmar.

This man's father was Erik Andreas Carlsson Blomqvist, and his father was Carl Aron Blomqvist.

I would love to hear from anyone who has connections to this family.  I am trying to find some piece of information about my farfars far that made it back to his family in Sweden, which might prove my connection.  I would also love to see any photos of people from this family to look for resemblance etc.

Thank you very much!

-=Steve Bloomquist
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

2019-07-31, 03:53
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Utloggad Leif Lundkvist

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This Erik Alfred actually moved to Amerika in April 1893 so he is quite possible. You want to come in contact with now living descendants of his siblings and you have not yet tried to find any of those? Do you know if more siblings went to Amerika?

2019-07-31, 04:19
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Utloggad Steve Bloomquist

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This man, Erik Alfred Blomqvist, had one brother and three sisters.  None of them emigrated to America, they remained in Sweden and there are living descendants.

I am recently in contact with some of these descendants.  Genetically, there is a connection (although not absolute proof of this particular line of ancestry).  But the DNA plus the birth and emigration dates matching those of my great-grandfather, I am optimistic.  So far, nobody has had any additional information about Erik Alfred so I'm reaching out here.

I am hoping to find some detail or a photo that will make the link more definite. 

There was a man named Per-Arne Hagman who posted a query on Ancestry back in 1999 asking about Erik Alfred, because his grandmother was one of her siblings.  I tried reaching him on Ancestry but he hasn't logged on there for a long time.  I believe he is still alive and is about 81 years old, living in Sweden.

2019-07-31, 07:28
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Utloggad Bert-Ola Söderlund

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Is there a Per-A who lives and is 81 years old and that his children are in Sweden if there is a link to your relatives in Sweden



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