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Författare Ämne: Johan Fredrik Johansson Sköld  (läst 409 gånger)

2019-06-30, 00:45
läst 409 gånger

Utloggad Harald Hille

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Asking for help in tracing some relatives:Johan Fredrik Johansson Sköld, possibly born in 1876, not sure where in Sweden. He married Hilma Alfrida Ekman, born in 1871 in Stockholm. I have no death dates for either of them. They had a daughter: Anna Maria Alfrida Johansson (?), born May 2, 1910, who was married for a time to a man named Eriksson. They were divorced and both seem to have died in 1971.I would appreciate any help. There are many gaps in what I know.You can answer in Swedish, which I understand but have never learned to write.Thank you very much.Harald HilleRiverside CT USA

2019-06-30, 08:33
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Utloggad Anita Aronsson

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Hi Harald,

Johan Fredrik DoB 1876-07-18 Hammarby parish:
Hammarby (AB) CI:5 (1861-1879) Bild 440
Johan Fredrik and family in Stora Vilunda:
Hammarby (AB) AI:14 (1876-1879) Bild 140 / sid 8
Johan Fredrik Johansson Sköld as no 33:
Svea artilleriregementes församling (A, AB) AIa:17 (1890-1899) Bild 314 / sid 308
Married to Hilma Alfrida 1906-12-23  Gustaf Adolf parish, Stockholm
DoD 1935-08-16 Botkyrka parish

Hilma Alfrida DoB 1871-12-27 Katarina parish:
Katarina (A, AB) CI:15 (1868-1871) Bild 486 / sid 347
father: Per Gustaf Ekman DoB 1826-11-17 Ununge parish
Ununge (AB) CI:4 (1793-1831) Bild 113 / sid 108
mother: Hilma Maria Engstrand DoB 1831-08-01 Linköpings domkyrko parish
Linköpings domkyrkoförsamling (E) CI:6 (1817-1836) Bild 140 / sid 273
Hilma Alfridas parents & sisters in Antuna:
Ed (AB) AI:22 (1861-1867) Bild 2100 / sid 203

Anna Maria Alfrida DoB 1910-05-02 Pro Patria parish:
Pro Patria (A, AB) C:2 (1899-1910) Bild 5340 / sid 530
Married 1937-10-23 to Sten Arne Torsten Eriksson (DoB 1913-07-06, DoD 2008-09-29)
Divorced 1964-07-02
DoD 1971-02-22 Hägersten, Stockholm

Regards, Anita Aronsson

2019-06-30, 15:22
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Utloggad Harald Hille

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Hi Anita,Thanks so much for your prompt and thorough reply. That fills in one of many gaps in my family tree. Swedish sources are very rich and the Anbytarforum members and researchers are very helpful. My father's mother was unmarried and sent to America to have her baby out of sight. She didn't tell my father much at all about "the family". I have been trying to piece together the story (a novel, but then every family has its own "novel"). I only wish that my father was still alive to learn more about his Swedish family.Be well,HH




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