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Författare Ämne: Looking for immigration record related to my great aunt from Ragunda, Jamtland, Sweden  (läst 719 gånger)

2019-03-04, 18:49
läst 719 gånger

Utloggad TRicks

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I am having a very difficult time finding out anything except the birth record for my great aunt, Ester Alfrida Märta Hermanna Hermansdotter (born 1891-03-06 Gevåg, Ragunda, Jämtland). My grandmother told us that she immigrated to the USA along with her other siblings but I cannot find any documents related to her except this one:

1. Sweden, Household Examination Books, 1880-1930. Esther Alfrida in entry for Märta Katrina Hermansdotter, from 1889 to 1895; from "Sweden Household Examination". Esther Alfrida Sweden, Household Examination Books, 1880-1930 Name:   Esther Alfrida Event Type: Census, Census Event Date: from 1889 to 1895 Event Place: Ragunda, Jämtland, Sverige Event Place: Ragunda, Jämtlands, Sweden Birth Date: 6 Mar 1891 Birthplace: Ragunda Volume: AI 9 Household Role Sex   Age Birthplace Märta Katrina Hermansdotter   Parent Sidensjö Märta Katarina Sibling Ragunda Eugenia Katrina Kristina Sahlin Sibling   Ragunda Esther Alfrida Ragunda Herman Alfred Emanuel Sibling Ragunda.

Ester may have used the surname SAHLIN but on her birth record is says father unknown. I have a record of her, I believe, living in Seattle, Washington, USA area using the name Ester Sahlin in 1910. My grandmother said that her and Ester lost contact with other at some point. I would really like to know when and if she indeed immigrated to the USA.

Thank you in advance,


2019-03-04, 20:46
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Utloggad Harald Nordius

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2019-03-04, 21:17
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Utloggad Monika Wilander

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I can´t notice a father to Ester Alfrida Märta Hermanna with surname Hermansdotter. She left for Amerika 19060816. Her eldest sister Eugenia Katrina Kristina born 18830509 has the surname Sahlin and left Sweden 19030703. Only a little notice: Father A.J. Sahlin. Her brother Herman Alfred Emanuel Edholm born 18940416 left Sweden 19110516. And a notice: Father Julius Emanuel Edholm. Jenny Tyra Vetsera Hermansson born 19031205 left 19210808. No information about her father. Their mother died in Ragunda 19160222.

Ragunda B:3 (1901-1923) page 30 and 47. Ragunda B:4 (1916-1943) page 37. Ragunda AIIa:4 (1905-1923) page 162 and 464.

Monika W

2019-03-04, 21:53
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Utloggad Kristina Gunnarsdotter

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2019-03-04, 23:05
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Utloggad TRicks

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Thank you for all your help! We in the USA who are trying figure out our Swedish ancestors are very fortunate to have this website.


2019-03-05, 10:11
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Utloggad Maud Mårtensson

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There is a family tree on FamilySearch with Esther,

According to that she married James Leslie Kelly in Vancouver, Clark, Washington in 1929, then called Esther M Graham. She was a widow and this is her third (?)  marriage. FamilySearch,

This looks as their family in 1930. Notice the stepson's surname Johnston. FamilySearch,

Name:   Esther M Kelly
Event Type:   Census
Event Date:   1930
Event Place:   Portland (Districts 1-219), Multnomah, Oregon, United States
Marital Status:   Married
Relationship to Head of Household:   Wife
Birth Year (Estimated):   1891
Birthplace:   Sweden
Immigration Year:   1906
Father's Birthplace:   Sweden
Mother's Birthplace:   Sweden

James L Kelly   Head   Male   38   Missouri
Esther M Kelly   Wife   Female   39   Sweden
William H Johnston   Stepson   Male   19   Canada     

Esther is buried in Portland and can be found on Find A Grave,

Esther M Kelly
Birth   6 Mar 1891
Death   19 Feb 1987 (aged 95)
Burial Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA                       

2019-03-05, 14:10
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Utloggad TRicks

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I found her yesterday and added this new information to my family trees yesterday after I make this post. We were pretty excited...

Thank you!




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