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Författare Ämne: Where are the household exam books for Forsbacka in ArkivDigital?  (läst 735 gånger)

2019-01-02, 16:41
läst 735 gånger

Utloggad Jessica Recker

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Hi there! New to the forum and super happy to see that a resource like this exists.

I also just discovered ArkivDigital and have been down that rabbit hole for the last 2 weeks looking into family lines previously thought unknowable.

I have run into an odd dead end. My ancestors seemed to have stayed around the Valbo parish region until they moved to America. But now I'm back in the mid 1700s and a couple birth records show Forsbacka (sp?) as the birth place for 2 ancestors. But when I go to find household exam books for Fosbacka, so I can get a better trace of their history, I can't find them listed in the Valbo parish in Arkiv. The Household exam book for the time frame I need doesn't list Forsbacka in the index at the beginning of the book. Google says Fosbacka is now part of Galve municipality, but I went through the entirety of the Galve household exam book looking for any name to match and couldn't find one.

Shouldn't Forsbacka be in Valbo parish since the birth records for Forsbacka are in Valbo parish? Was it known by a different name at some point? Or was it in a different parish back in the 1700s?

2019-01-02, 17:24
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Utloggad Maud Svensson

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Forsbacka is not missing, according to index:
Valbo AI:4b (1756-1759) Bild 3 (AID: v137080.b3)
Valbo AI:3 (1753-1755) Bild 3 (AID: v137078.b3)
Valbo AI:2 (1740-1773) Bild 3 (AID: v137077.b3)
Valbo AI:1 (1709-1740) Bild 3 (AID: v137076.b3)

2019-01-02, 23:26
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Utloggad Jessica Recker

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Thank you. I guess I didn't make it back that far because I didn't find it in AI:7 (1776-1788), which is where I started looking for Jons Westby's father Pehr Ericsson (Jon was born 1784 in Forsbacka, so I figured I would find his family in Forsbacka around 1785.) I should have said late 1700s instead of mid 1700s.

The index seems to drastically change between AI:4 and AI:7. Attached is the index for the years I'm looking in. Looks different than the index in AI:4.



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