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Författare Ämne: Why do there seem to berecords missing from 1785 - 1807  (läst 155 gånger)

2018-11-08, 17:03
läst 155 gånger

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Why do there seem to be records missing from 1785 - 1807
this seems to be in SolderBerg, Filsby,
this seems strange since I think that these two areas interchage a bit and if i look up Norra Vieback now, it says its in Nassajo.

2018-11-08, 20:18
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Hello Pete,
It is not so clear to understand what you mean, but I suppose you are referring to the household examination records i Norra Solberga parish. However, it is seldom that those record before about 1800 are complete, so this is the standard case.
You also question the location of Norra Vibäck. If you look at this map you will see that it lies in the most eastern part of Norra Solberga parish:,6392624.0667455,488120.177565,6399808.0667455&layers=Sverige;Fastighetsgr%C3%A4nser;Socken;Fornl%C3%A4mningar%20symboler;OpenLayers_Control_SelectFeature_225_container;&overview=0
To see the parish borders use button "Kartinställningar" and the select "Socken" in the menu.

Norra Solberga is a part of Nässjö Kommun (Nässjö district) since 1971 and this is what you may refer to when you say that Norra Viback is located in Nässjö.

2018-11-09, 20:46
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The household records ARE missing 1785-1807 in both Norra Solberga and Flisby. The two parishes shared the same priest. There could be many reasons why they are missing. The household records were not that important so maybe they were thrown away. Or someone borrowed them in did'nt turn them back. Or they were used to set the fire. Or...

But the real church books, births, marriages and deaths, start 1635 (though not complete). That is extremely fine!




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