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Författare Ämne: Pelander instead of Andersdotter  (läst 179 gånger)

2018-09-11, 05:55
läst 179 gånger

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Hi, I'd like to know if anyone could explain why my 3rd great grandmother had the name Pelander when her father was Anders Andersson.  I found her birth record (Södra Vi H C:4 1800-1827 pg 13) and based on the date of birth am fairly sure this is our Gustafva.  I have not yet found her in the household exam records.  Thank you.

2018-09-11, 10:10
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Utloggad mm_zw

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Anders Andersson was a tailor, and craftsmen assumed family names earlier than for instance farmers. So he became Anders Pelander. Ingela Martenius har written about Swedish names,

Quotations from page 7:

"From the 17th century town people and some rural professional people started assuming family names. This was due partly to a wish to imitate the upper classes – being a little bit better that the common farmers – and partly because it was good for business to have a distinguishing name. Also the advantage of having the same name for several generations was quickly realized – the sons could take over the company with a family name that guaranteed that products and services were as good as in the father’s time. "

"Examples of occupations that assumed a family name are town officials, foresters, rangers, sheriffs, merchants, different craftsmen (tailor, shoemaker,smith, cabinetmaker etc). For craftsmen certain names were common for certain crafts and you usually did not assume a new family name until you had become at least a journeyman – though if you were born with such a name,you used it."

Anders Andersson and his family are found in Ivarslund, Södra Vi in the beginning of the 19th century, Södra Vi AI:2, 1807-1811, page 149. Riksarkivet,

On this site there is some information on Ivarslund (in Swedish), Among people mentioned are the tailor Anders Pelander, born 1775 in Pelarne and died 1848 in Ivarslund, Södra Vi, and his wife Ingrid Andersdotter, born 1776 in Horn and died 1844 in Ivarslund.

2018-09-11, 16:04
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Utloggad pamelah

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Thanks so much for all the info!  I should be able to keep going a little farther now.  I did find Anders Andersson's birth record late last night.




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