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Författare Ämne: Help translating estate inventory of Carl Thedin who died in Brandstad 1860  (läst 230 gånger)

2018-05-18, 20:36
läst 230 gånger

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I have attached two images from the estate inventory of Carl Thedin.  They are from the first and last pages of the inventory.
He died in Brandstad in 1860.
Can anyone translate these messages?

Here is the link to the document on Swedish National Archives


2018-05-18, 23:37
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This is perhaps not the most verbatim translation but the text can be translated roughly as the following (words within brackets are my comments);

"In the year 1860 on the 5:th of January 'Laga boupptecking' [=estate inventory] was conducted after the deceased groomer Carl Thedin at Brandstad Boställe [boställe=mansion/estate], who with death departed on the 6:th of last December month and left behind the widow Hanna Jöransdotter and two daughters, namely 'husmannen' Anders Truedsson's wife Bengta Carlsdotter in Skalla, And Farmhand Nils Jönsson's wife Kjersti Carlsdotter in Brandstad, who were present at this occasion.
The widow was told to truthfully state the household as it was after the hour of death of the husband. As 'wärderingsmän' at the occasion 'Husmannen' Per Larsson and 'Husmannen' Mårten Åkasson in Brandstad.
Whereafter the procedure was conducted in the following order:"

...and then there's a list of different objects under the headline "Wooden wares", mostly in plain swedish but noteable with the dialectal word "bismar" for what we now call "bessman", a steelyard balance.

The last page states that "The share for the poor of 10 öre received on the 12:th of March 1860 in Klamby, Per Jönsson, chairman of the poor relief"

Husman directly translates as "house man" but I'm not sure how to translate it properly. It's a man that lives in a house under someone else's estate.
Värderingsmän - "Valuation men" are the representatives that help with the valuation at the estate inventory.

2018-05-19, 01:46
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