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Författare Ämne: Wain family  (läst 1034 gånger)

2018-04-27, 11:13
läst 1034 gånger

Utloggad Isaac Sapir

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My ancestors are from Poland/Russia but we discovered that one branch traveled for a short period of time in Sweden. We found records in the Swedish archives, but they raise additional questions which I hope you can help point me how to find.

This is a link to the Antwerp police records on FamilySearch:
It mentions Rubin Wein who came to Antwerp in 1906, a wine merchant, born 20 Mar 1876 in Suchowola Grodno his wife Necha Moed who he married in Jerusalem in 1 Aug 1903, and their children. The next page describes a passport provided by the Swedish Consul in Jerusalem on 14 Dec 1905. (Reading about the Swedish Consulate in Jerusalem, it turns out it was established in 1904).

We found records of Rubin and two of his brothers - Chaim Schloma and Tewel - in the Swedish archives. Maybe additional brothers came and we just haven't found references to them.

They appeared to have originally settled here: Dalskogs kyrkoarkiv, Församlingsböcker, SE/GLA/13083/A II/1 (1900-1909), Sida 331, lines 18-20
According to this (I'm not completely sure about what it says in the Swedish/German), the two brothers were staying in Prästebol, born in Suchowol (next two words I'm not sure about) in the mountains of Grodno, and were traveling merchants. They had a certificate from Rabbi Ridakowsky(?) dated 3 Feb 1904, and they left for Malmö  on 7 Mar 1905.

Now if this is matched up with the Antwerp record, it's clear that quite a bit of the time from 1902 to 1905 was spent in Jerusalem. He got married there and had two children. Yet was back in Sweden around 1904 to provide the certification from the Rabbi. When he left in Mar 1905, he apparently headed again for Jerusalem because his passport for Antwerp was issued in Jerusalem in Dec 1905. However, I only found one passenger list indexed on Ancestry that appears to this family, and it refers instead to their brother Tewel who left on 20 Sept 1907:
Poliskammaren i Malmö, Utvandrarelistor, SE/MSA/00780/D 3/61 (1907), image 430, line #913
(We didn't find additional records for Tewel in the Swedish archives yet)

The Rabbinical certificate mentioned in the record above may also be mentioned again in the next stop for Rubin in Siljehögen, Dals Ed:
Dals-Eds kyrkoarkiv, Församingsböcker, SE/GLA/13082/A II a/7 (1905-1922), Sida 680, #24
(It says to "see ... from Dalskog". I'm not sure what betgget means here, but I figure it the entire line is a reference to a certificate of some sort.)

There are a few other records, but these raise some questions as it is:
1) Do we have a way to know what produce the farms he stayed on were making? Particularly, I'm curious if they manufactured grapes or had anything to do with wine, since he identifies in 1906 as a wine merchant.
2) Is the certificate from Rabbi Ridakowsky archived to be able to see it? Similarly for the reference in Dals Ed, or for the communication with the Swedish Consul?
3) Is there any way to locate the manifests that show their departures to Jerusalem, to Antwerp and perhaps elsewhere?
4) Why might he go to the Swedish Consul if he was a Russian subject? Would the Swedish consul need to communicate back with the parish in Sweden at the time or would they have provided a service directly?

2018-04-28, 00:53
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Utloggad Kristina Gunnarsdotter

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Rubin moved from Dals-Ed 1907 December 27 to Ingersbyn, Högerud in Värmland. Leaves for Anvers/Antwerpen 1909 May 22.

Generally grapes are not grown in Sweden. Maybe he imported and sold wine.

Chaim moves from Dalskog 1905 to Lund (close to Malmö). 1907 he is transferred to the book of people with unknown address.

Cannot find any certificates/betyg.

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