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Författare Ämne: South African Projenator - Andreas Anderson Appelgren  (läst 1496 gånger)

2018-03-06, 11:52
läst 1496 gånger

Utloggad Anton Appelcryn

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  • Senast inloggad: 2018-08-21, 11:44
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I am trying to trace my Swedish heritage.  Andreas Anderson Appelgren, born July 13 1794 and baptized in 19 April 1795 in Uppland, Sweden, emmigrated to South Africa in 1808 and is the progenator of the Appelcryn and Appelgryn familiy lines.  The surname got changed by the Dutch who ran the Cape Colony at the time.

I want to find out more of the Appelgren lineage.  Can anyone help me?


2018-03-07, 21:37
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Utloggad Erik Mouwitz

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Hi Anton!

Do you know where he was born, more specifically? There are more than 200 parishes in Uppland so finding him without knowing the parish, or at least county, might be difficult. Could you tell me about your source for the two dates you mentioned? The date of baptism seems a bit strange, as children were usually baptised within days of birth at the time in Sweden.
If he emigrated in 1808 and the birthdate is correct, he would have been 14 years old at the time; rather young. Do you know wether he emigrated together with his parents or other relatives, and in that case, their names?


2018-03-09, 04:16
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Utloggad Anton Appelcryn

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  • Senast inloggad: 2018-08-21, 11:44
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Hi Erik

Thanks SO much for the response!  Yes you are correct, those dates seem strange!  Originally in the South African geneology book called SA families, his birth date is shown as 1782.  Only that.  In more recent research, there is some debate about those dates and that is where the 1794 dates come from, but i have gone back to the Appelcryn researcher to ask for the source.  I have no idea what County etc either. 

I have a copy of his death certificate which just states in 1835 when he did, he was 53 years old -which matched the 1782.  His wife mistakenly added that he was from Switzerland!  That was confirmed by SAF that it was a mistake but I am not sure how - I don't know enough about tracking those records but I am asking around!

I have enquired with the Appelcryn researcher here whether there are any ship manifests to find out which ship he came on - the info is so little!

I will see what else I can find and get back in touch!


2018-05-19, 21:38
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Utloggad Roland Johansson

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Nothing definite, but these might perhaps be your people.
Lived in various parishes in Uppland during the timespan implied.

Dragoon, and later tailor, Anders Apelqvist, later Apelgren, and wife Greta Andersdotter. He born 1750 in Altuna, she born 1754 in Håtuna.

He was a dragoon for Övergran parish between 1770 and 1780 in Livregementet, Majorens kompani (Life Regiment, the Major’s Company).

He was called Apelqvist first, and then Apelgren.

Known children:
Anders, b 12 jan 1775 in Övergran parish
Carl, b 27 nov 1776 in Övergran parish
Johan, b 16 dec 1778 in Övergran parish
Lovisa, b 15 aug 1781 in Häggeby parish
Eric, b 1 jan 1784 in Låssa parish

They moved from Häggeby to Låssa in 1783, took residence at Ålbrunna, where he was the parish tailor.

They appear in Låssa parish record (husförhörslängd) for 1777-1783, crossed out, and not in the record for 1784-1790, so they most likely have moved somewhere else.

I find no Andreas born in 1782 or later, but the possibility that the above mentioned Anders born 1775 is your ancestor should not be ruled out.

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