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Författare Ämne: Surname Liro, Americanization of ??  (läst 243 gånger)

2018-02-18, 21:52
läst 243 gånger

Utloggad mdfeesh

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In my research I have found a Wisconsin marriage record for Ida Grants, father C. Grants, mother Mary Carlson (I know her parents to be Carl Johan Petersson Gräns and Maria Charlotta Carlsdotter) and John Carlson, parents C.M. Johnson and Stina Liro.  I believe John's name is actually Carl Johan Carlsson.  His father is probably Carl M. Johansson based on the marriage record info.  But what has me stumped is John's mother's name.  It seemed uncommon enough to search but I didn't find anything other than a Stina Lyra (Eliassdotter) but she ended up marrying Nils Olsson 25 May 1851, not a Carl.  Any ideas or suggestions as to what John's mother's surname could be?

2018-02-19, 00:43
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Utloggad eam2468

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Is the name clearly written or is there room to interpret it differently? Could you perhaps post a picture of the marriage record here?
As far as I have gathered the marriage of Ida Grants and Johan Carlsson took place in Wisconsin (what year?).
Do you know whether C.M. Johnsson and Stina Liro emigrated jointly from Sweden, that is, do you know if they met in Sweden or in the US? Is there any proof that Stina Liro was Swedish? From Googling it seems as though the name Liro is used in Poland but I have never come across it in Sweden, and I have lived here all my life :)
In the case that you have the dates and locations of birth, death or marriage (within Sweden) for any of the people mentioned in your original post, posting them here might provide further clues.

2018-02-19, 11:48
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Utloggad bmw

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The namn Liro can be found as a surname in Värmland and Dalarna provinces. At Disbyt there are several persons with the namn Liro, in Rämmen parish, Värmland and Äppelbo and Malung parishes in Dalarna. There are also persons noted to have died in the US amongst some of them.




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