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Författare Ämne: Jaeger Family in Stockholm  (läst 233 gånger)

2018-01-01, 00:16
läst 233 gånger

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Hello Everyone and Happy New Year

I am seeking the family of German-born Johannes Jaeger who was a social photographer of some fame in Stockholm in late 1800s. He married and had a son, Otto, in Denmark, and the family soon moved to Sweden.

Otto's first wife was Thekla Maria Westerberg (married 1885) with whom he had a son Otto Wilhelm Jaeger (1886). There must have been a divorce, because in 1890 Otto emigrated to New York without son Otto Wilhelm, and married a woman from Visby in Brooklyn, and that is the start of our American branch of the Jaeger family.

I have found a Swedish marriage record for Otto Wilhelm Jaeger to Klara Augusta Carlsson, 26 June 1915 in Engelbrechts, Stockholm. That is the end of our knowledge of Otto's first family. Any information from this forum may help us discover what became of our Swedish cousins.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

2018-01-01, 02:32
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Otto Wilhelm move from Nicolai to Oscar BI:5 (1910-1910) Bild 1720 / sid 166 (AID: v271312.b1720.s166, NAD: SE/SSA/6025) 1910-11-05 together with Tekla Maria and they live at Skepparegatan 10. It is also noted that Tekla Maria was divorced from Otto Horace Jaeger 22/4 1890.

Otto and Klara are married 1915-06-26, Engelbrekt EII:2 (1913-1919) Bild 750 / sid 71 (AID: v227392.b750.s71, NAD: SE/SSA/6003).

Klara moves from Engelbrekt BIIa:7 (1915-1915) Bild 540 / sid 49 (AID: v227296.b540.s49, NAD: SE/SSA/6003) to Oscar BI:10 (1915-1915) Bild 1690 / sid 163 (AID: v271317.b1690.s163, NAD: SE/SSA/6025) in Sept 1915, also living at Skepparegatan 10.

1927-11-04 they move from Oscar BII:32 (1927-1927) Bild 670 / sid 126 (AID: v271394.b670.s126, NAD: SE/SSA/6025) to Johannes BIa:21 (1927-1927) Bild 870 / sid 82 (AID: v253364.b870.s82, NAD: SE/SSA/6022) where they live at Roslagsgatan 40. No children, at least not living at that time. They still live there 1950 and Otto dies 1957-12-13 and Klara dies 1959-06-01.

Is there a way to know for sure that they had no children?

2018-01-01, 20:18
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Thank you Leif,

This is wonderful info. Although I am sad that Otto Wilhelm and Klara did not have children and that family line ended, you did provide some excellent dates to fill out our family tree.

Many thanks, and best wishes to you.





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