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Författare Ämne: Question about grouping of persons on one farm in Household Examination Records  (läst 584 gånger)

2017-10-22, 02:02
läst 584 gånger

Utloggad Linda Johnson

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Is it possible to tell from the way the names of people living on one farm are grouped in the Household Examination Records whether they are living in one house or in separate ones? In the attached record, the first four people listed are Jakob Andersson, a retired farmed (marked as deceased); his widow, Johanna Jonsdotter; their adult daughter, Greta Caisa; and Greta's husband, Gustaf Johansson. There are two spaces between those names and the others on the page. Do the spaces indicate separate households?

Of the eight people listed below the two spaces, the first one is not known to be related to the family. The second and eighth are one person, Gustafva Josephina Lundqvist, listed twice with different birth dates and slightly different names, but known to be the widow of Jakob Andersson and Johanna Jonsdotter's deceased son, Anders Johan Jacobsson, making Gustafva Jacob and Johanna's daughter-in-law. The third and fourth people in the second group, Hanna Charlotta Johansdotter and Claes August Johansson, listed as foster children to Gustaf Johansson in the first group, are his niece and nephew by marriage. They are also the children of Gustafva Josephina Lundqvist and the grandchildren of Jakob and Johanna. The fifth through seventh people in the second group are not known to be related to this family. Were these eight people living together in a separate house on the farm or living with the first group of four people or in some other arrangement or is it impossible to tell?

Thanks very much.

Linda Johnson

2017-10-24, 09:23
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Utloggad Marianne Karlsson

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Linda, I waited for someone else to answer but I will try. I guess that they were all in the same, offen the only, house. The "employees" farmhand and maids (in your example No 2, and 5-7) use to live in the same house as the family. Slept in the kitchen or in a small "snug". The farmhand could also sleep in the shed. It got better with the years, I don´t remember now what year you talk about.
The farm-hands and maids moved frequently. They move out and someone else moved in (see household examination).
This is my view, perhaps someone else will give her or his opinion?   Marianne

2017-10-24, 19:50
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Utloggad Linda Johnson

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Thanks very much, Marianne, for your explanation. I've been trying to learn as much as possible about the social, historical and economic background of our ancestors, but I hadn't found an answer to this particular question. I haven't yet been able to access the taxation maps, but I'm hoping they will show the buildings on each farm.

Best wishes,




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