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Författare Ämne: Books about Norrbotten parishes  (läst 321 gånger)

2001-01-28, 22:51
läst 321 gånger

Utloggad Deb Hanna

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I'm looking for a list of parishes for Norrbotten.  My relative came from Uddevalla, Municipality of Alvsbyn, county of Norrbotten, around 1850-1890.  I know nothing about this area. Can someone point me in the right direction?
D. Glantz Hanna  USA

2001-01-28, 23:17
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Utloggad Bo Berndtsson

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A list of parishes for Norrbotten or any other swedish county, can be found on the site (no quotation marks, please) and then use the link Socken-Sök in the left column.
Type your request in the box, and good luck1
Bo Berndtsson

2001-01-29, 07:01
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Eva Dahlberg

Hi Deb, you can find a map on this page which shows the parishes as of 1890, changes have been made since that. There is also a searchable index of the Swedish census of 1890 for the county of Norrbotten. This is the only census that is available online.
I can't find a place namned Uddevalla in Norrbotten in my atlas, so it must be very small. The place one automatically thinks of when you say Uddevalla is the city on the west coast, north of Gothenburg (Göteborg), but that's far away.
Best regards, Eva Dahlberg

2001-01-29, 12:35
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Utloggad Deb Hanna

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  • Senast inloggad: 2019-01-24, 16:54
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Thanks to both Eva and Bo.  I wil try both of these. Yes  this Udevalla must be a small town.  I know about the big city now. I think there are alot of Glantzes in the south..I found only one listed in the north.  Now I need to find some Glantz in Sweden who knows about the history of the family. In one of my searches, in a company phone number website written  Swedish, I found the word Norrland used, otherwise I have found Norrbotten.  This is great fun. Now I am trying to learn Swedish. Thanks again for helping me in my search.  My ancestor Peter Glantz and KAtherine, his wife would be please, I hope.
Deb Glantz Hanna

2001-02-17, 15:35
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Deb Glantz Hanna

Thanks to everyone. I now have have info. on an Uddevalla farm, Alvsbyn, in Muskus. It is on the shores of Lake Muskustrasket, 15 km from Alvsbyn and is shown on the National Land Survey map of Sweden. Now I can go look at PArish records at the Mormon Family History Centers.  Thank you again for helping me do this through the computer.
Deb Glantz Hanna



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