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Författare Ämne: Swedish Birth Record for Else and Pernilla  (läst 767 gånger)

2017-03-08, 21:40
läst 767 gånger

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Could someone translate this Swedish birth record for me? 
It is in Archivdigital: Ystad Sankta Maria C:4. page 19.  Dated 14 December.
I know that it is two twin daughters named Else and Pernilla.  I am looking to see if it lists the fathers name or where parents name or place of where Ingar is born?  Any information would help.

2017-03-09, 09:34
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This is the text:
Maid ('deja' is a Skåne dialect word for maid) Ingar Mårtens daughters 2 daughters, born Dec 14 and baptised Dec 16, named the first born Pernilla, the second one Else. As father a farmhand, named Per, was exposed (funny word in this connection, but it is used here quite often); godparents were waggon man Lars Persson, farmhand Bengt Nilsson, widow Hanna Mårten Nils, Mrs Kersti Fredrich Hörmans, maid Else Ludvigs daughter, dito Else Pers daughter. 21 years old (the mothers age)

Leif Olofsson

2017-03-09, 12:43
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Leif, sorry to complain, but you shouldn´t translate the women´s NAME into "daughter".  It could be confusing, I think.
The people are: Ingar Mårtensdoter´s 2 daughters..........maid Else Ludvigsdoter, Else Persdoter.

2017-03-09, 18:15
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Well, I just translated the Swedish word 'dotter', Engl. 'daughter' as it should be. 'Doter' is dialect, not correct Swedish.
And further more the patronymical names following a baptist first name, was not a surname or a family name in those days. If we had been able to ask Pernilla or Else what their 'efternamn' (family name, surname) was, I do not think they would have understood the question. They used their father´s name. So I will continue to translate - just to be certain people understand. It is up to you which "name" you use in your family records.

And THANK YOU for answering, a thanks is always right to say or write.

Leif Olofsson




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