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Författare Ämne: Signe Esbensen from Virestad  (läst 654 gånger)

2017-02-22, 23:40
läst 654 gånger

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I got your name from Marcus Cederstrom, a family friend who has lived in Sweden and done genealogical research. I am looking to find more information about my great grandmother, Signe Esbensen, born October 2, 1875 in Virestad, Sweden. She married Ernest Munson ( or August Mansson), and came to America in 1894 for her husband to work in the silver mines in Victor, Colorado. I will be visiting southern Sweden in June 2017, and would like to find more information about them.

I am trying to find more information about Signe and/or Ernest? I don't have Ernest (or August) date of birth or their marriage date.  As I understand from my grandmother, Ernest returned to Sweden and died from Miner's consumption and is buried in Sweden.

Could you be able to help me? Thanks, Ron Baars, Greeley, Colorado

2017-02-23, 03:21
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Yes, Signild Esbjörnsson is born that day in Senneshult Södergård in Virestad Parish. She and most of the family moves to Amerika May 1 1894 but she is not married at the time. Sources: Virestad C:9 (1871-1885) Bild 68 (AID: v30050.b68, NAD: SE/VALA/00422), Virestad AI:23 (1871-1876) Bild 55 / sid 657 (AID: v20146.b55.s657, NAD: SE/VALA/00422) and Virestad AI:33 (1891-1896) Bild 731 / sid 716 (AID: v20156.b731.s716, NAD: SE/VALA/00422). They probably sold their farm to a couple that returned from Amerika in 1894.

2017-02-23, 05:30
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 Thanks for your prompt reply and confirmation of information on Signilid. Marcus found she married August Manson in Denver, Colorado on April 19, 1899.  I don't have more information about August (or Ernest Munson as my limited family information knows him as).  I have some other ideas on finding more information on him. Signilid lived in Colorado the rest of her life. She remarried Andrew Johnson in May, 1926.  She died March 21 , 1941 and is buried in Denver. I will keep in touch as I find more information.  Thanks again.

2017-02-23, 15:42
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The census 1900 in Denver states August Munson born in January 1875. Don´t have to be exactly correct, but.....
Perhaps someone can try and find his death in "Sv. Dödbok"-CD after year 1901, if he returned to Sweden?

In census 1900 they had a baby daughter born in May 1900 and a "brother" Samuel (perhaps of Signe?). He was born in May 1882 and immigrated around April-May 1900).

2017-02-24, 19:47
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It was a surprise to read your inquiry I must write and tell you that I were born in 1937 in neighboring yard where Signe was born in 1875, My parents sold the farm in 1945 but I have still memories from this time and years in Senneshult.
If you wish to contact me I have sent a message to Anbytarforum and leaved them my epost address,  You will visit southern Sweden in June 2017 and I can give you an itinerary to see Virestad parish and Senneshult. But it is important to find an interpreter because my English knowledge is poor. But perhaps to write it is more easier there I have help of my Apple Ipad. How it is with the spelling?
Rune Johansson

2017-03-01, 05:57
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Thanks for everyone's suggestions.  I will followup on August Manson birthdate of Jan 1875 as I am still not finding much about him or when he returned to Sweden.  Marianne mentions Signe and August had a baby girl born in May 1900.  She was my grandmother's sister (Elfrieda).  I met her once when I was very little.  Aunt "Frei" was a favorite of my mothers.  She lived in Golden, Colorado, a small city just west of Denver.  My grandmother (Ethel Munson) was born in 1902 in Victor, Colorado where my greatgrandfather (August) worked in the silver mines.  She grew up in Denver, married my grandfather Walter Kiesler.  Signe had two brothers (Samuel and Ben), and maybe a sister who I don't think emigrated to America.  Sam and Ben lived in Denver and I have found more information about them.  I hope to find more about their relatives, especially if they still live in Colorado, as I live in Greeley, Colorado which is only 50 miles north of Denver.

Thanks to Rune Johansson about your family farm.  I hope that we can meet while I'm in Sweden.  Our friends who we will be with for part of time in Sweden speak both Swedish and English.  Is Senneshult a city?  Or is it a part of the Virestad?

More later.,   Ron




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