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Författare Ämne: Information about Lars Gullin and Katarina Bolander in Visby  (läst 1064 gånger)

2016-12-06, 15:08
läst 1064 gånger

Utloggad Corina Stroosnijder

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Hello Sweden, this is a message from the Netherlands.

My name is Corina and I am looking for the Swedish relatives of my husband Mick.
I have already found things but there is a missing link because I can not find any information about the marriage of Lars Gullin with Katarina Bolander and the birth of their son Peter Larsson who came to Amsterdam to fall in love with a Dutch girl. I am not even sure if Lars is the son of Nils Olofsson and Helvig but I hope that part is correct.

I will tell you what I know an hope somebody can help me find information about Lars and Katarina.
thank you all in advance.

Nils Olofsson, born about 1702, he died in Krasse, Guldrupe on 22.02.1785
Nils married with Helvig Olofsdotter, born about 1701, she died in Krasse,
Guldrupe on 06.06.1755

Children, born in Krasse Guldrupe:
Nils Nilsson 12.08.1728-12.06.1787
Paul (or Olof) Nilsson 1730-1730
Christina Olofsdotter 02.11.1731-1758
Cecillia Nilsdotter 30.06.1734-10.06.1815
Paul Nilsson 19.12.1736-1761
Lars Nilsson Gullin 28.06.1739-13.08.1818
Christian Nilsson 28.12.1741-28.12.1804

Lars Nilsson Gullin, born on 28.06.1739 in Krasse, Guldrupe, he died in
Krasse, Guldrupe on 13.08.1818
Lars married on 06.09.1759 in Guldrupe with Brita Nilsdotter

Children, born in Krasse, Guldrupe:
Malena Larsdotter born 03.11.1759 in Krasse, Guldrupe
Nils Larsson born 25.08.1761 in Krasse, Guldrupe

I don't know if there was an other marriage in between but, according to 'my
heritage' website, Lars later married in Visby with Katarina Bolander, she
died on 06.09.1832 in Visby.

Lars and Katarina became a son : Peter Larsson, born 1791 in Visby

Peter Larsson went to Amsterdam and died 28.12.1854 in Amsterdam.

2017-07-29, 01:28
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Utloggad Erik Mouwitz

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Hi Corina!

The Lars Nilsson Gullin who was born in Guldrupe in 1739 seems to have died in 15.06.1763 (Vänge CI:1 (1710-1786) Bild 1120 / sid 235)  This explains why there are no more children after 1761.

I find no Lars Gullin recorded in the death-records for Guldrupe in 1818, though there are other people with the surname Gullin (which may have caused the mistake).

This obviously means that the Lars Gullin who married Katarina Bolander must have been someone else.

Speaking of Katarina Bolander, I was not able to find her in the death records for Visby in 1832 either!

Could you please give me the sources you used for Peter Larssons date of birth and the date of death for Katarina Bolander?


2017-07-30, 11:34
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Utloggad Corina Stroosnijder

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Good morning Erik, thank you for your reply. Very kind of you!

The information that I have, I took from websites on internet like Myheritage and others.

The only thing I know for sure (because I have the marriage certificate) is what Pieter Larsen Gulien (that's the way the clerk wrote his name in the papers) told in Amsterdam:

On the day of his marriage, 26.09.1832, with the 20 year old Henderika Hacke, he said he was a sailmaker, living in Amsterdam and 42 years old. Born in Visby Swargat (?) Sweden. His parents had both already died. His fathers name was Lars Gulien (Gullin?) and his mothers name was Katarina Boelander (Bolander?).

Because in that time the ordinairy people could not write, you had to depent on the way the clerk wrote down your information. Difficult if the name is unfamiliair and therefore perhaps completely wrong written. Like that 'Swargat'. I tried to find out by the map of Sweden what that could be but with no luck.

I don't think I will find the right information about the parents of Peter Larsen but to know that my husbands roots started in Sweden is a nice fact to know :). We come to visit your country soon.

Thank you for your help anyway and kind regards from the Netherlands,




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