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Författare Ämne: Family name for illegitimate childern  (läst 683 gånger)

2016-11-08, 19:12
läst 683 gånger

Utloggad Grant Sikstrom

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When a child is born without a father what family name are they given?  The birth record only shows their given names.  The mother who's a Larsdotter had been preciously married to an Andersson who died.  The child has also died at age 4 so I can't follow them to see what name they took when grown.  Looking for direction on what name should be shown for the child? Thanks, this is my first post here.

2016-11-09, 10:17
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Utloggad John Bentley

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First a reminder of the basics. Childrens last names were pre 1900 derived from the fathers full name, specifically his first christian name.  So if the child who died aged 4 was the son of Per Andersson (you do not give his first name), a son would without doubt be Persson and a daughter Persdotter.  If the illegitimate child had an acknowledged father in the birth record, then the same would apply.
Quite likely an illegitimate daughter of a woman named Larsdotter would otherwise be Larsdotter, and a son Larsson.
I have a family example following the above for a son.  However, the son adapted a different last name when adult, leading to my own speculation that his mother had at some time told him his fathers name, so he chose to use that name.  However, the priest stuck to recording his old name in the household registers, only allowing him the name he had himself chosen to use on death. Possibly the new name gives a clue to the real fathers name, no further information has appeared.




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