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Författare Ämne: Stockholms sjömanshus  (läst 1201 gånger)

2016-09-10, 03:31
läst 1201 gånger

Utloggad Christopher Small

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I have been looking for a Gustaf Peterson born in Kalmar between 1844-1846 who arrived in New Zealand and married there 1878.

[/size]There is a Gustaf Peterson in the Stockholms sjömanshus Born Arby 27 Jan 1845.Stockholms sjömanshus (AB, A) DIc:4 (1871-1884) Image 2540 / Page 276How to I find out what happen to this Gustaf, he is register in Sjömanshus  29 Jan 1874 so I only need to find what he does between 1874 and 1878 to no if he is possible the one I am looking for?[/font]

2016-09-11, 15:58
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Utloggad Carl Wolf

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Hello Christopher, Gustaf Petersson born 27 Jan 1845 in Arby was the son of Båtsman Peter Petersson Bjugg and Fredrika Svensdotter.  Here is Peter Bjugg in the Blekinge och Södre Möre Båtsman Register ( 

 SM-02-0174-1843 Peter Petersson BJUGG
Båtsman för Kristinelund i Arby sn.
Far:        SM-02-0180-1800 Peter Gabrielsson RULLE>GREN (1784 - )
Mor:      Lisa Svensdotter (1775 - )
Född:    1815-11-06 se, Småland, Arby fs, Arby 1)               
Rullor:    2)           
Kompani:             SM 2:a båtsmanskompaniet, nr 174 3)   
Rusthåll:               Arby sn, Kristinelund 4)
Antagen:             före 1843-12-27 5)           
Avsked:                1846-06-17 6)     
Död:      1885-05-05 se, Småland, Arby fs, Kristinelund 7)                Dödsorsak: Kallbrand
Familj med Fredrika Svensdotter (1814 - 1904)
Vigsel:   1843-12-27 se, Småland, Arby fs 7)
Sofia Petersdotter (1840 - 1852)
Gustaf Petersson (1845 - )
Kristina Petersdotter (1849 - )
Stina Petersdotter (1852 - )
Gustaf moved 22 Nov 1862 from Kristinelund, Arby to Värmby #11, Halltorp (source: Arby AI:7 1861-70 page 45).  He then moved 13 Nov 1863 to Resmo (source:  Halltorp AI:9 1861-71 page 181).  I have not found him yet in Resmo since there are no moving in registers for 1863 at

2016-09-11, 19:04
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Utloggad Kristina Rylander

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Gustaf Pettersson moved to Mörbylånga in 1868 (Resmo AI:6 (1861-1870) page 45). He then moved to Copenhagen, Denmark March 4th 1869 according to Mörbylånga AI:5 (1861-1870) page 100.

I am not sure when he moves back to Sweden again, but according to the source you gave for Stockholms sjömanshus he was part of Väddö parish, Stockholm. I have not found him there though. It is stated in the same source that he came to Stockholms sjömanshus January 29th 1874. There is also a note about 1875, but there is no information about where he goes from there.

2016-09-12, 01:13
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Utloggad Christopher Small

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  • Senast inloggad: 2016-09-16, 02:27
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Thank you Carl and Kristina for you kind help.

In the record at the Sjömanshus there are two columns with entries the first mark "Fall 74/862" which I think refer to a crewing of ship that he may have been on.

The second "75/202" refer to a message that has come back to the Stockholm Sjömanshus from another Sjömanshus or ship.
How do I find these entries?

I have already checked the 1880 census an does not appear to be in Sweden.

2016-09-16, 00:57
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Utloggad Christopher Small

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Just an update the records  74/862 and 75/502 in the Stockholms sjömanshus book Dlc:4 relate to Stockholms sjömanshus Dle:4 p862 and Dle:5 p502.

Page 862 is crewing list and page 505 is a report on Gustaf received from Kalmar sjömanshus.

I have now found his sailing at the Kalmar sjömanshus book DIIIa:22 page 35 there is an entry that shows he left the ship on 3 June 1875 but I am not sure of the name of the city. 

Does any one have any ideas?

2016-09-16, 07:12
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Utloggad Lars Unger

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Borde vara Flensburg, Tyskland, beläget nära danska gränsen. Före 1866 tillhörde Flensburg Danmark.




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