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Författare Ämne: Translation Help Please  (läst 674 gånger)

2016-05-28, 18:18
läst 674 gånger

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Hello. I am a first time poster so I hope I am doing this right!

I was searching the church records of my mmmm mother, Anna Sofia Stromback, and mmmm father, Erik Degerstrom. In one of the records (I have attached the picture), there is a word over their names.  I am not too sure but I believe it spells "Lapbyn".

It would be appreciated if someone could please help me translate this and what it means.

Also it says they lived in Skatamark Kalberget in Norrbotten county.  I have found on the map where Skatamark is, if anyone knows what Skatamark Kalberget is referring to it would also be appreciated.

Thank you. Sam.  :)

2016-05-28, 19:48
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Utloggad lenasvensson

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Hello Sam!

The Sami village
Inh= short for Inhyst= housed (I belive thats the translation?)
and at the end it says fattig=poor

I don´t know where  Skatamark Kalberget is located, perhaps someone else knows?

2016-05-29, 01:50
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Thank you for your help Lena.

2016-05-29, 13:57
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Utloggad johnb

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First a comment - it so helps if you can put a reference to any record you show here. (I confess that this is not where I usually search).  The page you picture is from the parish household register Överluleå AI:6a (1874-1884) Image 68 / page 59.

So we have Erik and Anna Sofia, inh. and fattig. - they were poor and "Inhysys". From (read down the text to 6/), they were living in probably one room in someone elses house, as old and poor folk.

They lived at Kullberget, Skatamark, Överluleå parish, Norrbotten county. You have found Skatamark, and there seem to be two nature reserves named Kallberget (note spelling) from the places listed on  However, Skatamark is NE of Boden, and both Kallbergets are the same distance SW of Boden. 

Indexing for the 1874-1884 volumes shows an alternative spelling for Kullberget as Kallberget, while East and West Kallbergets exist and are seemingly located in another part of Överluleå parish. This makes me think that your Kullberget/Kallberget was a farm (gård) or smallholding (torp) and a part of Skatamark village, and has simply disappeared today, as really has Skatamark itself!  The two nature reserves, very close together might be the east and West Kallbergets. Perhaps someone with detailed local knowledge might be able to correct me !




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