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Författare Ämne: Lars Jansson and Beata Jansdotter  (läst 332 gånger)

2016-04-15, 21:10
läst 332 gånger

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I hope someone can be as helpful as Leif Olofsson was in my last inquiry.
I am now trying to find information on Lars Jansson (born abt. 1790) and his wife, Beata Jansdotter (born 8 Jul 1792).  I do not have birthplaces for either, but their son, Carl Larsson, was born in Dingtuna, Västmanland, 28 Oct 1826, and lived there until his death on 2 Dec 1892.
Hints on are either non-existent or lead to the wrong people.  As you probably know better than I do, there are a lot of Carl Larssons, and I can't tell if Jansdotter is a patronymic surname, or if the surname is missing.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Kevin Perry

2016-04-15, 23:34
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Hello Kevin!
Are you sure that Carl is born 28 october, 1826, in Dingtuna, Västmanlands County.
I have also found when he dies: 2 december, 1892, in Hamra, Dingtuna, Västmanlands County.
Information: born 26 october, 1826
In the source: Västmanlands County, Births (1780-1830) C:6 by
Gidnr: 2334.49.80100
Nr. 56 - Carl born 26 - 29 october, 1826, in Oppvreta
FatherLars Carlsson and the wife in (Dingtuna) Oppvreta.
See also sourse: Västmanlands County, Household examination 1825 - 1835 (AI:15B)
Didnr: 2334.42.65200
Do you mean this family?
In the line 6 can you se Carl, born 26 october, 1826
Carl Jansson, born, 1762, in Rytterne, in Västmanlands County
Source: ??
He dead, 12 februari, 1825
His wife and widow
Cajsa Larsdotter, born 17 december, 1762, in Svedvi, Västmanlands County.
Source: ??
She moved to Sevalla, 1828
The son
Lars Carlsson, born 8 august, 1792, in Dingtuna
Source: Västmanlands County, Dingtuna Births (C:6) 1780-1830
His wife:  They married 20 april, 1826
Ulrica Persdotter, born 31 july,  1797, Dingtuna, Västmanlands County
Source: Västmanlands County, Dingtuna Births (C:6) 1780-1830
She had a son before she married
The children:
Before married Pehr Eric, born 25 september, 1822, in Säby, Västmanlands County
Carl, born 26 october, 1826, in Oppvreta, Dingtuna, Västmanlands County.
Anders Gustav, born 30 march 1829, Oppvreta, Dingtuna, Västmanlands Län
Regards Monica E Nilsson :D

2016-04-16, 15:13
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Utloggad kperry7

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Hej Monica!
Another very helpful response from the forum!
I misread the birth date for Carl in my tree.  The 1826 is correct, and your information was great!  I know that a tree in gave me his mother as Beata Jansdotter, but the trees aren't always accurate.  I just wonder where the name came from.
You helped me break through a significant block, and this issue is at rest - at least until I pursue earlier generations.
If I can return the favor, let me know.
tack så mycket




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