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Författare Ämne: Efterlyser Erik Winnberg f.1870-03-22 Ljusdal (Borr )  (läst 446 gånger)

1999-05-24, 11:45
läst 446 gånger

Margaretha Winnberg

Brev från Raymond Charles Anderson San Diego, som söker sina anfäder.!!!
Detta är ett brev från honom, där han vädjar om hjälp att hitta sina anfäder.
Charles Anderson har en teori, som han vill ha bekräftad, men nu undrar jag om ni som besökare i Rötter
kanske kan hjälpa honom??
Erik Winnberg född 1870-03-22 Ljusdal ( Borr )(X). Lämnade Ljusdal (X) för N. Amerika 1889-04-06. Reste från Göteborg till Chicago 1889-06-14.
Hans mor hette Kerstin Roos f. 1836-07-29 i Ljusdal ( Borr ) d. 1884-06-14 Ljusdal ( Borr )
Hon hade en oäkta dotter Karin  f. 1864-06-12 i Ljusdal. ( Borr ) hon emigrerade till USA under namnet Carin Olofsdotter Ros Winnberg ( hon hade dessförinnan avtjänat en 4-årig straff för mordet av sitt nyfödde-oä-barn!).
Ros kommer i från Kerstins far, Lars Ros, som var soldat i Delsbo Comp, Helsinge reg.
Ray Anderson har en teori om att Eriks far kunde vara Johan Gustaf Winnberg f 1843-02 - 28 Sundsvall kronolänsman i Färila
Det skulle ha varit roligt att kunna lösa mysteriet om Eriks ursprung. Så jag hoppas att om ni har några uppgifter eller teorier om  Eriks ursprung att ni hör av er till mig .
Margaretha Winnberg email eller
Här är kopian på Ray Andersons brev:
Raymond Charles Anderson
7671 Rowena St.
San Diego, CA 92119
(619) 461-6075
January 11, 1999
Margaretha Wimiberg
Tjärnheds vägen 20
78041 Gagnef
Dear Ms. Winnberg:
I believe that min farmors far, Erik Winnberg, is possibly the son of a relative of yours, Johan Gustav Winnberg. 1 base this opinion on information  that 1 have received from Cathlieen Knutsson a genealogy researcher in Sweden, and from studying your web site. Since Erik Winnberg was bom out of wedlock, and from your web site it is clear that Johan Gustav was never married, 1 realize that it will be difficult to confirm my belief However, 1 would like to present to you for your consideration certain  coincidences in Erik's and Johan Gustav's lives, which have led me to this conciusion. If after conside[ing what 1 have to say, you can provide any assistance that will heip support or deny my argument I would be truly thankful. The following paragraphs inciude background information and my theory of how events in and around Ljusdal parish in the mid- to late-1800s are related.
What 1 know about Erik Winnberg 1 have leamed from Cathleen Knutsson's research. Erik Winnbergs mors name is Kerstin Ros. She was born in Borr, Ljusdal parish on June 29, 1836. She lived there with her mother and father. When her father died in 1856 she took work as piga in Borr. In 1858 she moved to Flor, Ytter Hogland. ln 1862 she moved back to Borr and on June 12, 1862 gave birth to a daughter, out of wedlock, named Karin Ros Olofsdotter. ln 1870, while still living in Borr, Kerstin Ros gave birth to a son, again out of wedlock, named Erik Winnberg! About that same time Karin's efternamn was changed in the parish record to Winnberg! Why did Kerstin Ros give the Winnberg efternamn to her children? 1 believe she did 50 because their father was a Winnberg.
What 1 know about Johan Gustav Winnberg 1 have learned from your web site. He was bom February 28, 1843 in Sundsvall. On March 1, 1851 he entered Östersund läroverk. ln 1862, the same year that Karin was born,Johan entered Uppsala 1868 h~entered the Postal Service. ln 1870, the same year that Erik Winnberg was bom, Johan Gustav becarne Kronslänsman in Färilia, which is only 10 km from Ljusdal. ln 1879 Johan Gustav died ogift.
Assuming that Kerstin Ros gave her children the Winnberg efternamn because their father was a Winnberg, 1 looked at your web site for anyone who might be a likely candidate. 1 came up with Johan Gustav for the following reasons: he is a Winnberg; his age is about right; he was ogift; and he lived near Kerstin at the times her children were bom. It is my theory then that Johan Gustav and Kerstin Ros knew each other, became friends, and had an intimate relationship off and on beginning in 1861-1862. Complicating this relationship were two critical factors. Johan Gustav was seven years younger than Kerstin and, more importantly, he was from a family of a much higher class. Nonetheless, he fathered Karin in 1862. But marriage to Kerstin would not be acceptable or possible because of their class and age differences. Instead, he lefi for university that same year. Then in 1870, presumably afier completing university and working in public service, Johan Gustav was assigned to a location very do se to Kerstin Ros, his friend, lover and mother of his child. Perhaps he even sought to live do ser to Kerstin. It was in that very year, 1870, that Kerstin gave birth to my greatgrandfather, Erik Winnberg. 1 believe that from then on, until his death in 1879, Johan Gustav maintained a do se relationship with Kerstin and their two children, Karin and Erik, and provided them with some support.
Afier Johan Gustav's death, 1 expect that times must have been hard for Kerstin and her two children without his support. In fact, Karin ran afoul of the law in 1883, went to prison, served out her sentence, and then emigrated to the US in 1 887-I am trying to find out about her life in the US.
Kerstin Ros died in 1884 leaving Erik orphaned at the age of fourteen. He undoubtedly struggled until emigrating to the US in 1889.
With Erik's departure from Sweden, my story shifis to the US. 1 hope that it will help you understand who 1 am and why 1 am doing this. You may even find a connection with your family somewhere in my story. Erik seifled in Chicago and married Jenny Ottilia Hansson from Jönköping. They had at least one daughter,my grandmother, Esther~Kristin Winnberg who was born 1894. Esther may also have had twin siblings, Frank and Else, who may have died in infancy. Erik Winnberg died of unknown cause in Chicago in 1896.
Esther Kristin lived in Chicago all of her life. She married Erik Algoth Anderson (of Fjärås~ parish, Halland) in Chicago in 1911. They had two sons, Raymond Eric (bom 1913) and Gaylord Algoth (bom 1916). Raymond Eric was my father. He died in 1991. Gaylord married late in life and died in Chicago in 1996 without ever having any children. 1 was bom in Chicago in 1941 and lived there until 1963, when 1 lefi to join the US Navy. Afier serving as an officer for twenty years 1 retired as a commander and settled in San Diego where 1 still live. My wife of almost 35 years, Barbara, and 1 have four grown children (two boys and two giris) and three grandsons.
While growing up in Chicago 1 was very close to min farmor, Esther. She had taken the sumame Bergquist when her mother remarried Erik Bergquist (also from Sweden) after Erik Winnberg's death. She used to mention the name Winnberg, but i never understood the connection until long afier her death, in 1977 when many family documents, inciuding Erik Winnberg's bible, in which his birthplace and confirmation information was recorded, were passed along to my father. When my father died in 1991 they came into my possession. From his bible, 1 realized that Erik Winnberg was my real greatgrandfather and that the Winnberg name came from him. When my mother died in February 1998 1 went through family records again. 1 decided then to investigate the mystery, Who was Erik
-Winnberg to help me, i commissioned Cathleen Knutsson  research Erik family -in SwedenAlthough  
Cathleen was unable to find out whom Erik's father was, with the other information she provided, with  
the information in your web site, and perhaps with some further assistance from you, 1 hope to solve
this mystery.
In closing, please accept my apologies for the length of this letter and for it being written in English. But since 1 am asking for your help, 1 believe that you should know my full story, and although 1 am teaching myself Swedish, my skill at this point is inadequate to write to you in Swedish. I hope that you will understand that 1 earnestly seek your assistance in this matter and that, of course, 1 will greatly appreciate any information you can provide.  
Tack så mycket! Med bäste hälsningar,
Raymond Charles Anderson

2017-08-30, 20:35
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Min mamma skrev detta inlägg men hon avled 2000, och detta är mysterium har förbryllat mig i åratal finns det någon där ute som  har stött på Karin i sin forskning, i USA är hon spårlöst försvunnen, finns det någon som vet något annat maila mig gärna på winny(at) eller kika in på

2017-08-31, 14:29
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Enligt 'Emigranten Populär 2006', var det 3 personer från Ljusdal, som 1887-03-04 reste via Göteborg, med destination Muskegon, Karin Olsdotter Vinberg, Karl-Erik Lindstrand [Statistiska Centralbyrån (SCB) - samlingspost, Summariska folkmängdsredogörelser från församlingarna m. fl. 1860-1972, SE/RA/420401/01/H 3 AA/125 (1887), bildid: A0043585_00556] - här kallas han Lindström. Anna Olofsdotter Söderberg hade samma resmål, men hittas inte i SCB.
Muskegon, Michigan - stad som lockade med skogsindustri ...

2017-08-31, 16:32
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Tack Gun nu kanske man får ett lite mer sökområde.




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