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Meddelanden - Lucas Woods

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I did not know Riksarkivet had an english version. thank you so much!


Could i get some help in identifying the birth places for the family?

For Olaf's son: Olaf Leonard August? -- can someone verify I am seeing this right?

I see two Anna Sofia's so did one die while a small child?

Lastly, I see the record mentions where the moved (flyttat) but i can't make out any of the other details

Any help is appreciated!

So did the family depart from Sweden from Malmö? or Östanbo, Gävleborg?

One record shows them leaving  Söderala as well?

I do not have ArkivDigital as it costs $45 USD a month to use?

Where else can I pull these records from so I can add them to Ancestry?

I am looking for any information on the below individual. I have not been able to find any immigration or emigration records or anything in Sweden for this person. I will post as much as I have.

Name: Anna Sofia Swanburg
Birth: 28 Mar 1863
Death: 4 Dec 1941 Towner County, North Dakota
Place: Helsing (I am not sure on this but it is the best I got)
Married: Andrew Anderson (he was born in Sweden as well in 1849)
Date: 9 Mar 1883 in St. Paul, Ramsey, Michigan

The only links I have to help narrow down anything in Sweden are below:

Mother: Carrie Swanburg (She was living with the family in the below census)
Born: 1826 (according to her age during the below census)
Father: Unknown

Arrival to United States: Anywhere from 1880 - 1882 (this may be slightly wrong as well as multiple censuses showed different arrival dates within the stated window)


a quick serach in Emibas ( shows only one Anders Andersson, born 1849 that emigrated in 1873[1, 2] from Halland -- the last a guess, but there is no parish, nor higher administrative divisions, called Holland or Hålland (which would sound like Holland to an american).

Anders Jakob was born on Nov 21[3], though, not Jan 14th. On the positive side, his emigration record is dated April 8th, which seems about right for him to get on a boat in Liverpool early May ...

Both his parents were alive when he left, so he may be mentioned in their estates (but they may take some book-scanning to find, doesn't seem to be indexed :(). He also had a bunch of siblings, maybe some of them emigrated before?

mvh /staffan


[1] Morups kyrkoarkiv, Flyttningslängder, SE/LLA/13270/B/3 (1861-1875), bildid: C0011129_00039, sida 63, #13
[2] Morups kyrkoarkiv, Husförhörslängder (huvudserie), SE/LLA/13270/A I a/12 (1871-1885), bildid: C0011123_00024
[3] Morups kyrkoarkiv, Födelse- och dopböcker, SE/LLA/13270/C I/6 (1832-1854), bildid: C0011137_00238, #76

Thank you. I am not certain that is him mainly due to the birth being so far off. I will double-check my records and see how many refer to his birthday in January. I am pretty certain he Immigrated in 1873 due to the fact that multiple documents quote that year. I am still trying to find some more hard facts to help narrow down a search in in Swedish records.

I am looking for any info that can be found. Any help is greatly appreciated. I know it isn't much and i am sure the name is very very common. I just don't have much info for him. I have a record that has an Anders Anderson who came from Sweden through Liverpool, England on a ship called the Abbotsford with arrival to Philadelphia of 26 May 1873. So the year matches but i just don't have much information on if this is indeed the Andrew Anderson i am searching for. I will try to edit this post with some more information if i find it.

Name: Andrew Anderson
Birth: 14 Jan 1849
Place: Holland, Sweden

Four different census' from United States say he Immigrated to the US in the year 1873.

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