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Meddelanden - Leighton Lundgren

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Manny F. Abrahamson was born on 3 April 1872 in Agunnaryd Parish and came to America in 1872. His mother died in 1905 in Sweden and his father, A.J. Abrahamson joined his some in American in 1911.  Any information on any siblings in Sweden will be appreciated.
Leighton Lundgren

Allmänt / Birath, Tekla Maria b.1881 in Habo
« skrivet: 2011-08-25, 05:55 »
I am related to Tekla, she was born on 19 Jun 1881 in Habo. I recently found out she married a man whose last name was Jansson. They were married on 27 Nov 1914 but do not know where. She died on 3 Oct 1944 in Skövde. I am wanting to about hher husband and if they had any children.
Leighton Lundgren

Archive - General questions / Jöns Olsson
« skrivet: 2009-06-01, 17:37 »
Thanks again Olle and Bo,
I have recently uncovered some additional information on Jöns Olsson which may be of some help in finding his date of birth. His Father is Ola Jönsson, b 1-21-1782 in Allegården, Rosenlund, Mörarp and d 10-10-1841 his Mother was Boell Svensdotter, b 9-25-1781 in Kågeröd and d 9-17-1842 in Mörarp. Their children were Margaretha b 1-3-1800, Anna Olsdotter b 2-14-1810, Jöns  9-14-1811 (different from date you were previously given) and Botilla b 2-2-1821.
Hopes this will help.

Archive - General questions / Jöns Olsson
« skrivet: 2009-05-27, 20:33 »
Thank so much Olle,
What I have on Jöns Olsson is as follows.
He was married to Anna Olsdotter b 2-14-1810 in Rodenlund, Mörarp, d 5-27-1864 In Mörarp. They had the foollowing children:
Ola Jönsson b. 11-2- or 5-24 1831 in Mörarp
Botilla b 4-6-1835 in Mörarp
Kjersti b 4-6-1840 in Mörarp
Elna b 0-21-1844 in Mörarp
Christina b 6-3-1849 in Morarp
Christina was married to Ola Swenson who bas born 2-5-1846 in Malmö an died 1-3-1931 in Texas.
That is all I have, hope it helps.

Archive - General questions / Jöns Olsson
« skrivet: 2009-05-27, 07:07 »
We are looking for information on Jöns Olsson, we think he was born in either March or May 1803 in Mörarp but have been told his name does not appear in the birth records of that parish. Any help will be appreciated as we are hoping to locate any descendants from this family who are still living in Sweden.

Archive - General questions / Anders Grahn
« skrivet: 2009-01-28, 16:00 »
Thnaks again Bo,
You show that there were two sons named Lars, one born in 1837 and one in 1852, died 1855. I am a little confused.
My information shows that Petronella married Anders Pehrsson Heulin (which was probably a name change from Hörlin) and one of their children was named Anna Sophia, which was not shown in the information you sent me.  
In my records I showed that Elias was married to someone named Anna Maria Olson, do they know if he was married twice?

Archive - General questions / Anders Grahn
« skrivet: 2009-01-27, 07:47 »
Thank you very much Bo.
I am still going over all the information you sent me. The Christina, or Kristina was my Great Great Grandmother, one of her daughters, Johanna was my Great Grandmother, she married a man names Johannas Olson. The all immigrated to the US in 1887, along with seven children, one of which was my Grandmother, Emma. Christina immigrated at some time, of which I do not know when but she is buried at the New Sweden Lutheran cemetery here in Texas. I have not had a chance to e-mail the person in Lund, but will do as as soon as possible.  
Thanks again,

Archive - General questions / Anders Grahn
« skrivet: 2009-01-26, 07:36 »
Anders Grahan is  from Finja Parish, Skåne. Three of his children left Sweden for American, one of which was my Great Grandmother, Christina. To my knowledge four children remain in Sweden, they are Johannes, born 10-10-1849, Maria born 2-6-1847, Sven born 3-31-1849 and Lars born 5-22-1837. I am looking for information on those who remain in Sweden, such as, marriages, children, etc. I am hoping to come to Sweden in the next year or two and would like to find descendents of these families who are now in Sweden.

Archive - General questions / Anders Gustafsson
« skrivet: 2008-11-28, 07:17 »
My Grandfathers sister, Anna Sophia Birath married a man named Williams Smith. Mr. Smith was born Gustafsson and came from South Fågelås, Skaraborgs lan. Mr. Smith came to American in 1870 and he may have had a brother named Emil. Looking for any information you can give me.
His fathers name was Anders Gustafsson

Archive - General questions / Anna Sophia Birath
« skrivet: 2008-11-25, 23:28 »
Thanks to all of you for your information, it is a big help.
To Bo, thank you also but Anna Sophia died in Austin, Texas and is buried there.

Archive - General questions / Anna Sophia Birath
« skrivet: 2008-11-25, 07:31 »
I am looking for information as to when Anna Sophia Birath left Sweden for America. She is the sister of my Grandfather, Emanuel Birath who left Sweden in November 1870. She was born in Hjo on November 26, 2848. She either left Sweden with my Grandfather or shortly therafter.

Archive - General questions / Ola Swenson, or Svensson
« skrivet: 2008-08-27, 22:02 »
I had ask for some info on Ola Svensson and Christina Jönsdotter farmily which I was sent some good info.Now I would like to know what happen to Botilla Jonsdotter-1835; sister Kjersti Jönsdotter-1840 and their brother
Ola Jönsson - 1831-1881. I know he married Maria Arvidsdotter-1836 and children were Axel Olsson-1868 & Hilda Olsdotter-1878. Are their family still in Sweden from these families? Thanks so much for helping me find my family.

Archive - General questions / Ola Swenson, or Svensson
« skrivet: 2008-08-26, 07:52 »
I am looking for information on Ola Swenson, or maybe Svensson.  I do know he was born on Feb 5, 1846 in Mörarp Parish and was married to Christina Olsson, who was born  June 3, 1849 in Mörarp Parish.  I do not know when they married.  They came to American in 1881.  I know nothing or his parents or if he had any siblings.  Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks so much Maud and Chris, you have been a big help to me.
Leighton Lundgren

Looking for dates and places of birth and death.  Lived in US but returned to Göteborg when they retired.  Don't believe they had any children.

Archive - General questions / Hanna Emilia and Eva Lovisa Hult
« skrivet: 2008-03-03, 07:35 »
Thank all of you so much for the information you provided on Hanna and Eva Hult.  They are related to me and my Hult relatives who are living in Sweden lost track of Hanna and Eva after they immigrated to America and I have done some research on them but came up with nothing,so that is the reason of my inquiry. Now I have something to go on trying to locate some living relatives of them who are here in America.
Bo, you are correct, their father did immigrate to America but was thrown in a lake in American and drowned and all his money that he was going to send back to his family in Sweden was stolen.
Judy, I apparently failed to make myself clear but I was only trying to find out their port of debarkation and where they landed in America. Now that I know that I can obtain copies of their ship records.
Going back through some of my information I also found that Anna Lovisa Hult went to America on Aug 31, 1887 but do now know from where she left or where she landed.  I also show she apparently came back to Sweden as my information shows she was living in Stockholm in 1912.  If anyone could find out anything on her I would also appreciate your help.

Archive - General questions / Hanna Emilia and Eva Lovisa Hult
« skrivet: 2008-03-02, 18:49 »
According to the information I have Emilia immigrated to America in 1895 and Eva immigrated in 1897. They were both born in Malmbäck. They both married in America and know only that one of them married a man named John Bengsston, also a Swedish immigrant.
Eva had two children and Emilia had one child.  I know that one of their children was named Ragnar    
I have searched the Ellis Island records but found nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Archive - General questions / Sven Grahn
« skrivet: 2008-02-08, 21:30 »
Thank you Arne for the information on Svan Grahn, this is the right person as thos siblings you show are the same as I have.  Johanna is my Great Grandmother.

Archive - General questions / Sven Grahn
« skrivet: 2008-02-08, 07:29 »
I believe my Great Grandmother had a brother whose name was Sven Grahn born in the Parish of Finja in Skåne between 1844 and 1847.  I have found information on everyone in that family except Sven.  I would appreciate any help.

Thank you so much Don, I really appreciate th copy of the Household Examination record.
Johanna immigrated with his family to American in 1874, he and his family lived for a while with one of his brothers in Nebraska but do not know which brother.  I am hoping the information you sent will help locate his brother in America.  
Johannas married Johanna Grahn and they had 12 children, one I am told died at a very young ages.  My grandmother was on of the children.
Thanks again Don,

My Great Grandfather, Johannas Olson was born on 22 Aug 1835 in Finja,Skäne.  My information shows his father to be Ole Person and his mother Anna.  My records also show he had brothers whose names were Elias, Per and Nils. Looking for information on this family

I am looking for information on my Grandfather.  He left Sweden in Nov. 1870 and used the name Emanuel Birath Jacobson and we think he left from Hamberg, German and arrived at the port of Galveston, Texas.  Once he got to Texas he changed his name to Emil Lundgren. His brohter Carl Johan Birath and his young son, Emil Birath, they departed Göteborg on Jan. 5, 1886 and we think he also came to Galveston, Texas.

Hello Maud, and thank you for your information.
I am unfamiliar with the Swedish Death Index 4.  Is there some place on the internet that I might get access to those records.
Information I received from Ted states that the 1900 swedish census Tekla was living in Jönköpings östra but you tell me that in 1909 she was living in Skövde. You also show that she moved back to Skövde from Stockholm in 1911. Does you information show when she came back from Jönköpings to Skövde? Would you know if she remaind there until her death?  Also, I found out her Mother Matilda Birath was living in Falköpings stadsfösas of 1900.  Is there any information if that was where she died?  If so, do you know when.

Thank you so much Ted,
I think the Elgin that she immigrated to is Elgin, Texas as that is where her brother Emil lived before his death.  Both Emil and his father, Carl Johan, are buried in New Sweden Lutheran Church cemetary here in Texas.
I am almost certain that is her as I found in some of my records that she married a man whose name was Carl Riener but have not been able to get any information on either of them.
Thanks again,
Leighton Lundgren

I am looking for the date and place of death of Matilda Armnda Teresia Blomqvist.  She was born on Aug 8 1852 in Habo and married Carl Johan Birath on Dec 12 1875 in Habo. Carl and his son, Emil immigrated to the US but his wife and two daughters remained in Sweden.  I am also looking for any information on the two daughters, Gustava Olivia born on May 13, 1878 and Teckla Maria born on May 13, 1881, both born in Hjo.

Archive - General questions / Children of Gustaf Svensson
« skrivet: 2007-06-25, 07:56 »
Hello Judy,
Thank you so much for your information.  I did find Signe Gunhilda being born in both the Bälaryd and Bärkeryd records.
There appears to be some confusion with the name of Klas Alfred Gustafsson Eklund.  In the birth records of all the children it showed the fathers name as Gustafson.  Also, when looking in the birth records for him, it showed he was born on 4-15-1870 but fathers name was Johan August Andersson and mothers name as Lovisa Jonasdotter.  So, I am wondering why the names of Gustafsson and Eklund are showed in the information you gave me. In some other information I was sent it also showed his name to be Klas Alfred Gustafsson Eklund.

Archive - General questions / Children of Gustaf Svensson
« skrivet: 2007-06-25, 01:10 »
Hello again Anita,
Thanks again for your assistance with the Post and number that I was inquiring about.  I am sure you saw the response from Don Tuthill which explains my question.
I was attempting to get the correct dates of Klas Alfred Gustafsson and Augusta Vilhelmina's children from this web site I have that shows births, deaths and marriage from many parishes in Småland. When looking at the birth records of Bälaryd I was able to find the birth date of Signe Gunhilda Ingeborg as 5-21-1894 but when looking at the years of 1896, 1897 and 1899 I was not able to find Knut, Anges and Astrid. Do you think those children could have been born on someplace other than Bälaryd?
If you would like the web site I have used, let me know and I will be happy to send it to you.

Archive - General questions / Children of Gustaf Svensson
« skrivet: 2007-06-21, 06:23 »
Hello Anita,
Thank you so much for the information I was wanting, you were a great help to me.
You showed Post and some numbers with these names.  I am curous as to what this means, can you tell me?

Archive - General questions / Children of Gustaf Svensson
« skrivet: 2007-06-20, 07:32 »
I am looking for information on the following children of Gustaf Svensson:
Carl Oskar b 7-14-1874
Anna Matilda b 11-11-1876
Gustaf Valfrid b 6-8-1879
Ester Maria Elisaby b 9-12-1880
Hennig Vilhelm b 10-13-1887
Ester Alexina b 3-10-1887
They were all born in Bälaryd

Archive - General questions / Information on Gustaf Svensson
« skrivet: 2007-06-11, 07:26 »
I am looking for the wife of Gustaf Svensson, who was born on 2 Dec 1837 in Järsnäs Parish.  Also looking for information on their children, Carl Oskar, Anna Matilda, Gustaf Walfreid, Henning Wilhelm and Ester Axelina.

Archive - General questions / Margit and Brita Birath
« skrivet: 2007-03-06, 06:27 »
Thank you Elizabeth and Bo,
I recently found a passenger manifest showing the Karl G. Soderberg and Margit Soderberg went to America in 1935 but am not sure if these are the people I am inquiring.
I was in error, the name should have been Göran Elgfeldt instead of Birath.
Looking forward to your reply.

Archive - General questions / Margit and Brita Birath
« skrivet: 2007-02-27, 07:45 »
Margit and Brita's father was Aron Nataneal Nilsson,born Jul 1, 1874 outside of Nyköping and their mother was Anna Marie Birath, born Jun 26, 1976 in Nyköping  They had a brother, Gösta born on Dec. 6, 1907 in Stockholm.
Anna Maria was born out of wedlock in 1876  in Örebro, her mother was Carolina Christina Birth, born in 1842.
They lived at Duvbo, outside of Stockholm in 1907.
I am not sure but I believe Margit's husband was named Karl G. Soderberg.
I show that Göran Birath was born Feb 2, 1932.
Hopes this helps.

Archive - General questions / Margit and Brita Birath
« skrivet: 2007-02-25, 06:45 »
I am looking for any information on Margit and Brita Birath.
Margit was married to a man named Soderberg.  Don't know if they had children.
Brita was married to a man named Eigfeldt and they had two children, Göran and Christina.

I am looking for the date of place of death of Matilda Bloomqvist.  She married Carl Johan Birath on 30 Dec 1875 in Häbo.  Am also looking for any infformation of their daughter, Gustafva, her date and place of death, any marriages, spouse,children, etc.

I am trying to find the place and date of death of my Grandfather's sister, Carolina Christina Birth, born on 3 Apr 1842 in Grevbäck.

I am looking for descendants of the following siblings of my Grandmother, Mathilda Svensdotter:
Peter Magnus Svensson, fodd 1844-01-03 in Kävsko
Johan Svensson, fodd 1847-03-08 in Kävsjo
August Svensson, fodd 1850-11-10 in Kävsjo
Marie Christine Svensdotter, fodd 1853-12-23 in Kävsjo
Emanuel Svensson-Hultman, fodd 1856-03-20 in Kävsjo
My name is Leighton Lundgren, 101 Texas Traditions, Georgetown, Texas 78628

I am looking for any descendents of the following:
Peter Magnus Svensson Född 1844-01-03 in Kävsjo
Johan Svensson Född 1847-03-08 in Kävsjo
August Svensson Född 1850-11-10 in Kävsjo
Maria Christine Svensdotter Född 1853-12-23
Emanuel Svensson-Hultman Född 1856-03-20

Thank you again Elisabeth but all the information I have is that Matilda was born on February17, 1862 in Värnamo, Småland.  She married my Grandfather sometime between 1890 and 1892 but do not know if they married in Sweden or if she returned to Texas and then married my Grandfather.  I do know that when my Grandfather immigrated to Texas, he came into the port of Galveston, Texas.  I don't believe the Matilda listed above is my Grandmother.

I want to correct the birthdate of Mathilda.  It was February  
17, 1862.  Thanks for your help, Eva and Elisabeth, but I  
am looking for a different Mathilda.

I am looking for imformation on my Grandmother's Parents  
or any siblings.  My information shows her name was  
Swenson, or is probably Svensson.  My Father's birth  
certificate shows her name as Maltilda Hultman.  She came  
from Värnamo and married my Grandfather sometime  
around 1890, his name was Emil Lundgren.  My  
Grandmother was born in 1865  She immigrated to Kimbro,  
Texas shortly before or after her marriage. She died in  
Kimbro, Texas  
in 1943.

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