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Meddelanden - Graham Hillocks

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I finally had feedback last Saturday regarding the birth place of Nils Roos that I had on my family tree.
Jane, who would be a distant cousin of mine, said she believes the information I took from her tree came from the Queensland department responsible for Births, Deaths and Marriages.
She added that she has doubts about this information due to difficulties with communication back when Nils and Elna arrived in Australia.

Hello Kristinar and thank you again.
I've spent some time today looking over the information you'd sent previously and have modified some glaring issues on my main Ancestry tree.
The Monson surname issue is very interesting. I googled the Elina Monssan variation today and was taken to an Australian website - 'Australian Royalty' (referring to colonial Australians, not real royalty) - and discovered more on Theodore Nils Roos.
I'll continue to review my information and let you know what I find.
I would greatly welcome any further information or records you are able to send.
Best wishes

Hello and thank you so much Kristinar.
There is a very long story behind the search for this information but the short version is that my mother met a distant cousin when she was visiting family in North Queensland in 2018 and he gave her most of the details I have on my family tree.
The major detail which had me puzzled was the name Elna Monson as I understood Monson to be a male surname in Swedish.
At that point my search for Swedish ancestors came to a brick wall, possibly due to the questionable dates but also to my lack of Swedish.
 I may need to contact him - I've never met him - to determine his sources, but what you've found for me seems so much more accurate and relevant and connects a lot of people and facts together.
I am more than a little interested in how and why you became involved with my post as it was almost a last resort and I wouldn't have been surprised to hear nothing.
Again, thank you so much for your time and effort.

Discussions in English / Nils Svensson or Nils Svensen Roos
« skrivet: 2019-07-06, 09:34 »
I am looking for my Swedish ancestry but the details are scarce. Nils Svensson Roos was born on 17 October, 1849 in Mattmar, Jamtland before moving to Queensland in Australia.
His father, as far as I can find, was also possibly Nils Svensson born about 1824.
His mother may have been Elna Monson.
Graham H

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