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Meddelanden - Douglas A Nelson

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General questions / SV: Reading help with Ǻsbo parish
« skrivet: 2019-03-17, 10:14 »
Thank you both very much for your help!  It is now clear that there was an Anna Stina Olofsdotter and an Anna Olofsdotter in Ǻsbo then.  I thought that Anna might have re-married after Anders Persson died, but that now appears unlikely.  The Anna Stina that married Eric Rästberg in 1764 (at the age of 44) and who died in 1803 is most likely not the Anna that married Anders Persson in the marriage record I posted. 

General questions / Reading help with Ǻsbo parish
« skrivet: 2019-03-16, 20:34 »
I would greatly appreciate it if someone could please help me interpret the two attached records from Åsbo parish.  The first is the marriage between Anders Persson and Anna Olofsdotter on 2 October 1743 (Åsbo C2/384).  I can see that Anders was from Ekebytorp in Mjölby; but I don’t understand the part pertaining to Anna.  I am also curious to know what Anders’ “title” is.  I don’t understand the first word before his name.

The second record is the death of Anna Stina Olofsdotter on 24 January 1803 (Åsbo C2/529).  I don’t understand the words before the location “Basteberg.”  I can see that she was a widow who died of old age at 84 1/3 years old.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Klas  -- Thank you very much!


General questions / Help with moving out record in Åsbo parish
« skrivet: 2019-02-27, 09:52 »
Would someone please be able to help read the attached moving out record?  On 4 March 1765 Olof Persson and Ingrid Johanesdotter moved from Södra Qvisselhult to somewhere??  I can't read the last two words.

Thank you very much.
Doug N

Thank you! 

General questions / Help reading birth record in Frändefors
« skrivet: 2019-02-22, 21:53 »
Could someone please help me read the attached birth record from Frändefors C1/p.197?  I am interested in the child born on 7 April 1774.  Is the name Anders?  I believe the father is Anders ???, and mother Maria Svensdotter i Holmen.  Witnesses: Bryngel Bryngelsson ibm and Anna Anderdotter i Holmen.  Is this close to being correct?

Thank you!

Thank you very much for the help!

General questions / Help translating birth record in Skatelöv
« skrivet: 2019-02-19, 16:46 »
Would someone please help me read the parents' names on the attached birth record from Skatelöv C2/14?  Britta Svensdotter was born in 16 March 1723.  I can't make out the father's last name nor the mother's first name.  Was the father Sven a soldier?

Thank you for your time and expertise,
Doug Nelson

Thank you all for your generous help!  I have soldiers among my ancestors named Thor, Sturk and Lindh, but Bakfot is a first!  I obviously never considered that was a name.  I have now been able to fill in many details on this family, but am still looking for Carl (Andersson) Bakfot's birth in 1723.  I'll keep looking in other parishes in the Tolg/Aneboda area.  Thank you again.

Doug Nelson

General questions / Help reading birth record in Tolgs parish
« skrivet: 2019-02-10, 11:01 »
Can someone please help me interpret the attached birth record of Brita Margreta, born 11 Sept 1766, in Tolgs parish?  I am unfamiliar with the term "Bakfots" (sp??).  In various clerical exams she is named Britta Greta Carlsdotter or Britta Greta Bakfots.  I assume it refers to a birth out of wedlock; though I have usually seen "oakta" in that circumstance.  I can't see a father's name.

Also, can you please read the mother's name and where she is from?  I can read Lisa Regina, but am unsure of her surname.  I would like to try to find the family in the Tolgs clerical exams, and knowing the location would help (although the books then have no registers).

I am also intrigued that one of the witnesses is "Mademoiselle" Cath...  That, and the mother's name Lisa Regina..., make me wonder if the family were not farmers, typical of all my ancestors (not that there is anything wrong with being a Bonde or Torpare!).

Thank you,
Doug Nelson

General questions / SV: Help translating two localities
« skrivet: 2019-01-22, 16:41 »
Klas,  Thank  you so much for sharing all that material on Bengt Lindgren's family!  I have found much of that, and it is reassuring to have you replicate it.  Your translation of the material is very useful.

I have posted my latest findings on Pehr Andersson from Säby and Åsbo parishes under the original topic.  You thought you might have some time to look into this puzzle some more.  I may have found Pehr moving in to Åsbo from Ekeby in 1783; but I can't be sure.

Thank you,
Doug Nelson

General questions / SV: Help with locality near Ǻsbo parish
« skrivet: 2019-01-22, 16:39 »
Here I summarize my work looking for Pehr Andersson's birth, and his movements into Åsbo parish.

Possible births for Pehr Andersson.  Åsbo household exams list either 2 Jan 1753 or 2 Jan 1743 as his birthdate.

I searched Säby births 1751-1760: 3 possible/certain Pehr Anderssons born, one in January. 
Säby C3/192 Oct 1753  f: Anders
Säby C3/193  2 Jan 1754  father: probably Jan/Jon
Säby C3/200 30 Apr 1757  f: Anders

I searched also Säby births in January only, 1743-1753.  Found one Pehr Andersson:
Säby C3/169 6 Jan 1744

I did a page search of Säby A2 (1769-1782).  I found two Pehr Anderssons in their families, but with the “wrong” birth years (1757, 1765).  The first (p. 27, born 1757, father: Anders Jonsson) is crossed out with an unclear destination written.  The entire family of the other Pehr (p. 143, b. 1765, father: Anders Persson) is also crossed out, perhaps because the mother died.  No destination is listed.

I searched Åsbo births 1742-1760: No Pehr Andersson born.
There are no birth records for Ekeby then. I have not checked other nearby parishes.

Moving Records

I searched Åsbo C2 & 3 moving in from 1744-1785.  1785 is when we first encounter Pehr in an Åsbo household exam.  I began in 1744 to check the possibility he moved with his family.  He would be too young to travel alone in the first two records below.  If he was born in 1743/1744, he would have been old enough to be married (to Elizabeth Månsdotter in the records below).  Had he been born in 1744, he would have been 100 years old at his death!  A more likely 1753-1757 birth date would rule out all but the last two moving records.

Åsbo C:2/99  4 May 1758 Per Andersson from Mjolby 
Åsbo C:2/103  15 Nov 1761 Per Andersson from Ekeby
Åsbo C:2/103  31 Oct 1762 Per Andersson with husfru Elizabeth Månsdotter
Åsbo C:2/103  14 Nov 1762 Per Andersson from W. Stens (?)
Åsbo C:2/116    3 June 1771 Per Andersson with husfru Elizabeth Månsdotter from Harg
Åsbo C:2/118  8 Nov 1772 Per Andersson (I can’t read)
Åsbo C:3/493 8 June 1783 Pehr Andersson from Ekeby to Timmero (?)  It appears he is with an Anna.

The last moving in record seems most promising.  If I read the destination correctly, he moved to where we first found him in Åsbo in 1785 (Timmero).  But Anna would have to have died so that Pehr could marry Helena Mansdotter (his first wife in Åsbo) in 1785.  It appears that someone named Anna did die on 4 May 1784 (Åsbo C:3/517).  32 years old?  I can’t read this record.

There are no moving records for Ekeby prior to 1807, so I cannot check if he moved from Säby to Ekeby, and there are no household exams in Ekeby before 1808. I cannot read the writing in the Säby moving records to see if he moved from there to Ekeby.

None of this is very convincing.  It could just as easily be that Pehr was born somewhere other than Säby parish.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

General questions / SV: Help translating two localities
« skrivet: 2019-01-18, 16:10 »

Thank you very much for the photo!  In 2012 I was able to visit the farm my grandfather grew up on at Rånnum Storegården in Västra Tunhem.  It was quite similar to the photo you sent.

Luckily for me, Slaktdata is very good for Västra Tunhem.  I took a while, but I was able to find the birth for Nils Bengtsson Lindgren by searching for Nils Jonsson (the family name of his father, who I assume adopted the name Lindgren when he joined the army.  I have to verify that assumption still).  Searches for Nils Bengtsson or Nils Lindgren did not find him.  This family was not consistent in their use of a surname.

You may recall that last week you helped me with another question concerning Pehr Andersson in Ǻsbo parish who apparently was born in neighboring Säby.  I am still working on that: I have found 3 Pehr Anderssons who moved in to Ǻsbo, and still need to find if one of them is my ancestor.  I want to thank you for pointing me to using the tax records and to looking at witnesses to the birth of children.  I have since found these methods to be very useful!

Thank you again,
Doug Nelson

General questions / SV: Help translating two localities
« skrivet: 2019-01-18, 12:34 »
Thank you both for the translation help and finding the location!  I thought there were localities given for both the mother and father, but you pointed out there was only one (Baggården).  Thanks also for pointing me to the Släktdata website: I did not know of this site, and have already found it very useful!  Your help has helped me follow the family of Nils Bengtsson Lindgren (the husband in the attached record).  I have found 5 children so far, sometimes the father is Nils Bengtsson and sometimes Nils Lindgren.  A bit confusing, but I am pretty sure the father is the same individual.

Doug Nelson

General questions / Help translating two localities
« skrivet: 2019-01-17, 10:06 »
Can someone please help with reading the locations where the husband and wife were from in the attached marriage record from Västra Tunhem parish in Älvsborgs län?  It is marriage #25, between Nils and Caisa.  If you happen to know what parish these farms are located in, that would be great.  If not, I can search for them.

I try using Tyda text and lists of locations; but can't match these to anything.

Thank you for your time and expertise!
Doug Nelson

Hello,  I am looking for the birth of an ancestor named Anders Andersson born in 1774 or 1775 in Brålanda.  I have found one candidate born on 7 July 1774 (shown on the attached a page of birth records, upper left hand corner).  Could someone please confirm whether this child was named Anders?  I believe the father was a soldier, Anders Wennersdal (?) and the mother, Ingeborg or Ingrid Svensdotter.  If you agree that he is Anders, can you please read where the family lived?  I have tried to match this word against a list of farms in Brålanda, but without success.  I am also concerned that the word "dod" appears to be written above the child's name.  I did not find a death record for an infant named Anders Andersson in 1774 or 1775.

Thank you for your help.

Doug Nelson

Mystery solved!  I searched the death index for Kronobergs in ArkivDigital.  Bengt Jönsson died at Slättebacken in Skatelöv parish.  Try as I might, I cannot read "Skatelöv" in the moving record I posted.  He and Gunill apparently moved there to be near their son Jonas.  After Bengt's death, Jonas and Gunill moved to Kvenneberga parish, where she lived until her death in 1856.

Would someone please have the time to look at the attached moving record from Stenbrohult parish (Kronobergs län), AI:8, p. 440?  I am interested in line 5, which lists Bengt Jonsson and his wife Gunill Månsdotter.  I traced them here from a household exam in Västra Torsås which listed them as moving to Stenbrohult in 1820 (a fact repeated on the attached record).  This record then lists them as leaving Stenbrohult in 1821.  Can you please interpret where they moved to?  Back to Västra Torsås?  Is a farm named?  It could be useful too if you can please read the writing just to the right of their names in the box.  As background, Bengt was born in Stenbrohult, but moved in 1799 to Västra Torsås when he married Gunill.  They moved back to Stenbrohult apparently for just one year.

Thank you for your time and help,
Doug Nelson

Thank you both for your help!


I wonder if someone could please help me interpret the attached household exam from Västra Torsås AI:1 (1773-1789), p. 160?  I am interested in Elin Månsdotter, listed with her parents Måns and Anna.  Elin is crossed out, with what appears to be an abbreviation “abs. 1782” after her name.  To the right are two lines crossed out that I cannot read; there appears to be the names Anders and Lars and a location ending in “hult.”  Can someone please read these lines for me?  Can you also please read the name of the child listed below Elin?

I am curious about the abbrevation “abs.” which I took to mean “absent.”  This makes sense in Elin’s case because she is crossed out, and is not present at this location in Västra Torsås AI:2.  However, “abs. 84” follows the parent’s names, they are not crossed out; indeed they are present at this location (Olofshylte) in Västra Torsås AI:2, p. 160.  If I understand this wrong, please correct me. 

Thank you for your time and help,
Doug Nelson

General questions / SV: Help with locality near Ǻsbo parish
« skrivet: 2019-01-04, 20:57 »
Dear bmw -- Thank you for your interest!  You have made an interesting find!  On the next page (44) of the same Ekeby volume you will find Anna Stina's only full brother, Anders Pehrsson with 3 of his 4 surviving children.  Ander's wife has the same name as his sister!  Anders left Åsbo in 1817 before marrying, lived in Västra Härg for years, then settled in Ekeby.  I did not follow Anna's movements because she is not my ancestor, but was happy to see your discovery.

Dear Klas -- Thanks for suggesting to look at witnesses to the births of Pehr Andersson's  children.  The locations I can recognize immediately are either  Basteberg or Norra Timmero, both in Åsbo.  There are a few others I will have to research.  Interestingly, Caisa Carlsdotter (Pehr's second wife and the only one he had children with) gave birth to an illegitimate child on 11 May 1790.  A "Pehr" from Basteberg is a witness.  Pehr married her in October.
I will see if I can identify any witnesses who came from Säby.  And I will look in the death and marriage records as you suggest.

Thanks again for everyone's help!

General questions / SV: Help with locality near Ǻsbo parish
« skrivet: 2019-01-04, 14:54 »
Thank you very much for your kind help!  Pehr Andersson's son, Anders Pehrsson (b. 20 Apr 1792; Caisa Carlsdotter, mother) is my great-great-great grandfather.  I know Caisa's parents, her birth, marriage and death.  I know a great deal about Pehr's life in Ǻsbo (thanks in no small part to you all), but I hope to find his parents to add one last generation to that lineage.  I guess I will try searching Säby AI:2 (1769-1782) page by page, he may still be with his parents then.  This has rarely worked in other situations but those Säby records are easy to read.  I don't know how to link a marriage record alone to a birth.  Either the birth year or parish (or both) is wrong in the Ǻsbo household exams.  Perhaps I will look in Ǻsbo and Ekeby around 1753 for Pehr's birth.

Thank you, and I'll post if I find anything!

General questions / SV: Help with locality near Ǻsbo parish
« skrivet: 2019-01-03, 20:39 »
Thank you all for your help!  The detailed records that Britt-Marie are very useful.  I lost track of Pehr around 1816; thank you for finding the rest of his life!  In two of the later household exams that Britt-Marie found, his birth is given as 5 January 1743, not 1753.  I looked in Säby C3, p. 167 and there appears to be a Pehr born in early January, but again I cannot decipher the father's name (these Säby records are among the most difficult I have ever found).  His death record again gives the 1753 birth year.

I wonder if someone could please have a look a this and tell me the father's name.

Thank you again,

General questions / SV: Help with locality near Ǻsbo parish
« skrivet: 2019-01-03, 17:34 »
Dear Ulla and Klas,

Many thanks to you both for the prompt help!  I looked in the Säby birth records for Pehr Andersson's birth on 2 Jan 1753; but I could not find a Pehr born in 1753.  However, there appears to be a boy named Pehr born on 2 Jan 1754 (in the middle of the left-hand page), but the record is very difficult for me to read (see attached).  I believe the mother's name is Maria Månsdotter, but I cannot read the father's name, or what farm they may have lived on.  I wonder if someone might be able to read this birth record for me and confirm if the father's name is Anders?

Thank you again,

General questions / Help with locality near Ǻsbo parish
« skrivet: 2019-01-03, 13:42 »
Hello,  Can someone please help me with translating the birth Ort for Pehr Andersson, born 2 January 1753 (line 14 from the bottom in the attached clerical exam from Ǻsbo AI:1, p. 103)? 

Thank you,
Doug Nelson

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