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Meddelanden - Diane Antrim

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Thank you, Kristina and Håkan.

Hi Bengt-Goran,
I meant the funny little drawing that looks like a bench with dots over it?  I know that column has to do with knowledge of Christianity (the catechism, I suppose), but what does the drawing mean?
Please forgive me - I'm only an American  with a paternal Swedish family.

Can you tell me what the peculiar drawing is on the record in the image - what it means?
Gratefully, again.

Hello Birger,
Do I understand your message correctly - that this Nils Höglund is your ancestor too?

Helena and Bengt-Goran,  
Helena, Thank you for your work on my behalf. I did not know about the daughter Emelie.  I had found Brita Johanna in the Stockholm records for 1878+.  I found there that she was my grandmother's mother and that she had 3 illegitimate children in various institutions in Stockholm.  Thank you so much for adding that piece of information.
Bengt-Goran, thank you for the image of the record about Brita. It is very special for me to have.  Also the additional information that you have given.  I've been a little confused about this ancestor and trying to put the pieces of her life together.  You and others have helped.

I am looking for information about my great-grandmother, Brita Johanna Höglund.  According to records in Stockholm she was born in Nederluleå, Norrbotten 10 MAY 1838.  I do not have any further information about her birth.
Any information about her birth, parents or possible siblings would be greatly appreciated.  Images of her birth record, if it could be found, would help my research also.  Also looking for information about when she left Norrbotten and went to Stockholm.
Thank you.
Diane Lindquist Antrim

I need help understanding a record for my great uncle, David Wilhem Höglund, at Allmänna.
I understand much of it, but the foster family information is difficult to read.  I will post the image here.
Thank you.
Diane Lindquist Antrim

Hedvig Eleonora / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2014-03-19
« skrivet: 2014-01-29, 14:19 »
Looking for birth/baptism record of my aunt, Olga Elvira Elisabeth Lindqvist, b. 1897 JUN 02, to Adolf Heribert and Olga Vilhelmina Lindqvist. Possibly Hedvig Eleonora, Stockholm.
Thank you from USA.
Diane Lindquist Antrim

Brännkyrka / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 06 januari, 2015
« skrivet: 2014-01-28, 19:53 »
Good Afternoon Leif!
Thanks for the spelling correction, I have been duly chastised.  I actually knew that, but in my enthusiasm I chose the wrong letter.
Thank you for the recommendations for Swedish research.  I have been doing this for only 3 years, mostly on my Swedish grandfather's side where the information was easier to find.  But I don't have a lot of original images, just a few, and I've known that someday I would have to jump into the deep end and take on the intimidating task of learning even more Swedish and navigating Swedish sites.  Thank you so much for this additional image.
I have sons named Leif and Erik Petersen, so your name is a delight to me.  They are of Swedish and Danish ancestry, obviously.  I shudder to think what lies ahead on the Danish side.
I am very grateful for your help and patience.  If you want to send anything else my way, please do!
Diane Lindquist Antrim

Brännkyrka / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 06 januari, 2015
« skrivet: 2014-01-27, 22:38 »
Thank you Leif and Bengt!!
Looking at my grandmother's record is something I have waited a long time for.  I have a lot more work to do now, and I am so happy you have given me direction.
Now if I could just master Swedish...
Tack sä mycket!

Brännkyrka / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 06 januari, 2015
« skrivet: 2014-01-27, 19:13 »
Hi Leif,
Thank you for your help.  I have been using the site that you directed me to - and very unexpectedly you have helped me solve another 100 year old family mystery!  My grandparents had a child that died while they were still in Sweden but we never knew her name, birth date, date of death or cause of death.  One of the records for my grandmother had all of that information.  What an unexpected gift for my family!
I am confused though.  There is no birth information about Olga Vilhelmina Höglund.  Nothing before 1899.  Can the Brännkyrka parish records be searched for her and Johan Höglund, possible father?  
Thank you again, you have filled in so much detail of my grandmother's young adult life in Sweden.

Brännkyrka / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 06 januari, 2015
« skrivet: 2014-01-27, 14:30 »
I am new to this forum, so if I make a mistake, please let me know.
I am searching for my Swedish born grandmother's birth family.  Her name was Olga Vilhelmina Höglund, b. 1 SEP 1873.
After three years of searching I have found a new clue.
She emigrated in 1904 with her husband and daughters to New York, then went on to Canada, returning to the US in 1909.  
On the record for Canada to US Immigration-1909, my grandmother answered the question Name of nearest relative in  
country from whence alien came with the following:
 Fa, Johan Heglund
 Branshurka, Stockholm
 (the Grandfa reference was probably to the following lines of information about her daughters)
I believe this may be Father, Johan Höglund, Brännkyrka, Stockholm.
Can someone help me search the Brännkyrka parish records for her birth family?  Or perhaps household examination records for Johan and daughter Olga?
Any other suggestions about what this entry may be would also be appreciated. I would be very grateful (actually ecstatic) for any help.
Thank you so much for what you do to help.
I am going to try to post an image of this record on this forum.
Diane Lindquist Antrim

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