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Swedish language / SV: More help interpreting Household record
« skrivet: 2023-09-22, 03:06 »

I found Britta Andersdotter's death record!  She died 27 Jan 1809 Tranemo (C:8) page 36.

Their children are:
Stina 1766 - 1839  My 5th G Grandmother.
Annika 1770 (maybe)
Anders 1772 (maybe)
Maria  1776
Annika  1778
Greta  1882


Swedish language / SV: More help interpreting Household record
« skrivet: 2023-09-20, 22:28 »
Hi Ulla,

The 1795-1803 records actually contain two separate periods 1795-1800 and 1800-1803.  I've found Anders Svensson's death record 16 Mar 1813, Tranemo (C:8) 1806-1827.  Britta Andersdotter may have died 14 May 1808 page 23, in Tranemo, but the age is off by 4 years.


Swedish language / More help interpreting Household record
« skrivet: 2023-09-20, 02:46 »
Anders Svensson (1839) and Britta Andersdotter (1837) may or may not have died after 1808.  Tranemo's Husförhör records have a missing gap between 1809-1812.  Any help interpreting the notes attached to Anders and Britta on the 1803-1804 Husförhör would be greatly appreciated.


General questions / SV: Help reading Birth Record
« skrivet: 2023-09-16, 02:21 »
Thank you, thank you! 

The early records in Tranemo seem to have been formatted quite different than most that I've seen.  Another lesson learned.


General questions / Help reading Birth Record
« skrivet: 2023-09-15, 00:18 »
My 5th Great grandfather Erland Eriksson was born May 1767 in Tranemo, Älvsborg.  Still attempting to find his parents.

Erland Eriksson in Arnäs
M. ??
M. Sven ?
(H?). Kirstin Johansdotter
(H?). Anna ?
Any help filling in the ? would be greatly appreciated.
See attached.

Swedish language / SV: Cause of death?
« skrivet: 2023-09-03, 20:44 »
Thanks Maud!  I was having a difficult time reading the hand writing, but I see it now.

Swedish language / Cause of death?
« skrivet: 2023-09-03, 17:39 »
I'm having trouble interpreting my 4th great grandfather, Johannes Andersson's cause of death in 1861.  There's also a note after the cause of death I'm having trouble with. (see attached).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks Sune and Maud,
The Military service number threw me.  As far as I've ever heard and from the information I've found about Henrik, he never served in the military.
Henrik was born in Norway, moving to Sweden before 1880.  Would a Norwegian be accepted in the Swedish army? Could this be an entry mistake?

The Westrum family left for Norway and supposedly for North America in 1888.
Alsen AI:12 (1992-1888) page 222

The family story is is that Henrik left his family in Norway, while he traveled to Minnesota where he spent one year and then returned home.  I've found no emigration information to prove this.  He did travel to Minnesota in 1902, with his family following him in 1903.  Klara Helena Westrum was my great grandmother.

On the 1894-1914 Församlingsbok (Parish book) from Undersåker, Västmorrland, under "Special Notes" for my Westrum relatives is listed No.65 169/1880.  I've seen this on other Household Examination records as well, any ideas as to what this means?  Also, any help with the Utflyttning note would be appreciated.


Swedish geography / SV: Help with photo location
« skrivet: 2023-04-30, 03:20 »
Thanks for reminding me to check my email.   I did receive your message and information.  Lots to unpack and digest.

Thank you!


Swedish geography / SV: Help with photo location
« skrivet: 2023-04-28, 15:15 »
Hi Karl

I'd very much like to see your information on Anna Greta Svendotter's family.

I've traced her fathers family Sven Nilsson (Melby 1792-1864), his father Nils Zachrisson (? 1759- ) and mother Greta Svensdotter (Melby 1785-).
Anna's mother Maria Jonasdotter (Alseda 1791-1868).

Swedish geography / SV: Help with photo location
« skrivet: 2023-04-26, 16:35 »
Hi Klas,

I found an interesting map on  It appears that the red house you found is Lyckeberg, which George and his mother lived in before moving to Gysjöbäck.  It appears that the Gysjöbäck house is still standing as well!,14.9385352,3a,90y,148.61h,81.92t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sv5AHehseiCFN8lSpFrRs5w!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

Swedish geography / SV: Help with photo location
« skrivet: 2023-04-26, 02:34 »
I did see the red house from your link and thanks for finding Carl and his mother on the 1850-1856 record.

Even though he was living with his mother and her husband, Carl was labeled as "Inhyses arb."

All of the other children in the family were born to Anna Greta and Lars Anderssson.


Swedish geography / SV: Help with photo location
« skrivet: 2023-04-25, 23:18 »
I have all of the Household Examination records for Carl except for pre-1856.  His birth record doesn't list his father.  Davidsson wasn't listed until the 1861-1870 record.

Swedish geography / SV: Help with photo location
« skrivet: 2023-04-25, 14:49 »
Thanks for the info Klas.

Carl John George Carlsson-Smith (1876-1965)  was the son of Carl Salomon Davidsson (1852-1909) and Gustafva Charlotta Jonasdotter(1848-1928).  They changed their surname to Smith when they came to the U.S.  Carl Salomon was born out of wedlock "oäktra" and his birth father is unknown.  Interestingly, Carls surname of Davidsson doesn't show up until 1871.  Was this his fathers name or did Carl just choose it?  Gustafva Charlotta had a son, oäktra, before she married Carl.

I suppose it's possible that the photo could be of where George once lived, but more likely that the postcard was the only photo of Eksjö  his photographer friend could find.  Family stories are fun, debunking them... not so much.

I'd appreciate to hear about anything you find in your searches!


Discussions in English / SV: Where did Brita Lisa go?
« skrivet: 2023-04-25, 02:47 »
Brita Lisa Berg died 20 Feb 1892, Hof Jalsberg og Larvik, Norway.

I found her here:
"Norway Church Books, 1815-1930", database, FamilySearch ( : 4 August 2021), Brite Lien Berg, 1892.

I found her daughters husband August Preus' death record, but not her daughters (Christina Petersdotter).  More searching to do.

Thanks everyone!

Swedish geography / SV: Help with photo location
« skrivet: 2023-04-24, 20:53 »
Thanks.  The family "story" of this being a photo of the house were old grand dad grew up... was just a postcard.

Swedish geography / Help with photo location
« skrivet: 2023-04-24, 16:22 »
The attached photo hung in the residence of my great grandparents. After they passed, we noticed some writing on the back.
"Eksjo - Smaland Sweden  Home of Mr. George Smith (my great grandfather).

Before emigrating to the US, he lived at the following:

Eksjö: Skedhult, Hagsteigan, Lyckeberg & Gyssjoback

Höreda: Alfvasjo & B Åstugan

There appears to be a church on the far left, which could help determine the location of the photo.

Discussions in English / SV: Where did Brita Lisa go?
« skrivet: 2023-04-23, 21:57 »
You are likely right.  It makes sense that Brita Lisa would have traveled with her daughter to Norway, and since she was "missing" from her home parish for who knows how long, it's the most reasonable theory.

Discussions in English / SV: Where did Brita Lisa go?
« skrivet: 2023-04-23, 18:45 »
This is a lot to unpack, but many questions have been answered!

Christina Petersdotter (Brita Lisa's daughter) married Andreas Nordstrom in 1862.  Both brought a son into the marriage, Christina's Andrew and Andreas' Carl August.  They had no children together.  Christina emigrated to Norway and her son Andrew to America in November 1880, about a year and a half after Andreas died.  Brita Lisa Berg isn't found on the emigration list with Christina, and so perhaps she moved to Norway sometime after Christina was married?

I haven't attempted to explore the Norwegian records, but it is now high on my list of things to do.

Thanks everyone.

Discussions in English / SV: Where did Brita Lisa go?
« skrivet: 2023-04-21, 15:56 »
Thanks Staffan.  Considering her advanced age, it might be safe to assume that she passed away and her information was never updated.  I'll have to do a closer scan of the death records from that period.

Discussions in English / Where did Brita Lisa go?
« skrivet: 2023-04-21, 00:09 »
It appears that my 4th great grandmother lived a long life.  Any help finding her after 1911(?) would be appreciated.  See attached 1905-1920 Församlingsbok.

Thanks Staffan,  Sorry about the incorrect page number attached to the 1807-1815 doc., I forgot to update it from a copy and paste.

I agree, the distance between Linneryd and Höreda seemed to be to far and out of the norm for a move.  Having gone through the Höreda Husförhör, page by page, I found his soon to be wife Maria Jonasdotter on page 339, which led me to finding their marriage record 22 May 1814.

Thanks for finding Sven on page 159 and for everyone's assistance.

Discussions in English / Help Reading Household Examination-3
« skrivet: 2023-04-06, 20:59 »
Any help determining the attached location would be much appreciated.  Last missing link (I hope) for Sven Nilsson and Maria Jonasdotter.

Thank you! 

Thanks Staffan!   I followed Sven and his family until they moved again in 1847.  I attempted to interpret where they moved to, but the small handwriting makes it difficult to decipher.  Any further help would be much appreciated.

Discussions in English / Help Reading Household Examination-2
« skrivet: 2023-04-06, 01:12 »
Any help interpreting the särskildte anteckningar (special note) and moved to columns would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the translation!  Sadly, Norra Hestra Household records before 1776 aren't available (I couldn't locate any) so, I may be at a dead end with this part of my family.   Thanks again.

Discussions in English / Help Reading Household Examination
« skrivet: 2023-03-20, 15:11 »
Lars Thorsson, his wife Ingaborg and family were living in Båraryd, Jönköping pre-1755.  A note on the Household Examination (1751-1755) indicates that they moved out in 1855.  I'd appreciate any help in determining where they moved to.  See attached.

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