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Visa inlägg - James Halsey

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I'm searching for the origins of an ancestor of mine who is the biggest "brick wall" in my genealogical research. Below I've listed all the information I have of him. I will note that I've done DNA testing and my closest Swedish DNA matches (besides those from southern Sweden who are connected to me through a well-researched part of my tree) all seem to have ancestors Högbo, Gästrikland.

He went by the name Lewis Hedberg in the US. The details I have of him come only from a small number of records, including the 1900 and 1905 US censuses, his marriage record, and his death certificate, and much of it is conflicting - leading me to believe much of the info is misleading if not outright wrong. He emigrated from Sweden in 1886 according to the two census records, however I have no records until he shows up in directory records from Des Moines, Iowa in 1895.

First name: Lewis, Louis, Lucie
Surname: Hedberg
Birth location: Sweden
Birthdate: Sep 1866, Sep 1867, July 13 1867
Immigration year: 1886
Death: Jan 16 1907 in Des Moines, Iowa
Father's name: Hans Hedberg (in marriage record), John Hedberg (in death certificate)
Mother's name: Anna
Occupation: Blacksmith

Regarding DNA evidence, many of my highest Swedish matches are connected to a public family tree onöns-Jönsson-Högfors/6000000013579334321?through=6000000013579675108
Several of my DNA matches share this common ancestor, and perhaps my closest Swedish match is descended from his daughter Anna Jönsdotter Abrahamsson. Unfortunately I am unable to find anyone who is actually in this tree whose identity would be consistent with Lewis Hedberg.

This has been quite challenging to figure out. Does anyone have any insight?

Thank you in advance.

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