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Gullabo / Translating occupation
« skrivet: 2022-09-23, 17:36 »
I would greatly appreciate help translating the new occupation of Johan Karlsson.
Johan Karlsson’s occupation of laborer (arbetare) is crossed out. I am unable to figure out what his new occupation is as well as what the “pt” means.
Thank you for your assistance.
Lynette Norlander Case

Gullabo / Translating household examination book
« skrivet: 2022-09-06, 16:43 »
I would appreciate help translating the word following “the deceased boatman Anders Persson”.
Thank you.

Gullabo / Signatures on Estate Inventories
« skrivet: 2022-07-27, 20:56 »
Many of the signatures on my ancestor’s estate inventories have notations between their first name and surname. On the attached inventory, Pehr Svensson has “PSS” and Jonas Persson has “IPS”. I have also seen “NSPR” and “CMPD”.
Any information would be most appreciated.
Thank you,
Lynette Norlander Case

Gullabo / Military records
« skrivet: 2022-06-12, 23:36 »
I am trying to locate the military records for my great-great-grandfather Erik Petersson born on October 29, 1859. The household examination records say that he attended military training in 1880 and 1882 (bevistat beväringsmöte). He was living in the Gullabo Parish at the time.
There is also the remark, “80 appr Wapen öf. 80 och 82” in one of the household examination records. Maybe he worked with weapons?
I have looked in the general pattern roll records for 1880 and 1882 and through other military records but can’t seem to locate him. I also looked through the boatmen records as his father was one.
Any suggestions on where to look next would be most appreciated.
Thank you.

Gullabo / Estate Inventory
« skrivet: 2022-06-09, 22:57 »
Could someone please translate the first line of this estate inventory? It is the estate inventory of Cajsa Persdotter who died in 1817 and is my great-great-great grandmother. I found her estate inventory on the Södra Möre district court records - page 532 (1817). It seems she owns only this and some clothes so am very curious as to what this could possibly be. She died 2 weeks after her son was born.
Thank you.

Torsås (H) / Peter Petersson in Torsås
« skrivet: 2022-05-30, 16:23 »
I am working on my family tree and running into some difficulties. I would greatly appreciate some help as I don’t know where to look next.
I am trying to find the parents of Peter Petersson born July 1, 1817 in Torsås. I found him in the Torsås household examination book (1842-1853) in households #228 and #319 in Tuthults (Stufvehyltan). He married Maria Andersdotter on December 20, 1842.
I have looked in the Torsås birth records and have literally looked through all the household examination records from 1816-1853 but can’t find him listed with his parents. Of course, I could have missed him as some of those pages are difficult to read. I have found a lot of information on him once he married Maria.
Thank you.

Gudmundrå / Elderly family members’ living arrangements
« skrivet: 2022-05-30, 15:58 »
This is a general question about living arrangements.

During my research I have noticed that the elderly parents and grandparents of my relatives are not living with their younger family members but instead are living on neighboring farms. Sometimes they will move to a different farm but they never live with their younger family members. Family members have even moved to a different parish and left the elderly parents behind. Sometimes the elderly family members are labeled “inhyses”.
Why aren’t the elderly living with their family?

Gudmundrå / Cemetery - grave markers
« skrivet: 2022-01-18, 18:25 »
I am planning a trip to Sweden either this summer or next depending on travel restrictions due to Covid. I was planning on visiting the cemeteries at the Gudmundrå Church and the Gullabo Church to pay my respects to my ancestors. However, I have read that the grave markers are removed after 25 years and was wondering if this is true. Also, if it is, what do they do with the removed grave markers?
Thank you for any information.
Lynette Norlander Case

Gudmundrå / Household Examination Books
« skrivet: 2020-08-06, 21:40 »
I should have asked this question awhile ago. The people listed on a page in a household examination book... are they living in the same house? In some of the books, my family is the only one listed on the page. Yet in other books, there are multiple families. Are they living in an apartment building?
Also, is it possible to know the address of the houses today?

Gudmundrå / Erik Nordlander - prison record
« skrivet: 2020-07-12, 19:39 »
Erik Nordlander was sentenced to six months in jail for vagrancy on July 16, 1889 in Härnösand. His family was living living on the parish poor farm at the time. This was listed in August and it appears he is being transported somewhere with some other prisoners. I am not able to translate this. Could someone please tell me what this says? Where and why was he being moved?

Thank you.

Gullabo (från 1871) / Erik Petersson and Karolina Nilsdotter
« skrivet: 2020-04-20, 17:41 »
Could someone please interpret these property sale/purchase documents of my great-great grandparents, Erik Petersson and Karolina Nilsdotter? I was told they sold the land but kept the house. Karolina died in 1929. Is Erik selling the house in 1932?

Also, I was told that Erik participated in military training. Does anyone know where I could find information on this?

Thank you,
Lynette Norlander Case

Gudmundrå / Nordlander family in Frånö
« skrivet: 2020-04-12, 02:59 »
I was hoping there could possibly be photos of my family members somewhere there in Sweden. Probably too much to hope for. Johan Nordlander (born 1869), Anna Brita Olsson (born 1863), Olof Einar Nordlander (born 1891) etc. Are there photos of school children, confirmation classes, or anything like that? Also, are there any photos of the parish poor farm? My family lived there from 1887 - 1894 or so.

Thank you,
Lynette Norlander Case

Gudmundrå / Johan Nordlander trade register - please translate
« skrivet: 2019-11-19, 20:01 »
I found this trade register for my great-great grandfather Johan Nordlander. I am unable to read or translate it. Could someone please translate it for me?
Thank you,
Lynette Norlander Case

Gudmundrå / Johan Nordlander family in Gudmundrå
« skrivet: 2019-04-12, 18:57 »
I am working on my family’s immigration and was wondering if there is any information on the Johan Nordlander family in Gudmundrå. Johan immigrated in 1902 - destination West Superior, Wisconsin with his contact there Erik Wiklund who traveled with him. His two oldest children Einar (my great-grandfather) and Signe joined him in Duluth, MN in 1909. His wife, Anna Brita, died in January 1910 from blood poisoning. He returned to Sweden and in April 1910 returned to Duluth with his two youngest children, Helga and John and $530 (a lot of money back then - did he sell property?).
Is there any record on how Anna Brita became ill - was she injured somehow? Did the family own a small farm? What was Johan’s job before he left? Is Erik Wiklund a family member? Etc
Any information about their lives in Sweden would be most appreciated.
Thank you,
Lynette Norlander Case

Gudmundrå / Johan Nordlander Birth Record
« skrivet: 2019-03-10, 20:08 »
The handwriting is difficult to read, but I am wondering if someone could translate the last column of Johan Nordlander's birth record (second page, fifth entry). Thanks

Gullabo / Erik Peterson - Gullabo
« skrivet: 2019-02-24, 04:07 »
I am trying to find the ship manifest for the 1906 voyage of Erik Peterson (born October 29, 1859) and his son Johan Albert (born October 4, 1889). They lived in Gullabo. I believe they might have left in February and have spent countless hours looking. If it could be narrowed down to a specific date, that would be helpful. I have found all the other siblings on ship manifests and am putting together a family history document with my Dad. Most of the siblings settled in Two Harbors, MN where I grew up and my Dad has been able to share some memories of them.

Gudmundrå / Erik Nordlander Family in Gudmundra
« skrivet: 2019-01-14, 03:40 »
I found an 1890 census, listing my great-great-great grandparents and their children living on the parish poor farm in Gudmundra. I found another record that stated they moved there on 05/26/1887 and lived there until some time in 1894. Their names were Erik Nordlander and Brita Stina Jonsson. Is there any parish or town record that indicates why they were living there? I would really like to know what circumstances led them to this desperate living situation. Thank you. Lynette Norlander Case

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