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Denna sektion låter dig visa alla inlägg som denna användare har skrivit. Observera att du bara kan se inlägg i områden som du har tillgång till.

Visa inlägg - Georgina Smith

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Alsen / Eric Springfeldt married Märeta Andersdotter 1760
« skrivet: 2024-06-05, 14:55 »
What I would like to know is when did Eric come to Alsen? I know he was not born there
 But I did find birth for Märeta. Alsen births
1689-1810 Bild 75 Sida  108

I will be glad if someone can find his move in.


Fors / Pehr Nilsson born 1764
« skrivet: 2024-05-20, 01:50 »
I have searched on Svar for Brita Persdotter. Hfl 1802-1812 P. 20; 1813 -1822 P. 19 and 1823-1832 P.69.
I think I understand correctly that Brita was his mother. I have tried to find birth record of Pehr but no success.
I hope someone will hep so I know his father. I wonder if he had and siblings.

Thanks for help!

Offerdal / Ragnar Söderqvist 1912-1987
« skrivet: 2024-04-23, 08:31 »
Offerdal Parish, Jämtland
 Ragnar Nathael Söderqvist
Father Anders Söderqvist and Karin Hammarberg
Long time ago in my research, I was given info about the sad death of his father.
SwedenBook:Offerdal AIIa 2a, 1906 - 1916 Location Ede, Page 95
SwedenBook:Offerdal AIIa 2a, 1906 - 1916 Location Prästbolet, Page 163
1916-1931 Offerdal P. 233
1931-1945 Offerdal P. 409
1944-1949 Offerdal Top of Sida 461, Mother and Aunt at bottom
That is far as I can follow him on Svar.
I would like to know if he got married and what was his occupation.
I got info of death somehow; 26 Sep 1987, Nynäshamn,Stockholms län, Södermanland Sweden
Thanks for help!


Okänd socken i Jämtland / Per Ryden
« skrivet: 2024-01-18, 18:19 »
I know the parish , Lillhädal but I cannot see it listed in Jämtland.
Father Per Ryden born 9 Aug 1907
Mother born 14 Jan 1907
Hfl 265
1934-1944 Page 265
Then the family moved in 1941 but I do not understand where.
I will be glad if someone will follow them forward.

Tystberga / Anders Gustaf Holger Hellman
« skrivet: 2024-01-18, 17:31 »
Anders Gustaf Holger Hellman Born Nov 30 1906 in Nyköping
wife Märta Johanna Hammarqvist born 11 Dec 1898 in Lunda
Dotter Rut Märta Kristina born 28 Aug 1931 in Nyköping
Son Karl Holger Ruanr born 19 Apr 1934 in Nyköping
I Followed this Family in this Parish 1925-1931 Page 215, 1931-1936 Page 225 and 1936-1944 Page 225.
Then they move but I do not understand where. I will be very glad if someone can follow them further.
Georgina Smith

Frösö / 1938-1950 Household
« skrivet: 2023-12-27, 18:25 »
Father Per Erik Hallman with wife and 3 children.
Son born in this parish ? 1934

Jönköping / Anders Carlsson Åhman Nero born 1802
« skrivet: 2023-03-02, 21:11 »
Anders was born 18 July 1802 in Säby. The only Hfl I can find him is 1841-1845 P. 406. There his name is Anders Carlsson.  I hope someone can trace him to find when and why other names were added.


Brandstad / Johanna Hansson born 10 March 1866
« skrivet: 2023-02-17, 17:04 »
I followed her with Svar to 1883-1895 Bild 256/Sida 268. Then I do not understand where she went.

I will be glad for help!


Brönnestad / Per Nilsson Nord born 1885
« skrivet: 2023-01-09, 00:14 »
I found him and wife Hilma Olsson, in this Parish 1891924 Hfl Page 407. Deaths of the two sons noted on right side of page. Then I checked moving out 1895-1933 and found it on Sida 49, line 42. Where to? Confusing to me. Will be glad for help!

Våmhus / Margareta Bäck born 1904
« skrivet: 2022-12-20, 05:05 »
What I have found so far. Birth in this parish.
With her parents Våmhus Hfl 1900-1909 Sida 218
1910-1923 Sida 235, from there to Stockholm. Very difficult for me to search there.
Other info I found in a different source She married Per Jonas Norrbom. Sep 29 1928, but I do not know where.
I searched in this parish but did not find marriage. Perhaps they married in Stockholm.
I know it is a busy time right now so there is no rush for help.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Malmö Sankt Johannes (1906- ) / Elsa Ingar Hansson born 1913
« skrivet: 2022-12-16, 02:29 »
Elsa was born 29 June 1913 in  Södra Mellby, Kristianstad, Sweden. I followed her until I got to this Parish. 1937-1944 AIIa185 Page 190, Line 10. Do not understand writing in Column 14. Then I followed her to Landskrona 1939-1948 Sida 122, Line 24. Now I do not know where to go. Thanks for help!


Välluv / Elfvar William Persson born 14 May 1892
« skrivet: 2022-10-31, 00:56 »
I found him and his family in this Parish household records 1925-1938 Sida 132. Moving to Helsingborg. Then I checked moving out from 1916-1929 Sida 37. Info to the right side of his name but I do not know how to search in this big city. I tried with out success.
Hope for help to know how to find then in household that will include 1926.

Many thanks, Georgina

Nordmaling / Johan Jacobsson born 23 Oct 1768
« skrivet: 2022-10-28, 00:10 »
I hope for help to know what the note on right side of page means.
I found him with parents on Hfl 1785-1794 Armsjön P. 137 which indicated he moved to P. 142. Here he is alone. To the far right side of the page there is a word I cannot read and some numbers.
I look forward to an explanation.


Grundsunda / Erik Viktor Lunquvist born 1870
« skrivet: 2022-09-02, 05:22 »
I found him with wife and two children 1895 - 1905 page 592. in locality of Ällön. It is the dotter I want to find more info for.

Thanks for help!

Grundsunda / Pehr Eric Nordström born 1838
« skrivet: 2022-08-05, 15:32 »
I look on Svar and found Pehr Eric on Hfl 1858-1864 Image 33 page 25. He is at very bottom. I see his death but I do not understand the words by the date.

Thanks for help!

Gladhammar / Brita Stina Larsdotter born 1796
« skrivet: 2022-05-28, 20:49 »
I found her on 1856-1860 in Gladhammar P. 176. There Brita Stina, a widow is moving and I cannot tell where. If you can tell me, perhaps in next set of records I can find death.
It also looks like her grandson Johan Oscar moved with her.

Will be glad for help!


Fjärås / Anna Helena Andersdotter Born 1833
« skrivet: 2022-05-23, 03:12 »
I found the birth of Anna Helena born 20 Nov 1833 and baptized 21 Nov.  I cannot read the parents names very well.
I hope someone will be able to read them. I use Svar, Births 1818-1860 Side 314

Thanks for help!

Var ligger platsen / Kalmar County
« skrivet: 2022-05-23, 01:59 »
I cannot find Kalmar County on the list. Hope someone will pass it on.
I found on Svar, birth of Carl Johan Marsberg, 31 Oct 1823 in Gladhammar Parish. Births 1802-1841 P. 192 right side of page. I would like to know all that it says about parents.


Offerdal / Otto Berglund Born 22 Jan 1907
« skrivet: 2022-05-21, 23:43 »

Household 1944-1949 Sida 129. what does it say in Column 14 about the son.

Arnäs / Christina Nilsdottor born 1748
« skrivet: 2022-04-23, 00:31 »
I thank you for reading English. I look on Svar because it is free. I find in this location Dekarson in Arnäs Parish 1767-1783 Sida 9. To the right of Christina dotter of Nils Andersson under double line it seem to indicate she married in 1780. I found her marriage Matts Pehrsson & Kristina Nilsdotter – 15 Oct 1767. 1750-1786, Image 163.
Then I find family 1783-1795 Side 384. Hope to know who all the children are for Matts Pehrsson and Christina.

Thanks in advance

Rörum (L) / Per Nilsson born 11 Oct 1871
« skrivet: 2021-10-24, 20:44 »
I find him on Riksarkivet 1895-1914 Sida 261. I do not understand what is written in Column 14. I understand that he is a sailor and living in the sailors house. He is moving but I do not know where. I am hoping to find if he had a family and when/where he died.

Best regards,

Ås / Pehr Ersson Sist Born 1795
« skrivet: 2021-10-16, 01:20 »
Thanks for pervious answers but now I have more questions. Also I add his military name of Sist.
In other message I mentioned his birth  record but it is frustrating that Hfl has listed it differently. What should I do about this?

I did find him with his parents in Osa 1776-1814 Page 175. I found two births in Ås [this] Parish that could be his father Eric. But how can I know which one it would be correct?
 I search all of 1766 and found one Eric of top of page 185 and another Eric on bottom of page 187.
They moved but from page 175 I do not understand exactly when. I have tried to search more church records for his parents but no success.

I have found him Per Sist with wife and dotters in Alsen Parish.
1843-1854 P. 138

1855-1861 P. 151

I will appreciate any suggestions that would help me find his parents and siblings. Hope what I have written is understandable.

Best regards,

Linderås / Johannes Gustafsson born 9 Jan 1791
« skrivet: 2021-08-16, 21:33 »
I use [Svar] Riksarkivet for searching. Something little strange, I look at Linderås moving out records 1831-1835 which are in Hfl section. Page 119 on right side in second block Johannes is the first name. I need help to know where he is moving to.

Rörum (L) / Måns Håkansson born 1788
« skrivet: 2021-07-14, 22:47 »
I found his birth on Svar. Rörum births 1777-1815 P. 18. Parents names very easy to read. I was hoping to see names of forfaders as I sometimes do. Records are very limited in this area for this time period.
What I am really hoping is that someone can find the name of his father's mother. His father's  father was Chisten Månsson born 1717 in this parish.

Thanks in advance.

Gideå / Anna Katarina Bäcklund born 1894
« skrivet: 2021-06-12, 03:22 »
I found her on Svar Hfl 1931-1950 P. 316 line 4. It appears that she had married Karl Olof Rundqvist, who died in 1939. I would like to know what writing is in Column 14.
Then at bottom of page in Line 24 is Anna Märta Bäcklund who is dotter of Anna Katarina. What is writing in column 14? I guess Stig Johan is her son. Then Anna and son Stig go to P. 630, found way at the bottom. Here she is married. I cannot read last name of husband. Then they move somewhere in 1939.

Thanks in advance for help!

Anders married Sissa Tufvesdotter [born 9 July 1828 in Brantvik] in 1853 in Brantevik. Info that was first given to me was Brantevik, Simris, Kristianstad, Sweden. Svar did not recognize Simris. I did google search and it came up as Brantevik, Simrishamn. Anders and Sissa had 7 children from 1854-1871 who were born in Brantevik. Another website gave me Sweden Book Simris Alla2 1895-1906. So, Svar does not recognize Simris and Simrishamn has No church book for 1895-1906.
I am so frustrated about this and will be very glad for help.


He with wife and two  sons moved out of Säby, Jönköping 9 May 1856. I am hoping someone will have idea which parish to look in.

Thanks in advance for help!

Säby / Johan Fredric Östergren
« skrivet: 2021-04-22, 23:45 »
I searched the family for few years. I hope for help to know what the writing says to the right of his name 1855-1860 P. 356. His moving is recorded as 1855 - 10. I went to the moving out records and found him on Bild 140. Where did he go?
Also his parents Fredric Östergren and Sara Greta with son Frans were moving to Göteborg. I did not find them in moving out records. So now what?

Very grateful for help I will get.

Säby / Family in 1846-1849
« skrivet: 2021-04-09, 19:15 »
I find Fredric Östergren, wife Sara Greta and children Hfl Norra 1846-1849 Page 418. I do not know where they moved to. Please help!

Thanks in advance!


Ökna / Fredric Östergren born 1799
« skrivet: 2021-04-09, 10:25 »
I was searching in Säby Hfl Södra, 1826-1836 P. 150. Family of Fredric with wife and son moved to Ökna is very clear. There is a ditto in line of wife then another word in line of son but I do not know what it is. Every page of Hfl in next set of church records was searched without success. I am now hoping for help to know exactly where this family moved to.

Thanks in advance!

Fosie / Alfred Bernhard Sjöberg born 1879
« skrivet: 2021-04-04, 21:40 »

Alfred was born Nov 7, 1879.

I have found his birth record in this Parish/ Births 1861-1894 P 83. Father Ola Sjöberg, Mother Emilia S[size=78%]ilfver.[/size]
[/size][size=78%]On [/size]a Census in Canada it has Immigration 1909. In Canada his name was Berg.[size=78%]

[/size]I am hoping someone will find his Emigration from Sweden record.[size=78%]

[/size]Thanks in Advance! [size=78%]


Säby / Sally Hildegard Beatrice Karlsson 1898
« skrivet: 2021-03-25, 19:09 »
Sally was born 10 April 1898. Hfl 1911 - 1928. P 2801. I do not understand the place she moved to that I see on the far right side of page.
I see in Gift column 31/3 1923. I have checked marriages in Säby and did find it.

Thanks in advance for help!

She was born 9 May 1891. She married a man by name of Höök. I am now hoping for more information about him.

Thanks in advance.

Kungsholm / Ulrika Eleonora / Frans Johan Österberg 1863
« skrivet: 2021-03-05, 02:57 »
He is found in Ulrika Eleonora in 1890 with wife and two children.
Caroline Elisbet Andersson b. 17 April 1871 in Sundsvall, Västernorrland. Died 18 April 1894 but I do dot have a source for that.
[/size]Son Ernst Wilhelm Österberg b. 27 Jan 1889 in Kungsholm[/color]
[/size]Dotter Maria Carolina Österberg b. 9 May 1891 in Ulrika Eleonora[/color]
[/size]I hope for more info about the members of this family.[/color]

Ås / Kerstin born 1814
« skrivet: 2021-02-13, 23:02 »
My brain in frozen. I am sure I posted about Kerstin born 14 Nov 1814 in either this parish or Alsen. Now I cannot find it. I think her father was Eric Persson. I am just trying to do to much.

Mattmar / Nils Mattsson born 1846
« skrivet: 2021-02-12, 04:58 »

First person on this page is Olof Jönsson b. 1807.
Why is Bond crossed out? What does the new word mean?

This family is giving me big time Stress.
Nils Mattsson born 1848
wife Malin Olofsdotter born 1846
Hfl 1863-1882 found on P. 58
These children - I have checked births
Christina b. 21 Aug 1873
Karin b. 6 Nov 1876
Matts b. 5 Mar 1879
WHY are they not on Hfl 1863-1882 with the parents?
On the birth records it gives P. 69 as residence in Tossberg but I do not see them on that page.

Ås / Pehr Ersson born 1795
« skrivet: 2021-02-10, 03:48 »
I found his birth record in Births in 1727-1810 Page 317 / Page 318 shows birth date and baptism date.
What is the writing say at the very right side of Page 318.

I cannot make out the first name of mother. I do not know how to find them on Hfl.
 Something written [size=78%]to left of his name but I do not understand it. [/size]

Thanks for help!

Rinna / Gustav Adolf Johansson born 1858
« skrivet: 2021-02-04, 21:03 »
Gustav born in Säby, Jönköping 27 Oct 1858
wife Anna Sofia Carlsdotter born in Säby, Jönköping 1856

I followed them in Säby to Hfl 1895-1900 Page 194
They moved to Rinna, Östergötland 1900 28/3
I do not know how to find them.

Thanks in advance!

Kall / Anders Olofsson born 1825
« skrivet: 2021-01-28, 19:34 »
I found Anders Olofsson birth record in births 1805-1853 Page 155. Left side at bottom. Anders born 8 Oct 1825. I can see name of his father Olof Pehrsson but I cannot understand name of mother or locality they lived in. With this information I could them find then in Hfl and follow them forward.

Thanks in advance for help!

Fränninge / Ola Persson born 1841
« skrivet: 2021-01-26, 14:56 »
Hfl 1886-1898 P. 388 shows him moving to Östraby
With some family. I looked at moving out in Fränninge
and moving in for Östraby and do not see them.

Hope for help!
Perhaps it is too early for me in Canada, so I
cannot see clearly.


Gladsax / Sven Andersson born 1856
« skrivet: 2021-01-18, 04:59 »

found family in Hfl 1880-1889 P. 238Sven Andersson b. 1 Mar 1856
Hu Bengta Jönsdotter b. 25 Mar 1856
S. Nils b. 22 Oct 1882
S. Olof b. 25 Jan 1884
D. Cecilia b. 11 Feb 1886
S. Alfred b. 31 Oct 1887
then I found them Hfl 1890-1899 P. 277
Two more children
D. Johanna b. 18 Jul 1892
S. August b. 24 Nov 1897

Then I tried but cannot find them anymore.
Will be very grateful for help!

Lövestad / Little writing to Understand
« skrivet: 2021-01-12, 17:43 »
I hope for help to understand what this writing is about.

Many thanks!

Lövestad / Words written in Family Bible
« skrivet: 2021-01-12, 00:34 »
Once again I'm asking for help with documents found in Bible of my relative. Hanna Persdotter / Persson born 2 Mar 1859. Mix up on some records between her and the man she married in America.
I attach two document for translation, Please. Hope attachments worked

Giving much thanks in advance.


Offerdal / Johan Ljung Almqvist born 1868
« skrivet: 2021-01-10, 20:57 »
Johan was born 18 Sep 1868. Hfl 1890-1899 P 173 he is moving somewhere.
I hope someone can find where he moved to, then perhaps I can follow him from there.

Thanks so much in advance!


Lövestad / Hanna persson born 1859
« skrivet: 2021-01-10, 14:24 »
Hanna was born in this Parish in 1859. A relative sent me a letter in a document for translation. I am hoping for help with this. This will be first time I try to add attachment. Hope it works.

Thanks in advance for help!



I add this new post because I have written it better.

Perhaps I did not explain very well what help I hoped for. In Hfl 1895-1902 Image 57 Johanna, husband Frans and dotter Elin are listed on line 12, 13 and 14. Across from Johanna the priest had written than Johanna died in 24 Apr 1900.[/size]I found birth record of Elin born 21 Aug 1893 and Frans were her parents. I found their marriage 1888-1892 on P. 77 - married 12 November 1892. I was in a hurry to post the query and now I have had more time to think. It is logical that see died 8 years after marriage and 7 years dotter was born.Now my question is, will someone be able to understand where Frans and dotter moved to in 1900.Thanks so much for help!Georgina

Säby / Johanna Josefina Lantz born 1860
« skrivet: 2020-12-17, 20:23 »
Last record found in 1895-1902 in Säby Image 57 lines12-14
Johanna Josefina Lantz born 5 Nov1860
Frans Gustaf Johansson born 28 Sep 1860
Dotter Elin Josefina 21 Aug 1893

Marriage found 1888-1892 P.77

On record at top it seems indicate Johanna died 1900
Very very strange

[/size]thanks for help, Georgina

Hammarö / How to reply?
« skrivet: 2020-11-21, 22:20 »
I wanted to give thanks that to who sent me info about Carl August Hansson Stålfors but it does not show how I can reply. It used to be so easy.

Hammarö / Carl August Hansson Stålfors born 1876
« skrivet: 2020-11-21, 18:43 »
He and family lived in Nedre Ullerud until 1918. I found them moving out 1916-1940 P. 15 Line 9.

Lekeryd / Two brothers, Magnus born 1806 and Isak born 1811
« skrivet: 2020-10-29, 19:34 »
Magnus born 31 Jan 1806 and Isak born 21 Aug 1811I followed them in a couple Hfl. 1823-1825 P. 410 with parents. Where did Magnus go in 1833? Where did Isak go in 1830? I hope to follow them forward.

Thanks for help!

Ökna / Lisa Marie born 1826
« skrivet: 2020-10-29, 17:40 »
Lisa Marie was born 19 Jun 1826 in Ökna, Jönköping.
1836-1844 P. 291, With parents moved to Kulla
1844-1851 P. 286 with parents shows her moving to where?

Thanks for help!

Kungsholm / Ulrika Eleonora / Household Records
« skrivet: 2020-09-29, 02:01 »
How does a person find household records in this Parish or any other place in Stockholm?

Huddunge / Johan Peter Andersson born 1842
« skrivet: 2020-09-26, 03:05 »
These areas of Sweden are so unfamiliar to me. In the following Hfl they moved - I do not exactly where.

Country[/color]SwedenBook[/color]Huddunge AI 14, 1876 - 1880Province[/color]UpplandLocation[/color]Rödje SågCounty[/color]VästmanlandsPage[/color]276ParishHuddunge

I would like to follow this family forward but not sure how.
Will very much appreciate help!

Offerdal / Check for death
« skrivet: 2020-09-13, 17:15 »
Hope it is okay that I ask for this here. I have lost the email of the lady I always used to ask to check Deaths CD.
I found birth of Lars Birger Larsson in Offerdal  and wonder if he is on the CD. I do not include his birth info because if his death is recorded on the CD it will show up there.
Will be glad for help!

Bjurholm / Tobias Jacobsson Backlund 1837
« skrivet: 2020-07-22, 10:57 »

He was born this parish 12 March 1837. My search was on Svar, Births 1830-1848 Image 75
It is very strange to me that the mother listed here is different from his siblings. Father Jacob Backlund, Mother Anna Sofia Olofsdotter.
Mother of siblings is Christina Catharina Tobiasdotter
Will be grateful for help.


Kågeröd / Elna Christoffersdotter born 28 Sep 1802
« skrivet: 2020-07-07, 19:24 »
In 1835 - 1844 the family is in Östraby parish on Page 178
Pehr Jönsson
2nd wife Hanna Månsdotter

1st wife Elna Christoffersdotter in the Hfl her death is recorded
her place of birth Bässinge. I found it should be Kågeröd Parish
But I cannot find her birth. This is what I hope someone will help me with.

Children on Hfl: Elsa, Gertrud and Hanna. I have found their births.

Laholms landsförsamling / Ester Nordina Nilsson 1901-1995
« skrivet: 2020-06-24, 04:06 »
I have gone in circles trying to search for birth record for her and her sister Magna Arvida Nilsson born 17 June 1899. Maybe I'm just too tired and missed it. I found info that Ester Nordina Nillson was born 2 Oct 1901 in Laholm. I have found birth records for all the other children except these two dotters. The family lived in Ränneslöv 1899-1915 P. 554 on Svar. There is has three children Hugo, Magna and Ester born in Vaxtorp. That place would not come up on Svar. I did Google search which said Vaxtorp was locality in Laholm.  I did find birth for Hugo in Laholm.
I need sleep.
Will be glad for help.

Skartofta ( -1806) / Kierstina Håkansdotter 17 Dec 1769
« skrivet: 2020-06-20, 23:31 »
I am trying to find birth record for her and Skartofta does not even come up on Svar which I have to use as it is free. I just read that Skartofta became Öved in 1804 but that does not help me for births earlier than 1804. I am wanting to know the parents of Kiestina.

Glad for help.

Gladsax / Axel Nilsson born 1886
« skrivet: 2020-06-18, 22:07 »
I have followed him with parents 1900-1913 P. 269 on Svar. This is where his parents died. Then I followed him to 1913-1930 P. 252. I cannot tell where he moved to.

Will be glad for help!

Säbrå / Eric Thorvigg born 1799
« skrivet: 2020-05-31, 23:38 »
I found him with family in Dahla in this Parish in Hfl 1844-1855 P. 34.

Now I want to find the family in 1855-1864 I see no register. I flipped through the pages and did not see Dahla. Did the name change?


Stigsjö / Hfl 1866-1875
« skrivet: 2020-05-30, 21:19 »
Page 214
Can someone tell the birth place of the father Gustaf Wiksrtöm? It looks like ditto marks for wife Sara Helena Ullberg. I am really hoping to find there birth record. I have found births of their children in this parish.
Will be glad For help!

Offerdal / Place of birth
« skrivet: 2020-05-29, 18:32 »
I found record of births 1800-1861 Offerdal for two children that has Könsta as place the family lived. Jonas on page 394 and Brita on page 424. Parents Nils Berg and Carin Ersdotter. Big problem: I cannot find Könsta in register on Household records.

Will be glad for help!

Harlösa / Hjördis Barbro 1933-2012
« skrivet: 2020-05-12, 03:18 »
I found her with parents in Harlösa 15,1935-1947 P. 51
I do not understand the writing across from her name in Anteckningar section.
Then way on right side she move in 1948.
Is there anyway to follow her? I wonder if she got married.

Please email me if information is found

Ystad / Arthur Fabian Lundqvist 1888
« skrivet: 2020-05-08, 04:49 »
He was born 17 Jul 1888 in Lund according to Hfl 1878-1899 Image 162 P. 354 {?} in Södra Sandby, Malmöhus. He was listed on line 8 and his mother on line 7.
But in 1899-1908 Hfl he is in Ystad, Malmöhus. Image 59 P. 2118 Line 15. My question is: What kind of a place is he in? I have never seen a page like that before.


Andrarum / Elna Nilsdotter 1820
« skrivet: 2020-03-19, 18:48 »
I thought it best to start a new topic as the one about her husband was getting rather long.

I sure do appreciate all the people who are so very helpful to me!

Here is a reply from my other post: There is a book called "Andrarum parish 300 years" based on some very good research. It doesn't have anything beneficial on Ola but for his wife Elna Nilsdotter, b 18200526, it states her father as Nils Persson, Illstorp 6:3.
[/size]Is there any way to get more info about her mother and siblings?

Hinneryd / Peter Johan Johansson
« skrivet: 2020-03-09, 01:09 »
I am posting here because on birth record of child it states this place. I started looking through birth records and so many pages. Then idea came to me that someone might find him in 1880 census. All I want to know is birth day and place of Peter Johan Johansson. He had three children out of wedlock with a woman in Knäred, Halland. I will give links just so you see what is says about him. It was good of him to claim that he was the father.

Link for youngest child Page 63 Line 36

Link for another child Page 38 Line 10

Oldest child Page 24 Line 5

Andrarum / Ola Håkansson born 1816
« skrivet: 2020-03-07, 22:18 »
I think I have hit a Brick Wall as the term goes in Genealogy. Unless someone knows of a miracle.

I was hoping to find parents and siblings of Ola born 4 June 1816.

Also I was hoping to find parents and siblings of his wife Elna Nilsdotter born 26 May 1820.

I do not have a marriage date but by 1848 when their oldest son was born they lived in Längaröd, Malmöhus

Appreciate any help!

Alseda / Maja Catrina Jonasdotter
« skrivet: 2020-03-01, 18:39 »
She was born in Skede Parish 25 Nov 1811, Father Jonas Bondesson, mother Cathrina Petersdotter. The last found her in Hfl was in Skede Parish 1827-1832 Page 165. It noted that she was moving to Alseda in 1830. I decided to try to find her moving out from Skede. Record moving IN 1828-1860, moving in on left page, moving out on right page. Found her listed Oct 25 Maja Catrina Jonsdotter {could be Jonasdotter} on page 10. Then I went to Alseda and did not find moving records that include 1830.
It is my great hope to find out if she married and had children.


Skede / Jonas Jonassson 1808
« skrivet: 2020-02-28, 09:48 »
Jonas was born 23 Apr 1808. In Hfl 1821-1826 P. 190. Name crossed out. I do not understand the writing way to the right of his name.
Thanks for help!

Skede / Anna Britta Jonasdotter 1814
« skrivet: 2020-02-27, 18:26 »
In Skede parish on page 179, I find Anna Britta Jonasdotter born 17 September 1814 with parents. 
Parents: Jonas Bondeson and Katarina Petersdotter both died in 1838. 
Record indicates Anna moved somewhere in 1835 but we are unable to understand where.


Skede / Jonas Petersson born 1791
« skrivet: 2020-02-20, 19:48 »
I have found him in Skede parish household records 1821-1826 page 190
Indicating a move but to where?  I tried to find what I thought it was, but didn't find the correct person.
Found him in various household records with birth as 17 January 1791.  Would appreciate any help finding him further ahead in records.

Okänd socken i Ångermanland / Geography
« skrivet: 2020-02-02, 18:29 »
I understand that this is where to post for Västernorrland. I found birth record of Alnö, Västernorrland. But the parish on Alnö is not listed on this website. On the birth record it had Hovid which I think is the locality in Alnö parish. when I look at a map they look so far apart. Even further is that the parents move from Värmland near the beginning of there marriage.

Lunds stadsförsamling / Nils Fredrick born 1809
« skrivet: 2020-01-26, 15:37 »
I found birth record of Nils in Lunds domkyrkofössamling but this page says to go to this one. Nils was born 10 Dec 1809.
Father is Magnus Landgren and mother Botillia Hagmans who is age 30.
I cannot read if it gives locality where they lived, although I do understand that this is the city of Lund.
I'm hoping to find the family of Magnus and Botillia in household records to see if they had more children.


Östra Ingelstad / Hilda born 1871
« skrivet: 2020-01-25, 12:24 »
I am trying to find her birth. I have found her with parents in Hfl Östra Ingelstad 1869-1878 P. 160, Line 9.
I cannot understand the place where she was born.


Gräsmark / Birth of Nils Jönsson born 1804
« skrivet: 2020-01-24, 02:40 »
I have tried so hard to find the record of his birth because I did not want to ask for more help.
In Hfl 1846-1850 his birth is 9/1 04 (9 Jan 1804) Gives Sunne as birth place. I have searched that parish
All other Hfl I have found him in gives same birth date with Gräsmark as birth place. I have search that parish.
Followed him in Hfl from 1846-1850 right through to 1881-1885 which gives his death date.
Found his death record 1876-1889 Bild 54 Line 53 which gives year month and day of death.
I used my private tree calculater  and it gave birth as 9 Jan 1804.
Perhaps some birth records are missing.


Gräsmark / Marriage of Nils Nilsson to Kajsa Nilsdotter
« skrivet: 2020-01-21, 02:33 »
I found Kajsa {born 1 Nov 1855} in Household record 1876-1880 in Gräsmark parish P. 542 right side of page indicates marriage and moving to Magneskog. Spelling? I did find moving out from Gräsmark Image 51 Line 97. She is married women so I guess they got married in Gräsmark. I have not tried to look. Would be nice to have that and Hfl they were in Magneskog.

Many thanks!

Gräsmark / Kajsa Nilsdotter born 1855
« skrivet: 2020-01-15, 03:31 »
More than one place I have seen information that has her birth as 1 November 1855 in this Parish but I cannot find it. I appreciate help very much. I hope someone with better eyes can find it. She married Nils Nilsson who was born in Mangskog, Värmland. They had children in Alnö, Västernorrland. The birth of her first child in recorded in Mangskog. I give this background info so you know that I have done lots of searching.
It is only the birth of Kajsa, or perhaps Katherine that I am looking for. Then I can know parents names and hope to find more for that family.


Okänd socken i Småland / Jacob Andersson born 1784
« skrivet: 2020-01-02, 05:13 »
I search in Säby Parish Jönköping. On this website there is no Jönköping but I thought I remembered to choose Småland. But there is no Säby parish. I have been doing my searching on Svar. I look in Säby Södra.
I found Jacob Andersson with wife and 4 children in Tostås, Säby parish 1820-1828 P. 232. No of other set of church books has Tostås.
I hope to find them in 1826-1836 but don't know which locality to choose.
I found Jacob and second wife in 1836-1841 P. 94 at top of page in locality of Äplaryd. Near bottom of page is son Carl Gustaf with wife.
I also find Carl in 1841-1845 P. 94 and 1850-1854 P. 52. Then I do not know where to search next

Thanks for any help!

Okänd församling i Stockholm / Knut Erland Mann died 1997
« skrivet: 2019-12-22, 16:20 »
He and his wife Barbro Ingegärd Runsten were born in Jämtland. They both died in Sollentuna, Stockholm, Sweden. Over the years I have had much help with information for relatives to put in my Private family tree software on my computer. I am related further back on Barbro's mother's side.
It is my hope to correspond with living relatives. I know that names of living relatives should not be on this website. So, I ask to be contacted directly to my email address
Georgina Smith

Hallen / Family Hfl 1778-1816 P. 122
« skrivet: 2019-12-16, 04:08 »
I want little help to know if I understand correctly
Esten Ersson- father- born 1846
Brita Håkansdotter – mother- born 1847
Son Eric Estensson born 1880
His wife, Carin Mårtensdotter born 1883
Their Barn
Son Esten born 1812
 Dotter born 1814


Ökna / Hans Ruth 1725
« skrivet: 2019-11-21, 18:22 »
I have information that he was born Dec 26, 1725.  His daughter, Caisia Greta, was born in this parish Dec 29, 1771.  I have been searching for the birth record of Hans to know his parents.  I have checked in Okna and Alseda without success.  In a previous query regarding husband of Caisia, it included this:  [size=0pt]was Hans Ruth in Åmjölkesbo mellangård.[/size]

Brandstad / Ola Andersson born 1831
« skrivet: 2019-11-11, 19:58 »
I have trouble understanding what is on household record 1872-1883 Page 71, if I remember correct Lines 22,23,24
Will be glad for help with this!
Georgina[size=78%] [/size]

Säby / Augusta Olivia 1864
« skrivet: 2019-10-02, 04:17 »

Augusta Olivia Born 17 Feb 1864 in Säby, JönköpingI find her in Markestorp, Säby with parents and sisters on page 179 of church book 1885-1891. Right side of page has going to page 432 in 1885. I have tried to find her on the page in Säby and also in Ödeshög Östergotland without success.  Thought perhaps she went there because her sister Hedda did.


Säby / Moving Out
« skrivet: 2019-09-12, 20:27 »
Hedda Lotta Aman born 17 April 1861 in Saby.
From household records 1885-1891 shows she moved to Odeshog 28 March 1887.
I was able to find her in moving out records 1882-1887 on page 235 line 49.
Hoping for help for where she moved to in Odeshog as a married woman.


Ökna / Carolina Magnusdotter Storm 1843
« skrivet: 2019-08-15, 19:30 »
I found her in Kulla, Okna, Jonkoping in Household record 1861-1865 Page 147 moving to Stockholm on 11 September 1865.

I was able to find her in the moving out records but have no idea how to find her in Stockholm.

Sure will be grateful for help.


Ökna / Moved to?
« skrivet: 2019-08-11, 21:04 »
Lisa Maria Storm born 19 Jun 1826 in Ökna Parish
Hfl 1844-1851 P. 258, 3rd line from bottom. Where did she move to?

Johan Magnus Storm born 28 Dec 1828 in Ökna Parish
Hfl 1844-1851 P. 22, 2nd line from bottom. Where did he move to?

Maria Katrina Magnusdotter born 19 Mar 1809 in Ökna Parish
Hfl 1830-1835 P. 128, halfway down the page. Where did she move to?


Gladsax / Giertrud Persdotter 1757
« skrivet: 2019-08-04, 21:30 »
I use Svar as it is free. Birth of Giertrud is 1721-1779 Gladsax Births Page 34 Second one down. Not easy to read. Unfortunately Hfl in Gladsax starts at 1800. Is there any way to find parents and siblings if she had any?


Ökna / Gabriel Persson 1763
« skrivet: 2019-06-27, 19:26 »
I found Gabriel Persson in household records 1798-1806 on page 30. 
Gabriel Persson 1763
Caissia Greta 1771
Hans Peter 1791
Sara Lisa 1794
Jonas 1798
Anders Gustav 1800

I have checked the next church book without success in finding the family.  Is there any possibility for help with searching this family further?

Bjurholm / Household records
« skrivet: 2019-06-24, 05:48 »
Why do the household records in this parish only go up to 1924?
Other parishes in other counties go up to 1940/1945.


Torpa / Carl Gustaf Andersson Åman 1853-1933
« skrivet: 2019-06-13, 15:53 »
I found information that Carl Gustaf died in this Parish, [size=0pt]1/1 1933[/size][/color]
 [/size][size=0pt][/size][size=0pt][/color]  Hammasberg, Basarp, Torpa, Östergötland[/size][size=0pt]. That is my reason for posting here. He was born 21 Sep 1853 in Säby, Jönköping.
I followed him with birth parents until both had died. Then he was a foster son to a brother of his father. See link below.
In the link below he goes to N. America. Line 17

But he came back to Sweden and to this Parish. I just am hoping to find out when and if he married and had children.

Malmö Karoli (tyska) / Amilon 1763
« skrivet: 2019-05-26, 01:14 »
I hope it will be possible to find deaths for the following without too much trouble.

Benedikta born 1763. Father, Adam Gottlieb Amilon and mother Anna Dorotea Högland.

Johan Anders Amilon born 16 Mar 1790. Father Lorenz Gottlieb Amilon and mother Sofia Haman. Also sister to Johan, Anna Caisa born 14 May 1791.

Lovisa Amilon born 4 June 1830. Father Christian G Amilon and mother Anna Helena Bergman.

Thanks in advance!

Säby / Johan Andersson 1840
« skrivet: 2019-04-17, 21:49 »
Hfl 1836-1841 page 267 place Jägerholm.
Looking to the right I do not understand if or where they went to.  I looked at the exact locality in the next set of church records and they were not in that exact place.


Jönköping / Moving out of Parish 1834
« skrivet: 2019-04-11, 04:51 »
I'm sorry to say that this part of Sweden is very confusing to me. On this posting it shows Jönköping as parish and everywhere else it is listed as a county.

I was searching on Svar in Linderås, Jönköping and found family of Johannes Gustafsson 1831-1835 P.70. Here it shows that they moved in 1834.

I will be so happy if someone can find exactly when they moved and exact place they moved to.

Many thanks in advance!

Brännkyrka / Louisa Andersdotter Åstrand 1840
« skrivet: 2019-04-06, 21:08 »
In the Parish she was born I had great help. And searched on ancestry with the hope for Emmigrats record that gives the destination  of where the person is going to in USA. But it was same as what was in the Parish record.

It is my hope that someone will find her Emigration on Swedish records, Emihamn I think.  In Ökna, Jönköping her birth recorded as 3 Apr 1840. When she went to [size=0pt]Brännkyrka, Stockholm in 1866 birth was recorded differently, 1 Apr 1844.[/size]
[size=0pt]Following is what was found on Ancestry website.[/size]
[size=0pt]Lovisa Andersdotter Åstrand[/size]
[size=0pt]Kvinna (Female)[/size]
[size=0pt]Birth Date:[/color][/size][/font][/size]
[size=0pt]1 apr 1844[/size]
[size=0pt]Birth Place:[/color][/size][/font][/size]
[size=0pt]Departure Date:[/color][/size][/font][/size]
[size=0pt]5 apr 1868[/size]
[size=0pt]Departure Place:[/color][/size][/font][/size]
[size=0pt]Brännkyrka, Stockholm[/size]
[size=0pt]Arrival Place:[/color][/size][/font][/size]
[size=0pt]Amerika (USA)[/size]
[size=0pt]Occupation or Relation:[/color][/size][/font][/size]
[size=0pt]Travels alone[/size]
[size=0pt]Original Page:[/color][/size][/font][/size]
[size=0pt]Brännkyrka Hfl 1866-1870


Ökna / Lousia/ Louisa Anna born 1838
« skrivet: 2019-04-06, 13:18 »
I was given the answer to go here to ask about a person I hope to find information for when I posted on English Discussions. But on a record of her in USA a source is: Okna town records.  A1:12 pp 466 (36-44)
Then I found on Internet
Okna is a small town in Sweden. Located in Vetlanda, Jönköping County, Götaland, Sweden
I did post the above info on English discussions. Anyway I am hoping for birth record and whatever information can be found for Louisa or Louisa Anna who was born 3 April or 23 April in Okna.
In 1900 Census record it has Immigration as 1866 and on 1910 it has 1869.

General questions / What County in Sweden
« skrivet: 2019-04-06, 05:07 »
I am so confused. I do not find the county or the parish I need on Anbytarforum but I did find them on Svar. I found birth place for person as Okna. So I thought that was Ökna parish in Jönköping, but with new info below I think that is the wrong parish. I searched there on Svar but did not find the person. Then I found a source as put below:Okna town records.  A1:12 pp 466 (36-44)
Then I found the following:
Okna[/color] is a small town in [/size][/color]Sweden[/size][/b][/i][/color]. Located in Vetlanda, Jönköping[/size]
[/color]I found that parish and county on Svar.[/size]
[/color]I will be happy when someone tells me how to search Vetlanda County on this website so I can ask for help in knowing more about the person I want more info for.[/size]

Österlövsta / Maria Catharina 1852
« skrivet: 2019-03-22, 23:09 »
Maria Catharina born 14 Feb 1852 in Österlövsta, Uppsala län
Births 1836-1854 Österlövsta, Bild 165 at top of page.
I see that she was born out of wedlock  but I also see name Anders Hellström on the record.
As a wife and mother in Hf I found her name to be Hellström.
I am sure hoping that someone can find her as a child in household records.
Sure appreciate help as this is an area in Swed that I am not familiar with.

Edsbro / Carl Lunqvist 1851
« skrivet: 2019-03-22, 22:46 »
This is an unfamiliar area of researching in Sweden for me. In Hfl I found for him wife wife and children his birth was written Edsbro Stockholms län. Now here it has Edsbro, Uppland.

I found his birth record on Svar Carl Lundqvist birth; Births 1829-1860 Image 64
[/size]Edsbro, Stockholm County[/font]

[/size]Father Matts Lundqvist, mother Maria can't read rest very well. But from here I do not know how to find the family in Household records were Carl is a child.
[/size]Will appreciate help!

Uppsala-Näs / Carl Lunqvist born 1851
« skrivet: 2019-03-18, 22:00 »
I hope I am posting in the right place. Never posted for help in this area before. I am wanting to know birth place of the family members.
[/color]Country:[/color]Sweden[/color]Book:[/font][/color][/size]Västland AI20, 1886 - 1890Province:[/size]Uppland[/color]Location:Valla[/color]County:Uppsala[/color]Page:294[/color]Parish:Västland[/color]Line:16

Then from here they move to page 144
Georgina Smith

Offerdal / Anna Ersdotter/Eriksdotter born 1864
« skrivet: 2019-03-10, 21:26 »
Anna was born to Erik Ersson and Märet Mattsdotter 7 Nov 1864 in Offerdal. I have followed the family  for a few years on Svar. I show only one Hfl.

1879-1889 Offerdal Image 168 P.175
Dotters Move. Maret moves to nb P.115

Dotter Märet alone on P. 446 Then P. 526 Married
Dotter Anna P. 470- back to P. 175

This is were I am stuck. I hope to know where Anna moved to? Did she get married and have a family?

Thanks in advance!

Gudmuntorp / Johan Viktor Karlsson born 1876
« skrivet: 2018-10-13, 12:56 »
I found him and his wife, Sofia Andersson Adin,  on 1930 Census. Svar has been very good in other parishes I search in but this one has last household record 1908-1929. Not helpful to me.
I cannot afford ArchivDigital. Hope someone will look them up in Församlingsböcker {correct spelling?}. If I understand info on 1930 Census correctly as well as info from other areas, they should be found on P. 452 Snogeröd No.3
It would be nice to have image of their names and also the URL link.


Alsen / Anna Karlsdotter b. 1853
« skrivet: 2018-09-13, 20:44 »
Anna was born 19 Dec 1853 in this parish. I followed her through every set of church books Hfl on Svar. Finally in 1900-1910 shows a marriage for her. Husband Lars Andersson on Line 22 and Anna on Line 25, married 30 Mar 1902. Lars had been married before.

I need help to understand 1932-1942 Hfl Page 173. This is the last Hfl on Svar. Lars line 22 and Anna line 23. I understand Lars died 23 Jun 1933. Then at the far right from Anna's name it has in death column 11 Mar 1942. But what is in column just to the left?

Appreciate help!

Malmö Karoli (tyska) / Johan Peter b. 1769
« skrivet: 2018-08-06, 20:55 »
I am so glad for all the help I get. Someone sent me a link to a register of births for this parish. On that it gives two sons by the same name for father Adam Amilon, one born 1769 and one born 1770. What I found is confusing.
Births 1768-1797 {1769} on page 7 there is a Johan Peter 22 April. Then {1770} page 11 there is a Johan Peter 22 April. I am thinking there is only one son by that name for Adam Amilon, or various spellings.


Hög / Anna Helena born 1795
« skrivet: 2018-07-29, 15:00 »
So long ago since anyone posted in this website. Hope someone sees this Post I put on.

I found her birth in the year range 1734-1831 on Page 128. Last one. Why is it crossed out?


Malmö Karoli (tyska) / Family in early 1800's
« skrivet: 2018-07-29, 14:00 »
First I ask, when I went to Parish list - Why does it have (tyska) behind this one.

I am hoping for more information about Petter Bergman and his wife Elsa Christina Nordstöm. I do not have birth date or place for them.

Their children were born between 1800 and 1818 which I found births for on MyHeritage.

Offerdal / Anders Söderqvist b. 1878
« skrivet: 2018-07-22, 18:32 »
I found on Svar: Anders Söderqvist b. 15 Dec 1878, Karin Hammarberg b. 23 Feb 1886, Ragnar Nathanael b. 22 Dec 1912.

Hfl 1906-1916 living in Ede Page 95. I hope for translation of all the writing over to the right.


Malmö Karoli (tyska) / 1768 Birth
« skrivet: 2018-07-21, 02:44 »
I started looking through records of birth 1745-1769; 124 uppslag Oxies and Bjärshögs. Not easy to read. No page number. Found on Svar. At top of page I think I see Amylon, then name Dethlof underlined. About three quarter way down the page it looks to me like Adam Amylon {little above dark writing}. I am hoping for a miracle that someone can read this record.
Following is the url Link

Offerdal / Per Jonsson 1863
« skrivet: 2018-07-14, 10:50 »
I found Per with family in HFL on Svar , 1907-1920. Page 57 Line 20. What is little notation just to the right of his name?


Offerdal / Enar Jonsson 1877
« skrivet: 2018-07-13, 09:26 »
I have used Svar for my search. I found him in parents household 1890-1899, parents are dead and three sisters Emigrated to N. America.
This is found in Bredbyn Page 31. There is a notation over from his name that I do not understand.
I thought I could find him and sister Karolina in next church book but there is no Bredbyn listed in the Register.


Offerdal / Brita born 1817
« skrivet: 2018-07-08, 17:33 »
I found her birth in years 1800-1861 on page 161. She is first one on the page. I do not understand all the writing is on the left side.


Nedre Ullerud / Lovisa born 1863
« skrivet: 2018-06-03, 15:52 »
She was born 14 May 1863 in this parish. I cannot read the place family lived on her birth record. On some household record it has her name as Eriksson born Nilsdotter. She was a widow 4 March 1896 of Erik Eriksson
HFL Deji Station 1896-1905 P. 111 she has a son Hilding born out of wedlock 28 Dec 1898 in Väse Parish. I do not understand where she lived at that time.
She also had a daughter born out of wedlock 15 Jan 1902. I could read the place they lived and therefore found household records.
It would be nice to find her in household records with Erik Eriksson, if possible.
Help will be greatly appreciated.

Nordmaling / Per Persson b. 1786
« skrivet: 2018-01-26, 21:37 »
I am so confused. On this website Nordmaling is in Ågermanland, on family search Nordmaling is in Västerbotten.

I am hoping for help to know were the bride Christina Ersdotter was from in marriage record I found. Very sorry there are no page numbers showing on family search.

[/size]It is the last page of 3, 1789-1809. Inneh även: Vigselbok 1789-1809
[/size]Second marriage for 26 December. Groom, Pehs Pehrsson was from Djupsjö.[/color]
    [/list][size=1rem]Source Box[/size]

    Gällinge / Anna Christina Börjesdotter
    « skrivet: 2018-01-01, 03:32 »
    Anna was born 20 August 1824. Looks like Bacha or Backa, this parish. Father is Börje Andersson, mother is Christina Magnusdotter.
    I am sure hoping to get a start on finding the family in household records.

    Thanks, Georgina

    Gällinge / Andreas Börjesson 1821
    « skrivet: 2018-01-01, 03:17 »
    Andeas was born 14 April 1821 in Dukatorp. Father Borjie Andersson. I was hoping to find the family on household records where Andreas is a young child. I would like to know if he had siblings.
    I hope I do not cause anyone lots of work but there are other people who know how to search much better than I do.

    Thanks in advance!

    Tranemo / Mathida Christina Andeasdotter 1842
    « skrivet: 2017-11-02, 12:22 »
    On HFL in Ambjörnarps, Älvsborg 1861-1870 P. 54 on far right side it shows married 1869 to Salomon Larsson and moved. I was told they moved to this parish. I am hoping that someone will find them in 1880 Census so I know more exact location they lived. Then I will search on HFL and in further ahead church books.

    Ambjörnarp / HFL 1823-1826
    « skrivet: 2017-10-28, 03:37 »
    Household record Älvsborg - Bjorkered. Page 29, very messy.
    About half way down the page:
    Sven Jansson 1782
    H Britta Jansdotter 1788
    Why is there Johanna between them?
    Son Lars was not on previous HFL?

    Where did they move to?


    Fjärås / Johan Edvin Andren born 1851
    « skrivet: 2017-10-28, 02:01 »
    I am looking at:
    Household record  Wallby 3 Fjärås 1861-1875 P. 391 Why is Anders Olsson between Johan and his wife Albertina? When I look way over to right side of page it looks like they went to America in 1872. I hope someone will find Emigration for them.

    Thanks in advance,

    Grundsunda / Johan Mikaelsson 1755-1829
    « skrivet: 2017-10-27, 01:41 »
    Johan was son of Mikael Olofsson and Kerstin Johansdotter. He married Malin Pehrsdotter. They lived in Godsmersta of this parish. A son was born in 1786, info found on HFL 1809-1819.
    I hope someone can find the exact birth date for the son.

    I found the death record of Johan Mikaelsson 18 Jan 1829 in Godmersta. I would like to know what all the writing is by his name.

    He had a brother Olof supposed to be born 1757 in Godmersta. I hope someone will be able to find his birth record to confirm names of parents and day and month of birth.

    Thanks in advance!

    Alsen / Matts Mattsson Gunsten b. 1870
    « skrivet: 2017-07-29, 03:56 »
    Names changes are so difficult for me to understand. I have been able to do a little research. Near 1900 he added Gunsten to his last name. He and his wife, Anna Persdotter, had 6 children between 1898 and 1911.

    My question is: How do I enter the surname for the children?


    Offerdal / Brita Edholm born 1853
    « skrivet: 2017-07-27, 01:38 »
    Brita had a dotter born out of marriage. Anna Katharina Erika born 2 Apr 1883 in Offerdal Parish. I hope someone will find her birth record that will confirm her first name. I have seen it two different spellings in household records.

    Thanks in advance!

    Okänd socken i Dalarna / Household Record
    « skrivet: 2017-03-14, 17:06 »
    I hope for help with family of Stephan Olsson born 1801 and Anna Olsdotter born 1804. I found the family in Kopparberg County; 1835-1845 Page 94. I need help with parish where Anna was born. It looks like Digernäy on this household record. Is it in a different County? Also, I do not know why parish of birth is not recorded for the children.

    Thanks for any help!

    Säter / Per Erik Hedbom
    « skrivet: 2017-01-15, 06:35 »
    This is a new area for me so hope I'm in the right place. I am very grateful for help. Parents Johan Erik Hedbom and Stina {Kristina} Sundell. Per was born 22 May 1819. Brother Karl Johan born 8 Dec 1822. Sister Stina Ulrika  born 7 Feb 1830. About 7 years with no children seems unusual. When I was searching what I could it was Säter Parish. The father was also supposed be born in this parish in Mar 1794 but I could not find the record. [/size]

    Stora Kopparberg / Per Erik Hedbom
    « skrivet: 2017-01-15, 06:26 »
    This is a new area for me so hope I'm in the right place. I am very grateful for help. Parents Johan Erik Hedbom and Stina {Kristina} Sundell. Per was born 22 May 1819. Brother Karl Johan born 8 Dec 1822. Sister Stina Ulrika  born 7 Feb 1830. About 7 years with no children seems unusual.


    Kall / Johan Petter 1855
    « skrivet: 2017-01-08, 07:17 »
    He was born out of wedlock to Stina Pehrsdotter 6 Dec 1855 in Sellsved, mother age 20. I wonder if they can be found in 1880 Census. I am hoping to know where Stina was born and find her parents. I know Johan Emigrated from Sweden Feb 1884 with last name of Hansson. I have all info for him in USA.

    Mattmar / Nils Mattsson 1848
    « skrivet: 2017-01-04, 19:35 »
    I searched this family to 1883-1892 in Tossberg. Page 92. Website I use does not go beyond 1892.
    [size=0pt]Husband: Nils Mattsson, born 10 July 1848[/size]
    [size=0pt]Wife: Malin Olofsdotter, born 18 Nov 1846[/size]
    [size=0pt]Married: 31 Oct 1872[/size]
    [size=0pt]Daughter: Christina,  born 21 Aug 1873, died 27 Aug 1888[/size]
    [size=0pt]Son: Matts born,  5 Mar 1879 {married Kristina Melander}[/size]
    [size=0pt]Daughter: Karin,  born 8 May 1882[/size]
    [size=0pt]Son: Olof,  born 3 Mar 1884[/size]
    [size=0pt]I have all information about Matts.[/size]
    [size=0pt]I would like to know more about Karin and Olof. Did they marry and have children? [/size]
    [size=0pt]To find living relatives would be awesome. I know names of people living are not to be put on this website. Here is the email to contact me if living relatives are found[/size]
    [size=0pt]Many thanks![/size]

    Simris / Nilla Andersdotter 1858
    « skrivet: 2016-08-30, 05:12 »
    Nilla was born in this parish 15 Nov 1858. I am quite sure she married Lars Larsson in 1895. He was also born in this parish 26 Nov 1865. I am hoping for information about their children.


    Skartofta ( -1806) / Peter Malmström
    « skrivet: 2016-07-21, 12:50 »
    Why does it have Skatofta (-1806) at the top of this post? I am looking for Peter Malmström and wife Kjersti who were suppsed to come to this parish in 1858. Hope for help!

    Many thanks,

    Östraby / Elna 1859 9/1
    « skrivet: 2016-07-11, 02:59 »
    Elna was born to Kjersti Pehrsdotter Fränninge 1859 9/1. In Hfl 1872-1877 Östraby No. 2 Pg 13. Her name is crossed out and place written to Harlösa but that is also crossed out. Here she lives with mother and man mother married, Nils Olsson. Since she was born out of wedlock I do not know surname. I am hoping someone can find her in 1880 Census and 1890 {if there is one} with only her birth info.


    Östraby / Names of my relative
    « skrivet: 2016-07-05, 03:36 »
    I have limited access to some records through my home computer family tree. I found the following family in Östraby in 1895-1915 Brunslöf, Page 510
    Anders Nilsson Hjärby (Hjälm) Hedin (Hadin) born 28 Jun 1877 in Fränninge
    Wife Betty, children; Nils Olof born 3 Feb 1904 in Högseröd, Anna Rebecka born 23 Jul 1905 in Högseröd,
    Fritz Göte born 12 Dec 1906 in Högseröd and Brita Andrea born 19 Aug 1911 in Östraby
    1912 24/4 moved to Östra Kärrstorp
    What I really want help with is name of Anders. Hope someone will check Census records and perhaps his death. What last name should I use for children? I want to have my family tree correct.

    Östra Kärrstorp / Östra Kärrtorp GID 1436.40.15800
    « skrivet: 2006-09-04, 21:22 »
    Vilken titel/sysselsättning har Carl Fredrik Korsman längst upp till vänster på sidan?
    Tack på förhand

    Vollsjö / Vollsjö AI:10 (1871-1875) sid 64
    « skrivet: 2014-07-23, 14:45 »
    Help to read parish name of where family moved to in HFL. Anders Larsson born 1849, wife Elna Johansdotter born 1848, child Sofia born 1875. P. 64; 6 Vollsjö. I found the family in HFL on family search website but in other websites the page and location would be the same. I hope someone can read where they moved to. Then I can search for them in that parish.

    Fränninge / Fränninge FI:1 (1847-1861)
    « skrivet: 2014-07-20, 18:44 »
    Need little help to read death record. I thought I could copy, then paste it here but it will not work. I use familysearch as it is a free website. It seems to me that the records they have are like genline. If someone is registered on familysearch here is the url 6D:311519101,311598501,311787701
    Fränninge Deaths from 1847-1861 Image 13
    Apr 22 1851, Elna Olsdotter wife of Anders Jacobsson.
    I would like to know what it says after her name. I understand she was 54 yrs, but do not understand what is between her name and age.

    Archive - Swedish names / Ljung
    « skrivet: 2004-06-28, 02:24 »
    Hope someone will contact me in English as I do not read Swedish.
    My grandfather Per Ljung was born in Aflo in 1855. I do not find Aflo on the map. Please tell me where it is close to.  
    He and one of his brothers came to Canada about 1903, but his brother soon returned to Sweden.
    I found some of his sisters in 1890 Census and wonder if there are descendants still in Jamtland County.
    Edvard and Marta Ljung Strom with son Karl Johan b, 1890 in Transgvikens Angsag - homeparish, Alsens.
    Sigrid Ljung {widow} with son Nils Irenes b.1885 in Aflo - homeparish, Offerdals.
    Hans Erick Rundvik,wife Brita Nilsdotter Ljung were living in Hutvulsvik with their children:
    Brita Katarina b. 1876  
    Nils Olof b. 1881
    Anna Elisabett b. 1883
    Sigrid Margrette b. 1887
    all children born in Rodon Parish
    Thank you for your help.
    Best regards,  

    Archive - Swedish names / Carl Fredrik Ask in 1811
    « skrivet: 2006-10-29, 12:45 »
    I am very much hoping that a kindly person could find this family on HFL 1811- 1815 in the parish of Stockholms finska. I am anxious to get more detail than is given on HisKi where I found them at time of daughters birth.
    Father: Carl Fredrik Ask
    Mother: Catrina Sofia age 24
    Daughter: Cartina Sofia born 16/9 1811
    Georgina from Canada

    Archive - Swedish geography / Ångermanland
    « skrivet: 2007-09-20, 13:26 »
    I really need a Map that shows  all of the Parishes in the province of Ångermanland. I sure hope this is possible to send me one.
    Many thanks!

    Olof was born 20 Dec 1865 in Offerdal Parish. His parents were Nils Ljung and Sigrid Pettersdotter. I have been given the following information. In 1882 his name was listed as Olof Nilsson Ljung-Hallstrom. In 1884 he was in Alsen Parish.
    In 1935 he was in Alberta Canada.  
    How I hope someone can give me his Emigration Information!

    Korsman / Korsman
    « skrivet: 2005-09-25, 16:13 »
    Anders was born 4 Jan 1822 in Bjelkhult, Franninge, Malmohus, Sweden {sorry I do not use swedish letters}
    His parents were Carl Korsman and Catharina Sofia Carlsdotter, also born in the same place.
    I would be happy to get more information on Anders - did he marry and have children?
    Many thanks!

    Irenes / Irenes
    « skrivet: 2005-04-04, 05:35 »
    Sorry that I cannot write in Swedish. I am curious about the name Nils Irenes. I found him and his mother Sigrid Ljung {born 1864} in Aflo, Offerdal, Jamtland in 1890 Census. nils was born 1885.
    I wish to find out what surname {family name} he used. Were he and his mother in 1900 Census?
    Many thanks for whatever help someone can give!

    Efterlysningar / Johan Tevik born 1876
    « skrivet: 2007-10-07, 03:51 »
    I am looking for descendants of Johan. If anyone is a descendant or knows them I ask you to please email me directly as we cannot put names of living persons on this website.
    I have reason to believe that perhaps his descendants could be living in this County/Province.

    Efterlysningar / Sarcklin, Carl * 1782 Ikalis soldier_
    « skrivet: 2006-11-06, 00:25 »
    I believe that an ancestor of mine who was a soldier in Ikalis left there and went to Sweden in 1811.
    His Name: Carl Sarcklin born 1782 in Ikalis
    I hope someone can find some information as to when he actually left Finland and where he first went to in Sweden.
    Many thanks!

    This may be a difficult request but I am hoping for an answer.
    Hanna Erika was born 14 Jul 1894 in Ostra Stenby, Ostergotland. {sorry not proper swedish letters}. She died 17 Mar 1971 in Monsteras, Smaland.
    What I am looking for is her last name at time of birth.
    She married a relative of mine: Johan Olsson  
    Many thanks!

    I am looking for more information on this family and his children. I know his wife's name was Anna Högberg. Hope I have correct spelling. It would be nice to have dates and place of birth. I was told Ångermanland but not totally sure if that is correct. I know of two sons of Jacob. Johan Anders and Abraham Nils who both emmigrated to America.
    I will be very happy to get more information for this family!
    Many thanks!

    In Kall parish church books Agnes moved to Umeå in november 1916. She was born in 1898. I do have all detail of her parents and siblings. I have not been given information of her moving back to Jämtland.
    But her last name at death was Bengtsson. She was a widow in 1955 but no name for a husband is found.
    Is there any way to find out if she was married in Umeå?

    I just found a list of names from 1890 Swedish Census on a USA Genealogy Website.
    Andreas Carlsson born 1822 Residence Elfsborg in 1890.
    I do not even know if Värmland is the right county for Elfsborg.
    I hope someone will be able to give me more information on this man.
    Thank you!

    I am hoping to find the parents of Anders!
     I had been given the information that he was born in Wermland. A nice volunteer sent me a couple of genline images of him and his wife and children but there is no birth place listed. His birth year is definetly recorded as 1748 in the images.
    And I have found out that Wermland is now Värmland. Anders married a lady from Oppland, Norway and they raised their children in Alsen parish in Jämtland.
    Two of their children were named Petter and Ingabor. I am trying my best to find information on my own but I really need some help.
    I did find on Father: Petter Christophersson; Mother: Ingebar Andersdotter; Son: Anders Christening 15 Apr 1748 in Nyed, Värmland. I wonder if this could be my Anders.
    Is there someway to check if this Anders moved to Jämtland?

    Järnskog / Järnskog
    « skrivet: 2015-03-03, 12:16 »
    Kan noen hjelpe meg med å finne foreldre til ; Johanne Christine Fredriksdatter f 8. 2.1852 eller 1851 i Saxebyn i Jernskog , hun flyttet til Norge og ble gift der.Og  navn på eventuelle søsken .Dåps og andre opplysninger tas i mot med takk.
    Hun gifter seg for andre gang 2.8.1885 i Norge med Erik også kalt Edvard Anderson f 18.02.1846 i Høgsæte ?i Sverige .Opplysninger om han ønskes også.

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Korsman, Sven Axel
    « skrivet: 2007-03-07, 04:35 »
    I was given info about Sven Axel Korsman born April 10 1826 being in Stockholm census in 1855 and 1856. Then he disappeared - was not found in other census.
    I am hoping that someone will kindly see if he can be found in emigration records.
    Many thanks!

    I have recently found that Catharina was born in Stockholm 21 Sep 1811.
    How I hope someone will be able to find her birth record with parents.
    Thank you very much!

    Finska / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2011-11-15
    « skrivet: 2009-07-10, 20:09 »
    I finska församlingen bor enl AI:1 s. 119 Pigan Magdalena Westerström född 1755. Kan någon hjälpa mej med mer hjälp om henne?? det finns Wetsreström i Finland men jag finner inte just Magdalena. Det finns Westerström i Vuorentaka o i Sääksimäki men ingen Magdalena.
    Kan någon hjälpa mej??
    Magdalena blir gift med Anders Wahlbom, myntarbetare o de bor i finska församlingen i Stockholm o 3 barn föds där. Den sista 1793, Chatarina Magdalena.
    Jag är SÅ tacksam för hjälp!!!

    In Sweden his last name was most likely Johansson or Jonsson. He was born in Småland in 1859.
    The hope is to find his parents and siblings!
    He emigrated to the USA about 1880.
    Many thanks!

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Sven Persson
    « skrivet: 2005-07-10, 10:41 »
    Sven Persson was born 30 Dec 1862 in Baskemolle, Gladsax, Kristianstad. His parents were Pehr Andersson and Anna Svensdotter.
    Did Sven marry and have children? grandchildren?
    He was a younger brother to my great grandmother.
    It sure would be nice to find some of his living descendants.

    Sven Nilsson was born 12 Aug 1790 in Baskemolla, Gladsax, Kristianstad.
    I have not asked for information this far back but I am hoping it can be found.
    Can someone please find the names of his parents and grandparents?
    I have his wife and children so I do not need any of that info.
    Thanks to all the 'genealogy angels' in Sweden who are so helpful.

    I have not yet been able to trace Sven Axel from Fränninge (the parish of his birth) to where ever he may have gone. I also to not know whether he continued to use the name Korsman or maybe Carlsson or even some other name as some people in Sweden used to do. His exact birth date is 1826-4-10.
    A good volunteer gave me the information that Carl Fredrick Korsman (father of Sven Axel) went to Björka parish in 1846 and died there in 1850.
    It seems to me that maybe Carl went to that Björka parish because some of his family was there.
    I will be so happy if someone can find more information for me as to who else of Carl's family may have been in the parish where he died.
    He also had a son Anders Vilhelm born 1822 in Fränninge that I have not yet found where he went.
    Thanks to any who will help me!

    I have been given some information about these two people as follows:
    Sofia was born 22 October 1884 in Gladsax. Her parents were Gertrude Pehrsdotter and Lars Persson. She died 7 March 1957 in Gladsax.
    She married Anders Martinsson 20 December 1907.
    Anders was born 12 September 1882. He died 4 June 1953.
    I am very thankful to the kind lady who sent this to me. Gertrude Pehrsdotter was a sister to my great grandmother.
    Is there someone who can find this family with their children?
    Many thanks!

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Sofia Andersson
    « skrivet: 2005-09-11, 17:50 »
    Sofia Andersson {Andersdotter}was born 11/11/1875 in Vollsjo. Her parents were Dr. Anders Larsson and Elna Johansdotter Korsman.
    They lived in Volljo, Horby and Hogserod. But 1900 the family was living in Norra Skeflinge.
    Will someone please see if Sofia got married and had children?
    Many thanks,
    Georgina from Canada

    Pehr was born 24 May 1819 in Vik, Rorum,{sorry I do not use Swedish letters}. I am hope someone can find his death date.
    I was told that his wife Anna Svensdotter died in Mar 1865, I trust that is correct.  
    She was born and died in Gladsax.  
    All the Children were born in Gladsax.
    Some of her children were still very young in 1865.
    I wonder if Pehr married again.
    Many thanks!

    Olof was born in Baskemolla 30 May 1883. As an adult he chose to use the name Steiner and I believe he lived in Malmo. I do not know the name of his wife but they had a son Sture.
    I sure would be happy to get more information on this family.
    Many thanks,

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Oleander Persson
    « skrivet: 2005-04-30, 19:26 »
    Thanks to a kind volunteer I have been given the following information.
    Hanna, daughter of Anders Larsson and Elna Johansdotter Korsman was born 22 Apr 1879 in Wollsjo.
    By 1900 she was married to Oleander Persson, they had a daughter Agnes who was born in 1900 and the family lived in Norra Asum.  
    {sorry I live in Canada and my keyboard will not put the dots above the letters}
    I wonder, did they have more children? Are there any grandchildren still living?
    It would be so exciting to find living cousins in Sweden!
    My great grandfather was a brother to Elna and he came to America about 1882.

    I am finally learning a little Svenska.
    I have been given the birth place for Ola as Precsta, Vollsjö.
    Then his dotter Elna the birth place given is Prekesta, Frenninge.
    Are these correct places?
    What I would really like is a list of all the Villages in Frenninge parish and Vollsjö parish, if that is possible.
    Thank you very much!

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Månsson, Nils
    « skrivet: 2005-09-09, 14:27 »
    I am very anxious to know the family group of Nils. Will someone please look on Genline?
    I know he married Sofia Olsson b. 10 Nov 1875 in Gladsax. I have his birthdate as 1 June 1868.
    I believe this couple were in Rörum in the early 1900's where their children were born.
    I hope someone will find them together as a family!
    Many thanks!

    I am hoping to find more information on Elna Korsman who was born 13 Aug 1849 in Vollsjo parish. Which I am told was in Malmohus at that time.
    Her parents were Johan Gustav Korsman and Agnes Persdotter.
    Did she marry and have children?  
    It would be so wonderful to find some living great grandchildren of her.
    Her younger brother Pehr came to the USA in 1882 with his young family. He is my great grandfather.

    I am hoping to find more information on Anna Korsman who was born 18 Aug 1846 in Vollsjo parish. Which I am told was in Malmohus at that time.
    Her parents were Johan Gustav Korsman and Agnes Persdotter.
    Did she marry and have children?  
    It would be so wonderful to find some living great grandchildren of her.
    Her younger brother Pehr came to the USA in 1882 with his young family. He is my great grandfather.

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Kersti Persdotter
    « skrivet: 2005-07-10, 10:56 »
    Kersti Persdotter was born 28 Feb 1861 in Baskemolle, Gladsax, Kristianstad.
    Her parents were Pehr Andersson and Anna Svensdotter.
    Did Kersti marry and have children?  
    grand children?
    She was a younger sister to my great grandmother.
    It sure would be nice to find some of her living descendants.

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Hanna Persdotter
    « skrivet: 2005-07-10, 19:05 »
    Hanna Persdotter was born 13 Jan 1850 in Baskemolle, Gladsax, Kristianstad.
    Her parents were Pehr Andersson and Anna Svensdotter.
    Did she marry and have children?
    I will be so happy to find more information on Hanna and her family.
    Many thanks!

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Folke Mansson
    « skrivet: 2005-07-18, 23:13 »
    I am sorry that my keyboard will not make the dots above the Swedish letters
    I am looking for more information about Folke who lived at Tolanga 14, Sjobo, when his mother Sofia died in 27 Feb 1968 in Ullstorp, Tomelilla Township.
    I know that Sofia was the daughter of Hannah Persdotter and Ola Jonsson, born in Gladsax.
    I have been given the information that she married Nils Mansson 21 Nov 1902.
    I am hoping to find cousins still living in Sweden!
    Many thanks for any help!

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Ester Svensson
    « skrivet: 2005-07-19, 06:33 »
    I am eager to find living relatives in Sweden. I would ask for a direct email, please. I know living people should not be discussed on this site.  
    I do not know if Ester is still living or not.  Could someone check death index please?
    Ester Svensson {must be married name}was the daughter of Nils Mansson and Sofia Olsson.
    When her mother died in 1968, Ester was living at Gummarp 1, Loberod.
    Many thanks to anyone who can help!

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Dahlin, Hans
    « skrivet: 2005-07-02, 21:42 »
    I am very happy because I have been helped by so many kind people in Sweden as I work on my family tree.
    Hans Dahlin married Ulla who was a daughter of Carl Julius Anderson. She is on the list of his children as Ulla Dahlin at the time of his death April 1986 in Malmo. Ulla would be about age 74 at this time and she is a second cousin to my mother.  
    I am so anxious to get in touch with some of her children or grandchildren who would speak English. It is so exciting for me to find cousins in Sweden. Hopefully someone will email me directly.
    Ulla's grandparents were Anders Larsson and Elna Johansdotter Korsman. They raised their children in Vollsjo, Horby and Hogesrod.
    I am from Canada and my keyboard will not type some of the Swedish letters as they should be.
    Thank you so much for any help you can give with my request.

    I am so hoping to find the Parents of Catharina who was born about 1812. She was 41 years old when her daughter Anna was born in 1853 in Franninge
    I will be very happy if this information can be found.
    Many thanks!

    I am hoping that it will be possible for someone to find this ancestor of mine in Sweden during the years 1812 - 1815.
    I have information about him being in Hammerlunda parish 1815-1816 but he cannot be found there in earlier church records.
    I do not have much info for anyone to go on but I am hoping for a miracle.
    Many thanks!

    Information I have been given is that Carl Korsman married Catharina Sofia Carlsdotter.
    The three children I have for them are Johan {1819}, Anders {1822} and Anna {1825}all born in
    Bjelkhult, Franninge, Malmohus, Sweden.
    I hope someone who has access to genline will look up this family for me so I will have the birthdate and place for Catharina. Also Carl and Catharina's marriage date.
    Many thanks!

    Carl Julius was born 2 Oct 1889 to Elna Johansdotter Korsman and Anders Larsson in Hogeryd.
    A man named Carl Julius Andersson died April 1986 in Malmo.
    Is there some way to find out if this is the same person?
    I wonder, did he have any children? Would there be any living children or grandchildren?
    I would be very happy to find new cousins!
    My great grandfather was the brother of Elna.  
    He came to America in 1882.

    Carl was the son of Carl Julius Andersson and he was living in Malmo in 1986 when his father died.
    That is all I know about Carl Erik Andersson.
    I am hoping someone will be able to find more information about him.
    I would like to know children and grandchildren because they would be my cousins. My mother would be a first cousin to Carl Erik.
    My great grandparents emigrated to America.
    Much thanks for any help!

    Now that is an interesting name - I wonder if it is supposed to be Bengt.  
    Bernt is the way it is on familysearch.
    He married Anna Korsman 13 DEC 1873   Caroli Forsamling, Malmo, Malmohus, Sweden.
    If someone can find more info on this couple it would be greatly appreciated.
    Then most important information I wish to find is the parents of Anna Korsman who was born 1853
    in Franninge.
    Many thanks to anyone who can help me with this!

    A good volunteer send me the following but I do not remember who at the moment.
    Anna's mother was Catharina Korsman born 1811-9-21
    Korsman, Anna
    Piga (unmarried woman)  
    b. 8/18/1853 in Fränninge, Malmöhus län (Skåne)  
    Emigrated 4/29/1870
    from Hörby 8 Perstorp, Hörby, Malmöhus län (Skåne)
    to Danmark  
    Source: Household Examination Roll, p. 71
    Why was she in Perstorp? Was her mother there? Maybe her mother died there?
    It is interesting that Perstorp is close to the village of Stockholm where we think Catharina, mother of Anna was born.
    I will be very happy to have answers to my questions!

    Johan Alfred was born 6 Aug 1883 in Horby, Malmohus. His parents were Dr. Anders Larsson and Elna Johansdotter Korsman.
     In 1900 Census they are in Norra Skreflinge. In 1892 they had moved to Reslov.
    Did Johan Alfred marry and have children?
    I will be very happy to get more information on this family!
    Many thanks!

    Skartofta ( -1806) / Skartofta ( -1806)
    « skrivet: 2008-11-05, 17:16 »
    Jag söker hjälp med Jöns Larssons födelse och föräldrar 17551011 Ljungby (enligt Hus 1348.16.71400)Han gifte sig 1794 med Kristina Hindriksdotter,fick barn i pinnemöllan och dog där också ?????? stefan

    Hörby / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2009-12-16
    « skrivet: 2008-08-30, 14:02 »
    Hittade en dödsnotis i tidningen arbetet 1918 om en straffånge J. Persson från Hörby.
    En fånge från Hörby som hängt sig. Straffången J. Persson från Hörby, vilken den 1 februari i år av Malmö rådhusrätt dömdes till 5 års straffarbete för otukt, hängde sig i går natt i straffängelset i Jönköping i en snara, tillverkad av lakanet.

    Hörby / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2005-12-07
    « skrivet: 2001-12-04, 22:56 »
    Jag ser att det inte finns något för Hörby ännu. Jag har skrivit några frågor under efterlysningar, men eftersom de flesta av Sven Persson och Pernella/Pernilla Nelsson Perssons barn är födda i Hörby, tänkte jag försöka här. John eller Johan är född 24 juni 1858, sedan kommer Nels, Peter, Anders och Magdalena f 1866. Hon gifte sig sedan med en herr Helder. De flesta emigrerade ca 1890. Vore kul att hjälpa damen i USA som söker sin familj. Hälsningar Barbara

    Högseröd / Högseröd
    « skrivet: 2015-07-17, 13:53 »
    Hej Paul!
    Jag hoppas verkligen att detta intressanta källmaterial blir digitaliserat inom en snar framtid, men än så länge får man veva fram Lunds Weckoblad på mikrofilm (på UB i Lund).
    Mvh Markus

    Gladsax / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2010-04-28
    « skrivet: 2009-01-02, 17:31 »
    nu börjar det bli kämpigt men har hittat Pehr Andersson födsel i Baskemölla, de rörde inte så mycket på sig i denna familjen, tacksamt.
    Pehr född 1795-06-23
    fiskaren Anders Träfvedsson (närmaste jag kunde komma, bif. bild nedan) kan vara Trufvedsson, f 1745-03-26 i Baskem.
    hustru Janna Erlandsdotter f 1766-12-08 i Stiby (det finns både 1766 och 1764 som födelse för Janna)
    son Nils f 1789
    son Lasse !!!!!!!! f 1802-(otydligt)

    (Meddelandet ändrat av Lassew den 02 januari, 2009)
    (Meddelandet ändrat av Lassew den 02 januari, 2009)

    Fränninge / Fränninge
    « skrivet: 2014-12-25, 15:44 »
    Ja jag har hittat hon somär född i hörröd men efter henne har jag inte hittat fler.  Sen går de 8 år innan jag hittar familjen igen. Då i fränninge. Vet inte var de var innan för de borde ju ha föds fler barn under den tiden.

    Brösarp / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2010-06-11
    « skrivet: 2007-01-17, 23:31 »
    Hej Rolf,
    kan inte med säkerhet uttala mig om dödsfallet 1906 men i Hfl 1894 bor på Bertilstorp #7 Åbo Jöns Andersson, född 1823, med hustru Bengta samt deras gifta son Anders Jönsson, född 1858 5/12.  
    Din Anders bor enligt samma Hfl med föräldrarna och syskon på Brösarp 19 gatuhus.
    Så mycket talar nog för att det inte är din Anders som dör 1906.  

    Marta is a daughter of Marta Ljung and Edvard Strom.
    She was born 17 Nov 1903 in Mattmar Parish {I think} Marta died 15 Oct 1975 in Duved, Are
    I am looking for children or grandchildren of Marta Linnea Strom who married Westerberg {do not yet know his christian name} He died 6 Aug 1960 probably in Duved, Are.  
    Marta Ljung is a younger sister to my grandfather.

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Strom, Emma
    « skrivet: 2005-04-11, 01:50 »
    Emma was the daughter of Marta Ljung and Edvard Strom, born in Alsen Parish 4 Jan 1892.
    Emma died 1 May 1973 in Duved, Are.  
    I am looking for children or grandchildren of Emma Strom who married Jonsson {do not yet know his christian name.} He died 16 Mar 1966 probably in Duved, Are.
    Marta Ljung is a younger sister to my grandfather.

    These are the way the names are in 1890 Swedish Census. Marta was a daughter of Nils Ljung and Sigrid Pettersdotter, born in Aflo 18 Mar 1868.
    I wish to have more information on this family, especially to find living relatives.

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Ljung, Sigrid
    « skrivet: 2005-04-06, 17:18 »
    Sigrid Ljung was born 25 Feb 1864 in Aflo. Her parents were Nils Ljung and Sigrid Pettersdotter.
    I found her in 1890 Census, still in Aflo, with a son Nils Irenes who was born 1885.
    They are not found in 1900 Census.
     I sure would like to find out where they moved to or what happened to them?

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Ljung, Olof
    « skrivet: 2005-04-04, 15:25 »
    Olof was still in the home of his parents, Nils Ljung and Sigrid Pettersdotter, in 1880 Census.
    But I do not find him in 1890 Census. I wonder, did he die before 1890 or did he move somewhere else?
    Olof was born in Aflo, 20 Dec 1865.
    Sure do hope to find more info about him!

    Eric was born 26 May 1786 in offerdal. His parents were Olof Larsson and Cherstin Larsdotter.
    I do not know if he remained in Offerdal. Also another possiblity is that he was a soldier and had a different last name as most soldiers did.
    I am hoping that information can be found about his marriage and children.
    Many thanks!

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Rundvik, Hans Erik
    « skrivet: 2005-04-19, 22:41 »
    Will someone please help me to find the parents of Hans Erik Rundvik who was born in Falun in 1844 ?
    Thank you so much!

    Efterlysningar (stängd för nya rubriker) / Greta Sundgren
    « skrivet: 2005-04-19, 23:35 »
    Greta Sundgren married Carl Magnus Runvik and they had a son Carl Gustaf Rundvik born 9 Feb 1843 in Falun.  
    Did they have anymore children?
    Sure do thank anyone who can give me more information.

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