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Visa inlägg - Susanne Eriksson

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Tärendö / Söker information
« skrivet: 2019-01-27, 16:37 »
Söker information om

Gustav Erik Engström f 1812 avliden 1875 Saittijärvi. Har inga spår bakåt att följa. Det första spåret är folkräkningarna 1870
Hustrus Anna Greta karlsdotter f 1820 Saittijärvi Pajala anor har gått lättare att hitta.
Mvh Susanne

Godegård / Kullen
« skrivet: 2018-06-16, 10:57 »
Har varit ute i Norra Godegård och tittat på vart vissa torp legat. Under Norrgården finns Lilla fisketorp, Fisketorp , Samsala lilla samsala och skolhuset. Dessa har jag hittat tack vare  gedigen torpinventering. Dessa torp ligger efter varandra, men har inte kunnat lokalisera Kullen som också låg under Norrgården. Är det någon som vet vart det låg på ett ungefär.
Mvh Susanne

Haraker / Haraker
« skrivet: 2017-08-14, 13:12 »
Undrar om någon kan hjälpa mig med följande:
Utflyttningslängd Haraker B:3(188-1904) Bild 23 Utflyttningsnummer 105 6/11
Dräng Per Agust Pettersson kan ej läsa vart han flyttar.
MVH Susanne

Har sökt en del på egen hand men ej lyckats hitta den här familjen.
Gustav Fredrik Gustavson f 1845 Svensk Gunhild Leanderson f ca 1847 Norgesamt dottern Hansine f 1868 Norge emigrerar från Norge med Henderson Scotia Brothers 3 october 1871 med Henderson Scotia Brothers till Qubec. Gunhilds bror Gustav Leanderson reser med samma fartyg.
Tacksam för info och idéer
Mvh Susanne


Vigsel mellan Christhoper Bäckman och Maja-Lisa Kjällman 1774-07-11
Har svårt att tyda hela vigseltexten vore  oerhört tacksam om någon kunde hjälpa mig.
MVH Susanne

Julita / Julita Födelsebok 1786
« skrivet: 2017-01-24, 19:24 »
Den 15/6 1786 Julita C:2 1734-1799 bild 1330/sid 129 får som jag läst Jan Larsjon och Anna Andersdotter en dotter Stina.Kan inte läsa vart de bor.
Vore tacksam för hjälp
MVH Susanne

Östra Eneby / Östra Eneby, C:2, födelsebok
« skrivet: 2011-06-01, 23:46 »
Undrar om någon möjligen kan utläsa om det föds en Catharina Pärsdotter 1726 i Östra Eneby.
MVH Susanne

Rinna / Rinna Gid 356.13.16600
« skrivet: 2011-07-29, 16:02 »
Jag undrar om någon kan hjälpa mig att tyda Gid 356.13.16600 bild 113 nr 22 Lars Nydahls yrke och dödsorssak.
MVH Susanne

Björkvik / Björkvik A1:8a bild168/sid162
« skrivet: 2014-10-19, 19:30 »
Jag undrar om det är någon som möjligen kan hjälpa mig och tyda varifrån Soldat Jöns Brandt F1796 samt hans hustru BritaStina Skogberg f1775 kom ifrån. Det finns en klammer om familjen, där brevid står det. Alla deras barn är födda i Björkvik. Jag har ägnat mycket tid åt att försöka följa familjen bakåt i tiden utan resultat. Soldaten och hans hustru kommer till Sörby soldattorp 1992.  
Med vänlig hälsning Susanne

I wonder if anyone can give me some advice how I can search for my aunt and uncle in USA probebly Illinois.
They emigrated from Denmark 1 december 1947, with their two small children Margit and Ben. I have found an Obutary in Chicago Tribune on Svend Rasmussen (born 1911 died 1961) The children name is in the Obutary but nor my aunts (born 1917 in Sweden. He was not buried at the Acasia Park only cremated so their is no plot their.
Its not so long ago do Ancestory have information from this time.

Old topics - From Emigrants (2003-2004) / Axel theodore hessell
« skrivet: 1999-04-12, 19:53 »
I seek to learn the real identity of the above named man. In a autobiography entitled Frarbor Slokum he claimed to be an orphan raised by foster parents who recieved financial support from a rich uncle. He reports that he was shouted in for by a nice couple and after he reached a certian age was taken in by the Uncle who put him to work in the family business. Upon graduation from lower school he was sent to a Tech. school on Master Samuels street in Stockholm. He didnt like the school and hung around with the students from the Royal Drama school and even entered that school and was in a play put on by the Royal Theater. When his uncle learned of this he was taken ot of Stockholm and sent to a local Tech school. Upon graduation he left his uncles household and went to Gotland where he married and eventually came to America.  
We have found an Axel Theodore Hessell born in Drothem, Oestergotland Feb.1840. He was from a family of eight children and his father was a successful merchant in and around the Linkoping, Norrkoping, Soderkoping area. This Axel did attend the Tech. school on Master Samuels st. but never left Sweden. After working in the Iron Foundry business in many of the towns in Northern Sweden he came to Stockholm, married for the first time and retired. He died childless in 1922 in Stockholm.  
The man I seek left Gotland for the States in 1869 and was followed by his wife and infant daughter several months later. After living in several cities in the Mid Western states he and his six children and wife settled down in Chicago. He died there in 1912. I am his great grandson. My grandfather was Ellis Theodore Hessell, the third child of the man I know as Axel T. Hessell. BUT, that doesnt appear to be his name. The real Axel never left Sweden, never had children and died in 1922. My Axel left Sweden in 1869 never to return, had six children and died 1912 in Chicago.
I am following the line that my Axel is a cousin of the real Axel and that the rich Uncle who helped support him is Johan Peter Hessell, a business man who died in Soderkoping (St Laurentii) May 27, 1861. He had eight children and might have found it hard to take in a small child, so allowed the nephew to be raised by foster parents until such time as he could take care of himself. As both Johan Peter and his wife Carolina Gustafva (Westerberg) Hessell had brothers and sisters it is possible that he is a nephew.
 My Axel disputes his birth date and so far in my research I have found three date ranging between 1837 and 1842. None of them can be confirmed by the household examination records. He doesn't name his birth town and the only mention of it is a reference to the fact that he was born in a sea side resort. Most of the fact that pertain to his growing up seem to indicate he was raised in Soderkoping. He writes of a minister named de Besche and a rector name Vidgren. Both of these people were in Soderkoping. de Besche was a minister in Soderkoping from 1830 to 1860 and Vidgren was the rector at Lagre allmanna laroverket.
He did mention three chums who he was involved with in lower school and with whom he graduated.
Specific questions:1) As shouting in seemed to be a way of placing foundlings with foster parents I would think that there must be some kind of record of what child was place with who and what kind of financial help the foster parents recieved from the establishment that placed the children. Where would these records be kept?
2) Is it possible to find rosters of the differant schools mentioned? It is my hope that if I can find the Soderkoping  Lower school roster for the period between 1847-57, locate the three chums, then compare the names on the Lower school roster with those on the roster of the Master Samuel st. Tech. Inst and th Royal drama scool I might come up with a match. The three rosters that I seek would be; The Soderkoping Lagre allmanna laroverket 1847-57; The Tech. Inst. Master Samuels St. 1855-65 and the Royal Drama School. 1855-65.
We are following the families of Johan Peter and His wife but so far not much success. The autobiography is almost void of dates, place names, family names and other important information that could be of help. It was written when my Axel was 71 and he seems to compress time. He mentions events that seem  to overlap. It gives the impression that he is combining the lives of at least two people. I am sure he knew the family of Johan Peter as what he writes about that part of his life is verifiable. We are aslo sure that our Axel was an educated man. When he arrived on Gotland (Burgsvik) he was asked to and did become the teacher in a private school supported by the local people of Burgsvik. He became a Baptist and was appointerd a minister. In the states he did many things, as most green horns did.; he was a laborer, farmer, sweet shop owner,type setter, publisher of a weekly Swedish language newspaper, writer for many Swedish journals. When he died he was written about in many Swedish American papers and in a book on Swedish American writers Pennfaktare by Ernst Skarstedt he was praised.
We know that we have the right man as we can verify all of his time on Gotland as well as his marriage to Olivia Ockander of Oja parish. We have not verified his leaving Gotland but have the records of Olivia leaving with her infant daughter.  And we do have then together in Omaha Neb. in the US census of 1870.  
But who is he? Not the Axel T Hessell born in Drothem in 1840! But Who!!!!!!  
I would appreciate any suggestions or help you can offer.    
Sam L. Eadie, 2010 Lake St. Wilmette 60091 IL.

Hej! Undrar om nån kan hjälpa eller har något tips. Söker efter Astrid F 1917-05-08, maken Svend Charly F 1911 hennes son Bent F ca 1940 samt dottern F ca 1942. De emigrerade tillsammans till USA i December 1947.
Nu har jag sökt och fått endast en träff på var och en av dessa på internet Ancestory och det är New York Passengers Lists ,1820-1957. Då jag inte har något medlemskap där visas det ett litet lås.Vad kan man få ut av själva passagerarlistan brukar det stå någon destination vart de tog vägen efter båtresan.
Nu grunnar jag på om att våga försöka mig på ett medlemskap hos ancestory och om det kan vara värt det eftersom inga fler träffar om andra uppgifter om dessa människor kommer upp.
Tacksam för tips och råd

De emigrerade till USA 1/12 1947. Enligt Danska register. Förmodligen Illinois. Hade två barn med. En son och en dotter. Svend var från Köpenhamn och Astrid från Sverige. Först bodde de i Köpenhamn tillsammans som gifta från 1939 hon emigrerade dit.
Det ända jag har funnit är en dödsannons som troligtvis är Svends i Chicago Tribune kremerades på Acasia Park men begravdes inte där. Barnen finns med i dödsannonsen men inte Astrid min moster. Snälla tar tacksamt emot råd och tips hur jag ska fortsätta att söka. Jag har letat i 4 år.
Svend födelsenr. 19111109
Astrids (kallad Asta) 19170508
MVH Susanne

Allmänt / Fartygen som gick mellan Köpenhamn New York 1947
« skrivet: 2007-07-19, 22:37 »
Är det någon som vet på ett ungefär hur lång tid det tog att resa med fartyg mellan Köpenhamn och New York 1947?

S / Sundby
« skrivet: 2011-01-27, 23:28 »
Jag undrar om något vet var Uppgården, Mellangården och Sörgården var belägna i Sundby socken Eskilstuna Södermanland. Tilsammans om jag förstått rätt bildade de Sundby by.  
MVH Susanne

Utö / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2002-08-04
« skrivet: 1998-12-21, 23:20 »
 Jag har ett icke datoriserat register över befolkningen från kyrkböckernas början till början av 1900-talet.

Trosa stadsförsamling / Trosa stadsförsamling
« skrivet: 2012-05-12, 14:10 »
I mtl 1717 heter stadens borgmästare ännu (Kristoffer) Holmgren. Gustav Ståhlbom återfinns vid denna tid i Berga i landsförsamlingen. Han tycks sedan ha innehavt borgmästareämbetet ända fram till sin död 1737. Enligt dödboken begravs han den 4 november och läggs i stadskyrkans högkor. Han uppges vara 68 år och 20 veckor gammal.  
Efterträdaren, Jakob Ståhlbom, ser ut att vara identisk med sonen, som omnämns i mtl. Han finns inskriven i såväl stadens som landsförsamlingens mtl. Hemvisten är Berga, se t.ex. födelsenotisen för borgmästare Jakob Ståhlboms och Mad. Christina Nordahls dotter, Brita Christina, 1/1 1738.  
mtl 1715, 1717, 1727-1740
Trosa stadsförsamling CI:1 (1708-1767) sid 209, maskinpag: sid 98
Trosa landsförsamling C:1 (1720-1801)  sid 35

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