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Visa inlägg - Carl Wolf

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Hej, I would appreciate help with translation of a birth record from the Kristianstad/Simrishamn parish births 1761-1813, GID 1699.30.88200.  The fourth one on the page, 16 Sep 1766 is a child named Reinholt.  I can read the first few words:  födde och samma dag döpte (born and the same day baptised) but then I can't read any of the next few words until nämnet Reinholt, (named Reinholt).  Also can you read the first name of the woman listed immediately after this who has the surname Nilsdotter -- would this be his mother?  I know that the text that follows is the godparents and witnesses.
Happy new year to all and thank you for the help.

Archive - Swedish language / Karlskrona Death Book Entry
« skrivet: 2007-08-21, 17:25 »
In GID #1761.67.81100 (Karlskrona Stad deaths, 1772-1846), 30 Jan 1832 is the entry for Arbetodrängen Peter Petersson's Hustru Bengta Pehrsdotter's death.  What does it say in parentheses at the end of the entry (På _____)?
Tack för hjälpen!

I would appreciate very much if someone would look at GID #1623.73.89800 (Augerum household exam for 1852-57), and tell me to where Anders Petersson (9th person from the bottom, born in 1834/son of Peter Andersson and Brita Svensdotter) has moved?  It looks like to S N (maybe Södra N?) in either 1853 or 1855.
His sister Johanna listed two lines below moved in 1853 to Augerum #31 and I did find her with her new husband and children at GID #1623.73.92300;  but I am unable to find Anders in the Augerum household exam records.
Tusen tack för hälpen!

Does anyone know in which parish Kropstorp or Krogstorp is located, in Skåne Province?

Need some lookup help for her and her spouse and children.
She born 23 Dec 1857 to Adolfo Fredrik Abrahamson and Johanna Johansdotter in  
Hjulhemmet, Vastra Ny, Ostergotland, Sweden.
She had at lest one daughter Sigrid M Jonson or Peterson who imigrated 3/28/1900.
Can you see who Hilda's husband was and what all children did they have.  Who else immigrated?

Tegelslagaren Anders Gustaf Söderberg född 8 februari 1847 i Karbenning gifte sig i Ramnäs den 27 december 1870 med Johanna Matilda Abramsdotter född 16 augusti 1850 i Seglingsberg.
Karbenning C:5 bild 13/AD
Ramnäs C:4 bild 38

Anders o Johanna fick minst två barn:
- Tekla Augusta född 1 februari 1871 på Vesterbyhytta
- Karl Gustaf född 1 april 1873 i Söderbärke
Söderbärke C:10 bild 243
Familjen utvandrade till Amerika i mars 1888.
Hur många familjemedlemmar var med på emigrationen?
Med vänlig hälsning

I am looking for Mr. Olof Kullberg, born 1869-06-25. He get married 1892-04-22 with Emilia Andreasdotter. They emigrated to the US 1892-07-11 from the harbour of Malmö and was registrated in New York 1892-07-21 according to Source Emigration, 1783-1951. Database: Emihamn. Source code: 182:3633:7740. After his military service at artillery group in Krisitanstad town, he changed his surname from Kullberg to Berg, which he used in the US.  
I am also looking for Emilia Andreasdotter born in Loshult, Skåne län, Sweden 1867-04-03, before she married Mr. Olof Berg. The reason for my notification of mission person depends on her earlier journey to the US and return back to Sweden because of her fathers death. The next journey was made in 1892.See above. What I know so far is information in Source Emigration, 1783-1951 about Emilia Andreasdotter first travel to the US.  
Accessible information is: Destination: Escanaba. Record Date: 5 may 1887. Port of Departure: Malmö. Archive Call Number: 1887:2024:4250. Database: Emihamn.  
According to the Parish Church Register of Pjätteryd, Kronoberg County, Sweden, Emilia was leaving Pjätteryd 12 apr 1887. Therefore the Record Date: 5 may 1887 makes sense.
I am also looking for and can´t find information of is the way back to Sweden in 1890. According to the Parish Church Register of Pjätteryd, Kronoberg County, Sweden, Emilia arrived to Pjätteryd 14 sep 1890. In other words emigration records like Port of Departure, Date of Departure. Corresponding information as in the Source Emigration. But from the US to Sweden.
Is there any information regarding Mr. Olof Berg and Ms Emilia Andreasdotter fate in the US? Especially among genealogists of the Kullberg family? I don´t know anything after their arrival in New York.

I would like to know what happened to these siblings:
Nils Wiktor, b Nov 1, 1877 in Rickerum, Äsphult parish, Skåne.
Hanna Wiktor, b May 6, 1880 in Rickerum, Äsphult parish, Skåne.
They emigrated from Sweden to America on July 21, 1899  
and were heading for Osceola, Nebraska where their half brother  
August Johansson (b Apr 16, 1871 in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) lived.

I am looking for the date that my great grandfather emigrated to America from Sweden. I'm not sure what part of Sweden he was born in, but his name is AXEL OLSSON (changed when he came to America) originally would have been OLOFSSON - his date of birth is April 16, 1869 and his parents are OLOF BENGTSSON (B:7/19/1837 D:4/22/1923) and KARNA ANDERSDOTTER. Olof and Karna married on 12/30/1864 and they had 6 children:  Matilda 2/22/1865-1946, Elof 1/10/1867, Axel 4/16/1869, Oskar 5/12/1871, Alfhilda 6/12/1873-6/17/1964, and Hilda 9/30/1875. (The only thing I know about location is that at some point, OLOF lived in Hissmossa, if that helps)  I also would like any information on AXEL's wife CAROLINE (I think her last name was Nilsson) she was born 1/10/1875 and was from Onslunda Skane. They both left Sweden for America (at different times) and ended up in Indiana, where they both died. Its possible Axel's year of immigration was 1887, but I'm not positive. Caroline's may have been 1892? Any information on AXEL, CAROLINE and also KARNA (ANDERSDOTTER) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I am looking for Adolf Fredrik Johansson (b Nov (or Jan) 14, 1875 in Lönneberga) and his wife Maria Sofia Andersdotter (b Mar 20, 1874 in Hjorted). They got married in 1900. He was a preacher from Finnerödja parish when he emigrated to America on May 7, 1906.
His wife and their three children emigrated four days later.
The children were
Knut Henry, b Jul 7, 1895 in Hjorted (he was Maria's illegitimate son)
Greta Hortensia, b Jun 12, 1901 in Tryserum
Lisa Maria, b Apr 19, 1903 in Tryserum
I don't know where in America they settled, if they had more children, or when or where they died.
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