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Visa inlägg - Donna Sutton

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I am looking for the household exam of the village of Svenneby for 1730-1738 or something that will give me the people in that village for that timeframe.  I have searched that household exam and Svenneby is not listed in the index nor is it shown on any of the pages.
I am looking for Nils Jonsson born in 1734.  There are two from Svenneby.  I believe mine is the one married to Kjerstin Olsdotter (b.1732).  However, I can't find him before 1750.  In the 1750-1752 household exam, he is living as a "boy" with I think his two sisters Anna and Marit ("girls") with Olof Olofsson and his wife Ingeborg Hakensdotter.  He lives with Olof Olofsson and wife Ingeborg and eventually marries (I believe) their daughter Kjerstin.
I have found a possible birth records for Nils, Anna and Marit, with parents Jon Jonsson and Ingebor Olofsdotter.
I have found death records for a Jon Jonsson (d.1739) and an Ingeborg Olofsdotter (d.1748).  If these are his parents, that would account for his living with Olof Olofsson and wife Ingeborg. 
There is a Nils Olofsson on page 218 of the 1741-1749 household exam who has his sister Ingeborg and brothers Erik and Olof (Olofsson) living with him.  Could this be the Olof Olofsson of the 1750-1752 household exam and Ingeborg Olofsdotter the mother of Nils, Anna and Marit?  But the children don't show up on the 1741-1749 household exam.
I'm wondering if his parents did die and he is a foster child?  But why can't I find him before 1750?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you.

General questions / N:IS and N:SS in Household Exams
« skrivet: 2017-11-03, 02:34 »
Hej, My ancestor, Lars Ersson born 1798, in this household exam:  Fryksände AI:14 (1812-1821) Image 153 / page 146 (AID: v10906.b153.s146, NAD: SE/VA/13131), shows N:IS next to his name and the person below him has N:SS.  Could someone tell me what those two abbreviations mean?  I haven't been able to find them anywhere.  Tack!

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