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Visa inlägg - James Jellison

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Can anyone tell me whether Misterhult Parish in Kalmar Län was a site of military activity during the period 1890 to 1895?  I would like to learn more about the family of Karl Johan Blomqvist and Emma Lovisa Larsdotter that I believe lived there during that time.  Family tradition is that Karl Johan Blomqvist may have been a member of the Swedish military.  Before and after that time, they lived in Österplana, Skaraborg Län.  According to Swedish emigration records, three sons were born in Misterhult:  Karl Gustaf, 1892; Johan Albin, 1893-10-27; and Hjalmar Engelbekt, 1895-07-30.  I have not found complete source documentation for these latter facts.  I would be very grateful for any information regarding Misterhult for this time period.  Was this a large parish at the time?  I was surprised at the large number of pages found in the household examination book for that period of time.

Based on documentation from my morfar, I believe that Jan Eric Ericsson born 14 February 1852 in Kumla, Västmanland was his father.  I confirmed the birth date given by my morfar in the Kumla church birth records and also Kumla Household examination for 1846-1855 (p.104), 1856-1860 (p.275), and 1861-1869 (p.284).  He was named Johan Eric at Christening, but Jan Eric in latter records.  I seek reliable documentation regarding Jan Eric's emigration from Sweden to Amerika.  I find nothing after 1869.  I find no moving out records. In 1861-1869 he lived at a place called Wad in Kumla.  Any suggestions about how to proceed?

Archive - General questions / Emihamn Källkod
« skrivet: 2010-03-15, 17:44 »
The Källkod (code of source) given by Emihamn provides the volume number, page number, and passenger number.  However, I have not discovered from my Swedish version of Emigranten Populär how to access the source documentation.  I would like to learn the name of the specific ship.  Can you tell me how to do this?

Does anyone know more about this family? Johannes Jonasson, born February 1852 in Tanseryd, Tannåker, Kronoberg (Jönköping).  He was the son of Jonas Eriksson born May 28, 1822 in Dannäs Parish, Kronoberg and Maria Stina Ericsdotter, born April 20, 1830. Johannes emigrated with his mor and far from  Tannåkerto North America in 1854.  They are found in the Tanseryd, Tannåker, Kronoberg House Examination  for 1852-1858, page 57.

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