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Meddelanden - David Arvidson

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Discussions in English / SV: Berglunds
« skrivet: 2021-02-03, 05:39 »
Thank you very much.  I never would have figured this out on my own.

Discussions in English / Berglunds
« skrivet: 2021-02-02, 21:45 »
I am trying to get some information about a father, Johan Adolf Andersson Berglund, and his two sons, Axel Teodor and Anders Eskil Rudolf.

In 1931, Johan Adolf was living with his wife and daughter in Nässjö.  I can next find him in Vetlanda

line 1 of

It seems that this is showing that he was living in Norra Sandsjö, moved to Vetlanda, and then moved back within about a month.  His wife is not listed. 

Within, I cannot find any books for Norra Sandsjö.  I can find books for Södra Sandsjö.  Am I not looking in the right place or do the books for Norra Sandsjö not exist? 

Axel Teodor and Anders Eskil appear on the same page and also on

I am trying to get an explanation of the text that appears on the right side of the pages.

My guess is that sometime in 1932 Anders Eskil fathered a child named Karin Birgit.  Is that correct?  If so, can you determine any of the other details?

My guess is that Axel Teodor might have been married and then divorced a woman named Gerda Persson from Högbo.  Is that correct?

Can you translate the remaining text about Axel Teodor?  It references Rockford and Chicago, IL.  I know that Axel Teodor had left Sweden and returned, but I do not have any details about where he was during that time.

Thank you for your help.

Discussions in English / Help finding emigrants
« skrivet: 2021-01-12, 15:26 »
I am researching some distant relatives, so I have no first hand knowledge of their lives.  I have had good luck tracking people through the parish records on, but I often cannot find them after they emigrate to North America.  I hope you can help me find these particular people and/or that you can give me some ideas of where to search next.

Some of the people I have researched did not stay in the United States very long and they returned to their families in Sweden.  I was usually able to figure that out using the census information.

Right now, I am trying to find the six children of Anders Johan Johannisson and Maja Stina Johannisdotter.  In the late 1880s and early 1890s they lived at Torp Torneberg, Bondstorp, Jönköping.  It appears that all six children left for North America but none of them left together.

Johanna Andersdotter                                   born 12-4-1863     left 12-4-1888

Bondstorps kyrkoarkiv, Inflyttningslängder, SE/VALA/00039/B I/3 (1888-1900), bildid: C0019883_00009

Emma Christina Andersdotter                   born 7-7-1865       left 24-3-1889

Bondstorps kyrkoarkiv, Husförhörslängder, SE/VALA/00039/A I/17 (1888-1900), bildid: C0019880_00154, sida 141

Johan August Andersson                          born 25-10-1868     left 18-6-1888

Bondstorps kyrkoarkiv, Husförhörslängder, SE/VALA/00039/A I/16 (1881-1887), bildid: C0019879_00081, sida 70

Hulda Maria ANDERSDOTTER                    born 11-4-1872      left 3-4-1892

Tofteryds kyrkoarkiv, Inflyttningslängder, SE/VALA/00379/B I/3 (1874-1891), bildid: C0023364_00084

Augusta Karolina Andersdotter                 born 7-5-1874        left 9-2-1893

Bondstorps kyrkoarkiv, Husförhörslängder, SE/VALA/00039/A I/17 (1888-1900), bildid: C0019880_00154, sida 141

Karl Wilhelm Andersson                          born 26-5-1877        left 17-4-1896

Bondstorps kyrkoarkiv, Inflyttningslängder, SE/VALA/00039/B I/3 (1888-1900), bildid: C0019883_00018

I used to research the Ellis Island records and had no luck finding any of them.

Are you able to find any information on these on any of these people once they enter the United States? 

Do you have any suggestions of where I should look to find out more about what happened to them?

There are other cousins of this family and they are also people where I cannot find records after they emigrated to North America. I am hoping that information you can find out about this particular branch of the family will help me find records of their cousins.

Thank you for your time.

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