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Meddelanden - Thomas Vikander

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Förkortningar / HPR.
« skrivet: 2015-03-18, 22:15 »
Thanks, Elov ! The inscription is on the edge of a silver plate a friend here inherited from his Swedish mom. He eats peanuts off it ! They will taste even better now.

Förkortningar / HPR.
« skrivet: 2015-03-18, 19:43 »
Please translate to English. Thank you.

Yrken på Engelska / Yrken på Engelska
« skrivet: 2015-03-04, 00:20 »
Likely, sawyer if he is doing the sawing. This word is used in British Columbia, today.

I tried the name, Grafenauer and found the BC Death Registration of a John Grafenauer, 1982-08-21. The document shows, Esther Hildegard Pearson as his wife, now his widow.  
The Informant on the document is a daughter, Mrs. E. McMahon of Creston BC.
So the research now goes to looking for information about Mrs. E. McMahon and any children she may have.
It is also possible that both these women also have siblings who may have children.

Good work, Maud !  
I wish to add that near the bottom of the Marriage Record of John George Pearson it indicates the marriage took place at the Home of someone in Fernie, BC.
This weekend I will try finding more information on the name of the daughter on the John George Pearson BC Death Registration.

20) Engelska / Yrke i passagerarlista till Kanada 1905
« skrivet: 2014-08-09, 03:51 »
In Canada, 'joiner' means a carpenter skilled in finer work such as cabinet making.

BCArchives show the Father's Death Registration:
Name: Per Witalis Johnson   
Place: Nelson   
Reg. Number: 1943-09-625206   Copy Available
Date: 1943 6 25 (Yr/Mo/Day)   
Age: 79   
Event: Death   
Microfilm #: B13179   (GSU # 1953639)
The Royal BC Museum does not yet show the image of the Death Registration.

Dear moderator:
I think all or most of the above actually belongs below the following entries and questions found at:
as Bo Nordenfors kindly pointed out, 28 Mars 2014. Anbytarforum would not allow me to add more information there so I added it here.
And that is why I show broderns death registration.

I am unable to add any more information at the page Bo Nordenfors shows us.
At the Royal BC Museum website there is a genealogy search engine:
Here you can see his brother, Eric Gunnar Swang s  BC Death Registration, but they have not made available an image of the BC Death Registration for John Daniel A. Swang: a40399e0-0cdf-47e0-8ae8-392dd1c585ab

I'll see what I can find next week, in the archives here in Ganges on Salt Spring I. BC.
At the BC Archives in Victoria, BC:
Call Number: GR-3016  
Title: Victoria probate/estate files 1950-1981  
there is this listing:
B16653 Mortenson, Arthur Emanuel                      775/1958.
I may not be able to get to Victoria until January to have look at the Probated Will.

Datorprogram (övriga) / Surfplatta
« skrivet: 2013-10-02, 03:10 »
Could it be that you are logged into both devices, side by side, at the same time

At BC Archives:
        BC Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Carl Lundstron
   Event Date:     1910 11 19 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            18
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    Fernie
   Reg. Number:    1910-09-167690
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13105
   GSU Microfilm Number: 1927133
Note the different spelling of his surname.
This Death registration is not online at Royal British Columbia Museum:
I can look up his Death Registration and search for additional information.

07) Litteratur om latin / Latin för Släkthistoriker (ordbok)
« skrivet: 2013-09-03, 00:43 »
Good work and thank you.

Emigrationen till USA / Båtregister / passagerarlistor
« skrivet: 2013-08-13, 02:40 »
I'm no expert about this, however a guess may be that it is a part of a geophysical data description of the vicinity where Andrew Johnson lives. p-erhaps S.E.C. means Section as in:

At click on Search in the upper left corner. Next page, type in From Sod to Solar : Fielding, Lilac, Maymont, Ruddell, and click the Search word. Next page, click on the book. Next page, enter Charlie Johnson in the 'Search this book'. Click on Search and you will then find quite a bit of information including a photo. Pages 255-256 have most details.Quite the story.
(Meddelandet ändrat av thomasvikander 2013-07-24 02:06)

North Towanda is in Pennsylvania. North Tonawanda is in New York State and is part of the city of Buffalo. So it's most likely North Tonawanda is being talked about above.

More than likely, CALYPSO, the ship, would have reached Quebec, Canada on the St. Lawrence River and Per with daughter Kerstin would have gone by train to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

At change to 'text' in the Search area and enter ''Rotvik and you get 3 books and the pages where the name appears. Your questions aren't answered but there is more information. One guess is that Anna who married a Söderstrom my have followed a family member to Oregon. If I read correctly.

17 - Emigration / Söka i amerika med bara lite uppgifter
« skrivet: 2013-02-24, 00:54 »
Just had a look at some of your previous postings and there has been no mention that Amerika, (sometimes Nord Amerika)entered in a church record etc., could also include Canada. Some emigrants came to Canada enroute to USA, and some of those opted to stay in Canada. Others were emigrating to Canada even though their papers may have said, Amerika.
Depending on the decade of departure, some ships left continental Europe, say Hamburg, and went directly to North America, bypassing England.

A small detail, perhaps, but they were living in Chase BC which is 52 km. from Salmon Arm BC.

Sonja, the page comes up instantly when you click on the purple link. The Garnet Willis interview. The second tape, Call Number:T1096:0002, followed by its description.
Two questions:
Did August Carlson work in a dairy.
Did his wife have relatives living in Nanaimo.
Best regards,

I'll try to chase down where this newspaper holding would be located.
There is a sound recording at the BC Archives which contains several stories about August Carlson: %20carlson%2B%2B%2B%2B/1
This may be one and the same person as 'your' August Carlson.

I would like to know the origin of the information about how you know about this newspaper and where the photocopies of the photos came from. There must be an archive where this came from.

I cannot find it at:
Perhaps if you can give me the names of the people or other information, I can search further at the Archives.

I always start at the BC Archives site:,Marriages,Deaths
The reason is that I can choose Approximate Match from the drop down menu under the Using Option heading.
The result is this spelling of his name:
        Name:     Carl Lundstron
        Event Date:     1910 11 19 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            18
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    Fernie
   Reg. Number:    1910-09-167690
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13105
   GSU Microfilm Number: 1927133
Then, returning to the Museum site I enter the Lundstron spelling and I get the result we want, but for some reason no image is attached.

Strange. I can find all 3 at the site Maud cited. Click on the jpg image line and you will see the record.

Some more approximate spellings of Bengtsson found at the BC Archives: Bengtson, Bangtsson, Bentson, Bensson, even Berntsson. And keep checking Benson names aswell.

Many Swedes left for Ironwood, Michigan, USA when the mines opened up in the mid 1880's. And numerous immigrants to the US travelled from Europe, through the Canadian ports of Quebec or Montreal, or others. It's possible that this was the route Mr. Bengtsson travelled.

Olof Alfred Eliasson seems to be Alfred Olaf Noren in the Royal BC Museum's Vital Events Listings at:
At this site we have something new to help researchers---images of the documents---all for free. Not all images are yet available, nor are all vital events listed.
You can find Alfred Olaf Noren's Death Registration pictured here. But I could not find his wife's.
It's a good idea to always start your researching at the BC Archives:
There you can find his wife:
BC Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Kristina Sarah Noren
   Event Date:     1969 1 14 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            84
   Gender:         female
   Event Place:    Comox
   Reg. Number:    1969-09-001599
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13294
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2034055

From Disney's film, Bambi, If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Now that's Disney !
Happy New Year and let's be kind to each other, Jan.

In the link above to Northern Lutheran Cemetery (actually Norden Lutheran Cemetery) there are photos at the bottom end of the list of names of people buried there. One photo is of the brass plaque at the cemetery and on it we read, .... Thief River Falls, Montana.... It should read, Minnesota, not Montana.

Ointroducerad adel (och annan utländsk adel) / Erskine
« skrivet: 2012-10-25, 19:26 »
Just as an aside: I hike up Mt. Erskine on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, a couple of times a year.
The mountain was so named during a British Admiralty charting survey 1858-60 after Admiral John Elphinstone Erskine, Commander in Chief of the North American Squadron.

Swedish language / Fylleri - Translation of word
« skrivet: 2012-10-10, 20:52 »
Thank you, Ingela, for sharing your knowledge here. I think it's in Wådeliga händelser under 17 och 1800-talen by Johan Wideen, which is a publication by 'Föreningen för hembygdsvård i Österfärnebo, Gästrikland', that there are cases of chilren drowning in vats of homebrew. I'll check my copy.

I'm bewildered that some geneaologists feel their craft is threatened by a statue representing somebody they cannot account for, being placed in a public square.  
They are caught up in an increasingly self-limiting posture which the general public, were it informed, would find laughingly absurd.  
I mean, what of the Sistine Chapel's depiction of God reaching a hand towards Adam as a non-factual diversion from strict genealogical orthodoxy? Paint it over?  
Let's put up the statue, and be done with it! The sky is not going to fall.

Swedish language / Fylleri - Translation of word
« skrivet: 2012-10-09, 02:03 »
One can die of alcohol poisoning in a one off circumstance, without having been an habitual drinker or a confirmed drunkard.
I don't know what the general usage or nuanced meaning of 'fylleri' as a listed cause of death was in 1854.  
Remember that alcohol used to be legally distilled on Swedish farms in olden days but I'm not familiar during which time periods this was illegal. Some historians have have indicated that in years of farmer unrest, the Kings facilitaed the redirection of agricultural grains from bread baking to booze making. (Unhappily, toddlers sometimes fell into low rimmed tubs of the stuff and drowned.)

I'm wondering if Mr. Sjolund can also provide us with what he knows to be true of the opposing positions' arguments, now that he has supported his own position.  
Hopefully reasonableness is not so limited that any story, saga, fable, myth must be totally dismissed as outright hearesy without foundation.
It is distressing to read some very unkind comments from others here, even after the Moderator requested cessation. Sharpen up !

Aaah, then. Vested academic interests are at play, seemingly so entrenched that some members here feel they have a kind of historical correct honour to uphold, and rather than providing academic responses, or not responding at all, we are treated to demeaning comments and a silly cartoon picture.
If anything, this statue would promote, not damage, historical research and discussion.  
If not, then statues of Moder Svea, Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson, St. George and the Dragon, Jesus, all based on no known contemporary images, would also be historically problematic.  
And they're not.

Sweden has all kinds of statues of mythical heroes that people readily admire and create a sense of national pride and community connection. Therefore I see no big deal in a Bure statue being unveiled. Why the anguish?

It's remarkable that after five to eight centuries of Bure progeny there is no common acceptance here of a high probability many of us carry Bure DNA.

I vote Ingela be placed on Sweden's Living National Treasure Register.  
Thank you Ingela and everyone who contributed to this treasure of a subject thread on Anbytarforum.

Here are three websites you may already be familiar with:
Looking at the last one it appears that if you can locate a local LDS Family History Centre you can have microfilms sent to it for viewing.

At in the book: “Reflections: History of Elk Point and District” which is in the North Vermillion area there is a Waldemar Bergstom (sic), also described as Bergstrom. The information there indicates a different Waldemar Bergstrom was granted land, and he is therefore not the one you are seeking.
you can read about the ship he travelled on. If you wish, you could offer that website the information about Hellig Olav's arrival at Halifax, July 13, 1927.
How does the 'Nilsson' part of his name figure in all this?

Porträttfynd (enskilda bilder) / #85236 - Var i Alaska?
« skrivet: 2012-08-29, 05:39 »
When pinney is searched we get results for Spinney. Using the Joint Database Search, we get additional hits.
Benjamin F. Craig
Name Description  
No records in this dataset  
Clary Craig, post office worker list of people dying or leaving Klondike
Name Date Address  
SPINNEY, DA  MAY, 1904  Fairbanks, AK  
(Benjamin F. Craig
(13,852 records)
Benjamin F. Craig was a post office worker in Dawson City. He maintained a list of people leaving the Klondike by death or departure. Many of the almost 14,000 entries list forwarding addresses or destinations for those leaving the Klondike. The predominance of Nome, Alaska as one listed destination is consistent with other historical records documenting a mass exodus from Dawson to Nome in 1899. Like a giant nomadic tribe, thousands streamed toward Nome when rumours hit Dawson that there were flakes of gold in the sands of Nome's beaches.)
  Placermining Applications Vol 2
Name Claim no Microfilm Year Recorded  
SPINNEY, D.  23544  08  1899-1900  
(Placermining Applications Volume 2 of 2 (16,256 entries)
After gold was discovered in 1896 on Bonanza Creek, thousands of claims were staked along tributaries of the Yukon and Klondike Rivers. The Yukon Gold Commissioner's Office issued Placermining Grants, enabling prospectors to become miners and work their claims for placer findings (mineral deposits containing gold, left by glaciers or rivers ). This, the first of three Placermining Grants volumes, lists almost 20,000 numbered grants and the names of their owners.)
NWMP records at Lake Bennett: people who entered the Yukon via boats
Name Date Boat  
SPINNEY, D.A.  MAY 25,26 1898  SEATTLE - BOAT & SKIFF 1225
(NWMP at Lake Bennett Volume 2: listing people who entered the Yukon (6,133 records)
The second of three volumes of Lake Bennett records maintained by the North West Mounted Police.  
These records list the names and boat numbers of stampeders embarking on the Yukon River trip from Lake Bennett to Dawson City. Led by legendary Mountie Sam Steele, the North West Mounted Police contingent at Lake Bennett worked painstakingly to keep track of the flotilla of 7,000 boats, skows, barges and rafts.)

Bilmärke? / Bilmärke?
« skrivet: 2012-08-07, 01:30 »
My guess is: Caddillac 1940. Most likely a V-8 engine.

Fabulous work, Chris !

01) Allmänt / Skriftsspråk och talspråk
« skrivet: 2012-06-09, 16:20 »
When I use a computer at our High School, I have to type, 'do not' because I cannot type, 'don't'. That's because the computers there have been set up for French or Spanish with several keys producing French or Spanish letters instead of apstrophes etc.  
Internet users, even well educated people, seem to have dropped using greetings etc., instead, making getting to the point of communication the heart of the matter. I wouldn't read too much into these salutation details. I'm 66 and we of similar age have seen a lot of changes. In days past there was a lot of 'Ni', 'Herr...', 'Mr. This and Ms. That', which is now mostly quaint. Where I live many have now dropped saying 'Doctor....' when verbally addressing their physician.

Archive - Swedish language / Help with a sweet memory
« skrivet: 2012-05-16, 21:55 »
Also, Wow!, an interjection works here.

Some additional info from Charles FLODEN's OBITUARY:
Vancouver Sun, June 30, 1972. Page 35.
Survived by his loving daughter, Suzanne, and son-in-law, Thomas McPhee, 2 grandsons, Michael and Wayne, all of Vancouver; 1 brother and 2 sisters in Goteborg, Sweden.
So the married daughter goes by the surname, McPhee, not what I previously interpreted as, McGee.

From the BC Marriage Registrations:
Charles FLODEN ( spelling is correctly handwritten in the microfilmed document), waterfront worker, bachelor, age:45, Lutheran, 856 Cordova Street East, born: Gothenburg Sweden, Father: Peter ANDERSSON, born Sweden, Mother: Christina ANDERSSON, born Sweden. Can read and write.
Emily HUGHES, housework, spinster, age: 40, Church of England, 1024 Cordova St. E., born Gl****r(?)(Gloster misspelled? should be Glaucester?) England, Father: Charles HUGHES, born England, Mother: Clara LE*****H?K? (handwriting does not say Limmerick) born England, can read and write.

Perhaps Emily's mother's name is an Anglicised French name?

From the BC Death Registration of:
Emily FLODEN. D.O.A. Oct. 22, 1963, at Vancouver General Hospital. As a pedestrian she had been hit by a car. Residence at 6006 Victoria Drive, Van. In Municipality, Province and Canada all for 44 years. Born Aug. 6, 1889, England. Canadian citizen. Married: husband is Charles FLODEN. Work: Housewife, at home. Last worked Oct. 22, 1963, after a lifetime at this occupation. Father: not known HUGHES, Born England. Mother: Clara LIMERICK, Born Ireland. Informant: husband, Charles FLODEN of the same address. Burial at Mt. View Cemetery, Van. Oct. 28, 1963. Roselawn Funeral Directors.

From the BC Death Registration
Charles Frederick FLODEN. Died June 29, 1972, at Vancouver General Hospital. Residence at 6006 Victoria Drive, Van. In Municipality, Province and Canada all for 50 years. Born Dec. 23, 1883, Goteborg, Sweden. Canadian citizen. Widower: wife was Emily HUGHES. Work: Retired ship's rigger. Last worked 1953, after 13 years at this occupation. Names of parents: Not Known. Parents' Birthplace: Sweden. Informant: daughter, Suzanne McGee (signature not clear), of the same address as her father. Burial at Mt. View Cemetery, Vancouver, July 6, 1972. Roselawn Funeral Directors.

Beautiful words !  Thank you.

From the Bc Archives:
Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Arnold Kullberg
   Event Date:     1961 10 31 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            54
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    Vancouver
   Reg. Number:    1961-09-012880
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13254
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2033375
I have not looked up the microfilm for the above.
Vancouver Sun, Wed. Nov. 8, 1961. page 45.
KULLBERG--On October 31, 1961, in hospital, Arnold Kullberg, retired logger of 140 E. Cordova St., aged 55 years. Deceased has been a resident of the province for 33 years and leaves 1 sister in Sweden. Funeral service Thursday, November 9, at 10 a.m. in Nunn & Thomson's Chapel, 10th. Ave. and Cambie St. Rev. J.C. Cronin officiating. Cremation.

At there is a book, Reflections: History of Elk Point and District where on page 231 there is a short bit on a Waldemar Bergst(r)om. He is likely not your Waldemar.

Perhaps the name Tekla is in reference to the sister of a John (Johan Axel?) Norsten (Anna's husband?) in a Saskatchewan local history book: The Hands of Time : Village of Buchanan, 1907-1987, R.M. of Buchanan, 1913-1988, and district.
See pages 547-8:

This may be him:
British Columbia Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Swan Norberg
   Event Date:     1958 10 9 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            69
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    Burnaby
   Reg. Number:    1958-09-011538
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13239
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2033180
And this may be her:
BC Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Emma Kristina Norberg
   Event Date:     1959 6 21 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            72
   Gender:         female
   Event Place:    Essondale
   Reg. Number:    1959-09-007788
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13242
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2033299
The above is from the BC Archives.  
I cannot find anything very hopeful there about Ernst Eriksson and Aina(?)

My first question would be why are they not wearing an apron of sorts, made of cloth or leather. (Orsa style)
What is being protected? The stomach area. Wear and tear on the shirt?
From what? The need to lift something that would dig into the chest/stomach area? i.e. padding. Boxes or crates? Or something too hot or too cold for comfort. Cold fish? Hot cans of canned fish?  
Or to protect shirts from being snarred in fish canning machinery?
Of note is that these 'bands of knitting' are being worn covering only shirts, not on the outside of warm coats, which perhaps indicates warm indoor work---perhaps near boilers in the canning process? Or, it's just Summertime!
Other thoughts: A type of trades or guild identification? A device to help a co-worker hold onto you in a dory as you heave-ho on a fish net? Fishermen ready to wrestle at Midsommar?

Some comments upon reading the thread above:
Many Americans, and other nationals crossed into Canada for the express purpose of enlisting in WWI. Same thing happened in WWII. Canada got into both wars a lot earlier than USA did. Recruits had to swear allegiance to the King of England, etc. Canadian residency or citizenship not required.
Cement Finisher----his occupation as listed in the 1930 US Census.
Veterans returning to Canada were given land, usually to farm, but that may not have had any appeal to Victor the military man.
It would be interesting to see what US records exist if he were in the American military prior to WWI.

At: FormName=Ancestors+Simple+Search&PageNum=1&SortSpec=score+desc&Language=eng&Sour ces=genapp&SearchIn_1=&Hierarchy=&DigitalImages=&soundex=on&ResultCount=15&Opera tor_1=AND&SearchIn_2=&SearchInText_2=&Operator_2=AND&SearchIn_3=&SearchInText_3= &MaterialDateOperator=after&MaterialDate=&sortLimit=1000
you can enter his name and you will be able to view both sides of his WWI attestation papers which describe him and show where his sister lived in Illinois, USA, his trade, where he lived in Vancouver etc.
His WWII military record you should be able to send for.

www. is very useful.
you can view Antoine Berg at line 25.

Using Bo's findings above at,
you will find photos etc. of the ship, Tunisian, and there you may send in to add the particulars of Berg's voyage.
Perhap this is the soldier Archives Canada is being asked about?:
Name: BERG, ANTON  Regimental number(s): 3205632Reference: RG 150, Accession 1992-93/166, Box 670 - 35

Hej Martina,  
He used Berg as a surname in Canada? Did he use Nils(s)on when he emigrated?  
In which province did he live and die?  
Anything you can provide would be helpful.  
Best regards,  

Of help would be their birthdates and the parents' names.

Det kann vara, White River, Ontario, Kanada.  Ligger mellan Sault Ste. Marie och Thunder Bay  norr om Lake Superior, via Trans Canada Highway och Canadian Pacific Railway.

Here's a start:
Carl Albert Anshelm (1902 - 1980) - Ancestry.com1906 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Name: Carl Anshelm. 1911 Census of Canada. Name: Carl Anshelm. 1900 United States Federal Census ...
records. gss%3Dseo+%22carl+anshelm%22+saskatchewan&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca&source=www.go - United States - Cached
Emily Lindquist Whitehall, Michigan22 May 2000... met and married Carl Anshelm Peterson. They two children born in Chicago.. Esther and Carl. The family later moved to Saskatchewan, ... - List families names between Anshelm, Allen ...Anshelm, Brad, Regina Saskatchewan Canada. C Anshelm is located in Courtenay British ... Carl Anshelm is located in Parksville British Columbia Canada ... - Cached

The local history book, Battle River Country: An Historical Sketch of Duhamel and District, page 133.
There is mention of a Mary Wicklund, born in Trondheim Oct. 18, 1878, moved at age two to Lillian Minnesota USA and 1902 to Gwynne District, Alberta.
Could this be a sister to Martha Wiklund?

Star det inte, 'baker'---bagare?

Archives for provinsen British Columbia, Kanada.
Jag bor på en ö 35 minuter från Vancouver Island och sedan 45 minuter bil färd till Victoria.

Vi far se vad jag hittar nasta weekend i BC Archives, Victoria BC.

Below are the access numbers to check his  Death Registration next weekend. I'll let you know what I find. He died at Essondale and that usually means he had been institutionalized to some degree.
BC Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Hjalmar Dalgren
   Event Date:     1917 7 5 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            37
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    Essondale
   Reg. Number:    1917-09-095500
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13091
   GSU Microfilm Number: 1927119

The group photo has a lower Fraser Valley (east of Vancouver) feel to it. Cherry blossoms, cedar siding house, narrow barge boards indicating 2x4 roof rafters for areas of minimal snow loads, type of metal fencing. Vehicle looks like early '50's pickup truck?
The Christmas photo is most likely taken in North America. In 1954 those type of springy metal blinds with wide plastic bands came in all kinds of colours. The flowery pattern on the curtains was very English and was pretty well all that was available at the time. (My Mother always claimed.) I cannot decipher the tree----is it hanging from the ceiling out of reach of the busy boy? It's decorated with that icicle strand stuff which is still used here.
I'll have a look in the directories this weekend or the next.
(Meddelandet ändrat av thomasvikander 2011-04-07 22:17)

From the BC Archives website:
BC Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     John Daniel A Swang
   Event Date:     1940 6 27 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            39
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    Alliford Bay
   Reg. Number:    1940-09-574981
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13168
   GSU Microfilm Number: 1953628
BC Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Eric Gunnar Swang
   Event Date:     1946 8 23 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            48
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    Shoal Bay
   Reg. Number:    1946-09-010810
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13191
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2032423
There is also information on their estates:
Call Number: GR-1483    
Title: Prince Rupert probate/estate files 1910 - 1944  
B09402      Swang, John Daniel Anderson      38/1940
B09402      Swong, John                      38/1940
Call Number: GR-2202    
Title: Vancouver probate/estate files 1941-1947  
B09059      Swang, Eric Gunnar                 36421

If it's in Vancouver, the address will read, 2182 W.19th. Ave.
Do you have a date connected to that address? This will help pinpoint the search in Henderson's Directories for Vancouver and environs.
Do you have the name of the Emigrant, her date of birth?
When did she emigrate?
Best regards, TV.

I think la Baie Haha is in Quebec Province, up the Saguenay River near Bagotville and Chicoutimi.

Hello, Urban
The BC Archives can make photocopies and mail them to you. Yes it costs money, and if it's the right person's record, fine. But if it's another person's record with the same or similar name then it's a waste of money and time. The archives can also offer you names of researchers who will work for a fee.  
I can do some lookups for you and mail you the photocopies. The copies are 50 cents each. I'm busy next week, but still hope to get at the microfilms if time permits. Send me an email at the address in my Anbtyarforum profile.

This where I start:
then I go to the Main List of Indexes:
After that I go to the Main Library in Vancouver or the BC Archives in Victoria where I can search the microfilms etc.

British Columbia Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Carl Oscar Carlson
   Event Date:     1969 7 2 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            86
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    Richmond
   Reg. Number:    1969-09-009576
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13297
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2034058
I got a copy of it and here is most of it:
BC Death Registration
Carl Oscar Carlson of 1546 River Road, Richmond, BC.
Died at Richmond General Hospital, Richmond, BC. July 2, 1969. 86 years old.
In municipality where death occurred since 1942.
In BC since 1923.
In Canada since 1923.
Male, Canadian citizen, white, widow.
Born Aug. 25, 1882 in Sweden.
Retired. Date last worked, 1950.
Wife was Kristina Swamberg.(sic)
Name of father, Not Known. Birthplace, Sweden.
Name of mother, Not Known. Birthplace, Sweden.
Informant, Hjalmar Carlson, Relationship to deceased, son, of 1546 River Road, Richmond, BC.
Cremation July 5, 1969. Richmond Funeral Home, Richmond, BC.
Cause of death, Coronary thrombosis.
This may be Kristina's DR. I didn't have a look at it.
British Columbia Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Kristina Carlson
   Event Date:     1962 3 6 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            76
   Gender:         female
   Event Place:    Coquitlam
   Reg. Number:    1962-09-003564
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13255
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2033376

Good work, Bo. Who may I contact at DIS regarding Egnell research?
Of passing interest, we have a photo of Per Gustaf Albert Egnell and one of his son, MacDonald, as a baby.

Hey Goeran !
The Death Registration (DR) for Maxime Ignell is amongst the Native Indian (nowadays called First Nations)listings. This means he was a Status Indian of the Fort Graham Band (now called Kwadacha First Nation). BC Hydro flooded the Band's lands in 1968 creating Williston Reservoir. Fort Ware, or Ware, is located here. It is very remote even today.
Maxime Ignell/Maxine Egnell born at Ware, BC, was reported on his DR as having frozen to death on his trapline. He was 17.
His Father was Mac Ignell born at Liard Post BC on the Liard River(a Hudson's Bay Company Post even further North) as was his Mother, listed here as Bessy Davy.
Mac Ignell, about aged 13, accidently shot his Father, Albert Egnell, June 22,1900, and Albert died shortly thereafter. Albert, about 65, was the Factor (Chief Agent) at Liard Post.
In the BCArchives the surname comes down most often spelled Egnell and more research could be done on those people listed in the Vital Events.
there is also 'Engell'.
Using the Main List of Indexes:
at 1. you can click on 'All Events' and at 2. you can type 'Egnell' and you will find a couple of more items.
Peter Gustaf Albert Engell was born Dec. 24,1833 in what I interpret as Wreta Kloster, Linkoping, Sweden.
ref. the Hudson's Bay Company archives:
Using the above see if this is the case and perhaps find his lineage in Sweden.
And let us know what you find.
Best regards,  

Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

From the BC Archives:
This may be his wife:
   B.C. Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Freda Hedman
   Event Date:     1953 6 27 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            47
   Gender:         female
   Event Place:    Vancouver
   Reg. Number:    1953-09-007413
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13216
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2032875
Some 8 years after Sigurd's death, there is an estate probated.
Microfilm (neg.), 1939-1950,  16 mm, 4 reels [B09518-B09521]
Probate/estate files.
B09520      Hedman, Sigurd Bernhard Ole      29/1948

17 - Emigration / Flyttat från Karelen via Sverige till Kanada
« skrivet: 2011-02-27, 00:25 »
Is this helpfull ?: rg/wiki/Paavo_Airola+%22paavo+airola%22&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca&
Some people seem to spell his surname 'Arola'.

Longview, Washington State ?

In a couple of weeks I can check,
British Columbia Vital Event Marriage Registration
   Groom Name:     Alfred Martinson
   Bride Name:     Mary Skroder
   Event Date:     1911 12 11 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Event Place:    Kamloops
   Reg. Number:    1911-09-138870
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B11383
   GSU Microfilm Number: 1983976
Do you have his parents' names?
There seems to be no hits at or at

This could be the Marriage you are searching for, his name spelled a little differently.
From the BC Archives:
 BC Vital Event Marriage Registration
   Groom Name:     Charles Fladen
   Bride Name:     Emily Hughes
   Event Date:     1930 6 30 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Event Place:    Vancouver
   Reg. Number:    1930-09-371755
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13759
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2074555

you will find the S/S Tasso(2), the second such named ship of the Wilson Line which operated feeder ships from Scandinavia to Hull, England and other British ports at different times, on the North Sea side. Then, there was a train ride, usually to Liverpool, to board, in this case, a Cunard liner to Canada or the USA.

Note the so-called, 'suicide doors'---the rear doors. Does this help confirm it's a 1935 Ford Sedan Fordor De Luxe?  
The American cars assembled in Sweden would have right hand drive, probably. Any chance an enlargement of the rearview mirror would show what direction it's swung towards?

20) Engelska / World War I -Registration Card. Läshjälp
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Hmm. The person replying, unfortunately, seems to have only looked at and interpreted the Draft Registration Card you provided.  
There is no indication they have looked and not found (or found) evidence of Asplund having served in the US Navy or other branch.
Possibly, they cannot give out that kind of information to you, but they cold have indicated so. A thorough reading of their privacy provisions may give a clue.
It could be Asplund shipped out with the US Merchant Marine transporting materiel to France and at wars'end he and fellow sailors were stuck over there.


Just to make sure, page 119 for his family and page 120 for her family.

At bring up the book,Bladworth and district memories, and you will find some information about these two people and their siblings.

Niklas, pardon my English usage,
Name:  Adolf Hansson  
Birth:  abt 1886  
Departure:  Liverpool, England  
Arrival:  25 May 1911 - Quebec  
This from where they list Canadian Passenger Records, 1865-1935.
This could be the passenger you are looking for. This Hansson certainly travelled on the same sailing as Hulda and the 2 children.
Now, I do not have a subscription to Ancestry so the above is all that they show us.
You mentioned the one you are looking for may have sailed in 1910. Is that a guess? Could he have sailed before 1910?
As far as I know, I have read that there are no Canadian records of passengers returning to Europe. And I have wondered if there are instead British records or ships' manifests of passengers that I am not yet, hopefully, aware of.

Information and photos of SS Calypso :

If he used Nilsson as a surname then he may have changed it to  
Nilson, Neilsson, Nielson, and most often Nelson was chosen.
If you can provide more information, that may help us find him

Älvsby / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 09 april, 2012
« skrivet: 2010-07-18, 03:51 »
Till Annika Jonsson som skrev 9 april 2007.
You are looking for a Sven Ivar Lundberg born 1900.
It's possible this may be his BC Death Registration:
      BC Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Ivar Sven Lindberg
   Event Date:     1980 4 11 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            80
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    Unknown
   Reg. Number:    1980-09-006786
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13603
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2051387

Byggnader och miljöer / Souvenirfoton?
« skrivet: 2010-07-18, 03:36 »
Both photos are taken at the same place, only the angle is different.
Most likely it's in Stanley Park which is a City of Vancouver Park administered, as are all parks in Vancouver, by an elected Vancouver Parks Board. So it's not a National Park.
The building may be one of the large bath houses/change rooms, existant at the time, at one of the beaches. I'll check this out.
The long 'slang' appears to be logs chained end to end. I'm thinking this may have been done to prevent floating wood debris from comming in with the tide and accumulating on the beach.
It's possible the photos may have been taken by a soliciting photographer/businessman who would hang around the beaches (or downtown) and ask to be paid for a photo he would later mail to you with whatever you wanted printed on the front side. This was a roaring type of business certainly in the 1940-60's on Granville St. in Vancouver.

I can find none of the couples' names, or similar, at the BC Archives website. I have found no marriage registration for them up to 1933. It's possible they married over the provincial boundary in Alberta.
That sternwheeled steamboat did a lot of work on Kootenay Lake in BC; that's west of Fernie BC. There are several websites concerning the stories about the SS Nasookin.
The Kornief name, also likely, Korneff, is Russian and may have had something to do with the Russian Doukhabor communal settlements in the valleys of the Kootenay Mountains. Are the people in the photo dressed in peasant clothing?

I searched at in two local history books for Granum,(Leavings by trail, Granum by rail) and for Turin, (Wheat Heart of the West : A History of Barons and District) both in Alberta and found an Engman family as early immigrants and a Kristina Norberg who married a Theodore Engman.
I had a look at There were two Norberg families that emigrated from Trondheim 20.05.1915 One family (2parents+3children) contained a Kristina born 1903 whose mother was Signe Amelia Norberg born 1892! The other family (2parents+2children) had a Hilma Kristina born 1911. Both families are listed as heading for Minneapolis Minn.

Archive - Swedish customs / Confirmation practices
« skrivet: 2010-04-01, 22:35 »
Even though the Scandinavian countries had declared a neutrality pact could the reality of three years warring elsewhere in Europe have had any influence in lowering the age of confirmation so young men could more readily be called up for military service ?

I'm sending the information to your email address.

Here's a likely candidate from the BCArchives:
British Columbia Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Jonas Konrad Sjodin
   Event Date:     1967 4 15 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            84
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    New Westminster
        Reg. Number:    1967-09-005716
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13283
Shall I look up this registration when I'm next in Victoria or Vancouver?

Könssjukdomar / Venedisk sjukdom
« skrivet: 2010-03-14, 00:34 »
Could it also mean Asiatic cholera or choleriac typhus ?

The settlers on the plains/prairies where trees were either scarce or non-existant built sod huts, hopefully into a hillside for added protection. In treed areas, log structures were built which later became  shelters for animals. Settlers moved into dimensioned wood houses or larger log homes as fast and as quickly as they could afford to do it. Almost secondary was whether they could prove up the land first and be awarded title to the land.

The above Death Registration is not for the one you are seeking. This Anton was born Apr. 13,1883.

Byggnader och miljöer / Hus i Amerika?
« skrivet: 2010-03-01, 20:44 »
I have seen this photo before. But where?
It wouldn't be out of place on Canada's prairies, 1905-1925.  
Exterior (I see hinges) louvered shutters to mitigate direct intrusion of hot summer sun. Masonry chimney at the gable end. Stone foundation usually. This choice of placement on a building's perimeter is correctly inefficient due to wintertime heat loss to the outside, but it does perfect double duty for a summer kitchen. You just haul out the kitchen stove onto the back porch, reconnect to the chimmney and crank up the making of preserves!
(Perimeter placed chimmneys were common in spite of the knowledge of a true and tested design by the Hudson's Bay Co. Trading Posts, the forerunners of prarie settlement by Euromericans. HBC Posts usually had a square floor plan with hip rafters running from the corners up to a stone chimmney at the centre--- the most efficient way to heat an above grade building which would retain heat radiating from the stone mass chimney for 4-5 days.)  
Kakelungnar I've rarely seen in Canada, only in German and Russian Doukhabor dwellings.
Tapered sawn cedar shingle roof.
Tapered sawn cedar drop siding on the walls. The boards overlap. (Use as few exposed finishing nails as possible.)
Building materials and decorations (even whole houses and banks! in kit form) were often ordered by catalogue from the praries and arrived by rail, pre-manufactured in Canada's case, in Vancouver.
I'll be forevermore on the lookout elsewhere for this photo.

At the BCArchives we find:
Microfilm (neg.), 1949-1986, 16 mm, 25 reels [B09100-B09124]
Probate/estate files.
B09119    Sjodin, Edgar H.                   327/1979
I can look up the Death Registration in Vancouver this weekend.  
What were his parents' names?
The Probate Record lookup will have to wait until I can  get to Victoria and the BCArchives.
Also, I was looking on the BC Unclaimed Property Society's website and saw this listing that might be yours: t_Name=Sjodin&Owners_First_Name=Edgar&Owners_Middle_Name=H

Beautifully written, these scenarios couldn't be better described !

That's certainly good news !  10 pages. You struck gold !
Thank you for letting AF know you have had success, so that other researchers don't spend time looking. As I understand it then, you used
Thomas V.

Possibly, from the BCArchives website:
BC Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Anton Peterson
   Event Date:     1962 1 25 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            78
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    Surrey
   Reg. Number:    1962-09-002063
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13255
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2033376
Do you have his parents' names?

Personuppgifter på hemsidor / Personuppgifter på hemsidor
« skrivet: 2010-01-19, 20:50 »
What mapmakers do is create small variances or mistakes when drawing and publishing their work. Should they then come across, say, a tourist business,
that has unethically copied their map which reproduces these mistakes, then the theft is clear.
At Genforum Canada I have previously counselled a distraught researcher to next time consider writing-in some mistakes in the genealogy he is hired to research ---until he receives payment in full, and the cheque cashed and cleared, ---and then send the corrected data.
Of course it goes against my grain to build mistakes into work that I offer for free or is for my own use. But when my work is then ripped and appears unauthorized on some-one's site who may be receiving ad money, or heaven forbid a paysite, then it's time for some serious action. (Over here the pleasant news that a hockey player is coming over to deliver an autograph, changes people's minds. But hey, that's over here.)
Mistakes any one could make would include age at time of death, using a 9 instead of an 8, mixing up numbered months with numbered days from 1 to 12, spelling variations, extra names under group photos.

I may have found info on his emmigration companion:
        BC Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     John Olof Anderson
   Event Date:     1977 10 22 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            68
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    Vancouver
   Reg. Number:    1977-09-015629
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13580
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2051017

Hej Erik,
Check my profile here at AF for my email address and let me know where to snail mail the several obituaries I've located. They are longer than any I've come across for a Swede who arrived in Canada at the begining of the tough times of the Depression. They contain listings of what he did and where he lived and the enterprises he undertook.
The obituary for the son also has a fair amount of information.
Best regards,

Hej Bertil,
I have spent many hours searching for Botvidson, Botvidsson, Bottvids/son, Bott, Botvid, and then substituting the o with the other vowels, also adding the words, Manitoba, Hnausa, Riverton, Gimli, Interlake, Magnusson Bros., trapper, trapping, fur, and have come up with little. There are/were Botvidson names in the U.S. and precious few, if any, in Canada. Of course, a possibility exists that there is a connection with those names and Sven Einar, and that should be pursued eventually. A slight possibility is that he also went under another last name, but I would hold off on researching that since it appears he was still using Botvidson 12 years after arriving in Canada. The Man. Vital Stats. is too restrictive: Deaths listed  are no recent than 70 years ago.
Yesterday I sent an email request to a website in Riverton Man. (Riverton Musical Memories) that pertains to local traditional music and asked about a Sven Einar Botvids/son. Next is to see if there is a Botvidson buried in any local cemetery. Another thrust is to check out the Magnusson names in the area, and request info.

I'm finding a different name of the ship:
Exploration and Settlement > Immigration Records (1925-1935)
Surname: Botvidson
Given Name: Sven Einar
Age: 19
Sex: M
Nationality: Swe
Date of Arrival: 1928/07/15 (YYYY/MM/DD)
Port of Arrival: Halifax
Ship: REGINA, White Star Dominion
Reference: RG76 - IMMIGRATION, series C-1-b
Volume: 1928 volume 10
Page Number: 148
Microfilm reel: T-14815
Note: Due to the poor legibility of the original indexes, some information in this database may be incorrect and/or incomplete.
Source: FINDI76-590041

BCDR for Oscar Lenard Anderson's son:
Leonard Edvin Anderson
Born: June 5, 1949 at Burns Lake, BC.
Usual address: Forestdale Road, Broman Lake, BC.
Died: Aug. 31, 1983. Dead On Arrival (DOA) at Burns Lake and District Hospital, Burns Lake, BC. He died of Cardiac Arrest as a consequence of Internal Bleeding for 4 hours due to a tree falling on him. The logging accident occured near Rose Lake, BC. After subject fell tree, a tree hit by falling tree snapped and fell back on subject. An autopsy was being held and further particulars may be available at a later date.
He was an Owner in the Logging industry.
He was married to Maria Vandervoort, P.O. Box 368, Burns Lake, BC, who was the Informant on the DR.
Father: Oscar Anderson born in Sweden.
Mother: Maria Peters born in Saskatchewan.
Buried: Sept. 3, 1983 at Burns Lake Cemetery, Burns Lake, BC.
Funeral Director: DeFrane Funeral Home Ltd., Smithers, BC.
My note: Also an inquest would have been held later and that information is publicly available, I believe.

BC Death Registration (DR)
Oscar Lenard Anderson  
Born: Sept. 21, 1907 in Sweden.
Died: Oct. 10, 1964 at Forestdale, BC (Rural) where he had lived for 8 years, and was in BC for 25 years and in Canada for 29 years.
He was a Canadian citizen, and was a logger and a farmer for 25 years until the day he died of a heart attack.
He was married to Mary Peters, Box 240, Burns Lake, BC. who is the Informant on the DR.  
Father: Johan Anderson born in Sweden.
Mother: Hanna Palngren (sic), born in Sweden.
Buried Oct. 14, 1964 Burns Lake Cemetary, Burns Lake, BC.
Undertaker: C.A. Beatty, Burns Lake, BC.

Hej !
The very person I mistakenly left out in my previous message is the one we are looking for, according to your latest info:
        BC Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Leonard Edvin Anderson
   Event Date:     1983 8 31 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            34
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    Burns Lake
   Reg. Number:    1983-09-013602
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13633
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2073150

Torbjorn's queries are very much close to the bone about the policies AF uses to administer the regulations  set up by governmental bodies. I have often pondered the anomolies he has honed in on and I thank him for bringing this up again.
As I (or was it someone else?) wrote a few years ago, a solution might be be a web page based in a country not restricted by these regulations.

Hej, Erik.
In descending order are three possible Leonard Anderson Jr. BC Death Registrations:
   Name:     Sidney Leonard Bell Anderson
        Event Date:     1988 11 26 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            43
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    New Westminster
   Reg. Number:    1988-09-020758
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B17119
   GSU Microfilm Number: 1709267
        Name:     Carl Leonard Anderson
   Event Date:     1978 9 28 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            35
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    Prince George
   Reg. Number:    1978-09-014976
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13589
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2051148
        Name:     Carl Leonard Anderson
   Event Date:     1978 9 28 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            35
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    Prince George
   Reg. Number:    1978-09-014976
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13589
   GSU Microfilm Number: 2051148
New Westminster is just outside Vancouver. On the other hand, Burns Lake is not too far from Forestdale where Andersson/Anderson Sr. apparently died.
Thank you and God Jul to you !

Hopefully before Christmas I will get a chance to check these Death Registrations and any obituaries in Vancouver or Victoria at the libraries/BC Archives. An obituary would likely reveal the son's name. In any case I would check for a son born in the years span you mentioned and who died  before 1988. 1988 is the latest year for listings of BC Death Registrations.

In the search area of BC Archives there are three death registrations that are candidates for the death of a Leonard Anderson son of his.

Possibly, from the BC Archives search engine:
BC Vital Event Death Registration
   Name:     Axel Nilson
   Event Date:     1965 12 29 (Yr/Mo/Day)
   Age:            74
   Gender:         male
   Event Place:    New Westminster
   Reg. Number:    1965-09-016502
   B.C. Archives Microfilm Number:  B13275

Perhaps he served overseas in WWI and came back traumatized and without his mind intact? His military record may offer further information.

Wrangel af Salmis / Wrangel af Salmis
« skrivet: 2009-10-19, 01:11 »
Hmmm. I'm wondering:
Wish we had images from the listings in the Family Bible so that more people could compare the numerals 2 and 3, for instance, for they are often questioned.  
Is it possible for two children to be born in the same year?
Another point of interest would be to see how different the entries are in regards to handwriting, pen nib width, colour of ink etc.
If they are all the same, it could well be that the entries were all done at one sitting, years later, and that's when discrepencies may occur.
I have seen Bibles with incomplete listings of offspring.
One can ponder the likelihood of inadequate bookkeeping during the chaos of war in foreign lands....when a woman bears 5 children (perhaps 6 if years and names are mixed up) in 7 years and 3 (or 4) of them die during 5 years within the same 7 year span.
Could wartime birth listings be compromised by the occurence of so-called illegitemate births or the adoption of orphaned infants/children?
Just wondering.

Enskilda fartyg / Vanadis
« skrivet: 2009-09-14, 01:37 »
Thank you, Lasse and Karin who also alerted my personally with the correct link.
Karin has helped me previously with vessel research and her capabilities re. ships and boats is unfortunately a well disguised fact !  
With the sinking of this Vanadis ship in 1903 being so close to the disappearance of another Vanadis ship in 1900 in the North Sea, I was curious about any relationSHIP (insert chuckle here!)other than the same name.

Enskilda fartyg / Vanadis
« skrivet: 2009-09-11, 06:52 »
At Google, clicking on Images and typing in   vanadis ships  we get a number of Vanadis named vessels.
Which one is the Vanadis wrecked at Half Moon Bay, Heysham, UK 1903 ?

Gunvor, I did look up his DR a couple of weeks ago. My sparse notes show that his late wife was Anna ________? and that the informant box shows the daughter's married name, Box 951, Oliver, BC. Was this the address you tried?
Since the daughter may be alive, contact me via my email.

You can enter their names at  and see if they are listed with a phone number and address.
Do you have Karl Emil's obituary? If there is one, it may name other relatives.
Have you the information on his BC Death Registration? Was he a widower? His wife's maiden name should appear on it, and her family and relatives may have the information you seek.

Thank you C-G for your quality input.
I will, instead, continue researching this emigrant.

Am I at all correct in assuming that  FRISEDEL och KONSULATPASS  would indicate that the emigrant/passenger was an important person who was possibly having his fare paid?
If that is so, then that emigrant would not be the one we are looking for.  
We are looking for an emigrant, likely not very educated, who was leaving Sweden, perhaps in some unorthodox fashion, because he wished to avoid military service.
What also seems improbable is that the same emigrant who is skipping from military service is going (1913?) to Canada, A British Commonwealth country very much tied to Mother England during the leadup to the Great War. Canada had earlier sent troops to the Boer War.
It would make more sense if he had left a lot earlier, or after the Great War.

Was his full name Axel Albert Erlandsson?

Äldre inlägg 2008-2009 (Arkiv) / Jonas Valdemar Englund
« skrivet: 2008-02-25, 17:49 »
I had a look in the BC Archives on the weekend and unfortunately this Jonas Walter is probably not the one you seek. This one has a January birthmonth. Unfortunately, there is very little else in his Death Registration that is of use in identifying him further. The names of his Father and Mother are Unknown.  
I'll look for more information in the weeks ahead.

Do you know the names of Emma C. Hallberg (ne Andersson)'s parents?

Äldre inlägg 2008-2009 (Arkiv) / Jonas Valdemar Englund
« skrivet: 2008-02-23, 05:22 »
Perhaps he stayed in Canada and died in British Columbia:,Marriages,Deaths
Name: Jonas Walter Englund    
Place: Summerland    
Reg. Number: 1986-09-016757    
Date: 1986 10 17 (Yr/Mo/Day)    
Age: 90    
Event: Death    
Microfilm #: B16583   (GSU # 1358023)

At Immigration Canada:
Immigration Records (1925-1935)
Given Name:
Harald Matias
Date of Arrival:
1925/09/21 (YYYY/MM/DD)
Port of Arrival:
UNITED STATES, United States
1925 volume 6
Page Number:
Note: Due to the poor legibility of the original indexes, some information in this database may be incorrect and/or incomplete.
Source: FINDI76-821448

When was he born?

Var ligger orten ? / Sivus City ?
« skrivet: 2007-10-13, 21:03 »
It could be Sioux City, Iowa.

Porse / Porse
« skrivet: 2007-10-05, 03:55 »
We are not overburdened by input in English at AF, are we ?
We are lucky to get 200 postings total per day, these days, so I would hope that information offered in any language would be helpful to researchers.
Only once at this site did someone object strongly to my use of English in 'non English' areas of AF.
Wonder Woman from Dalsland came to my aid and I have, with pleasure, continued to help Swedes looking for information in Canada, in British Columbia and in other Provinces.
Of interest to some:
My Swedish writing and verbal articulation is not that good.  
My French is even worse.  
I have lived much of my life in Canada, but was raised in a Swedish speaking household.

Bureslott / Bureslott
« skrivet: 2007-07-28, 23:06 »
Loose and fancy free with,
Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (Waters) Pink Floyd
We dont need no thought control
No dark finger-wagging at anbytarforum
'Spitfires' leave dear ulf alone...
All in all it's just another brick in the wall.

Bureslott / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2007-07-09
« skrivet: 2007-06-30, 04:45 »
Seeing as there not that many postings at Anbytarforum per day, I rather look forward to this thread with its exciting, heartfelt viewpoints.  
I am interested in its continuance and I thank the moderator for being inclusive of disparate opinions and in being broadminded in outlook.

10 Folkliv / Hur var det egentligen att leva på 1800-talet?
« skrivet: 2007-06-26, 06:38 »
1) There was PAIN !  One could walk (and people walked a lot) by peoples' houses and one could hear cries of pain from inside when someone was ill.
2) People died at home, and they died younger.
3) Homebirths.
4) Towns, cities, interiors of homes were DARK !
Streetlighting, electric lightbulbs, were non existant--or rare.
Two films that showed dark interiors were quite a revelation to modern audiences; Elvira Madigan and McCabe and Mrs. Miller.

Bureslott / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2007-06-24
« skrivet: 2007-06-22, 05:41 »
Looking for the moon
    In a lonely summer sky
    - mountain castle lights.

Kan De With troligen vara Duluth?

 I take it you have an item with an inscription indicating a connection to Arvid Lindman.
If so, then someone at this site can surely trace his family to relatives living today.
Good for you, and good luck,

Söderbärke / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 14 september, 2007
« skrivet: 2007-04-22, 23:41 »
Helge Persson, Tolvsbo, får årets kulturpris.
Kulturnämnden i Smedjebacken ger honom priset för hans forskningsarbete om byar och för sitt arbete inom Hembygdsföreningen i Söderbärke.  
Dala Demokraten 22 april 2007

98 - Osorterat / Hur kommer ni vidare vid """"stopp""""?
« skrivet: 2007-04-22, 20:52 »
Excellent information, Sten !
As an aside, when the 11 day jump forward in time was proposed in Parliament in London, it became a riotous affair. People thought they were actually losing 11 days of their lives, since they apparently believed they had a pre-set number of days on Earth and then time was up.
It's no wonder record keeping, interest calculations, birthdays, anniversaries, religious observances, etc. flew out the window .
Marten, you will have an interesting time with  

Archive - Swedish history / Sweden/ History Outline
« skrivet: 2007-04-19, 17:33 »
Heavens no, I'm very fond history, unlike my  daughters who roll their eyes at my interests but are nontheless (and inexplically to me ! ?) quite  bright.
Best regards,

Archive - Swedish history / Sweden/ History Outline
« skrivet: 2007-04-19, 05:25 »
I was, of course, referring to the spam entry immediately above my own. I've done similarly three times in the last week.
That way if the spam goes off the main greeting screen after 24 hours, my 'heads up' would likely still be there to warn the moderators and the public that a spam message has entered the archives.
All those messages have been deleted.
Thank you moderators!

Hej Annika,
I notice you are searching for your Sven Ivar Lundberg under 3 different headings at Kanada.
I can help confirm or eliminate the candidate I found above, when I visit the BC Archives in Victoria sometime in the next two weeks.
It would be helpful to know his full birthdate and the names of his parents. Do you have this information?
There appears to be no other candidates named Lundberg who died in BC up to year 1985 listed at the BC Archives.
So, until further research, it is possible your man died later than 1985 in BC, or that his death occured sometime, somewhere else in Canada.
Do reply in Swedish.
Best regards,

A candidate would be:
Name: Ivar Sven Lindberg  
Place: Unknown  
Reg. Number: 1980-09-006786  
Date: 1980 4 11 (Yr/Mo/Day)  
Age: 80  
Event: Death  
Microfilm #: B13603

Folkungaätten / Folkungaätten
« skrivet: 2007-03-21, 05:05 »
I think it is a pity that M. Janzon has taken the position that he can offer no replies in any language when here is an opportunity for a dual-linguistic discussion.  
The dissemination of knowledge stops dead in its tracks.

Old topics - From Emigrants (2006-2007) / Nils Johan Jonsson
« skrivet: 2007-03-18, 04:39 »
...ANITA,...of course.

Old topics - From Emigrants (2006-2007) / Nils Johan Jonsson
« skrivet: 2007-03-18, 04:38 »
Hej Anna,
we find among the Westlund names,
NW Part, Section 12, Township 43, Range 19, Meridian W4.
          Liber:   218
          Folio:   72
          File reel number:   C-6105
          Names:   Nils J Westlund
This plot of land may be the one at Edberg, Alberta (south of Edmonton, between Camrose and Stettler).  
on page 103 there is a mention of a Nels Westlund family. Unfortunately that is the only mention of them that I have so far located.
you can look up Westlund and Westland.
Good luck,

Äldre inlägg 2006-2007 (Arkiv) / C P Land i Jack Wade
« skrivet: 2007-02-20, 05:24 »
Here is a candidate from the BC Archives Vital Events Registrations:
Charles Pearson Land  
Reg. Number:
1912 11 28 (Yr/Mo/Day)  
Microfilm #:
B13100   (GSU # 1927128)
I can have a look at the microfilm in a couple of weeks.

Goodness gracious, Ulf, that would mean I could not post replies between 1400 and 2200 hrs. from where I live. But then, the submissions could be stored in a mailbox until morning, I suppose.

Norrbärke / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2007-02-26
« skrivet: 2007-02-09, 03:49 »
DD today says his correct name was Peter Charles Jansson.
See also :  
Anbytarforum: Länder: USA: Spårlöst försvunna USA-emigranter: Peter Jansson i Tolsbo Norrbärke sn.
I saw this monument in 1963 when my now late father said that when the 'prodigal son's' returned it was a big event-- a large procession of early motor cars and the son's teary eyed speeches.
I think there are newspaper stories and perhaps even photographs ?
As I recall it, the monument is located at a meeting of two roads, one road being the 'old highway'. In the late 1950's the new highway was allaigned a little further down the hill from the monument.

Vilken uniform är detta????? / Vilken uniform är detta?????
« skrivet: 2007-02-07, 05:25 »
Pictures of Aussie uniforms ca. 1900:

I guess Australia or New Zealand.
As far as I know I am not familiar with any other British/Colonial troops (Boer War, WWI) who wore their hats this way except the Ghurkas.
I would search his military record.

Anbytarforum / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2007-02-04
« skrivet: 2007-02-04, 05:02 »
Your input goes double for me, Ingrid Wikberg.
The utter vaporization and complete cleansing of mOrdet ar fritt (as I now call it), is shocking.
I never found anything there unduly disturbing, out of place or irrelevant.
Furthermore, the amount of space it occupied was quite reasonable in proportion to the rest of Nytt senaste dygn.  
Let's face facts: we're not even hitting the 200 daily entries mark lately, and a freewheeling discussion area at AF is most welcome for those of us who like to round out our days by having some contact with others sharing common concerns.
At I type in anbytarforum and up comes:  
A place for discussions and debates among genealogists. From the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies.  
...and if I click on that, I get:
Welcome to Anbytarforum - The Genealogist's Discussion-board, brought to you by Rötter - the e-zine of the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies. This is the place for discussions and debates among genealogists. ...
Sure seems as if debating at AF is acceptable. At least in English for me in Canada.  
However, one gets a different picture when the same search is done at . Check it out.
No doubt the AF censor will cleanse 's
search results in short order!
It could well be that the administrators here are of the quiet librarian type who are by nature non confrontational, which may explain why they have no zest for debating or others' discussions of 'uncomfortable' topics.
I am forever amazed by people who are voted into leadership positions or who propel themselves into power, who then fail to recognise their own limitations and begin to disrupt the very constituents and institutions that had engineered their leadership status.
It appears they have lost the confidence of many of us.
Stepping down -- standing aside, is an option they might consider.
Surely there is someone with some moxie (Algonquian language) suitable for a fresh and dynamic editorship at AF !

There seems to be missing the Äldre inlägg (arkiv) from Sept.23, 2006 to about Jan. 29,2007, above.
What was Gustaf Magnusson's birthdate?
Was he also known as Gustaf Ansgarius?

Do you have a birthdate for Viktor Emil Andersson?
A 75 year-old man by a similar name dies in BC in 1968.

Arkiv efterlysn separata trådar 2001-2008 / Sweden-tärnaby
« skrivet: 2007-01-28, 03:10 »
Almost 6 years ago you posted your question.
Perhaps this is his British Columbia Death Registration:
Name: Shul Schulson  
Place: Vancouver  
Reg. Number: 1966-09-015913  
Date: 1966 11 21 (Yr/Mo/Day)  
Age: 70  
Event: Death  
Microfilm #: B13280    
Have you received answers from elsewhere since 2001 ?
Shall I have a look at the BC Archives when I'm next there?

You can also use the following site to find some of these people in the different census years. The 1911 one is not yet fully indexed.
You will also find Anders' and Olof Fredrick's Death Registrations in British Columbia. Try:,Marriages,Deaths
But perhaps you already know this?

Efterlysning / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2007-02-25
« skrivet: 2007-01-11, 03:51 »
Hej Kristina,
Both these women marry in British Columbia, Canada.
There appears to be no Death Registration for Hilda or her husband, in BC.
For Elin and her husband there appears to be Death Registrations.
Use the search engine at the Vital Events page of the BC Archives:,Marriages,Deaths
I can confirm these at the BC Archives, on my next visit.
Best regards,

Go to the 1901 Census and enter frejd in the search field and you will find this family , now with 7 children in Algoma District in ON(Ontario).
Frejd  Agnus  1  ON  ALGOMA  North West Point      
Frejd  Carley  17  ON  ALGOMA  North West Point  
Frejd  Carloine 12 ON  ALGOMA  North West Point      
Frejd  David  10  ON  ALGOMA  North West Point  
Frejd  Ellen  7  ON  ALGOMA  North West Point  
Frejd  Esther  4  ON  ALGOMA  North West Point  
Frejd  Hilda  15  ON  ALGOMA  North West Point  
Frejd  John  49  ON  ALGOMA  North West Point  
Frejd  Matilda 41  ON  ALGOMA  North West Point  
Two of the names should likely be, Agnes and Caroline.
This family is not (yet?) listed in 1911. Or perhaps they went to neighbouring Michigan where there were Swedes mining.

Människor / Sex amerikanska damer gömmer vänsterhänder
« skrivet: 2006-11-26, 18:53 »
I think the unusual thing in the photo is the one long blouse sleeve rolled up. I suggest the woman is very used to having her sleeves rolled up when she works.  
Most of the visible hands are strong, capable looking. They are not dainty hands, and the women may not own fine gloves to wear for a photo shoot where they appear wearing their Sunday best clothes. So the hands, or some of them, may be hidden from view.
In the past, having a photo taken was an event worth dressing up for. It's unfortunate we don't have photos of people toiling and wearing their everyday clothes.

The foods consumed are pretty well the same on both sides of the border. It's traditional to eat entirely too much turkey, followed by pumpkin pie dessert.  
In southern areas of Canada, that second weekend in October is a good time to pick apples and pears, for eating and making juice or cider.  
It's also traditional to close up country cottages that are not winterized, or on suburban homes, to install the winter storm windows (if you still have them), or clean the glass one last time. ...and of course all children just love to rake leaves. If only jump into the piles.
Families spread across the border get to celebrate the same event twice in two months.

In Canada we lead the way, by having Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October.

Happy Halloween! / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2006-11-02
« skrivet: 2006-11-02, 07:00 »
Swedish Tradition.... Sankta Lucia Dagen.

Folkungaätten / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2007-03-18
« skrivet: 2006-10-31, 03:44 »
Hmm...if I must, then, I'll expand my phrase to match yours.  
My phrase should read, ....level of education, when it comes to Swedish history.
Kaj, there is now an opportunity to explain more fully to readers WHY M. Sjostrom is mistaken.
Best regards,

Folkungaätten / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2007-03-18
« skrivet: 2006-10-30, 22:44 »
Goodness, Kaj !   And hello !
I did realise your concern was not about a language of education. (...though you now express a strong opinion on M. Sjostrom's level of education.)  
Perhaps I may reiterate my point:
Since you were indeed wondering why  
M. Sjostrom was replying in English, I offered an explanation  why English usage may be preferable to a writer perhaps educated in that language; case in point being my own situation.  I have no idea if M. Sjostrom is in any similar situation.
My input  was solely to foster understanding, but with your disclosure now  that there is  previous history with a M. Sjostrom, I am sorry  to have touched a nerve here.
Best regards,

Folkungaätten / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2007-03-18
« skrivet: 2006-10-30, 02:54 »
If I may dive in here for a moment, please.
There are Canadians educated in English, who live in Sweden.  
As well, there are Swedes who likewise have been educated in Canada and live there.  
I would think that facility with English vs. Swedish is due to the language in which one received education.
In my case, as a Swedish-Canadian I have had all but one year of my schooling in English. I can read and understand Swedish, as above, quite well and resort to a dictionary once in a while. But when I speak or write Swedish, the laughter or eye-rolling that ensues usually dooms what I wish to communicate.  
Once, at Anbytarforum (AF) I did receive an unpleasant response to a posting I had submitted in English. However another reader very kindly encouraged me to continue contributing.
I used to excuse my use of English in Swedish areas of AF, but I haven't been doing so lately.
What little I do contribute is usually appreciated  
regardless of my English usage.

Hi, Garth
I suggest you click on Bodil's name and send an email, and ask.
Best regards,
 Salt Spring I., BC

Thank goodness we have Helene's thoughtful, inclusive and open-minded stance, to appreciate here.
It is only with a rationale similar to hers that the Supreme Court of Canada has accepted that oral descriptions and mythical traditions of Native First Nations have legitimate 'standing' in land claims negotiations.  
Of course it helps that those Judges and the public can picnic/golf on the shorelines of Vancouver where archeological digs show 3000+ years of habitation. The Musqueum People are still there.
So, dig where you stand.

Eventuella "Bure-slott" / Eventuella """"Bure-slott""""
« skrivet: 2006-10-15, 05:51 »
Enough chatter.  
Let's spin some musical lyrics from nighttime Canada with Canada's Joni Mitchell.  
Both Sides Now
Rows and floes of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons evrywhere
Ive looked at clouds that way
But now they only block the sun
They rain and snow on everyone
So many things I would have done
But clouds got in my way
Ive looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
Its cloud illusions I recall
I really dont know clouds at all
Moons and junes and ferris wheels
The dizzy dancing way you feel
As every fairy tale comes real
Ive looked at love that way
But now its just another show
You leave em laughing when you go
And if you care, dont let them know
Dont give yourself away
Ive looked at love from both sides now
From give and take, and still somehow
Its loves illusions I recall
I really dont know love at all
Tears and fears and feeling proud
To say I love you right out loud
Dreams and schemes and circus crowds
Ive looked at life that way
But now old friends are acting strange
They shake their heads, they say Ive changed
Well somethings lost, but somethings gained
In living every day
Ive looked at life from both sides now
From win and lose and still somehow
Its lifes illusions I recall
I really dont know life at all
Ive looked at life from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
Its lifes illusions I recall
I really dont know life at all

I'm amazed at those who seemingly wish to police topics in which they have no interest.  
If a topic is not germaine to a person's research or knowledge it's more efficient to avoid reading its posts.
And why bother responding with alarmist putdowns as if this now-and-again topic somehow polutes the Anbytarforum environment?
The admission has already been made that primary sources are pretty well nonexistant, so anyone interested here works from that baseline.
Surely the playingfield at Anbytarforum is big enough to permit and encourage information, ideas, and speculative discourse that is not everyone's cup of tea.
In this corner Bure Tea is steeped and sipped.
I'm enjoying my 'cuppa' of it, thank you very much.

Archive - Swedish names / Syren
« skrivet: 2006-10-09, 23:52 »
Some Scandinavians in Wisconsin changed the spelling of their town from Syren to Siren.
A Finn in Montreal had for many years a ski shop: Siren's Ski Shop down on Rue St. Antoine. It's a strong guess, but his name may have in fact been Syren. He had daughters and they may still be around. I'll check into this longshot for any information about Syren as a surname.

I would like to see a summary here from the naysayers about how they would go about searching for a building or a place when there is a lack of primary sources, and written documentation.
Are secondary  etc. sources and oral history to be completely disregarded?
As for the geographical site under consideration, what evidence indicates that it is NOT what is hypothesised ?
As far as I've read here, no one has yet proved or disproved anything.  
Let the investigation proceed.

I suppose some people are so seriously rooted in observance of facts and evidence that they cannot tolerate anyone who wishes to stretch  boundaries.  
Those people would have had us dismiss as fantasy and fable, Helge and Anne Stine Ingstad's search for a Viking settlement in Newfoundland.
A lot of people had to 'eat crow' when the Ingstads found that settlement.
The lesson is, should you have difficulty supporting a quest,  quixotic as it may be,  don't  stand in the way when it's easier to get out of the way !
What a great little project it is to look for a castle / keep !
Good luck with it and please keep us informed.

Seatbelt fastened?
In the BC Death Registrations at the BC Archives, Victoria BC, I was delighted to find these records:
Anna Lena Gullberg (born Sept. 28, 1873 in Romana Sweden), died at Essondale BC, May 18, 1956. Her permanent residence was 191 Joyce St., Westview BC, (which is a suburb of Powell River, BC). She was 82 and a widow. Late husband was Jonas Eric Gullberg.
Cremation at Ocean View Cemetery, Burnaby, BC. (immediately east of Vancouver). No information where ashes interred.
Gustaf Adolf Gullberg (born Apr. 17,1897 in Sweden), died at Powell River Hospital, BC, Feb. 19,1982. Usual residence was 5291 McGuffie St., Powell River BC. Parents were Jonas Eric Gullberg and Anna Lindblom both born in Sweden. He was single, aged 84. His life long trade was Pipe Fitter. (Most likely at the town's big pulp&paper and timber mill). There was an autopsy, and his remains were cremated at North Shore Crematorium, North Vancouver, BC. No information where ashes were interred.
Oscar Gullberg (born Dec. 20, 1898 in Sweden), died at Lonsdale Private Hospital,  
North Vancouver, BC, June 23, 1980. He worked as a Carpenter most of his life. He was single and 81 years old. His parents were Jonas Gullberg and Anna Leana Lindblon(sic) both born in Sweden.
He was buried June 28, 1980, at Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, BC.
Algot Hilivi Gullberg (born Aug.13,1912, at Minaka (sic) Ontario, Canada. (Should be Minaki on the CNR mainline east of Winnipeg), died May. 6, 1976 at Shuswap Lake General Hospital, Salmon Arm, BC. His usual address was 2nd. Ave. S.E., Salmon Arm BC. Status: married to Evelyn Jeraldine Hussey.
He woked in General Construction as a Carpenter during most of his working life. Dead at 63 years. His parents were Joneas Gullberg and Anna Lindstrom, both born in Sweden. He was cremated May 8, 1976, at Pine Grove Crematorium Ltd., Kamloops, BC. No mention where ashes were interred.
This last one is surely their son ?
Please email me for further information. Do write in Swedish. I'm not allowed to--it would be too comedic!
Thomas V.

These days people are so homogonized that it's not a bad idea encouraging a little variety in characterization through the use of pseudonyms. As long as all of them don't vote !  
Who cares that novelist John LeCare is but a pseudonym??  
There is no such person! There is only the writing--and what writing !
What does matter is that no fraud, or false promise is perpetrated. Writing ought stand alone.
Or, perhaps we could try submitting our posts anonymously for a while. That would remove the human character from the process and give us  relief from all this fun!
Regards to you all,
Thomas V.

Hello Karin, and also Judy:  
BC Death Registration, BC Archives, Victoria, BC.:
It seems he was known as Carl Ivan Anderson in British Columbia when he died at 88 years, Nov. 19, 1980 at Valleyview Hospital in Coquitlam, BC.
His usual address was 951 Boundary Road, Vancouver, BC.
His marital status: single.
Occupation: logger in the forest products industry.
His birthdate is as you have stated, and in Alvsborg, Sweden.
He was buried Nov. 24,1980 at the Riverview-Valleyview Hospital Cemetery,  
Port Coquitlam, BC.
In the 1980 BC Directories, page 224, we see 951 Boundary Road occupied by Taylor Intermediate Care Home.  
So he lived on the Vancouver side of the road, the other (east) side being Burnaby, BC.
It seems he was in hospital yet another suburb east of Burnaby, in Coquitlam. One suburb further east is Port Coquitlam, where he is buried.
I have checked the 1965 and 1955 BC Directories and it's a guess which Anderson is Carl Ivan.
In 1955 there is a C. Anderson at 215 Princess St., in Vancouver, and a Carl Anderson, logger, at 146 East Cordova St., Vancouver. Both addresses are in an area loggers lived between shipping out for jobs up the coast.
Thomas V.

Breathe deeply the Autumn night,
Frost on the meadow, at first light?

BC Archives Vital Events are on-line at:,Marriages,Deaths
It's a tricky search engine which is not conversant with how Swedish names could shift into English sounding or spelled equivalents.
In this case I get most hits when Anderson,  Surname is modified in the dropdown menu with  Approximate Match,
and Carl Ivan,  Given Names is modified in its dropdown menu with Match Any Words.
The hit which matches best is Carl Ivan Anderson who is the correct age but died in 1980 and in Coquitlam BC about 22 km. east of Vancouver. Perhaps he lived in Vancouver, and/or the lawyer's office was located there.
There are other close hits, but this is the first one I would and can check on Friday.
Do the relatives have any obituaries of him?
Do they want photocopies if I find material?
What was his mother's names?
A terrific Pacific storm--the season's first--is raging on Canada's Westcoast, so we'll see how long the electricity lasts on this little island of Hornby.

Hello Karin,
Unfortunately, I find no mention of Karl Ivan Augustsson in the BC Death Registrations for 1984, or 1974, 1964.
Please confirm the year of his death and whether it was Vancouver, BC, Canada  
or Vancouver, Washington State, USA that informed his relatives ?
Was he known as Augustson at the time of his death?
Thomas V.

Most everyone has gone to bed at last.  
Nice and quiet.  
Breathe deeply.
Sweet, pleasant dreams arrive.
Perhaps first light tomorrow will show us that where the battle-axes were buried, has been forgotten.
The sun will shine. Find a loved one to hug.

I think it's wonderful there are news organizations that have the gumption to push and extend the boundaries.  
Perhaps the restrictive privacy laws are not as onerous the AF staff believes.  
Or is it that public personalities are not afforded the same 'protection' as private individuals?  
If so, who defines these two categories?
As usual, please pardon my English.

Please let me intrude here for a minute, to compliment Karin Ekeroth and Mats Ahlgren for their energy and commitment to a relentless pursuit in clarifying the names and relationships described in this message thread.  
What a great late August-early September read !

Go to 1911 Canada Census.
Click on Alberta and enter fogelquist, spelled exactly like that and I think you'll have them.

Archive - Swedish language / Another puzzle
« skrivet: 2006-08-17, 01:40 »
Extremely interesting information here. Thank you Lars, Anna-Carin, Ingela, for your input on the topic and for guidance where I was astray.
So that squeezed-in information is simply a descriptor of Brita---describing that she is the mother of the boys below, and the widow of Carl Jacob P.....
You have an interesting family to research there, Judie.

Archive - Swedish language / Another puzzle
« skrivet: 2006-08-16, 05:41 »
Does his name appear elsewhere as Carl Jacob Phragmen? If it does then this would be the Carl in the boys' surname Carlsson.
I had thought of the offchance that the word/s before Jacob could be Mandscarl meaning Manadskarl, a man hired by the month.
Jacob's name looks as if it were added later above the widow Brita's name. I have seen this occur elsewhere.  
In the alternate, you indicate here and elsewhere today that they were married all along and had children previously. In the pic above it rather appears that he now shows up and is squeezed in above Brita's name, they have 2 boys, he dies, and the Minister pens in En. Enka. Widow. in front of her name.
Do check the Church's birth, marriage, death register. They will provide further insight, sometimes different spellings, different birthdates. I have also often found them more legible.
Thomas V.

Archive - Swedish language / Another puzzle
« skrivet: 2006-08-15, 22:52 »
Hello Judie,
From the looks of the copy from the HFL Book that you have provided, it looks as if Jacob Phragmen (Phragmoen? 2 dots over the'o') and (the former widow) Brita Larsdotter are now married and together have had two boys.
In 1828, the boys would usually be known by their last name: 'Jacobsson'. It will be interesting for you to find when in the future Daniel started being identified as a 'Carlson'.  
Since Jacob died early in the boys' lives, who helped raise them? Perhaps an uncle named 'Carl'? Just a speculation.
What surname did Pehr eventually use?
Did Brita perhaps marry once again after Jacob died? Someone named 'Carl'? ....and they raised the boys?
When did she die?
While you check the last one, see if you can confirm her marriage to Jacob and carefully read Jacob's last name for its spelling.
Have fun!
Thomas V.

Do you know if at, Nederkalix A1:11a sidan 46, it says Harrison Lake, British Columbia, or just Harrison Lake, Kanada?
Also please double check for me, the day, month and year of his death.
Then I'll give it a go again.
Best regards,
PS I enjoyed your site.

Hej Peter !
This is puzzling.
I am unable to find his Death Registration at the BC Archives website.  
What is your source for your information about his death?
Perhaps he lived at Harrison Lake but was working  and died elsewhere in BC, or elsewhere in Canada?
Are you OK with English?
I'm OK with reading Swedish.
Thomas V.

Please pardon my English usage in this section of the site.
There are some 17 Lake Harrison geographical names in Canada.
Any idea which province or territory 'your' Lake Harrison is located?

Pardon my English usage, please.
I have distant relatives who settled in Ogema, Price County, Wisconsin. They left Jonsbyn, Nyed, Varmland in about 1890, leaving behind a cousin who later moved to Smedjebacken, Norrbarke, Dalarna where she eventually became my Mormor.
I of course live in Canada, and unfortunately, for years I have had no contact with those Wisconsin relatives.
Though I'm very busy at the moment catching up on promises made last year, please keep me in mind regarding information on the family in your photograph.  
Best regards,
Thomas Vikander

Norrbärke / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2006-08-09
« skrivet: 2006-07-17, 01:31 »
Känner ni till Mai-Lis Andersson som levde 1934, i Norrbärke, troligen Smedjebacken?
Tack så mycket !
Thomas Vikander, Salt Spring Island, BC, Kanada.

Thank you Chris and Ingela and other dear friends who contacted me privately about this. I do read Swedish but my speaking and writing it, can be hazzardous to others!
The information from Gotland is the same as for other areas in Sweden. Dalarna's site even has provisions for downloading blanketter should a person wish to make applcation to spread ashes elsewhere than at a recognized cemetery or memorial garden.
In the case at hand, there is a request to spread 2/5 of a little plastic 35mm film container of ash in a couple of places in Sweden. This is not much. The rest of the contents of this little container would be spread in 3 places in North America. Most (the rest) of the ashes would of course be interred in a cemetery. This was the wish of the deceased.
In my searches for lost Swedish-North Americans I have sometimes found that ashes of deceased people have not been picked up by family or others at crematoriums. The ashes are often left stored there for years and then are spread in a specific garden area of a cemetery. In other cases families pick up the ashes and have them interred or they are kept in their homes. I have come across Uncle George containers more than once during home renovations.
As for spreading some ashes here and some there, I am familiar with a case where some ashes of a deceased were spread at low tide at the Pacific  shore and the rest were cemetery-interred in a traditional Haida First Nations native indian bent-wood box.
In another family, the widow once a year spreads some of her late pilot husband's ashes near the airport runway where he died, and some near her home.
In both cases it's a ceremony/ritual; hardly an eyebrow is raised and these are well-to-do, conservative, profession educated families, grieving in their own personal way.
These differences from Swedish burial practices are something we may keep in mind when seeking names in North American cemeteries and when contacting descendents there.
Thanks again,
Thomas Vikander

This is in regard to someone's ashes presently in North America.
Is there a law against the spreading of some or any of the ashes of a deceased person in places in Sweden that were dear to that individual?
If there is such a law, is there nontheless a custom where this is done, albeit quietly, without resorting to bureaucratic regulations, permits, etc.?
Thanks for your help.
Thomas Vikander

Det ser ut som att Hisperia finns inte, men Hesperia finns i Michigan, och i Kalifornien, men inte i South Dakota.

Archive - Swedish names / Levin
« skrivet: 2006-06-26, 00:07 »
In any case, le vin means the wine. Not a bad surname, I say !  
And la vigne means the vine. And, of course Lavigne is also a surname, a nice one too.

Glad Midsommar ! / Glad Midsommar !
« skrivet: 2006-06-24, 05:40 »
In Vancouver we were a week ahead this year.

Källor & nyheter (Sources & news) - USA / Emigrantfartyg
« skrivet: 2006-06-23, 00:58 »
Pardon my English language, here, but perhaps you were at
At that site there are plenty of listings of many, many emigrant ships leaving Norway.  
Remember, many Swedes especially from the north, left Scandinavia from Norwegian ports.
The site is also available in Norwegian.

Hello Ishbell and Deanna,
By 1911 the routing of immigrants into the Canadian West was run like a well oiled machine.  
Tickets for Canada included a voyage from Europe to a Canadian port, followed by a CPR immigrant train trip across the country, usually to Winnipeg. That is how the Canadian West was settled
In summer the ports at Quebec City and Montreal were used, and in the winter, Halifax and to a lesser extent Saint John, New Brunswick were the ice free harbour destinations.
Most Swedish emigrants wishing to settle in the USA took ships to US ports, though there was some flow of settlers through Eastern Canada down into the US Midwest.
I have not read of any routing of settlers from Europe heading expressely for the Canadian West who went via the USA.
What did happen in the Western States was that recent settlers (1st. or 2nd. generation) there, hearing of greener pastures up in Canada, pulled up stakes and  emigrated once again.
In this latter case, there is usually knowledge today in Canadian families, of American relatives who decided to stay in the USA.

Thief Ryr Falls, above, is likely the town of Thief River Falls. Lots of Scandinavians there.

Archive - General questions / Privacy rules
« skrivet: 2006-05-16, 21:43 »
Very interseting. I read the discussion in English from Nov. 2005.
I want to split some hairs here. Does a name, and only a name, by itself constitute personal information about a human, that cannot be posted online in Sweden? If I post an obituary here which contains just the names of surviving relatives, then, that is not allowed?
If we are not allowed to post even names then we would have lost the off chance of coming across information that may further aid our research.
Which leads me to George Bush.
His name enjoys quite a few hits at Anbytarforum, even though he is alive and has most probably not consented to the use of his personal information.
 Were his name never to have appeared here, I'm sure many genealogists at Anbytarforum with roots in places of Bush's alleged ancestors would not be checking their own family trees for connections. Nor would they be likely researching the veracity of some of Bush's alleged roots in Scandinavia.
I can well imagine there has been quite a movement by people taking their information off Anbytarforum since late last year, then?
Perhaps there are Google or Yahoo Groups offshore, and in Swedish, where this information can be posted.
I hate to think so. I'd like to have it all gathered here.

Archive - General questions / Privacy rules
« skrivet: 2006-05-15, 23:30 »
If an obituary mentioning people alive at the time of someones death, has been published in a newspaper, or elsewhere, I think that  triggers the A-OK to reproduce its information here. Yes? No?
Is it that we cannot write additional information about those living people?  
Now, newspapers write about living people all the time. Where may I read why we at Anbytarforum cannot do likewise?

Britt certainly offers us a very good plausible explanation.
After endless weeks at sea staring at the horizon, the passengers would experience quite the stress upon arrival. No doubt they, like most immigrants not familiar with English, would tend to say yes to any questions in order to appear agreeable,  accepting, and cooperative.
So if a few Swedes in a large group of Germans were being processed, and the Germans were getting through without a hitch,  the Swedes would likely reply with the same answers.
I admit this is speculation on my part.
Some other thoughts:
Perhaps the Swedes had left their country under difficult legal circumstances and found it ever so convenient to submerse themselves amongst the Germans when the opportunity arose on a long voyage.
Perhaps the Swedes when they left Goteborg, sailed to a German port, from whence they were tallied and listed with Germans heading for the England and the ports with ships to America.  
When arriving in England, they could have been listed as Germans in transit. And upon eventual arrival at Castle Garden, it may have been easily said that they all originated in Germany. Especially so if the passenger manifest drawn up at Liverpool, and presented at Castle Garden, already indicated, Germany.
It would be fabulous to find and peruse that passenger manifest !

Gudmund is an old Norse and Norwegian name. This may be a clue to the basis for the name Goodman.

46 Ordet är fritt om släktforskning / Förbundets nya symbol
« skrivet: 2006-04-29, 21:10 »
Most asuredly a spider has taken up residence, and as always, in an upper corner.
Perhaps we can thank the girl pictured in the second message down, at:
Spiders make short work of  any bugs entering its domain !
Best of all:
Spiders, as well as genealogists, are renowned for perserverence--they never give up.

Emigrantsökning. / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2006-05-08
« skrivet: 2006-04-29, 18:00 »
Och nu tyvaar ser jag at han bodde  i 307 Weston, Manistique etc. (WWI Draft Card).

Emigrantsökning. / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2006-05-08
« skrivet: 2006-04-29, 17:49 »
Fina bilder, Per !
Weston var nog Weston Lumber Company.
Manistique, at the time a town on Lake Michigan, on the south coast of the upper penninsula of  the State of Michigan.
Scoolcraft, is Schoolcraft County, location of Manistique.

Callingvood......kann nog vara Collingwood, Ontario, Kanada

Although spelled Ophier in some records, it's Ophir, Utah, Today it's a ghost town, and unfortunately hardly even that, with many of the old buildings now demolished. A pity.

What year is that bouppteckning? I have asked a librarian in Kalispell to look into the letters and numerals after RALISPEU. It would be even better if you can provide the names of the Swedish emigrants, along with a date, in order to search the old directories.
As for Walen telephone numbers there are approx. 7 in Montana, 2 in Idaho, 14 in Washington State.  
If you can provide some names I can also check if there is a record of them in British Columbia.
Best regards,

Pardon my English, please.
I think that may be it. There are Walen families in Montana, in any case.
I suspect the other letters and numbers may be a postal delivery description; perhaps Route 7, Depot or District 3.
I admit these are guesses.
Best regards,  
British Columbia, Kanada

Mike: is there any possibility that the father's name was Per Nilsson not Nils Pearson (Persson etc. variants), but that through the years in Australia the format of the father's name has been 'regularized' to conform with that of his son's last name?
This has happened in some cases in Canada.  
If this were the case with the father named Per Nilsson, then his son would in Sweden be called Sven Persson  and he would emigrate with that name and keep it and become Sven Pearson in Australia.
On the othe hand....
Calle: If in fact the father's name truly was Nils Persson then his son's name in Sweden and in the Swedish departure etc. records would have been Sven Nilsson.  i.e. the emigrant we are looking for is named Sven Nilsson who later in Australia regularized his last name to conform with that of his father's.

Hello Mike,
From my location in Canada I have found Swedes who emigrated to the USA, and then emigrated once more to territories to the north that later became Canada. Sometimes the original emigrant settled in the USA for a generation and then his/her offspring moved north.
Sometimes, Swedes who enquire at Anbytarforum and start searching with the  broad destination of Amerika in mind,  find the trail leads to Canada or other countries, perhaps in your case to Australia/NZ.
Some emigrants, on the other hand, came through Canadian ports and headed directly to US juristictions while still others settled somewhere in  Canada (and later perhaps drifted down to the USA or shipped out for the South Seas).  
I suggest that anyone searching for trails that lead to Down Under, include a path through North America.
However, your time frame is fairly early in the European settlement of western N.America, so it's less likely he travelled as outlined above and more likely he arrived and departed by sea  through a  port such as San Francisco.
Best regards,

Jamie and Nils,
Regarding the Svedbergs in Saskatchewan:
Perhaps you are already aware that by entering Swedburg as well as Swedberg at
and setting the search engine for text you will get dozens of entries, family histories, photos for this clan and maybe another one, also originally, from Dalarna.

From the 1906 Census of the western part of what eventually became Canada, at:
Page Data
District: AB Alberta District (#18)
Subdistrict: 35 A (Town of Lethbridge) Page 38
 Odmark Theodore Head M M (Married) 27
 Odmark Ida Wife F M 22
 Odmark Ruth Daughter F S (Single) 2
 Domey Ernest Head M M 27
 Domey Hilma Wife F M 31
 Domey Valderince Son M S 2
Perhaps Hilma Domay is related to the Odmark family.  

Actually, there is more information offered at a few other spots in Anbytarforum. Just enter bjuwe in the Anbytarforum search engine and go from there.

Norrbärke / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2006-03-31
« skrivet: 2006-03-26, 08:09 »
May I offer that it probably is Stora... rather than St. ...

Diary entries / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2006-05-06
« skrivet: 2006-03-19, 20:05 »
Charles, regarding 'stort O',
I suggest we are at a disadvantage here, offering translations a sentence or two at a time. This can work only so long; then we have to sit back and appraise the overall context of the paragraph(s).  
We have not yet had that context presented to us.
Is Roos asserting, in the surrounding paragraphs that something happens in America to immigrants that has them  turning honest ,big time, or becoming dishonest, big time?
Is he elsewhere praising an America that imparts honesty values or is he warning Swedes back across the Atlantic to expect quite the opposite?
In passing, thank you for the work you are doing. Translating is tough dogged work!
Best regards,
Thomas V.

What appears to be her Death Registration, has now been released:
Freda Natalia Nordell  
North Vancouver  
Reg. Number:
Digital Image:
1985 8 3 (Yr/Mo/Day)  
Microfilm #:
B16575   (GSU # )
If anyone wants confirmation of this, let me know.

Archive - Swedish names / Kandl
« skrivet: 2006-03-18, 21:32 »
With the lack of any quick concrete responses, I feel free to offer my musings:
The name may have been 'Kardel'?. Machine printing and press printing were not as prevelant then, as today. Errors creep in.
Kandl and Kandel, on the other hand, seem to exist in Austria, Germany, Ukraine. A proposal here is to consider the more likely possibility that he was a soldier from central Europe in the 'Swedish' army or supporting armies that attacked Praha etc.

Forwarded from Geoscience Australia:
Hello Thomas
I found a Karthina in SA but no Kartina
...., Karthina is just north of Port  Pirie.
Paul Jamieson
Customer Support Unit
Sales & Distribution
ph (02) 6249 9184  fax (02)6249 9960
Geoscience Australia
GPO Box 378,  Canberra,  ACT  2601
A.B.N.  80 091 799 039

Lars, please accept this in English,
Perhaps it's Cortina ?
You get 3 results in SA (South Australia) at:
Best regards,

Diary entries / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2006-05-06
« skrivet: 2006-03-11, 05:47 »
OOPS. The above should have been:
America is yet a wonderful, down to earth country.  
Once here, people turn godfearing and honest, THE LATTER WITH A BIG DIS IN FRONT.

Diary entries / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2006-05-06
« skrivet: 2006-03-11, 05:36 »
My suggestion:
America is yet a wonderful country.  
Once here, people turn godfearing and honest, THE LATTER WITH A BIG DIS IN FRONT.
The letter is an O.
Refinements most welcome.

The Death Registration (DR) for Oscar WESTERMARK would likely show a wife's maiden name.  
The local and/or Vancouver newspaper(s) may also have his obituary.
I can check these sources, basically for free, at the BC Archives in Victoria when I go there in a couple of weeks.
we get several  reults using WESTERMARK .

Results from visiting  the BC Archives are not good.
The DR for a Peter Person who died in 1911 holds very little information.
It says he was a rancher, born in Norway. The undertaker was McPherson, Cranbrook BC, and a warrant to bury the body was issued to a Nils Hanson. An inquiry was held.
No birthdate, no parents are mentioned.
Ordinarily, this would not be your man. But since this early, (for BC) DR has so little information,  there is a niggling speculation that there is still a tiny possibility here. Here is why:
Sometimes in rural areas of Canada, Swedes have been erroneously recorded as Norwegians, merely from the fact that they were known locally to have shipped out of a Norwegian port, or upon death left behind, say, a ticket issued in Norway.
The Marriage Index shows a Peter Pearson, 28 in 1913 and a Pete Pearson, 37 in 1921. They are too young to be your Per.
I have also searched the Pierson variant and got no hits.

Further to Judy's good advice:
Try Our Roots at,
Click Search at the top of the page, and then on the next page scroll down and use the Search Fulltext area and using axel olson for example, you will get 24 hits in 10 books.
Try Our Future, Our Past at,

It's likely his ship went to Quebec or Montreal at that time of the year, though it's possible it still went on the winter route to Halifax. There should be an immigrant landing record of that.
If he grew up on a farm it is possible, then, that he got land to farm once he reached Winnipeg. I think it is more likely if he got land, then or later, and settled into farming that he would have written home to Sweden.  
At Winnipeg there were job recruitment men and he may have got  employment with Canadian National (CNR) or Canadian Pacific (CPR) railways, most likely working on railway sections anywhere west to the Pacific Ocean. He may have quit anywhere along the line and gone to work in some small industrial town or applied for a Western Land Grant for farming. If he was mostly on the move to get work, it is more likely than not that he would lose touch with his homeland.
Especially during the economic depression  
of the Dirty Thirties.
I have not seen any discussion of employment records of these railways, on the internet. You raised an interesting suggestion.
True, 'Axel' is not a common name and 'Kaleb'  certainly is not.
However it is possible just one of his given names would appear in a record.
There is some chance 'Axel' became 'Alex' or 'Alec'.
 'Kaleb' could also be spelled 'Caleb'.
As for 'Olofsson', the likely change is to Olson.
Searches should also include  
Olsson, Olsen,
Olofson, Olofsen
Olafsson, Olafson, Olafsen.
At Anbytarforum, Lander, Kanada you can read in both languages other cases of searches for 'lost' Scandinavian emigrants to Canada.

The parish records for Torsås (A11:13, 1917-1929, page 758) mentioned in the discussion above should indicate on the page, from where he was Inflyttad.
In my limited experience, working class immigrants to Canada in those years did not frequently return to visit Scandinavia.
 Winnipeg is a railway hub where prospective railway workers would find both of Canada's main rail companies.
I have not found Axel K Olofsson in the Vital Events section at the British Columbia Archives.
I searched using the above spelling as well as Olofson,  Olson.  
Did he have experience in farming? Would he have had any interest in getting a Western Land Grant?

Hej Rolf,
and you should get a book:  
Jubilee Reminiscences : And History of the Macrorie and Bratton District with Biographies of the People
Enter sunquist in the search area at the bottom of the page.
On page 110, there is mention of two Cooper brothers who married Sunquist women.

Äldre inlägg 2006-2007 (Arkiv) / Georg Anderson
« skrivet: 2006-01-10, 06:42 »
Did he have a middle name?
Also, do you have his parents' names?
I'm having a look in the British Columbia Archives.

Hello Ylva,
Eva Dahlberg has pointed you in the best direction, the BC Archives.
I've looked at Persson, Person , Pearson. and combined them with Per, Pear, Peter, P.
The closest hit is a Peter Person who died at Wasa, BC, 1911 11 19, aged 45.  
The website has errors even though the Death registration (DR) may be correct. Sometimes the original DR has mistakes in the computation of the age at death.
As well, there are a few marriages post 1911 that bear looking into, in which case if you can tell me his parents' names that may be a help.
I can check these leads at the BC Archives sometime this month if you can wait.

Arkiv efterlysn separata trådar 2001-2008 / Lindholm , Halifax
« skrivet: 2005-12-13, 10:17 »
I can help look if you have names and birthdates.

Människor / Amerika foto
« skrivet: 2005-10-27, 05:06 »
For what it's worth: Square shaped cobblestone street/sidewalk surface material more likely indicates Europe than N.America. He's a well off man. His footwear is in good shape.

Diary entries / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2005-10-24
« skrivet: 2005-10-20, 20:52 »
Translation work is a bit similar to observing  maps of hurricanes. Words and meanings are whipped about, absorbed, remixed and spun out at the periphery.  At the centre, hot disagreement is the norm.
My response to Ann's invitation to ... help with the meaning of the word 'sehäll'   was met  with a putdown. Why my posting should have engendered that, when seemingly everyone else's brain-storming  or well researched submissions are accepted without comment, is surprising indeed.
Mayhaps t'would be best I lie prone 'till this tempest bloweth o'er.

Diary entries / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2005-10-24
« skrivet: 2005-10-19, 16:58 »
Ann! Neither does your translation of the sentence make any sense, with or without the presence of the word for which I offered up an explanation.
My input, where no one had made any attempt at the word, was gingerly phrased as a question.
No doubt you have a suggested translation that is better than mine, of what I take to be Roos'rather lyrically convoluted and illiterate Swenglish.

Diary entries / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2005-10-24
« skrivet: 2005-10-19, 05:38 »
Could SEHÄLL actually be SEHÅLL which may mean PEEPHOLE, or VISUAL OBSERVATION SLIT, as used in a building utilized as a fortification?

For those outside Canada who may not be familiar with N. American history:  
The above CD Emibas references contain an anachronism.  
Newfoundland was in 1872  not a part of Canada, but a colony of Great Britain. And this remained so until Newfoundland became a Province of Canada in 1949.
I suggest the emigrants were going to Newfoundland, G.B.

Anderson, D & E
11 Cedar
Hornepayne, ON P0M 1Z0
(807) 868-2413
Anderson, R W
189 Third Av
Hornepayne, ON P0M 1Z0
(807) 868-2399
Anderson, Richard
Government Lake Rd
Hornepayne, ON P0M 1Z0
(807) 868-3094
Hornepayne is not a big place so these people may know something. Good luck.

What are the birthdates for Carl August Börjesson, Inger Kristina Andersdotter and their two children, Emilia Sofia and Karl Edvin?
Remember: There were Swedish emigrants to the USA who eventually re-settled in Canada.
Also, other Swedish emigrants to the USA landed first in Canada and then travelled through Canada to the US. And some of these, as well, moved on, to Canada's West.
The British Columbia Archives' Vital Events search engine suggests additional altered name possibilities:
Boreson, Borgerson, even Burgess

Archive - Swedish customs / Traditions to welcome a new baby
« skrivet: 2005-09-25, 01:37 »
Born between 1938 and 1948, my 3 brothers and I were each given on our first birtday, a silver tea spoon with first given name and birthdate engraved on the back of the handle. Our parents are from Dalarna.
May I offer the idea that you can as well create your own baby naming ceremony?
Best regards,

Arkiv efterlysn separata trådar 2001-2008 / Johan Levin 1872
« skrivet: 2005-09-14, 05:52 »
I believe you will find some of them if you enter LEVINE and then JOHN and LUCIE each in turn at:,Marriages,Deaths
Good luck.
British Columbia, Canada

Many Swedes on the way west went up the Hudson River from NYC, and then through the Erie Canal to Lake Erie at Erie, Pennsylvania. Then lake vessels to Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota.

Jörgen and Carl, hello.
It must be the Summer heat, here....because...
I forgot to mention that the DR also states Albin Svenson's birthdate as, January 17, 1905, which is the same as that of your Albin Svensson.  
This is a strong indication the two men are one and the same individual.
Best regards,

Let me know if you would like a photocopy of the microfilmed document which I can make when I next get to our BC Archives.It costs just 40 cents a copy.
I read Swedish and can speak Swenglish.

Thank you Carl. I made an error by mixing together Albin's birth and death dates. I'm usually up too late at night !
The microfilmed Death Registration shows this Albin Svenson died June 21 1964, aged 59. (This is the 3rd. time I have found an error in the age at death listed at BC Archives website).
He lived at 303 E.51st.Street, Vancouver, BC. (I believe it should read Avenue not Street).
He was 37 years in Canada, 36 in BC, and 2 in Vancouver,BC.
He was a Canadian citizen, White, Single, with Sweden as Birthplace.
At the time of his death his occupation was: janitor.
He was DOA (Dead on Arrival) at Van. General Hospital. He had died of pneumonia. An Inquiry into his death was held, June 25th.
Cremation. Place of cremation or burial: Mt. View Cemetery.
Could this be your man?
Find out if there were any other men with his name who were born on the same date in Sweden.

Cheer up, Jonny !
Maybe they started spelling their name this way:  
If so, at the BC Death Registrations we have some hits to check out:
Axel Johnson d.1956 11 01  79 years Powel River
Victor Johnson d.1941 03 23  63 years  Essondale
Victor Johnson d.1957 04 06  79 years  Prince      
Anton Johnson d.1932 07 19  50 years  Vancouver
Anton Johnson d.1940 08 29 58 years  Williams Lake
There were a lot of Johnson names to work through.

According to the British Columbia Death Registrations:
Albin Svenson died Jan, 17, 1964, in Vancouver,BC.
Perhaps you have already confirmed this information ?

skriver du Domeij så får du 20 tal i 3 provinser.
Best regards,

Ask Anders at Swedish Press in Vancouver,BC, Canada, if the magazine carried any story at that time.
Also, Swedish university people have in the past been in N. America to record Swedih dialects and Swedish word usage.

What does K stand for? What is your first name, please?
If it's Washington State where you already found one brother, across the border is British Columbia where you will also find a West Rutland and a Rutland. There is an Erik Hoglund who died in Creston BC 1933-06-14, aged 66 years. At this stage, the age fits.

Eva, He came directly to Canada in 1926:
    Immigration Records (1925-1935)  
Surname: Blomstedt  
Given name: Arthur  
Age: 24  
Sex: M  
Nationality: Swe  
Date of arrival: 1926/03/20 (YYYY/MM/DD)  
Port of arrival: Halifax , Nova Scotia  
Ship: DROTTNINGHOLM , Swedish American  
Reference: RG76 - IMMIGRATION, series C-1-b  
Volume: 1926 volume 3  
Page: 45  
Microfilm reel: T-14804  

Haldosson or is it Haldorsson?

46 Ordet är fritt om släktforskning / Ta ett nytt efternamn
« skrivet: 2005-05-31, 05:13 »
Och pa Galiano Island, BC, Kanada, har enn man sedan flera ar ett nytt namn; nu heter hann Mr. Lony Rockafella !

Hej Märit !
Använd bara efternamnet.    
Där finns:
Best regards,

Hmmmm. Sköld namnet har blivit 'Shield' i British Columbia. Det skulle knappast vara värt att byta till Skield'.  
There would be no advantage here, being a Skield. He would have to spell it every time. Since he did change his name, it would be to something easily understandable
Edvard blev ju Edward och Sköld blev nog Shield förr eller senare.
Best regards,

Varifrån i Ontario?
Står det Skield eller Shield?

Hello Friends,
Where may I find general information covering Norwegian and Swedish emigration via Trondheim in 1924?  
Was an Agent recruiting for Canada present there providing package ticket deals, or were emigrants on their own? Were there Agents perhaps elsewhere, say, Ostersund?  
The Norwegian digitalarkivet has emigrants listed or registered as emigrating fra Trondheim even though from reading the records it's obvious they left Norway mostly from Bergen in the south.
Why was record keeping done this way?  
How would they control that the prospective emigrant actually left Norwegian soil?
Were emigrants at Trondheim escorted onto ships to England or to Bergen?  
Or did they board trains at Trondheim for Bergen and then ship to England or directly to Canada?  And why to Bergen and not Kristiania or Stavanger which are closer to Trondheim by rail?
Thank you for any guidance you can offer me in understanding the emigration process through Trondheim.

Hello Lena,
Thank you for your input.  
From it, we can modify what Sherry wrote, in that:
Gustaf Robert (Anderson) Lofgren is incorrect and Gustaf Robert (Anderson) Gustafsson is correct.
I intrepret from Sherry that it was this man and his two brothers (with spelling variances),
Karl Wilhelm (Anderson) Kallstrand  and
Gunnar Sixtus (Anderson) Gustafson
who emigrated from Sweden and who are now the research subjects.
Best regards,

I'm wanting to do what I can, but if you would please rephrase who is a child of whom and make the family units separate from each other, I would be be happier. As it now stands, poor me can't decipher what you have written.
Regards, Thomas V.

03) Osorterat / Emigrantdokument 1909
« skrivet: 2005-04-03, 01:46 »
 I'm sorry, but I wrote my previous message as if I were correspoding with Emma. Please disregard my questions regarding the origins etc. of the document.
Best regards,  
Thomas V.

03) Osorterat / Emigrantdokument 1909
« skrivet: 2005-04-03, 01:38 »
You're more likely right than I.  
Of course you're probably familiar with the type of document this is lifted from and no doubt there are other people listed on it who are also US citizens described in a like manner. That is, the place where citzienship was conferred.  
Also, since the leadup is about citizen status, it follows that subsequent information would describe where those records may be found.
As for the capital letter D, you may have found elsewhere on the document where a similarly shaped letter is most likely a D, not a B.
Here were my thoughts:
There are Bill Court named people in the USA today, and it's not impossible a company once had that name.  
Again, not knowing the context of the document, I instead went with my experiences at the US-Canada border points where one is asked to provide evidence of employment.
What is the column heading for the 1909 entry, if that's what is written?
As for the upper one:
US Citizenship. In this instance, unlike in Dist, is the t crossed? Or is the crossing line just a line travelling from above on the page?
At the left appears a signature and Inspector underneath. I speculate that the  various numbers are the result of compiling and checking the data for goodness know what.
52 is his age?
Then we have Lob? Sob? Lat? or a combination
of letters. What is the heading?
And what is this document, anyway?
Best regards,
Thomas V.

You will find his arrival in Canada at:
Do you have any more given names for him?
In the emigration records of Sweden, where in Canada was he off to?
What kind of work did he do in Sweden?
Were others from his family, clan, village etc. already settled in Canada? If so, where?
From where in Can. did he send letters, postcards if any?
Best regards,
Thomas V.

03) Osorterat / Emigrantdokument 1909
« skrivet: 2005-04-02, 06:27 »
The lower one:
American Citizen...190(9? 1?)..Home Moorhead Minn.
Bill? Court Co(mpany?) of Clay Minn. May 24th 1900
Bill? Court Co(unty?) of Clay Minn. May 24th 1900

To get a Real taste of life, there and then, chew
into Alaska newspapers on microfilm. He lived on the coast probably. If he lived in a small harbour away from where the paper was published some costs could double. Check food ads, house sales, clothing ads, liquor, tobacco snus prices. Most people on the coast have gardens and put up preserves of fish, vegetables and berries. Many build their homes on cheap land or floats in bays, and use salvaged wood.They grow root and tuber crops. Firewood would be cheap and plentiful. A lot of informal trading takes place even today, in place of cash. Remember, no government health insurance was available and dental costs would have been expensive. But the salmon, crab and halibut would be cheap and plentiful and good!

Arkiv efterlysn separata trådar 2001-2008 / Gravplatser
« skrivet: 2005-04-01, 21:40 »
It's for Alberta at a site for Canadian history and genealogy links. Scroll down to the cemetery section. Good luck.  
Thomas V.

Hello Lennart, and also Chuck who responded to your query,
At the BC Archives I had a look at some microfilms:
Unfortunately the Death Registration for C B Johansen 1929-01-18 is for a baby, not your Carl Brunius Johansen!
The record you have for Pal Johan Karlsson seems to be right. I made some hasty notes from his Death Registration: Buried July 12 at Fort George BC. (outside Prince George) However I wrote down La Grande(?) which I have to check out.
Next time I can get a print of Pal's Death Registration, if you don't already have one.
On the internet at:  
click on Crown Grant Search.
On the next page, at Surname type in johanson (spelled with an 'o'), and enter it.
Next page should show a land grant in the Cariboo district to a Karl Brunius Johanson. I can get the two prints available, if you wish. Do you know the other Charles Alexander Johanson ('Karl'?) who also got land in the Cariboo?
At Victoria Public Library, in a microfilm of 1929 BC Directories, Prince George, on p.530 there is an Andrew King proprietor of Scandia Hotel.  
I found no Peterson named Chris or with initial 'C'.
There were no Johansson or similar spellings.
I also checked Johnson. Some Swedes change their names to that. Nothing there but Albt. B. and Carl A., both brakemen on the Can.Nat. Railway. Somewhat close but no cigar!
Best regards,
Thomas V.

Var ligger platsen / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2005-06-05
« skrivet: 2005-03-23, 19:57 »
There is more..... On p.585 it actually says, bor i Krako for Nils Olsson f. 18430101, and his family. So they are Olsson, not Nilsson.
And where is Krako?

Var ligger platsen / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2005-06-05
« skrivet: 2005-03-23, 17:22 »
OBS !  ATTENTION !  The word in my previous post should be Kroko or Krako and if it is Krake could it mean Krakerud? Any thoughts on this are much appreciated.

Var ligger platsen / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2005-06-05
« skrivet: 2005-03-23, 02:38 »
In the Hfl for Nyed 1896-1900 on one of the pages for Jonsbyn there is written for the Nilsson family, flyttat till Krono, or some such thing. I'm unable to find out where/what Krono is.
Thanks for any leads.
Thomas V.

My previous message is also addressed to Inger of course. Sorry.
I was unable to change it, using the system here at Anbytarforum.

Hej Jonny,
Can you provide the names and birthdates of father, wife, sons?  
Thomas V.

It's absolutely wonderful to read such well written Swedish, dear people. It helps keep the language alive in me. What I do hope to have imparted to me though, is the visceral attitude and sharp wit so evident here. Keep it up. I love it.
Now, are there no Viking poets amongst us?.....

Hello Ann-Lee,
I have been searching at the following site and also at without luck. However at the former site:
we see some different spellings of Kreuger/Kryger that will broaden your search.
Good luck, Thomas V.

Further research on my 'shots in the dark' have been futile. They are not the people being looked for.
Today, I also find that Ms. Nilsson had, unfortunately for me, duplicated her request at Anbytarforum Kallor  CD List in January 2004 and that further correspondence ensued only there,  making my efforts here, a waste of effort.  
Oh well.

Hello Gunnar,
Perhaps he was heading to stay or settle with a relative or person from his 'hemort' who had emmigrated earlier. Check for his possibility.  
He arrived in Canada listed as Hammar but his eventual wife's death some forty-one years later is listed as Hammer. Both spellings ought to be entered into search engines.  
I take it you have proof that mabel Viola Halliday was his wife? Do you have her newspaper obituary? Did he write back to Sweden?  
Did she have relatives in Haney or nearby?
At present, both spellings of his/their last name occur in the phone book listings in the vicinity of Haney.
Best regards, Thomas V.

Where in Washington State did he die?
Best regards,
Thomas V.

Hello Ingela,
His death is listed under Nels Gottfrid Nelson at:,VisualRecords,Movies,Cartographic,Library,WebPages,Genealogy/find%2B%22gottfrid%20nelson%22%2B%2B%2B%2B
He died in a rural farming area of the Fraser River Valley about an hour or two East from Vancouver, depending on traffic.
Best regards, Thomas V.

Arkiv efterlysn separata trådar 2001-2008 / Elmqvist
« skrivet: 2005-01-30, 23:37 »
Hmmmm.... I have not seen any  mention of the sisters coming to Alberta from the USA, only Andrew. Do you know their names?
From the local history books, I've taken that the adult women named in the photos  and as authors of the articles are the wives of Elmquists, not their sisters.  
At this point making a chart of all these people in Canada becomes necessary.
Best regards, Thomas V.

Arkiv efterlysn separata trådar 2001-2008 / Elmqvist
« skrivet: 2005-01-28, 23:57 »
Here,Nina,is where I found clues:
It's set up by the University of Calgary Press for its on-line digital projects. Scroll to the bottom of the page and at Search for Keyword type Elmquist. The search result will show several books and the pages of the scans of the books' pages Where 'Elmquist' occurs. Click on the 'large page' icon and enjoy the stories and photographs!  
Be aware you may have to click on the 'next page' icon to finish reading each short article. Regarding the photos,'BR'means Back Row, 'MR'is Middle Row and then we have Front Row as 'FR'.(Forgive me if you know all this already.)
As you'll see, the stories mention an additional brother,  
who spells his last name differently, but no brother named  
Ture Oskar.
Have a look in these books for their publication dates, contents (many Scandinavian family names) and context to flesh out your research.
Have fun!
Best regards,
Thomas V.

Arkiv efterlysn separata trådar 2001-2008 / Elmqvist
« skrivet: 2005-01-27, 23:58 »
Hello Nina,
I have it wrong as well, it seems, for Andrew, David Gunnar and  Johan Albert were indeed brothers. I will post my references later. They are in the format of family histories compiled in books on local history. They make for fabulous  reading from a time when work, resourcefullness and toughness really were the order of the day  on Canada's vast Prairies.  
Did you know the brothers also had cousins who later emmigrated to that part of Alberta?
Best regards and I'm glad to be of help.
Thomas V.

Arkiv efterlysn separata trådar 2001-2008 / Elmqvist
« skrivet: 2005-01-27, 05:13 »
Johan Albert Elmqvist is very likely the  
Albert Elmquist  
who enlisted Sept. 23, 1916, in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during WWI:
Click on the two icons to see the front and back of the form and each time wait for the enlargement icons and click on those to easily read the forms.
If they are one and the same person:
At the time he enlisted he was 17 years, 10 months, old, but as the enlistment form shows he told them he was exactly a year older.  
Hardisty and Alliance where he enlisted, are in Flagstaff County, in east central Alberta.  
He served in France and survived my preliminary search indicates, and he was a nephew to an Andrew Elmquist.
In a private email to me you had mentioned that you were thinking that  
Johan Albert Elmqvist
had changed his name to
in Canada. That could well be, but my hunch is that in Canada he would not need to do that, but instead would just use  
a very common English name.
Further, my hunch is that the  
Andrew Elmquist  
I found would likely have been  
Anders Elmqvist
in Sweden.
Warm regards, Thomas V.

There are some 84 Eric Johnson phone numbers in Canada, gleaned from These two are in Oakville:
Johnson, Eric
273 Douglas Ave
Oakville, ON L6J 3S5
(905) 844-7040
Johnson, Eric
124 Talbot Dr
Oakville, ON L6L 4C5
(905) 847-3505

Hello again, Jan,
At a fabulous new website for the 1901 Census I have indeed found the family Klebeck in Manitoba. Amanda has 2 more children and she has been widowed!

Hej Jan,
shows some 21 phone numbers for Klebeck, mostly in rural Saskatchewan which is next door to Manitoba, Winnipeg's province.  
I have found nothing yet on Klebeck or Kleback in Vancouver or British Columbia.

you can type in Tullson and find 4 telephone numbers in Alberta. For Alberta, you usually subtract 8 hours from Sweden's time zone.  
Good luck !

I MAY have found one of the men you are searching for. There is a Carl Patrick Carlson who died 1947 02 15, aged 65, at Cranbrook BC, who fits your timeframe.

you can enter an Emma Carlstrand and find that she died in New Westminster BC, 1969 05 18, aged 78. This date fits your timeframe. She MAY be the one you are looking for.
In addition you will find an Emma Jonsson who married a Victor A Carlstrand in Vancouver BC, in 1926, and you can go on to find a Victor Andrew Carlstrand who died in 1937, aged 49, in Comox BC. These Mr. Carlstrand entries MAY be one and the same individual and he MAY have been her husband. Comox and Courtenay are towns next door to each other on Vancouver Island.

It's a shot in the dark, but I have found an  
August Wilhelm Anderson who died aged 80, 1964-09-06, in Rutland, BC, Canada,  
who MAY be the person you are searching for.
As for his wife, there are two women's names in BC who fit your time frame and MAY be of interest to you:
Kristina Anderson who died aged 81, 1968-07-11, in New Westminster BC.
Christina Anderson who died aged 94, 1981-05-30, in North Vancouver, BC.
I found no Julia or Julie who fit your time frame.
I searched using Andersson, Anderson, but not Andersen.

Archive - Swedish history / 1880s Epidemic
« skrivet: 2004-12-06, 07:40 »
Nancy, a couple of more points:  
Do check for cause of death in the 'Deaths Book' where your ancestor lived. At the same time check on nearby pages for causes of deaths of others in the Parish. This may indicate local smaller outbreaks of disease. Also look inside the book covers and their nearby pages for compilations of deaths per cause, per year.
If you know 'Swenglish', you may consider that the Swedish word for pain sounds somewhat like the English word, Plague. It's then possible through oral telling, your kin died 'in or of pain' and not 'of plague'.

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