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Meddelanden - Barbara Dilling

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Pjätteryd / Translation help Pjätteryd, Kronoberg
« skrivet: 2020-11-03, 02:22 »
I am trying to find the children of Torkel Håkansson  (1652 CA) and Gunnel Persdotter (1659 CA).  They were married in Pjätteryd 06 November 1681.  I have a translation that says they had six children all born in Stenhult.  Torkel is a shoemaker.  I am using Pjätteryd, Kronoberg C1:1 1677-1737 births :  my image numbers may differ because I am using Ancestry.  I found #168 Elin born 16 March 1685.  Could this be one of their daughters?  I can read Torkel (It doesn't give the mother's name, but I can't translate the farm name. Image 108.  #353 Gunnel 28 August 1692 -image 113.  #600 ?äder 12 August 1701.  I'm not sure of the name or if this is the correct farm.  Any help is appreciated.

Örebro (Nikolai) / Johanna Persdotter's parents
« skrivet: 2020-04-12, 06:00 »
I'm looking for the parents of Johanna Persdotter born 26 May 1819, perhaps in Skagershult.  She married Johan Peter Bergman.  This inquiry is for a friend.  Any help is appreciated.

Vadstena / SV: Translation help
« skrivet: 2019-08-08, 03:25 »
How do you interpret Värnpligts-förhällandeb or conscription conditions?  The number I saw was 38 54/87.

Vadstena / SV: Birthplace
« skrivet: 2019-08-07, 03:46 »
Thank you for your help.  I can't read the birthplace of Stina Nilsdotter b. 4 August 1797 on the household records Snavlunda A1:9 1831-1835 image 74 page 62.  I'd love to find her birth record. 

Vadstena / Birthplace
« skrivet: 2019-08-06, 15:11 »
Vadstena household examinations A1:25 1861-1865 Image 8 page 1 #13 Karolina Kristina Andersson b. 7 May 1829.  Her birthplace is listed as Inaflunda.  I can't find this place.  Where is it? 

Vadstena / SV: Translation help
« skrivet: 2019-08-05, 20:26 »
Even though I don't speak Swedish, I was able to get a user name and password.  I have now accessed all three documenta.  Thank you.  Barb

Vadstena / SV: Translation help
« skrivet: 2019-08-05, 17:04 »
Thanks Anita for the great article on names.  Karl Emil Jonsson was born in 1863, so naming was beginning to change.

Vadstena / SV: Translation help
« skrivet: 2019-08-05, 16:59 »
My mistake.  Gustaf Jansson and his wife Karolina Kristina Andersdotter have a daughter born 7 May 1869 in Bjälbo, Östergotland.  Can you find a household record for Carl Emil Jonsson  (1863) and Hilda Sofia Pettersdotter (1871) after their marriage in 1897?  I still question Carl Emil not taking Gustafsson as his last name.

Vadstena / SV: Translation help
« skrivet: 2019-08-05, 16:30 »
My real question is Carl Emil Jonsson's last name.  His father was Gustaf Jonsson in the birth records.  He was born 1 January 1863 in Vadstena.  Shouldn't his name be Carl Emil Gustafsson?  His father was born on 20 December 1835.  His father  dies 5 November 1862, before Carl Email is born.     

Vadstena / Translation help
« skrivet: 2019-08-05, 02:43 »
Marriage records 28 June 1897 Hilda Sofia Pettersson marries Karl Emil Jonsson b. 1 January 1863.  When I look up his Karl Email's birthrecord, it lists his father as Gustaf Jonsson or is it Jons Gustafson???  His mother is Karolina Kristina Andersson (b. 7 May 1829).  I'd love to find some of the household records and the death date for Karl Emil Jonsson.
Thank you for any help.

Undenäs / Gustaf to Isac
« skrivet: 2019-05-28, 20:05 »
On 28 February 1818, a son named Gustaf was born to Jan Persson and his wife.  C:5 1798-1825 Image 114 page 217.  On 14 March 1820, an Isac from Billtorp died>  C:5 Död image 205 page 43.  I'm sure that this was the same child.  The name Isac is also listed in the household records.  Should I use Gustaf or Isac in my family tree?

Undenäs / SV: Birthplace translation
« skrivet: 2019-05-26, 15:56 »
Thank you for this information.  I corrected her birthdate and added the new information.  I originally got August 23, 1805 from the household records of Undenäs 1799-1818 Image 97 page 157.  I assume that birth records are more accurate.

Undenäs / Birthplace translation
« skrivet: 2019-05-26, 04:11 »
Foddering 1798-1825 C:5 Image 41 page 71, Maria Jansdotter born 23 August 1805.  I can't read the name of the birthplace.  Any help is appreciated.

Stoby / SV: Translation help
« skrivet: 2019-03-05, 15:04 »
How does Martin get the last name of Augustsson?

Stoby / Translation help
« skrivet: 2019-03-05, 05:29 »
Household records 1878-1890 Image 120 page 129  I'm trying to find the parents of Martin Augustsson b. 20 November 1890.  I found him on this page under Maria with a possible brother named Anton.  There is a notation next to Anton with the same for Martin.  Is Maria Andersdotter their mother.  Is there a father?  Thanks for your help.

Hjo / Birthplace
« skrivet: 2018-11-04, 22:56 »
Clara Johansdotter born 1828 according to the Household records for Hjo A1:4 Image 96 p. 83 bottom of the page.  I need help translating her birthplace.  Any help is appreciated.

Gällinge / Moving to ???
« skrivet: 2018-10-16, 04:50 »
Gällinge household records 1750-1814 Image 250 righthand page - Under Börge Larsson is his mother Olur (Oluve) age 68- She moves to ????  Any help is appreciated.  I'm trying to follow her to see when she dies.

Gällinge / SV: Baptism date
« skrivet: 2018-10-16, 03:04 »
I think the date should be 27 May, not 24th.  If you look down the page, you can see how the author makes 4's.  What do you think?

Gällinge / Baptism date
« skrivet: 2018-10-11, 11:53 »
Gällinge Födde records 1709-1818 Image 24 right hand page Anna Larsdotter baptism ? May? 1719.  Is she also born on 27 May 1719.  This is the first time that I have found the birth, marriage, and death records all recorded on one page.Bapt.  Baptism, Corp.? marriage and Sep?? death.  Thank you for your help.

Gällinge / SV: Translation help
« skrivet: 2018-10-11, 04:43 »
To the right of the death notice are the numbers 79 and 78.  Are these the ages of each at the time of death.  Which number goes with which person?  What was their cause of death?  Thanks.

Gällinge / Translation help
« skrivet: 2018-10-11, 03:49 »
Gallinge Död records 1709-1818 Image 155 page 297,  17 and 19th January 1764.  Does this say that Anna Svensdotter died on January 17 and her husband Lars Nilsson died on January 19?  Any help is appreciated.

Förlanda / Wife's last name
« skrivet: 2018-10-09, 04:03 »
Förlanda Död 1732-1778 Image 115 page 197 18 Februaty 1734, Lars Andersson.  One translation says his wife's last name is Bengtsdotter and another says Boosdotter.  Can you confirm the correct translation.  Thanks.

Förlanda / Roug or Råg?
« skrivet: 2018-10-09, 02:45 »
Förlanda död records 1732-1778 Image 128 page 223 top of right hand page:  Anders Larson died 26 September 1753.  An hint identifies the farm at Roug, but others list it as Råg.  Where was Anders living at the time of his death?  Any clarification is appreciated.

Gällinge / Last name of mother
« skrivet: 2018-10-08, 00:31 »
Gällinge Död records 1709-1818 Image 150 page 289 Pehr Svenson died 3 December buried 13 December.  His father was Sven Pehrsson and his mother was Karin ????.  Any help is appreciated.

Förlanda / Recording error??
« skrivet: 2018-09-27, 03:15 »
Household record 1790-1850 Image 137 -Righthand page - Anders Bengtsson 1759 and Annicka Bengtsdotter have a daughter listed as Anna Maria born 14 March 1800.  When I looked up her birth record (1732-1778) Image 51, it lists her parents as Bengt Andersson and Börta Månsdotter.  If you look back at the household record 1790-1850 Image 137, there is a Bengt Andersson and Börta Månsdotter lower down on the page with an Anna Maria born 14 March 1801.  This birth is not listed in the 1801 birth records.  Is this just a mistake in the household records?  Clarification desired.

Förlanda / Parents Residence
« skrivet: 2018-09-21, 17:40 »
I'm trying to find more information regarding Anders Andersson b. 30 June 1750 parents.  I believe their residence in Förlanda is in hia birth record Births 1732-1778 Image 54 page 87, but I cannot translate it.  Any information about his parents is appreciated.

Förlanda / Confusing birth record
« skrivet: 2018-09-20, 21:25 »
Bengt Andersson död 7 May 1771 Image 146 p. 259.  This death record says he was 36 years old when he died.  I found what I think might be his birth record 5 March 1736 Image 38 p. 55.  The name Bengt is below the date with a cross, which I would make me think he died.  The date April 30 is also there.  Perhaps this is not the correct birth record.  Any help is appreciated. 

Förlanda / ???? Månsdotter - translate wife's first name
« skrivet: 2018-09-20, 09:40 »
Död record for Sven Biörnsson 23 September 1746 Image 122 p. 211.  I can't translate Sven's wife's first name.  I believe it says they have been married for six years and have two children - 1 son and 1 dotter.  He was 34 years old.  Any help is appreciated.

Förlanda / SV: Death record 1742 or 1745
« skrivet: 2018-09-20, 09:04 »
I think that I have solved my own question.  The 1742 death record is for Elin Andersdotter who is Björn Svensson's wife.  The 30 September 1745 death record is for Björn.

Förlanda / Death record 1742 or 1745
« skrivet: 2018-09-19, 20:34 »
Several have posted Björn Svensson's death record as 30 September 1745  - Förlanda Död 1732-1778 Image 121 p. 209, but I also found a death record for a Bjuorn Svensson in Förlanda Död 1732-1778 Image 119 p. 205 mentioning a wife named Elin Andersdotter (which is his wife).  Which death record is correct.  Björn was born about 1672.  Any help is appreciated.

Förlanda / Translation help
« skrivet: 2018-09-19, 19:03 »
Halland, Förlanda, Död record 1732-1778 Image 128 p. 223, 30 April 1753  Anders Bengtsson
I'm trying to find more information on Anders.  I see the number 22 and wonder if this is his marriage year to Börta Biörnsdotter.  A complete translation would be wonderful.  Any help is appreciated.

Undenäs / Nickname for Elisabeth - Lisken??
« skrivet: 2018-09-05, 20:51 »
C:1 Image 124 p. 117 - 8 March 1711 - Elisabeth - Erik Jönsson and ???   I'm lookiong for the birth record of Lisken Ersson.  Is Lisken a nickname for Elisabeth?  I cannot dicipher the name of Elisabeth's mother.  Any help is appreciated.

Undenäs / Parents of Cajsa Gustavsdotter
« skrivet: 2018-09-04, 03:46 »
I'm trying to find the parents of Cajsa Gustavsdotter born 27 December 1735.  Unfortunately, ancestry does not have the birth records for 1735.  In her death record Skarborg, Undenäs C:5 Image 206 page 45 next to her name is Gustav and Bolla.  Are these her parents?  Any information is appreciated.

Undenäs / Tranlation help
« skrivet: 2018-08-31, 03:22 »
A1:20 Undenas, Skaraborg (Ancestry search) Image 429 page 415 Forsvik Mekaniska Werks, Carl Wilhelm Pettersson b. 31 July 1879.  I believe he moves in 1898, but cannot not read where he moves.  My research says he comes to North America in 1901.  Any help is appreciated.

Edsvära / Translation help
« skrivet: 2018-08-23, 03:50 »
I am trying to find my great grandmother, Christina Jansdotter b. 29 September 1853.  She stated at her marriage in Chicago, Illinois that she was born in Hjo, but I cannot find her there.  This is a longshot, but there is a Inga Stina Jakobsdotter b. 29 September 1853 in Edsvära.  Her father's surname was Johansson.  Edsvära is about 40  miles from Hjo.  She emigrated to the United States in 1871.  In the Edsvära household records A1:23 1867-1876 image 217 page 210 on the right hand page it has a note Kauf.69.  I checked the Utflytta records for 1869 (image 32-1869) #37 it shows her, but I can't translate where she goes.  Any help is appreciated. 

Ljungby / SV: Translation help
« skrivet: 2018-08-16, 16:00 »
I looked up the birth record of Elna Jönsdotter 1854 in Börringe C1:2 Ver:a 1807-1854 Image 2330 p. 479.  It lists Elna being born on 2 March 1854 in Stirup with parents Jöns Christiansson and Karna Hansdotter.  However, all the household records Børringe A1:9 Image 2410 p. 234 and A1:10 Image 2850 p. 280 list her birthdate as 7 December 1854.  Was this just an error in the birth record?  Elna and her parents all list the same birth place, which I cannot read.  I cannot find her parents birth records.  Any insights are appreciated.

Ljungby / Translation help
« skrivet: 2018-08-15, 00:24 »
Ljungby Household record A1:12 Image 19 page 17 line 14 Elna Jönsdotter 1854.  i can't translate the notes next to her name or find Gerdslöf to look up her birth record.  The same notes appear next to her name in A1:13 Image 17 page 15.  Thank you for your help.

Undenäs / Translation help
« skrivet: 2018-08-13, 05:43 »
Please translate Undenäs C:3 Fodde p. 455 November 4, 1761, Stina....I am hoping that this is the birth record for Stina Zachariasdotter.  I am having problems with ArkivDigital and don't have the image number.  Thank you for your help.

Undenäs / translation help
« skrivet: 2018-08-12, 16:03 »
On the A1:2 household records p.157 to the left of Jan Person 1781, there is a note which I misinterpreted as d. 14 Dec 1812.  When I looked in the death records I could not find anything for 14 Dec. 1812.  What is this reference?  I'm sorry that I cannot give an image number, I'm having trouble with my ArkivDigital account.  Thank you for your help.

Undenäs / Translation help
« skrivet: 2018-08-07, 04:32 »
Undenås marriage record C:4 1774-1803 Image 214 P. 151 9 November 1780:  Peter Jonsson and Kerstin Jonsdotter.  I can't translate the name of the farm where each one lived.

Stenberga / SV: Anna Dorothea von Völschow 1718
« skrivet: 2017-11-14, 01:47 »
Thanks for your help and insights.  I certainly thank all the people on Anbytarforum that have helped me understand the Swedish records.  Since Pomerania was part of Sweden when Josua von Volschow was born, I can now claim to be entirely Swedish.  Barb

Stenberga / Anna Dorothea von Völschow 1718
« skrivet: 2017-11-13, 00:43 »
I found a household examination for Stenberga in Jönköping  A1:1 1730-1733 Image 38 page 56.  There is a jung fru Anna Dordii (?) in Boo.  Genealogy records believe that Anna Dorothea was the daughter of Josua von Völschow 1693-1732.  Could this be Anna Dorothea???  Her father is listed as living at Boo and dies in Kalmar in 1732.  I believe the names crossed out are Josua's second wife, who remarries after Josua dies.  Anna Dorothea's mother is unknown.  She died in 1724.   

If this is Anna Dorothea, what qualifies her as a jung fry?

I am also trying to understand why Josua was a captain in the army.  He was born in Pomerania.  I believe this was the period of the Great Northern War under Charles XII. 

Any help is appreciated.

Pjätteryd / Translation help
« skrivet: 2017-11-09, 17:48 »
Pjätteryd, C1:2 1737-1805 Image 45 page 73.  10 May 1767 marriage of Måns Torkelsson and Gunnel Persdotter.  I need a translation on where Måns and Gunnel are from.  Any help is appreciated.

Hässleholm (1910- ) / Death records 1907???
« skrivet: 2017-11-08, 14:56 »
Where would I find the death records for Röinge, Skane 1907?

Pjätteryd / Translation help
« skrivet: 2017-11-08, 03:23 »
Magnus Carlsson and Catharina Svensdotter marry in Pjattered on 21 April 1857.  Catharina had an illegitimate son Carl Johan on 2 June 1849 in Pjattered.  She also has a daughter Karolina on 14 May 1853 in Finja, Kristianstad and Magnus Carlsson is listed as the father.  Is Karolina also illegitimate since Magnus and Catharina were not married at the time of her birth?  The entry does not list her as oakta.

Ryssby (G) / Hedvid Pahlman's birth
« skrivet: 2017-11-07, 00:00 »
I found a Hedvid Pahlman born 1711 in Ryssby, Kronoberg.  I tried to look at the birth records, but couldn't find the birth record.  Hopefully, someone can find a day and month and additional info for the birth.  Any help is appreciated.

Pjätteryd / Death record
« skrivet: 2017-11-05, 19:00 »
I am trying to determine the correct death date for Carl Gustaf Casparsson 4 February or March 1823 in Pjätteryd, Kronberg.  Does the death record also say where he has lived.  Any help is appreciated.

Hjo / Christina b. 28 September 1853
« skrivet: 2017-10-25, 21:23 »
I am try to find the household examinations for Christina b. 28 September 1853.  Her birth record is Hjo landsförsamling C:1  1811-1860 Image 70 p. 131.  Any additional information on this Christina would be appreciated.  Thank you for your help.

Västra Alstad / Translation help
« skrivet: 2017-10-25, 19:37 »
Vastra Alstad marriage record 1812-1835 Image 171 page 311 bottom of the page.  Pehr Anersson and Kierstina Månsdotter are married on 16 February 1834.  It looks to me like Kierstina is from Ostra Alstad, but I can't find that in the search list. I also think it says where Pehr is living.   Any help is appreciated.

Västra Alstad / Bengta Bengtsdotteer's birth place
« skrivet: 2017-10-24, 04:02 »
I am trying to find the birthplace of Bengta Bengtsdotter born 25 June 1782.  The earliest record is from:  Lilla Slågarp household examination 1825-1833 Image 25 page 17.  I tried Hammerlöv, but couldn't find her.  What is her birthplace?  Any help is appreciated.

Mellan-Grevie / Confirmation needed
« skrivet: 2017-10-23, 22:27 »
I am trying to confirm the birth of Lars Martensson b.28 August 1743- Mellan Grevie Fodde 1690-1805 Image 49.  It looks like the 28th to me, but some on Ancestry stated the 25th.  I appreciate another set of eyes looking at the entry.  Thank you in advance for your help.

Västra Alstad / Marriage record
« skrivet: 2017-10-21, 19:22 »
I'm trying to find the marriage record for Anders Persson b. 4 March 1773 in Vastra Alstad and Elsa Larsdotter b. 7 November 1784 in Fru Alstad (according to the household examinations).  I cannot find Elsa in either the Fru Alstad or Vastra Alstad birth records.  I've tried to look in the Fru Alstad and Vastra Alstad marriage records with zero results.  The family can be found in Sjorup Bÿ in Vastra Alstad household examinations 1816-1922.  Any help is appreciated.

Hjo / SV: Christina Jansson
« skrivet: 2017-10-19, 23:22 »
I followed Christina's sister Mathilda Jansdotter b. 10 September 1845 to see if she ever went to America before 1876. In A!A:48 1872-1881 on p. 992, Mathilda is listed twice #5 and #10.  She has had a child "oak" named Frida Mathilda b. 18 March 1873.  She marries on 17 November 1876.  There are some notes by the #10 entry which I cannot translate.  They probably don't mean anything.  I can't find Mathilda going to America until 1881. 

You may remember that a Hilda Janson witnessed by great grandmother's wedding on 26 January 1876.  I doubt that Mathilda was that witness.

Vadstena / birth record Greta Lisa Larsdotter
« skrivet: 2017-10-17, 16:01 »
I am trying to find the birth record for Greta Lisa Larsdotter b. 11 March 1852 in Tycklingen.  I can't find Tycklingen.  A Google search said it was in Östergötland.  Perhaps it has a different name now.  Thank you for any help.

Vellinge / Mårten Löfström
« skrivet: 2017-10-15, 22:54 »
I am trying to trace Marten Löfström b. 4 February 1848 in Vastra Alstad from Sweden to America.  He appears in the household examination 1868-1879 records for Stora Slågarp p. 136.  He leaves for Vellinge on 28 October 1868 and arrive in Vellinge 7 or 9 November 1868 (Inflytta #27).  He appears in the household examinations Vellinge 1867-1874 A1:12 p. 121 and moves to p. 219.  The p.219 record says something next to his name: 1869???  In the moving out records, it says Mårten left for America 15 November 1869.  There is a little note by his name, but I can't translate it.  My problem is the only Marten Löfström arriving in Boston was on 29 May 1869.  He also was a shoemaker born 4 February 1848.  Question:  Could Marten have left before Nov. 1869?  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

Västra Alstad / SV: Lars Lofstrom b. 14 Sept. 1840
« skrivet: 2017-10-15, 03:23 »
Thanks for looking.

Västra Alstad / Birthplace discrepancy
« skrivet: 2017-10-14, 20:58 »
On the household examinations for  Vastra Alstad 1851-1855 p. 57 lists Lars Lofstrom b. 14 September 1840 as Mellan-Grevie.  When the family moves p. 129 (1851-1855) Lars Lofstrom's birthplace is listed as Vasta Alstad.  I found his birth record recorded in Vastra Alstad, but not Mellan-Grevie.  Why the notation for two towns?  Just curious.

Västra Alstad / Lars Lofstrom b. 14 Sept. 1840
« skrivet: 2017-10-14, 20:30 »
Translation help needed:  Vastra Alstad Household examinations:  1851-1855 page 129.  There is a note that Lars Lofstrom 1840 went to Fagelstad in 1855, but I cannot find Fagelstad.  I've searched through the Vastra Alstad records and looked at the towns, but no luck.  Any help is appreciated.

Hjo / SV: Christina Jansson
« skrivet: 2017-10-11, 00:31 »
Thanks again for all your help.  The search continues.  Barb

Hjo / SV: Christina Jansson
« skrivet: 2017-10-10, 22:15 »

I just had a thought.  When I looked at the original marriage document for Christine Janson and Ola Lofstrom, a Hilda Janson was mentioned.  Do you know if the Christine Janson from Lindeberg had a sister named Hilda?


Hjo / SV: Christina Jansson
« skrivet: 2017-10-10, 22:02 »
Inga, Thank you for your post.  I also followed this Christina, but am a bit doubtful that she is my great grandmother.  The birthdate on her death certificate gave 29 September 1853.  I know who made the post on ancestry that Christina Janson b. 20 August 1853 from Lindesberg is correct, but I am not sure.  More research will be needed.  Thank you for the time you spent on my post.  Barb

Hjo / SV: Christina Jansson
« skrivet: 2017-10-10, 16:03 »
Christine Jansson married Ola (Olof) Lofstrom in Chicago in January 1876.  Ola said he was from Malmo, but actually he was born in Vastra Alstad. 

Hjo / SV: Christina Jansson
« skrivet: 2017-10-09, 22:35 »
Thank you for your help.  Unfortunately, this is not my great grandmother.  The birth date is correct, but by 1876 she was in Chicago, IL.

Hjo / Christina Jansson
« skrivet: 2017-10-09, 21:18 »
I am trying to find my great grandmother Christina Jansdotter.  She emigrated to the United States in 1870 or 1872.  On her marriage, she said she was from Hjo, but there is no Christina born 29 September 1853 in Hjo.  I have looked in many of the parishes surrounding Hjo.  Today I found a immigration record for a Christina Janson 1872 born 1853.  Christina was born on 29 September 1853.  Her birth record is in Skollaersta, Orebro, Sweden birth records C:7 image 179.  There is a note under her name which I cannot translate.  Her father is Torpare Johan Eric Jansson from Toganberg's and Lovisa Bergen.  I would like to find a household record for the family and see if I can find Christina emigrating to the United States in 1872.  I realize Skollaersta is not in Vastergotland, but could not find Orebro County on the list.  Any help is appreciated. 

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-21, 00:29 »
A footman must work in a big house.  I never would have been able to translate this.  Thank you.

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-20, 00:03 »
Kristina, I found the marriage in Stora Melissa E1:1 (1705-1767) Image 79   #4  I believe they were married on 16 October 1766.  Can you tell where Kerstin Larsdotter is from?

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-19, 23:41 »
Yes.  We are on the road heading south, so I don't have my genealogy records with me.  Thanks for all your help and insights.

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-19, 05:43 »
Kristina, Another mystery.  I found Lars Carlsson's death:  Sköllersta F:2 (1793-1833) Image 132 (AID: v53797.b132, NAD: SE/ULA/11356.  I've never seen such a long death record.  It states that Lars Carlsson dies 24 December 1808, his father was Carl Hemmingsson, mother Kerstin Olofsdotter ?????  I'm confused.  The household record for Asker A1:6 (1784-1795) Image 98/page 185 (AID: v50825.b98.s185, NAD:  SE/ULA/10025 lists Carl Hemmingsson, Christin(Chirstin) Larsdotter or Parsdotter, Lars, Cajsa, and Christin.  Who is Lars Carlsson's mother?  Lars' birth record:  Stora Mellösa C:4 (1747-1780) Image 123 (AID: v53831.b123, NAD: SE/ULA/11458 list Kerstin Larsdotter??Parsdotter as his mother.  Can you clarify Kerstin's last name for me?  Thanks.

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-18, 03:24 »
Kristina, I think I may have made the connection.  Your strategy got me to thinking.  Cajsa Carlsdotter 1770 was the second wife of Johan Larsson Tåman.  Their first daughter was born 3 July 1810 in Stora Mellösa C:6 (1806-1831) Image 30 (AID: v53833.b30, NAD: SE/ULA/11458).  One of the witnesses to the baptism was Olof Jönsson from Skomakar torp  and his wife Kristin Carlsdotter.  I found Olof Jönsson and Kristin Carlsdotter in the household records Stora Melissa A1:11a (1806-1810) Image 102/page 95 (AID: v52345.b102.s95, NAD: SE.ULA/11458).  They moved from Ganon? Image 103/page 96 in the same household record.  Kristin (Christin) Carlsdotter's birthday is 12 September 1774 as found in the household records Asker A1:6 (1784-1795) Image 98/page 185 (AID: v50825.b98.s185, NAD: SE/ULA/10025)   I think I can conclude that Carl Hemmingsson b. 25 July 1745 and Christin ? Larsdotter born 1735 are Cajsa Carlsdotter b. 2 October 1770 parents.  Do you agree?

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-17, 18:20 »
You have given me some good clues and information.  Thank you.  I will pursue Cajsa's children' christening or vice versa.

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-16, 20:24 »
Kristina, I found a Cajsa Carlsdotter born in 1770 in the household records of Asker A1:6 (1784-1795) Image 98/page 185 (AID:  v50825.b98.s185, NAD:  SE/ULA/10025).  Her father Carl Hemingsson dies.  I believe they are living in either Kvinnersta or near it.  I found a birth record for Cajsa Carlsdotter b. 2 October 1770 in the Stora Mellösa records:  Stora Mellosa C:4 (1747-1780)Image 136 (AID: v53831, NAD:SE/ULA/11458.  I have found Carl Hemingsson as early as Asker A1:5 (1779-1783) Image 83/page 155 (AID: v50824.b83.s155, NAD:SE/ULA/10025).  Could this be my Cajsa Carlsdotter???

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-15, 15:28 »
Sorry Alf about the error.  It should have been 1770.  I need to do a better job of proofreading.  Kristina thank you for the information.  I will continue to search.

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-15, 04:50 »
I am trying to find the birthplace and parents of Cajsa Carlsdotter born 21 ? 1870 according to the household record of Asker A1:9 (1803-1812) image 98/page 189 (AID: v50828.b98.s189, NAD:  SE/ULA/10025).  She marries Johan Larsson Taman in Asker on 14 February 1809.  They later live in Stora Mellösa.  I've checked the birth records in Asker and Stora Mellösa, but cannot find Cajsa.  All help is appreciated.

Gällinge / Gällinge
« skrivet: 2016-02-11, 23:24 »
Thanks you Rolf and Maud.  Now I have some direction to look at the Ellis Island immigration records and census  data in Michigan.

Gällinge / Gällinge
« skrivet: 2016-02-11, 20:57 »
I trying to help a cousin find more information on Jenny Valborg Larsdotter.  Her birth record is:  Gallinge C1:6 (1895-1924) Image 280/page 21 (AID: v378682.b280.s21.  Her parents are Lars Magnusson b. 18 Dec. 1854  and Brita Lena Larsdotter. b. 4/3 1857.  Jenny married Johan Alfred Johansson on 26? December 1923.  Galling Ca:6 (1895-1924) Image 1070/page 24 (AID: v378682.b1070s24)  What we need to know is whether Jenny and Johan ever emigrated to America.  Did they have children and did any of the children emigrate to America? I'm not sure how recent the records are.   Thank you for any help.

Förlanda / Förlanda
« skrivet: 2016-02-10, 20:39 »
Translation help:  Förlanda C1@ (1779-1860) Image 1300 (AID: v92287a.b1300, NAD: SE/LLA/13103  This is the birth record for Johanna Pehrsdotter born 17 May 1832.  I am trying to find Johanna and her parents in the household records, but cannot translate the name of the farm.  I tried unsuccessfully to look through the records, but could not find the family.  Thank you for your guidance.

Gällinge / Gällinge
« skrivet: 2016-02-07, 21:14 »
My reference to the moved in date is from page 43 Inflyttning, Från and år.  I think that I misread the date.  It looks like 1857, but it must be 1851.  Magnus Persson and Anna Maria Larsdotter got married on 30 December 1850, so 1851 makes sense.
I think I saw a notation on page 46 across from Johannes that refers to his baptismal date.  Originally I thought it was a note for his death.  
Thank you for your help.

Gällinge / Gällinge
« skrivet: 2016-02-07, 15:48 »
Translation help:  Gällinge A1:3 (1851-1855) Image 46/page 42 (AID: v92387.b46.s42, NAD: SE/LLA/13130  This is the household record for Magnus Pehrsson b. 1827 and his wife Anna Maria Larsdotter born 1826.  Can you tell me when the twin Johannes dies?  I believe they moved here in 1857 - Magnus from Förlanda and Anna Maria from somewhere in Gällinge.  What is the note on the right hand side under Anmärkningar mean?

Hardemo / Hardemo
« skrivet: 2016-02-07, 13:05 »
Thank you Lennart and Bertil.  I never would have had your information for Ragvald without your help.  I truly appreciate all of the genealogists that help on Anbytarforum.

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-07, 01:54 »
Mother's name:  Stora Mellösa C:3 (1705-1746) Image 46 (AID: v53830, NAD:  SE/ULA/11458)  This is the birth record of Anna Nilsdotter born 30 October 1722.  Her father is Nils Holms and her mother is Ingrid????  Mattsdotter???.  Thank you for filling in the blanks.

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-06, 23:36 »
Translation help:  Stora Menlösa (1705-1757) Image 68 (AID: v53843.b68, NAD: SE/ULA?11458.  I'm researching Ingrid Hansdotter who died 22 February 1756.  She had lived most of her adult life with her husband Anders Ersson in Usta.  After his death in 1742, she must have moved.  I believe her death record says where she died, but I cannot translate it.  Please translate.  Thanks.

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-06, 16:06 »
Insights needed:  I am researching Eric Holm born 20 July 1713 in Stora Melissa.  The first record that I found was a household record Stora Mellösa A1:1 (1747-1757) Image 169/page 94 (AID:  v52331.b169.s94, NAD: SE/ULA/11458.  It shows Eric Holm and his wife Anna Nilsdotter b. 30 October 1722 with their family.  When I look at the birth records for 1713 (Stora Mellösa C:3 (1705-1746) Image 20, I find an Eric Ersson born on that date.  Is Holm his military name?  When I look up his wife Anna Nilsdotter's birth (30 October 1722), I find her father's name as Nils Holm.  If Holm is a military name, does it go with the place of Ledet?

Hardemo / Hardemo
« skrivet: 2016-02-06, 15:55 »
Translation of death date:  Hardemo C:2 (1700-1810) Image 258/page 507 (AID: v53244.b258.s507, NAD: SE/ILA/10378)  This is the death record for Ragvald Ragvaldsson.  The date is out of order:  18 ???? 1757.  Is it August or October?  Looking at the death records I saw that his son lost two young children that same year.  With so many deaths in Hult, I can see where the death might have been recorded out of order.

Lerbäck / Lerbäck
« skrivet: 2016-02-05, 16:34 »
Thank you for the translation.  I may have taken some info from Ancestry.  After asking the question on found that Lerbåck household records don't go back that far.  My first encounter was on the HardemoA1:2 (1732-1760) Image 125/page 119 (AID: v51372.s119, NAD: SE/ULA/10378)  Catharina Jånsdotter 1720 is married to Eric Ragvaldsson  b. 1728.  There is a note to the right which I cannot translate.  The last word in the top note could be Lerbåck.  I am still questioning if I have the correct Catharina.  What do you think?

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-05, 06:18 »
Translation - mother's last name.  Story Mellösa C:3 (1705-46) Image 35 (AID: v53830.b35, NAD: SE/ULA/11458)  This is the birth record of Karin Nilsdotter born 8 November 1718.  I believe her father's name is Nils Larsson and her mother's name is Ingeborg ?????  Are they from Berg farm?

Lerbäck / Lerbäck
« skrivet: 2016-02-04, 19:05 »
Translation help:  Lerbäck C:1 (1716-1753) Image 23 / page 19 (AID: v53473.b23.s19:  NAD: SE/ULA/10831  This is the birth record for Catrina  ???Jonsdotter born 27 March 1719.  I would like to be sure that I have the correct record by following her in the Household records, but I can't read the place of birth.  I am not sure that I have read her father's name correctly.  Please translate this birth record.

Hardemo / Hardemo
« skrivet: 2016-02-04, 18:28 »
I have been looking for the death record for Erik Ragvaldsson born January 1728 and I believe lived in Hult most of his life.  I have searched in the death records from 1781 to 1828, but could not find him.  Any help is appreciated.  The household records for Hardemo A1:3 (1761-1781) image 560/page 50 (AID: v51373a.b5560.s50  shows the death of his wife in 1781, but he is still alive.

Hardemo / Hardemo
« skrivet: 2016-02-04, 18:14 »
Confirmation needed:  Hardemo C:2  (1700-1810) Image 78/page 147 (AID: v53244.b78.s147, NAD:SE/ULA/10378
?? January 1728.  This is the birth record of Erik Ragvaldsson.  The day is hard to read.  One poster on Ancestry gave it as 1 January, but it looks to me like 2 or 3 of January.  Let me know what you think.  Thank you to all who have helped in my research.

Okänd socken i Västmanland / Okänd socken i Västmanland
« skrivet: 2016-02-03, 21:16 »
Thanks you for the info.  What do I put for the county/län for Simtuna?

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-03, 18:37 »
Birthplace translation:  Stora Mellösa A1:4 (1764-1772) Image 57/page 48 (AID: v52334.b57.s48, NAD: SE/ULA/11458)
I can't translate the birthplace of Anna Larsdotter b. 1728.  He husband is Eric Andersson 7 August 1732.

Okänd socken i Västmanland / Okänd socken i Västmanland
« skrivet: 2016-02-03, 16:43 »
I'm trying to find Simtuna discussion page.  It should be in Vastmanland, but it's not there.  I would like to check on the parents names for the birth of Karin Johansdotter b. 12 September 1733.  Simtuna C:2 (1701-1744) Image 78/page 74 (AID: v125769.b78.s74, NAD: SE/ULA/11322.  I believe they are Johan Ersson and Maria Johansdotter.  Please confirm or correct.

Norrbyås / Norrbyås
« skrivet: 2016-02-03, 04:43 »
Translation help:  Norrbyås C:2 (1705-1759) Image 45 (AID: v53657.b49.s45, NAD:  SE/ULA/11108  This is a birth record for Karin Larsdotter born 28 June 1741.Her parents are Lars Larsson and Kirstin Ersdotter.  I would like to find the family in the household record, but can't read the place name.  Any help is appreciated.

Stora Mellösa / Stora Mellösa
« skrivet: 2016-02-02, 22:36 »
Elov, In my post 2 February 18:07 I misspoke.  They are listed as a family in the A1:3 household records.  Therefore, I know that they were married in 1762.  The actural marriage record that I found is Stora Mellösa E1:1 (1705-1767) Image 63. It is #20 for 1757.  If this is my couple, they were married 29 June 1758.  It just seems that they were married a long time before they had their first son in 1767.  He died a few month later.

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2016-02-02, 22:04 »
Translation help:  Stora Mellos C:3 (1705-1746) Image 12 (AID: v53830.b12, NAD: SE/ULA/11458   This is the birth record for Erik Andersson born 2 March 1708.  I believe it says his father's name is Anders Ersson and his mother is Ingrid ?????? from Usta.  Can you read Ingrid's last name?

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2016-02-02, 20:46 »
Yes.  You have the correct people.

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2016-02-02, 18:07 »
Translation help:  Stora Mellösa E:1 (1705-1767) Image 63 (AID: v53839.b63, NAD: SE/ULA/11458)
I'm looking for the marriage of an Erik Larsson and Kirstin Ersdotter.  The first household record that I have is Stora Mellösa A1:3 (1762-1784) Image 39 /page 62.  They were married in 1762.  Their first child was born in 1767 and died in 1767.  Question:  I cannot find Erik Larsson's birth in the Stora Melissa records. He was born 4 January 1730.  The marriage records say where he is from, but I cannot not read the parish name.  I would also like to confirm that I have the correct marriage date.  Any help is appreciated.

Tjällmo / Tjällmo
« skrivet: 2016-02-02, 06:18 »
Tjällmo C:3 (1730-1771) Image 104/page 199 (AID: v39539.b104.s199, NAD: SE?VALA/00376        On August 3 (birth) August 4 (christening), Anna daughter of  Pär Olofsson and Kerstin Jonsdotter is born.  In subsequent household records her last name is Persdooter  Are Pär and Per interchangeable?

Norrbyås / Norrbyås
« skrivet: 2016-01-31, 20:47 »
Translation help:  Norrbyåa A1:4 (1773-1780) Image 73/page 68 (AID:  v52035.b73.s68, NAD:  SE/ULA?11108  I am not sure of Pår Benetsson or Bengtsson born 1726 in Kumla.  When I look at his children's birth record it appear to be Bengtsson.  I also lose this family in the next Household Records A1:5.  I tried to find Pår in the Kumla birth records, but was unsuccessful.  All help is appreciated.

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2016-01-30, 19:02 »
Translation help:  Stora Mellos C:4 (1747-1780) Image 8 (AID: v53831.b8, NAD:SE/ULA/11458)  This is the birth record for Anna Jånsdotter born 29 September 1747.  I know her fathers first name is Jån, but am not sure of his last name.  I really need everything translated so I can find them in the household records.  Thanks for your help.

Hardemo / Hardemo
« skrivet: 2016-01-28, 22:37 »
Translation help:  Hardemo C:2 (1700-1810) Image 243/page 477 (AID:  v53244.b243.s477, NAD:  SE/ULA/10378
Right hand page:  18 November Ragvald Ragvaldsson.....????..from Hult....?????   I have some info that he had twins Olof and Marit born in 1724 and died in 1728, but I can't verify this information.  The records are difficult to read.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks for your help.

Motala / Motala
« skrivet: 2016-01-26, 21:35 »
Translation help:  Motala C:4 (1736-1775) Image 97/page 185 (AID: v39169.b97.s185, NAD:  SE/VALA/00253.  This is a birth record for Johan Carlson, born 30 September 1746.  I cannot read his father's last name....Horck????  His mother is Maja Andersdotter.  Thank you for your help.

Hjo / Hjo
« skrivet: 2016-01-17, 23:29 »
Forget the post above.  Emma Christina died on October 5, 1853, six days after she was born.

Hjo / Hjo
« skrivet: 2016-01-17, 22:39 »
Translation help needed:  Hoo landsförsamling C:1 (1811-1860) Image 70/page 131 (AID: v45946.b70.s131, NAD:SE/GLA/13208ö-Emma Christina born 29 September 1853.  I believe her father is Drang Carl Johansson and her mother is Clara Johasdotter from Remsnidaretorp.  I found Carl Johansson in Hjo landsförsamling A1:4 (1853-1858) Image 59/page 47 (AID: v45910.b59.s47, NAD: SE/GLA/13208.  Dang Carl Johansson from Fro??? b. 7 September 1828.  In 1851 I think it says he moved to Grevbäck.  I tried to read the moving in records for Grebäack but couldn't.  I then tried to read the moving out records for Hjo 1851, but couldn't find him.  I found Clara johansdotter in Hjo landsförsamling A1:4 (1853-1858) Image 95/page 83 (AID: v45910.b95.s83, NAD:  SE/GLA/13208.  She was born in 1822.  On the right hand page it says she is married to Carl Johansson.  I would love help in finding them in later records along with Emma Christina.  I believe that Emma Christina may be my great grandmother.  Thank you for any help you can give me.

Tjällmo / Tjällmo
« skrivet: 2015-05-22, 13:57 »
Translation help:  C:3 (1730-1771) Image 104/page199
Anna Parsdotter - what is the name of the farm where she is born?   I tried to look in the household records, but couldn't fine a match.  Thank you for your help.

Viby / Viby
« skrivet: 2015-05-05, 15:09 »
Translation help:  Birth record Viby C:3 (1742-1790) Image 81/page77 (AID: v52600.b81.s77, NAD: SE/ULA?11686) Source:  Arkiv Digital
Olof Andersson born 23 May 1761 father:  Anders Ersson????  mother Brita Olsdotter from Bjorktorp????
Thanks for your help.

Tjällmo / Tjällmo
« skrivet: 2015-05-04, 03:19 »
Translation help:  Tjällmo C:4 (1772-1794) Image 227/page 439.  This is the birth record of Brita Stina Jansdotter born 7 February 1792.  I cannot translate the place where the family lives in Tjällmo.
Thank you for your help.

Tångeråsa / Tångeråsa
« skrivet: 2015-05-03, 02:26 »
Thank you for this information.  On the household records for Tångåsa A1:4 gave her death year as1819, but I could not find it in the death records.
Brita Larsdotter 15 August 1756 was born in Björkbacken, Tångeråsa.  Her father was Lars Månsson born about 1716 and Brita Mel...dotter born about 1718.  Can you tell me Brita Mel.? last name?  Source:  Tångeråsa A1:2 (1758-1795) Image 22/page 21.
I also found the birth records for Carl (1822) and Anna Maria (1824) the children of Petter Månsson and Brita Olsdotter in the Tångeråsa C:2 (1759-1830) record.

Tångeråsa / Tångeråsa
« skrivet: 2015-05-02, 23:44 »
Carl and Monica,  Thank you very much for all the information.  I never would have been able to find all this without your help.

Tångeråsa / Tångeråsa
« skrivet: 2015-05-01, 17:51 »
I found the family in Björktorp A1:4 (1812-1825) Image 21/page 15.  Brita marries 28 April 1817 and goes to Skagerhult.  I believe she marries someone with the last name of Borgestrom.  This could still be my Brita, if her husband dies and she marries Per Månsson.  
The Per Månsson family was first found in Viby A1:8b (1826-1830) Image 238/page 533.  I haven't been able to find the birth records for Johanna 1819 in Skagerhult because the records burned.  Carl supposedly is born in Viby, but I can't find his birth record.  I'll continue to search.

Tångeråsa / Tångeråsa
« skrivet: 2015-05-01, 17:29 »
I found Brita on Södra Berg, Tångeråsa A1:4, p. 13.  She moves back to Råtorp to her family.  I still need to find where the family moves in 1816.  If this is my Brita, she has a daughter Johanna in 1819 in Skagerhult.  Her husband is Per Månsson.

Tångeråsa / Tångeråsa
« skrivet: 2015-05-01, 16:17 »
Thanks Monica.  
 I am trying to determine if this is my Brita Olsdotter.  I have followed Brita and her parents through 1825.  I would like help in translating where Brita moves.  I believe it says S. Berg, but I need some direction as to where S. Berg is found.  
The household records;  Tångeråsa A1:4 (1812-1825) Image 22/page 16 (AID: v52488.b22.s16, NAD: SE/ULA/11612 Arkiv Digital.
Her parents also move, but I can't translate where.  Thanks again.  Barb

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2015-04-29, 15:14 »
Translation help:  Stora Mellösa A1:15a (1826-1830) Image 50/page 46 (AID: v52353.b50.s46, NAD: SE/ULA/11458  Arkiv Digital
Maja Andersdotter b. 21 September 1802  There is a note on the right hand page saying she moves to Bärsta p. 18 and a note that I believe says she married Nils Nilsson ..
I cannot find Bärsta and I cannot translate the note about her marriage.  Thank you for your help.

Hjo / Hjo
« skrivet: 2015-04-26, 14:08 »
I have been able to find most of my Swedish ancestors, except for Christine Jansson, born 29 September 1853.  In the Chicago, Illinois, USA marriage records, she says that she is from Hjo.  Two US census records give her emigration year as 1870 and one as 1873.  She was married in Chicago in 1876.  Her husband said that he was from Malmo, but actually he was from Västra Alstad, so Christine may have been born in a town near Hjo.  Any help is appreciated.

Tångeråsa / Tångeråsa
« skrivet: 2015-04-21, 15:46 »
I am looking for the birth records and parents of Brita Olsdotter, born 30 July 1791 in Tångeråsa according to the household record of Viby A1:10 (1836-1842) Image 91/page 83 (AID: v52569.b91.s83, NAD: SE/ULA/11686) Arkiv Digital.  She is married to Pehr Måansson b. 1794. I have not been able to find her birth in the Tångeråsa birth records.   Any help is appreciated.

Skagershult / Skagershult
« skrivet: 2015-04-21, 15:35 »
I am looking for the birth records of Per Månsson, born 24 February 1794.  I have information that he was born on Lidatorp, Skagershult in Örebro.  I realize that the church burned in the 1870's destroying the records, but I also read that the records were reconstructed from various sources.  Any help in finding the parents of Per Månsson is appreciated.

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2015-04-20, 15:05 »
Translation help:  Stora Mellösa A1:11b (1806-1810) Image 52/page 47 (AID: v52346.b52.s47, NAD: SE/ULA/11458) Arkiv Digital
No. 21 Anders Knarberg 73 Nora - 11th column- what does the date 1 November 1807 refer to.  I also cannot find his death in the death records.  I read his death date as 20 November 1808.
Anders and his family first appear in Stora Mellösa A10b (1801-1805) Image 49/page 43.  
Any information on Anders Knarberg is appreciated.  There are many Anders born in Nora in 1773.

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2015-04-20, 00:25 »
Johan Tåman died on 31 January 1823 as recorded in the household records and F:3 Stora Mellösa Image 31.  It says he was 59 years -months-days.  Subtracting 1823-59=1764, but the person recording this could have used the household records for his birth year.  
I may never find his birth record.
Thanks again for your help.

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2015-04-19, 20:42 »
Kristina, My soldier is Johan Larsson Tåman.  In Stora Mellösa A1:8a (1791-1795) he is listed as Johan Arvidsson Tåman, but in Stora Mellösa A1:9a (1796-1800) Image 102/page 96 (AID: v52341.b102.s96, NAD:: SE/ULA/11458) Arkiv Digital, Arvid is crossed out and Larsson is written above it.
I finally figured out that Jean can be Johan in the birth records.  I will try to follow the two boys named Jean Larsson and see if they lead me to my Jean/Johan.  All of the Stora Mellösa household records from 1791-1823 show his birth year as 1764 however.
On the Stora Mellösa 8a household records, it show a moving in in 1790 and a place I cannot read.  Can you decipher this?  I'm not sure if the first letter is a F or a T.

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2015-04-19, 19:46 »
When I stumble, the people at Anbytarforum are always there to give me new direction.  Thank you Per and Kristina.

Asker / Asker
« skrivet: 2015-04-19, 00:13 »
How interesting that this document shows money was left as a legacy for the children of Elin.  Thank you for your translation.

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2015-04-19, 00:08 »
Per, Thank you for your help.  I need to learn how to use the soldier information materials.

Hardemo / Hardemo
« skrivet: 2015-04-18, 12:55 »
You have been a great help Per.  Thank you.

Asker / Asker
« skrivet: 2015-04-17, 23:24 »
Translation help:  Asker E1:1 (1727-1827) Image 100 (AID: v52866.b100, NAD: SE/ULA/10025  Arkiv Digital
Can you translate this?  I know it says that Corporal John Tåman from Taby ....and maid Cajsa Carlsdotter ...Elin Parsdotter (his first wife who has died).  Were the banns read on 29 January ??? and were they married on 14 February 1809.
Thank you for your help.

Hardemo / Hardemo
« skrivet: 2015-04-17, 23:02 »
Translation help:  Hardemo B:6 (1916-1924) Image 160/page 12 (AID: v146060.b160.s12, NAD: SE/ULA/10378  Arkiv Digital
#89 Elof Ros, shoemaker goes to Längbro????   What does the note after Längbro say and how do I follow him?  Thank you.

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2015-04-17, 15:58 »
Translation help:  Stora Mellösa E1:3 (1808-1861) Image 150 (AID: v53841.b150, NAD: SE/ULA/11458 Arkiv Digital.  This is a marriage record #10 1857 for soldier Lars Nilson Ros from Ekeby ägor and Maja Stina Nilsdotter from Laggartorp.  When were the banns read and when was the actual marriage?  Thank you for your help.

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2015-04-17, 15:17 »
I am trying to find the birth record for Johan Täman born 1764.  In a prior post, Anita thought he was born in the province of Västergötland.  I have found the earliest record of Johan in Stora Mellösa:  Stora Mellösa A1:8a (1791-1795) Image 92/page 85 (AID:  v52339.b92.s85, NAD:  SE?ULA/11458) Arkiv Digital.  He came to Täby Soldat in 1790, but I cannot not translate the village he came from.  All help is appreciated.

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2015-04-13, 14:15 »
Anita, Thank you again.

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2015-04-13, 00:04 »
Translation:  Stora Mellösa F:3 (1801-1861) Image 80 (AID: v53845.b80, NAD: SE/ULA/11458 (Source: Arkiv Digital AD AB)
June 5 1849 Nils Larsson from Wallby egor (agor?) dies.  Next to his entry is something I can't translate  ?omgnd?? barn
I have not been able to find his birth record.  The household records say he was born 21 December 1803.  There is no birth record in Stora Mellösa.
Thanks for you help.  

Stora Mellösa / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 02 februari, 2016
« skrivet: 2015-04-12, 03:06 »
Translation needed:  Household record Stora Mellösa A1:11a (1806-1810) Image 117/page110 (AID: v52345.b117.s110, NAD:SE?ULA/11458
I cannot translate Corparal Johan Täman's birthplace.  Is his first wife Elin Pårsdotter?  What is Stina Cajsa's mother's name??? Cajsa ???? b. 21 January 1770.  Does 17 January 1809 refer to the bann's being read and 14 February 1809 refer to her wedding.  I cannot not translate where she is from?  Thank you for your help.

Okänd socken i Närke / Okänd socken i Närke
« skrivet: 2015-04-10, 03:59 »
Lennart, I've been trying to look at your sources.  Can you tell me what the abbreviations mean???  HFL?  FB?  DB?  I can use Archiv Digital.  How do you access a GID?  I was trying to look at source #14.  Thanks for your help.

Dear Lennart,  
I am overwhelmed.  I was just going to post a question here when I saw your posting.  I certainly didn't think that I would have ten pages of information.  I will forward this to Signe's granddaughter, Marge Pacer.  Thank you so much.  Barb

Thank you to everyone.  Now we can search the household records and follow her family.

I am trying to help my cousin research her grandmother's genealogy.  This is what she knows:
Signe Maria Roos.   Born April 17, 1888, died October 21, 1979. Her father was Nils Erik Roos, and her mother was Augusta Pattersson.  She was born in the state of Narke in central Sweden.  A genealogy on indicates she first arrived in the USA in 1905 at the age of 17.  She went back to Sweden once to visit her mother who was ill returning in 1914.  
Can you find the parish in which Signe Maria Roos was born in Narke.  Thank you for any help.

Förlanda / Förlanda
« skrivet: 2015-01-08, 15:37 »
Thank you Thomas and Rolf.

Förlanda / Förlanda
« skrivet: 2015-01-08, 03:20 »
Translation help:  Förlanda C1:2 (1779-1860) Image 2030 (AID: v92287a.b2030, NAD:  SE/LLA/13103) Arkiv Digital  I believe this is the death of Laurentia Ambiornsdotter 10 January 1800
I need a full translation.  I'm not sure that I have the right Laurentia because this I believe states her age is 62 years.  The first Household record Förlanda A1:1 (1790-1850) Image 104/page203 (AID: v92235.b104.s203, NAD: SE/LLA/13103) says she was born in 1735.  In 1800 she would be 64 or 65 depending on the month of her birth.

Vinnerstad / Vinnerstad
« skrivet: 2015-01-01, 16:14 »
Found everything.  Thanks again Britt-Marie!  Barb

Vinnerstad / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 01 januari, 2015
« skrivet: 2014-12-31, 22:55 »
Britt-Marie, I found everything except S:t Per parish.  I looked it up in the book Cradled in Sweden and noticed it is under Vadstena, but I still can't find the reference.  I also could not find Tycklinge on ArkivDigital.  I did find all the other references.  My relative is Amalia Matilda Larsdotter b. 28 August 1844.  I believe that she goes to Motala in 1859 and  1860  something like Knifer???? , which I cannot find. I found Amalia in Forsvik Bruk- Skaraborg, Undenas A1:17 (1870-1888) Image 293/ page 283.  She came to Forsvik Bruk under Undenas in 1867 and married Carl August Pettersson on 10 December 1870.   I use ArkivDigital which is 100% better than Ancestry.

Vinnerstad / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 01 januari, 2015
« skrivet: 2014-12-31, 19:14 »
Thank you so much.  This family certainly moved a lot.  I assume he was a farm worker.  Happy New Year again.  My search for my Swedish relatives continues.  Barb

Vinnerstad / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 01 januari, 2015
« skrivet: 2014-12-31, 15:44 »
Translation help needed:  Vinnerstad A1:5 (1846-1858) Image 18/ page 14.  Lars Persson 1810 and his family move in 1846 to ?????.  Any help is appreciated.  Happy New Year!

Fivelstad / Fivelstad
« skrivet: 2014-12-31, 03:24 »
Correction:  Lars Person in the above post was born 8 August 1810 in Nassja.

Fivelstad / Fivelstad
« skrivet: 2014-12-31, 03:18 »
I am trying to follow Lars Persson born 8 March 1810 in Nassja.  I need help reading/translating where he moved in 1845  reference:  Fivelstad 1841-45 A1:6 Image 150/page 287 far right hand side of the page.  Any help is appreciated.

Glumslöv / Glumslöv
« skrivet: 2014-11-27, 17:20 »
Bo, Thanks for showing me the website.  Since I can access it in English, it will be very helpful.  I often wondered how you can access information so quickly.  I'm sure that I will still have questions and challenges.

Glumslöv / Glumslöv
« skrivet: 2014-11-26, 01:11 »
Thanks Bo.  I found Pär on 3 March 1765, but I think Karna should be 19 March 1766.  I put Bengta Andersdotter in this family tree.

Glumslöv / Glumslöv
« skrivet: 2014-11-24, 20:03 »
Translation help:  Glumslöv C1: (1690-1795) Image 740/page 70 (AID: v10947a.b740, NAD:  SE/LLA/13112
This is the birth record for Anders Andersson (Löfström) born 8 July 1762.  I believe his father is Anders Nilsson.  I do not see a mother's name.  The household records do not start until 1792 at which time Anders is listed as Anders Löfström.  His birth year is incorrect on the 1792-1794 record.  On the Kvistofta A1:10 household records his birthdate is given as 8 July 1762.  Can you interpret the farm of his birth?  The early records look like they have been in a fire or flood.  I will try to find a possible marriage record.  I would love to find his mother's name.

Västra Torsås / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 06 augusti, 2015
« skrivet: 2014-11-24, 12:42 »
Thank you Stig.  I was very curious about the note and name.

Urshult / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 12 mars, 2015
« skrivet: 2014-11-24, 12:39 »
Thanks Åke.  This website will be helpful.

Urshult / Urshult
« skrivet: 2014-11-24, 05:53 »
Translation help:  Urshult C:3 (1763-1827) Image 44 /page 79 (AID: v30137.b44.s79, NAD: SE/VALA/00399
Johannes Jonasson from ???  born 19 May baptized 26 May Father Jonas ???? and Bengta ???   Thank you for your help.

Västra Torsås / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 06 augusti, 2015
« skrivet: 2014-11-24, 05:24 »
Translation please:  Västra Torsås A1:4 (1820-1832) Image 133/page 120 (AID: v21254.b133.s120, NAD SE/VALA/00453
There is a note in the comment section on Marta Pettersdotter's line ..something about Olof Persson. I'd love to know what it says.  Thanks.

Almundsryd / Almundsryd
« skrivet: 2014-11-24, 02:54 »
Translation help:  Almundsryd A1:5 (1792-1798) Image 288 / page 274 (AID: v18097.b288.s274, NAD: SE/VALA/00008
There is a note on the right hand side that I cannot interpret:  98 ????   I'm just curious.  Thanks.

Urshult / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 12 mars, 2015
« skrivet: 2014-11-23, 17:54 »
I had Petter Pehrsson at first, but then changed it.  Thank you for the clarification.

Urshult / Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 12 mars, 2015
« skrivet: 2014-11-23, 16:02 »
Translation help:  Urshult C:2 (1721-1763) Image 262 / page 517 (AID:  v30136.b262.s517, NAD: SE/VALA/00399   This is a marriage record.  I believe it says:  5 May 1745  ??? Petter Johansson from ??  ??? Martha Svensdotter from Stengården.  Can you translate the question marks?  Thank you for your help.

Glumslöv / Glumslöv
« skrivet: 2014-11-22, 23:09 »
Bo, I accessed Pehr Persson and Malena Andersdotter's marriage in Söndrum, but I read the marriage date as March 12, 1780.  Have I made a mistake?
Söndrum C1:1 (1736-1787) Image 1680 / page 163 (AID: v93460a.b1680.s163, NAD: SE/LLA/13398.

Glumslöv / Glumslöv
« skrivet: 2014-11-22, 21:16 »
Thank you Bo.  You helped me several years ago and now again.  I was slowly working my way through Halland Län parishes via ArchivDigital and had made it through Färgaryd.  I would have searched for many days to make it to Ysby.

Glumslöv / Glumslöv
« skrivet: 2014-11-21, 17:43 »
The 1792-1794 household records for Glumslöv, recorded in Kvistofta, gave some additional information on Pehr Pehrson, his wife Malena, and daughter Inga.  Can you identify the parish in Halland.  It looks like Olby, Halland, but I can't find that in ArchivDigital.  
 Source:  Kvistofta A1:1 Ver:a (1792-1794 (1792-1794) Image 740 page 70 (AID: v107326a.b740.s70, NAD: SE/LLA/13223

Glumslöv / Glumslöv
« skrivet: 2014-11-21, 16:36 »
I found it unusual to list a län as a birthplace.  Since there are many parishes in Halland, I'll have to try a different approach.  Thanks for your suggestion.

Glumslöv / Glumslöv
« skrivet: 2014-11-20, 21:21 »
I am trying to find the parents of Ingar Pehrdotter born 1784 in Glumslöv.  Her birth does not appear in the Glumslöv birth records.   She dies in 1814 giving birth to her son. She is married to Jöns Larsson 1776.   From 1806 to 1822 a couple named Pehr Pehrsson and Malena Andersdotter are also listed on farm No. 14.  On 1816-1817  household records Pehr Pehrsson  b. 1757 in Halland  is listed as fader father.  Could this be Ingar's father?  How do I access the village/parish records of Halland?
Source:  Glumslöv A1:1 (1816-1817) Image 28/ page 23 (AID; v109454.b28.s23, NAD:  SE/LLA/13112

Thanks again Carl.  You have been most helpful.  Barb

What is the correct spelling of Karna's last name?  Is this a military name?
Glumslöv E1:1 (1796-1861) Image 12/page 21 (AID; v109477.b12.s21, NAD; SE/LLA/13112)  Source:  Archive Digital

Thank you Carl.

It might be helpful to look at Kvistofta A1:1 (1792-1794) Image 150/page 12 (AID: v107326a.b150.s12,NAD:SE/LLA/13223) Source: Arkiv Digital.  It says that she came from Sådra Moinge????
I cannot find any village/parish with that name.  On later household records, her birthdate varies from 1765, 1764, 21 November 1764.

I am trying to decipher the birth place of Ingar Pehrsdotter born 21 November 1764.  This is stated on Kvistofta A1:13 (1813-1814) Image 75 (AID: v107338.b75, NAD: SE/LLA/13223).  I tried Vastra Karaby, but could not find her birth record.  Any help is appreciated.

15: Databaser, CD-skivor och register / Vad har hänt med DDSS?
« skrivet: 2014-11-16, 17:40 »
Thank you Lotta.  I have been looking at the Våstra Torsås records until my eyes are blurry.  Now I have all the information that I need.  Barb

Glumslöv / Glumslöv
« skrivet: 2014-11-16, 14:21 »
Thank you Lasse.

Glumslöv / Glumslöv
« skrivet: 2014-11-16, 00:25 »
I am looking for the death date of Emma Kristina Svensdotter born 4 June 1872 in Almundsryd, Kronoberg Län.  She married August Jönnsson Löfström 3 March 1900 in Glumslöv.  She was still alive on the Glumslöv Household Records Alla:5 (1920-1937) Image 1250/page 277 (AID: v258765.b1250.s277, NAD:SE/LLA   I looked at the death records that end in 1940, but did not find her.  Any help is appreciated.

15: Databaser, CD-skivor och register / Vad har hänt med DDSS?
« skrivet: 2014-11-14, 05:15 »
I am trying to find the birth parish for Jonas Johannisson b. 6 August 1792.  I first found him in Västra Torsås A1:5 (1832-1839) Image 128/page/page 117 (AID:  v21255.b128.s117,NAD:  SE/VALA/00453)  He married Kjerstin Persdotter (b. 21 April 1791 in Västra Torsås) on 21 November 1817.  The marriage is recorded:  Västra Torsås C:5 (1815-1848) Image 338/page 668.  I later found Jonas in Västra Torsås A1:3 (1808-1820) Image 60/page 49 (AID: v21253.b60.s49, NAD: SE/VALA/00453.  It looks like he came from Urshult in 1809.  I don't know what the comment says:  nud attep???  I have looked in the birth records of Urshult with no luck.  I've also looked in the birth records of Glumslöv, Virestad, Härlunda and Väckelsång without finding Jonas.  Any help that you can give me would be appreciated.  Barb

Thank you for your insights Anna-Carin.  Your historical perspective is very interesting.

Thank you Anna-Carin.  I now understand the betrothal was broken.  I didn't realize a broken betrothal would have to go to a Domcapitel (Cathedral Court).

Wow!  This is a real surprise.  Somehow I didn't think that marriage dissolutions took place that long ago.  Thanks Bo.

I printed the marriage record for Stina Jonsdotter and Carl Gustaf Casparsson.  The marriage record begins on p. 414 (bottom of the page September 24, 1797) and continues on p. 415...reference:  834.15.81800-81900 Södra Ljunga parish.  Can anyone give me a summary translation on the top of p. 415.  Were these witnesses to the marriage?  This marriage record seems unusually long.  Although the record says Carl Casparsson was from Ryssby parish, he was actually born in Lekaryd (Kronoberg) 10 August 1771.

Thank you all for the translation help.  I am away from home at present, but will check these sources out next week.  Bo:  Fryele makes sense.  Thanks to all.  Barb

On Hånger, Jönköping 264.5; 1782-1792 Household Examination 39200  0/389, there are two entries for Stina Jönsdotter 1766:  one in the middle of the page with 9/26 and one at the bottom of the page.  Perhaps she left and came back to the same farm.  Can you tranlate the middle note after 9/26?  
I still have not been able to find a marriage record for Stina Jönsdotter 1766 and Carl Gustaf Casparsson 1771 (Lekaryd) .  I have checked Hånger, Dannäs, and Agunnaryd, where their son Magnus is born 25 December 1800.  
 Thanks again for your help.  Barb

Thank you Ivar.  I know that Stina Jonsdotter eventually married Carl Gustaf Casparsson, and they have a son born in Agunnaryd.  The family later moves to Pjatteryd,.  Now I have the missing link.

I have been following Stina Jönsdotter born 1766 in Hånger, Jönköping.  There are no birth records in Hånger for 1766, so I began looking at the Household Examination and Communion records.  I found the only Stina born 30 June 1766 in the Hånger communion record 264.5; A1:2; 1754-1768; Household Examination Communion  33400  0/273.  Her parents are Jöns born 14 February 1728 and Ingrid born 11 September 1722.  I next found Christina with her family on Wasabron (farm)  264.5; A1:2; 1754-1768 Household Examination 30800  0/221.  On the 1772-1788  Household Examination record  59200  0/159 for Hånger, Stina Jönsdotter is a maid in Mon???  Record:  Hånger 264.5; A1:2; 1787-1792 Household Examination 39200  0/389, there is a note on page 389  9/26  1790........I cannot read the note.    The Hånger  record:  264.6:  A1:3;  1790-1804  Household Examination 44500  0/39, there is an utflytta note 1789 with a destination that I cannot translate.  I would be grateful for any help with these translations.

Archive - Swedish names / Josua von Vollschow/Volchow
« skrivet: 2009-09-26, 23:49 »
Hi Britt-Marie,  I have been looking at the documents that you cited.  I think the död date for the first wife of Josua von Völschow should be 1724 -10-22, not 1725 (C:2 Stenberga p. 212).  If I am correct about his first wife's death year,  his second marriage date would be plausible at 1725-05-06.  The journey continues, Barb

Archive - Swedish names / Josua von Vollschow/Volchow
« skrivet: 2009-09-25, 16:00 »
You are truly amazing!  I have looked in various parishes on Genline for more information about these families until my eyes are blurry, and now you send me all of these gems.  I don't think that I would ever have found this information on my own.  I always thought that my heritage was all Swedish, and now I know I have a drop of German blood.  Thank you again Britt-Marie.

Archive - Swedish names / Josua von Vollschow/Volchow
« skrivet: 2009-09-24, 20:25 »
I am looking for information on Captain Josua von Völschow, born in 1693 in Greifswald, Germany died in Kalmar, Sweden in 1732.  This information was taken from a Swedish posting on Anbytarforum.  It is said that his daughter was Anna Dorothea von Vollschow/Völschow,born about 1718.    Anna Dorothea married Jonas Handberg in 1740.  When he died, she married inspector Carl Johan Twist (1713?) in Fryele (jönköping)  GID 227 1081.14; C:2: 1739-1784; Births Deaths  17600  0/3 normal page.  Any information about Anna's possible father, mother, and siblings would be appreciated.  I have not been able to find Josua's death record in Kalmar.

Thank you Britt-Marie.  I see where I made my mistake.  I found some information on  Google for Anna Dorothea's possible father Josua von Volschow, but it was in German.  I think that you may be right about Casper's last name.  The hunt continues.......Barb

Hi Britt-Marie,  
I was looking at the birth of Eleonora Charlotta and my translation of the entry is that she was stillborn.  Is that correct?  I wouldn't think that the parents would name a stillborn child.  
What does the entry say after the word dödfödd?

Dear Britt-Marie,   You are a marvel!  It will take me some time to digest all the information that you have provided.  Thank you again for all your help.  Barbara Larson Dilling

Thank you Britt-Marie for the wealth of information.  
I have two questions:  Is an inspector like a detective or policeman?
                                        Where is Oby?  I found Moheda parish, but cannot find Oby.
Thank you again.

I am trying to follow the Casper Henterling family.  In 1770 Casper Henterling  marries Dorothea Elisabeth Swift in Lekaryd, Kronoberg Län  GID 227  832.1; A1:1; 1688-1780 Births, Marriages p. 70.  I think that they have unusual names.  I found the family in the 1772-1791 Household Examination records:  GID  832.3; A1:3   p. 9 (8/252) Kronoberg Län, Lekaryd.  I found them again in the same GID record on p. 119 (62/252) middle of the page.  There is a note next to their names that I cannot translate. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you Sofia.  Carl eventually marries, becomes a tailor, and has one son.  The family moves to Pjätteryd in Kronoberg Län.

I am trying to translate the complete name of Carl Caspersson Eb_____gren found in the Kronoberg Län, Pjätteryd household examination record:  GID 227  839.6; A1:6; 1807-1831 Household Examination record p. 35 (44/397), bottom of the page Karlstorp:  Carl Gustav? Caspersson 1771 . Could the Eb____gren be his military name? It does not show on any records after this one. There is also a note next to his name that I cannot translate.  Thank you for any help you can give me.

Archive - General questions / Translation please
« skrivet: 2009-09-02, 21:42 »
Wow!  Thank you Bo and Chris for your time and expertise in expanding my genealogy knowledge.  One of my distant Swedish cousins was going to get a translation of an inflytta record for Carl Gustav Caspersson and his wife Stina Jonsdotter in Pjatteryd.  Unfortunately, his genealogy friend pass away before it could be translated.  The record is GID 227  839.18;B1:1; 1747-1860 Immigration p. 141 (77/232).
I can translate:  ____________Carl Gustav Caspersson born 1771 in Lekäryd and his wife Stina Jönsdotter, born 1766 in Hångars Socken.......The rest is a mystery to me.  I beleive that they came in from Agunnäryd 1 May 1807????
Could you translate the record for me?  During this period, Pjätteryd wrote long immigration entries.
Thanks, Barb

Archive - General questions / Translation please
« skrivet: 2009-09-02, 15:52 »
Thank you Chris.  I looked up the marriage record (GID 227  839.20; C1:2;1764;71/0;49/261), and it gave the bride's name as Karin Andersdotter from Fothull.  Could you translate the residence of Jöns for me on the marriage record?  After I posted my inquiry, I found a death record for a Jöns Svensson from Fothull on 24 February 1770 (GID  839.20; C1:2; 1770 329/0;177/261) age 29.  He could possibly be Anders' father since it would be eight months from February to October.  The 19 May 1771 death of a Jöns Svensson does not look like age 29 to me.  Am I reading the age wrong?  I assumed it was the third column in the death record.  Last question:  What is the KGF database?  Thank you for all your help and insights.

Archive - General questions / Translation please
« skrivet: 2009-08-31, 23:11 »
I am trying to find the father of Anders Jonsson born 9 October 1770 in Pjatteryd, Kronoberg Lan.  His birth record is:  GID227  839.20;C1:2; 1737-1805 Births p. 225 (125/261).  It says he was born at Fothull Sodrege.  His mother is listed as Karin Andersdotter.  His father's first name must have been Jons.  I then found the Household Examination record:  GID27  839.3; A1:3; 1784-1792 p. 28-29 (20/346).  No father is listed, but a number of children are listed under Karin Andersdotter 1736.  I looked up a sublings birth record.  Kierstin Jonsdotter was born on 7 February 1766.  This is what I can translate:  Kierstin Jonsdotter______________from Fothull Sodrege.  Mother____Karin Andersdotter.  Witnesses:  Harald Fothull ____wife Matha from Fothull ____.
Can you fill in the blanks?  Can you tell me Anders father's name?  Thank you.

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