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Meddelanden - Mark Molander

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Hi Maud,

Thank you for the information!  I would have never guessed the "Frälse" word given that other capital "F"s in the document looked more modern, and so different.  And, knowing the brother-in-law relationship is very key to my research.

Thanks, Mark

An ancestor of mine, Jonas Bloomberg, is listed in the preamble section of the estate record of Hedvig Forss from 1797, and I'm trying to figure out their connection.   I think his occupation listed has something to do with being an inspector of school leases, but it is prefixed with a word that I can't determine, with a strange first letter.  It's also used for the person listed before him, which I've highlighted with a red box.  Any ideas of what the word might be?

Also, here's a link to the full context:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

- Mark

Molander / SV: Origins of Name Molander?
« skrivet: 2022-08-22, 16:53 »

Thanks so much for the all the great information on the possible origins of the name.  I really appreciate all the ideas and history.  It's been fascinating.

Mark Molander

Molander / SV: Origins of Name Molander?
« skrivet: 2022-08-22, 02:20 »

Please don't apologize!  I really appreciate all the speculations and ideas.

I kind of like the possibility that the "Mo" part of the name was from old Norse, and which was to honor the sandy-soil terrain with pine trees and heather, such as the one in the attached picture, which can be quite beautiful.  I'm wondering if there many "Mo"s like this within the Motala parish area?

Thanks, Mark

Molander / SV: Origins of Name Molander?
« skrivet: 2022-08-21, 18:23 »
Thanks for your quick reply!  I'll try to look into more of the details around when the name changed to Molander, and how it coincided with his brother's name change.  If he too became a miller perhaps it could be occupation based, but as pointed out it could alternatively be for a sandy spit of land, or for Motala.

- Mark

Molander / SV: Origins of Name Molander?
« skrivet: 2022-08-21, 17:23 »
In case these details help...
- Anders Håkansson was born 19 March 1720 in Hundsberg, Motala:
- Anders Molander was for a time a miller, then he was an inspector.  He lived first in Duvedal's salvation mill in Vinnerstad, then in Lilla Hals in Motala parish.  One of his brothers also changed his last name to "Molander".
- He died in 1791 in Motala, perhaps in Lilla Hals:

Molander / SV: Origins of Name Molander?
« skrivet: 2022-01-30, 16:14 »
Thanks Kalle!

I really appreciate the explanation.  So, "Mo" for "Motala" it is!

- Mark

Molander / Origins of Name Molander?
« skrivet: 2022-01-29, 19:09 »
I have an ancestor named Anders Håkansson, who was born in Motala Sweden in 1720, who changed his last name to Molander after he was born.

I had been told long ago by a Swedish grandmother that my last name is derived from the "Mo" of "Motala", but have learned recently that Anders Håkansson Molander was at one time a miller, which can be spelled "Mölnare" in old Swedish, so that makes me wonder if he could have based his new last name on the word Mölnare and not from the parish Motala.  Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated!

Thanks, Mark Molander (8th generation Molander)


Dalby / SV: Elfdalen?
« skrivet: 2021-12-06, 02:37 »
Sune and Stefan, thanks so much for your suggestions. 

Per Stefan's tip, I just looked through the house records for most of the 10 parishes in the old Älvdals district (härad) and couldn't find her.  However, a few of the parishes, such as two near her previous home parish of Dalby - Norra Finnskoga and Södra Finnskoga - don't have records dating back that far.  So, perhaps that's why the more specific parish name wasn't listed - the larger district name was used instead?

Per Sune's tip, the two names are so close (Elfdahlen as recorded and Älvdalen the actual parish) I don't think i should rule it out yet.  Also, there were no other "Elfdahlen" entries in Fryksände's house record at that time, so perhaps that could indicate it was a little farther away - not an adjacent parish.

So, I still haven't been able to fully resolve this one yet, but thanks for the help.  And in looking into this deeper I did just learn there's an old Norse language still spoken with a similar name - Elfdalien - so I can't help but wonder if she might have spoken that!

Regards, Mark

Dalby / Elfdalen?
« skrivet: 2021-12-02, 03:15 »
I have an ancestor Karin Larsdotter who has been hard to track.  She was born roughly 1752 (do not know where), and had a child Karin Persdotter in Dalby in 1785, but I soon lost track of her after that.  Late in life she moved to Fryksände in 1823, from a place that looks like it might be Elfdalen, but looks more like Elfvahlen.  Any suggestion for what this place name could be?

Any help would be appreciated.  I've gotten a bit stuck on this one.

Feltolkade yrken / SV: "Hornabaran"?
« skrivet: 2021-10-13, 16:38 »
Please disregard my last request.  I just found web site and see that indeed an "Sk" looks like much a gothic "H" (which I attached picture of).

Thanks for helping out this humble novice!

Feltolkade yrken / SV: "Hornabaran"?
« skrivet: 2021-10-13, 15:47 »
Thanks for the help! 

But, one more request...  How is "shoemaker" in this instance precisely spelled in Swedish?  It doesn't look like: "skoarbetare" or "skomakare" - the first letter looks like an "H". ...still puzzled.

Feltolkade yrken / "Hornabaran"?
« skrivet: 2021-10-12, 21:58 »
I have an ancestor named Sven Wahlsten, who lived in the port city of Kalmar in 1780, and had an occupation that I can't figure out.  Looks kind of like "Hornabaran", but wondering if the strange character in the middle of the string is an amperstand.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Mark Molander

I went back to check the original source image, and sure enough the long loop below the line was from a word on the next line below it, so it could be a word starting with a "D".  So, I'm sure you must be right.  Thanks for your help!

I can't figure out what caused the death of a 16 year old boy in year 1823.  Any insights would be most appreciated!

Thanks, Mark

Cancer / SV: Unknown type of cancer
« skrivet: 2021-07-17, 01:55 »

Cancer / Unknown type of cancer
« skrivet: 2021-07-16, 21:32 »
My great-great grandmother died in Östergötland Sweden at the age of 42 in 1881.  It appears she died of some type of cancer, but I can't interpret the first word listed for it.  Could someone please interpret the image?

Thanks in advance for any help,

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