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Titel: Fagerland,Fagerlund,Fagerlind?
Skrivet av: Klas Jacobson skrivet 2006-04-07, 14:04
Hopefully you have recieved an answer long ago, but if you have not, I have some clue I guess.
There was a man named Gustaf Andreasson FAGERLIND born 1844 in Brålanda, Sweden (Dalsland). He was married to Anna Cajsa Olofsdottter b. 1841 in Grinstad (Dalsland).
They lived 1880, 1890 and 1900 in Gestad parrish. Hopperud area, where they owned a farm.
Their children was as follows:
Anders Johan b. 1870 in Grinstad
Justina b.1872 in Gestad
Augusta Fredrika b 1875 in Gestad
Carl Wilhelm b 1877 in Gestad
Emma (?) Hildur b 1879 in Gestad (Not listed 1890)
Josef(?) b 1880 in Gestad (Not listed 1890)
Olof Anton b 1882 in Gestad
Albert b 1884 in Gestad
Johannes b 1887 in Gestad
The youngest Johannes had a small shop in Åsteboberg, Gestad, which also contained the local post office (sw:poststation)- ÅSTEBOBERG (from 1918-). Thus if you happens to be interested in Philately and especially postal markings (cancellations) on stamps, you would find stamps cancelled by Johannes (or his wife or later his son).