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Titel: Falck / Falk
Skrivet av: Stephen Sundquist skrivet 2015-10-23, 01:14
One of my ancestors was Olof Hansson Falck (d. circa 1664), who has been previously mentioned. Olof Hansson Falck was Catharina Oxenstierna's befallningsman of Lemsjöholm and Tappila in Finland. I have found that Olof Hansson was a dedicatee of at least 9 dissertations from Åbo University published between 1646 and 1653, many of which also include his father-in-law Henrik Tawast as a dedicatee. Six of the nine students making a dedication were from Sweden: Jonas Eek from Södermanland, Anders Gadd from Västergötland, Joel Laurbecchius from Östergötland, and Salomon Tunensis, Erik Salenius and Petter Betulinus all from Uppland. Two, those of Erik Salenius and Anders Gadd, give his full name as Olao Johannis Falck.  
Petrus Johannis Betulinus' dissertation is more interesting in that he calls Olao Johannis his fratri charissimo [beloved brother/kära bror] and Erico Abrahami Filmero, pastor of Weckholm, his consangvineo [cousin/kusin]. Petrus Betulinus became a teacher at the Katedralskolan in Uppsala. He died there in 1663 and the noted scholar Christianus Ravius preached his funeral sermon.  
University students often used surnames derived from their place of birth instead of their family name. Betulinus is based on the Latin for birch/björk, so I started looking for places in Uppland. One strong possibility is Björklinge. The nearby Sätuna Säteri was owned by Jesper Mattsson Cruus (d. 1622), who also owned Lemsjöholm and Tappila. His widow Brita de la Gardie (d. 1645) later married Gabriel Oxenstierna. Catharina Oxenstierna was the daughter-in-law of Jesper Cruus and Brita de la Gardie, and the niece of Gabriel Oxenstierna. From earlier posts I learned that Börje Hansson Falck also worked for the Oxenstierna family. Is it possible that Olof Hansson Falck, Petrus Johannis Betulinus, and Börje Hansson Falck were all related?
Links (the second link for each name leads to their dissertations, which are made available as downloadable pdf files):
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