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Titel: Dell
Skrivet av: Jeff Benson skrivet 2014-09-29, 01:23
You should use this source for Fredrik Dell's death: page 57 of N-V reg. GMR recorded 26-28 Aug. 1693 at Karlstad. Generalmönsterrullor - Närke och Värmlands regemente 172 (1693-1695) Image 34 / page 58 (AID: v46616a.b34.s58, NAD: SE/KrA/0023)
from the mönsterskrivare position entry: ...uti Fredrick Dells ställe som dödde d: 15 Jan: 1692.
The entry is not an ideal source because does not say where Fredrik Dell died but one can guess it was in Hallsberg. Too early to be found in existing Hallsberg parish death records (which start 1700). I don't think there was a war in 1692 so N-V regiment was probably at home.