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Titel: Dell
Skrivet av: Jeff Benson skrivet 2005-12-08, 05:58
Your Dell family in Trollhättan may be related to one of the Dells from Värmland and Örebro. Captain Johan Dell (~1691-1744) of Ramsberg, Örebro is the earliest member I have discovered.
My own direct connection to the family ends with Sergeant Olof Dell (1773-1799). His son, Corporal Olof Anders Dell (1797-1834), died at Nya Varvet, Göteborg. Olof Anders had a son, Johan Fredrik (f. 1829), but I have not researched his later life.
I can't be sure but it seems plausible your Dells could be connected in some way. Dell is not a particularly common name.
Contact me directly by email if you have more questions.
Jeff Benson
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA