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Titel: Rietz, du
Skrivet av: Kristofer Du Rietz skrivet 2006-09-17, 13:24
The diary farmer Johan Frederik, Hugo Wilhelm's father is my greatgreatgreatgrandfather. I heard about Hugo Wilhelm and I would really like to know more about him and Gympie (is that the correct spelling?).  
Christina Backman is probably right. I think there is a lot of misunderstanding as regards the concept of nobility in the the New World and I know for a fact that were many many others like Hugo Wilhelm from all over Europe who came with to empty hands but with a proud family history to start again in Australia, Canada, USA Ne Zeeland and Argentina. Younger sons with no money nor connections but eager to get on in life.  
As regards Hugo Wilhelm's family, maybe this could help you understand where he came from.
His grandfather, Johan Frederik's father, was a lower ranking officer and had an estate in Småland. His wife was born baroness Cronhielm. She was very grand but hard as steel. They had 12 children. Their farm was nice but not large. All of their six sons became officers in the army and navy. Only one of these inherited the estate. The rest had to fend for themselves. Johan Frederik was the youngest son. Of his six sisters only three married.
Although relatively poor the family was well reagarded at Court and Johan Frederik and all his brothers held positions as page (I cannot translate this word which is French - basically young male boys of the nobility emplyed as footmen for the royal household).  
Johan Frederik became an officer in the navy. The family history says that he, as a married man with the responsibility of a growing family, was passed over for a well deserved promotion by someone younger, less able but with a higher noble rank, a count. This was a blow, not the least economically, and he resigned and got himself a small farm in the south of Sweden. He was known to have been a very kind a friendly person - very modest. He made the decision to end the aristocratic lifestyle for the family. He decided that his children should fend for themselves. No more page at court etc (he would certainly not been able to pay for that either). Interestingly, of his four sons (eleven children altogether), all did well, including Hugo Wilhelm I would like to think. My greatgreat grandfather Gustav Adolf made a fortune in the grain business (that bfortune was unfortunately  lost for my side of the family in the 1930-s but that's another story).
Best regards,
Kristofer Du Rietz
and would you like to share your research on Hugo Wilhelm with me I would be most grateful.