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Titel: Rietz, du
Skrivet av: ristinge skrivet 2006-02-21, 19:28
Thankyou so much Mathias,
A kind soul also referred me to a Du Rietz family community on the net, thankyou for this as well.  
However being more of a social historian than a genealogist my primary interests is not so much the family origin and more or less perceived class and noble origin as the exact circumstances that brought certain individuals to migrate.  
Hugo described his father, not as Lieutenant but as a Dairy farmer, which is a far cry from nobility and titles, it rather smells of cow done, hard work and difficulties. Same as his own lack of education within the trade of architecture which actually brought him some fame down under. He was in fact a boulder and poultry farmer down here, not normally the position of knighthood. However he was obviously very cleaver and was quite willing to take tools and work hard, and was it appears quite successful.
What I seek is a bit of information about the social circumstances which forced him to migrate as oppose to stay home and enjoy his position in Sweden. If anyone could fill me in on these aspects I would be most grateful!