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Titel: Rietz, du
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Artur Johan Fredrik Du Rietz was born 1860-04-27 on Pårup in Torrlösa parish, Malmöhus län. He was the son of Per Fredrik Du Rietz, merchant in Landskrona, and his wife Maria Elisabet (Elise) Bonthron. Artur Johan Fredrik was manager of Lanefield Factory in Queensland, later agent in Ryde. Died 1930-10-09 in Lindcombe, NSW. Married 1884-11-17 in Sidney to Annie Josefine Moran, born 1863-12-13. Ded 1941-08-12 in Mosman, NSW.
Descendants still live in Australia.
Gustaf Einar Du Rietz was born 1895-04-25 on Sandvik at Stockholm. He became PhD and professor at the University of Uppsala. Died 1967-03-07 in Uppsala.
Rolf Du Rietz mentioned above is a writer and bibliographer and the son of Gustaf Einar.
(Source: Elgenstiernas ättartavlor (moustly))  
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