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Titel: Romanov mysterium
Skrivet av: Åsa Alderlöf skrivet 2010-11-03, 14:40
hej. jag har själv kommit i kontakt med en person, som nämnde att alexei kom undan och faktiskt kom till kanada, att nikolais systrar tog med hnm över till canada, personen som skrev detta till mig hette Michael Romanov. jag har velat få en förklaring till detta, har ju alltid hört att alla var döda ju, men än så länge har han ej svarat.
så här skrev denna man om släkt skapet
det är isåfall häpnads väckande.
:Yes, i am related to the romanov family from Russia. My display name is Romanov is my chosen Dynasty name. It was my grand father's last name on my mom's side of the family. And my grandmother's grandma was one of Czar Nicholas Romanov II sisters. My grandfater was Nicholas son Alexei. One of the sisters took him to Canada to escape the soviets. My grandmother was Ukrainian royality. My mother was the only child of Alexei. The old male line died out. so you have to go thrown the female line until you have the closest male to the crown. On Jan 07 2007 Russia time around 5:00am, Jan 06 2007 eastern US time around 6:00 pm. It was determind that on my great grand parents level 5 top serect line that I was the closest in the blood line to the last Czar and according to the Romanov family Association and the Russia Goverment the only one with rights to the Czar property. If the Russia goverment allows the kingship to be set up on any level, then I will be come the next Czar of Russia. My mother's cousin made me his air in Ukraine. So some day i will one or another,or maybe both. But until then i am under the protection of the United States Government. I am being protection at all costs. So i am not allow to state my last name or where i live on internet sites. Tom Hogstrom is someone that asked to be myfriend on facebook. I don't know if he is a relation to me. But i been told that there is around 500 branches to the Romanov family living today. Take care of your self Asa, and tried to have a good day.